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Vitamin C Pills Put to the Test for Cancer

Vitamin C “is no stranger to controversy, as evidenced by the fact that over 40 years lapsed” from the time citrus fruits were shown to cure scurvy in the 1700s and the widespread implementation of eating citrus to save lives. Is it possible we’re in the midst of a similar 40-year lag with research in the mid-1970s purporting to show that terminal cancer patients treated with vitamin C lived 4 times longer and sometimes 20 times longer? I explore this in my video Vitamin C Supplements for Terminal Cancer Patients.

Researchers at the venerable Mayo Clinic decided to put vitamin C to the test, and they failed to show any benefit. The survival curves for both groups of patients were essentially identical. In fact, the one success story, a man with end-stage pancreatic cancer who had shown no response to any previous attempts at chemotherapy but started improving and was still alive five years later, was one of the patients who got the sugar pill placebos. It was official: Vitamin C didn’t work. “The apparently positive results reported…almost certainly resulted” from systematic bias in terms of which historic controls were chosen to compare with the treatment group, read the accompanying National Cancer Institute editorial.

Linus Pauling disagreed, arguing that the prior chemotherapy in nearly all the Mayo Clinic study patients may have negated the effect of the vitamin C. If the vitamin C works by boosting your immune system but your immune system is first destroyed by chemo, the thinking goes, no wonder it didn’t work. In the original vitamin C study that showed remarkable benefit, only 4 out of the 100 patients had ever received chemo. The Mayo Clinic researchers were skeptical, but “Pauling had a legendary reputation for being right about all sorts of things,” so “one might perhaps do worse than rely at least partly on Pauling’s awesome intuition.” Thus, a second, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study was performed on patients with advanced cancer, but, this time, those who had no prior chemotherapy.

Again, it was a spectacular failure.

Researchers found no measurable response. The cancer in the vitamin C group progressed just as rapidly, and the patients on the placebo sugar pills lived just as long. In fact, if anything, the sugar pill group lived longer. At two years, everyone in the vitamin C group had died, but there were still a few survivors in the placebo group who lived at least past three years. The researchers concluded that “high-dose vitamin C therapy is not effective against advanced malignant disease, regardless of whether the patient has had any prior chemotherapy.”

Because the Mayo studies were taken as definitive, the medical community concluded that vitamin C was useless. However, in the Mayo Clinic studies, they gave the vitamin C orally in supplements, not intravenously. In retrospect, the route of administration may have been key.

In the original study, Pauling and his researchers started out infusing 10 grams of vitamin C a day intravenously, whereas in both of the Mayo studies designed to replicate the protocol, the researchers just gave people vitamin C supplements to take orally. Patients were sent home to swallow 20 capsules a day. They got the same dose, but 10 grams given orally is not the same thing as 10 grams given intravenously. They can’t be blamed for their ignorance, though. This fact wasn’t discovered until decades later.

It turns out vitamin C concentration in our bloodstream is tightly controlled, such that if you try to swallow more than you’d get eating five servings of fruits and vegetables, your body cuts down on the absorption in the intestine. For example, if you go from eating 200 mg to eating about ten times more (2,500 mg), the level in your bloodstream only goes up 3 mg per liter or quart of blood. “In contrast, because intravenous injection bypasses the intestinal absorption system,” it can result in super high blood concentrations—as in 100 to 200 times the level you can achieve taking vitamin C orally. Maybe that explains why the original studies seemed so promising but the follow-up studies were so disappointing. This raises the controversial question of the re-evaluation of vitamin C in cancer treatment. Researchers responded to the challenge and took up the mantle, and I discuss this in my video The Role of Vitamin C in the Treatment of Terminal Cancer.

To learn more about the history of vitamin C and cancer, see Intravenous Vitamin C for Terminal Cancer Patients.

To learn more about vitamin C, see Do Vitamin C Supplements Prevent Colds But Cause Kidney Stones? and What Is the Optimal Vitamin C Intake?.

Can eating citrus protect against cancer? Find out in Citrus Peels and Cancer: Zest for Life?.

In health,
Michael Greger, M.D.

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Michael Greger M.D., FACLM

Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM, is a physician, New York Times bestselling author, and internationally recognized professional speaker on a number of important public health issues. Dr. Greger has lectured at the Conference on World Affairs, the National Institutes of Health, and the International Bird Flu Summit, testified before Congress, appeared on The Dr. Oz Show and The Colbert Report, and was invited as an expert witness in defense of Oprah Winfrey at the infamous "meat defamation" trial.

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    1. Dear Dr Greger,
      That study was a waste of time and money as it proves nothing only that if you do not use enough vitamin C then you get the result that BIG PHARMA wants.
      I have been on a course that I paid for with Andrew Saul phd. and that opened my eyes wide open.

      Doctors who use vitamin C to treat cancer use 300,000 mg by IV. The advantage is that as there are no side effects it ca be done 5 days a week. At those sort of concentrations vitamin C kills cancer cells the same way that Chemo does.

      I am currently on 7,500 mg a day prided I do not get the start of a cold if I do I take enough to stop it dead in its tracts. Since the course three years ago I have not had a cold which is just an interesting side light as I know all doctors are biased against vitamins I do not expect anything except abuse.

      1. I agree with all comments stated by Neil Stooke as I have also taken a paid course with Andrew Saul. I currently take around 10,000 mg of Vitamin C and more when I feel that I am under more stress. Each person takes enough C to bowel tolerance. I no longer take flu shots which are ineffective.

        Check out Doctor Saul’s website “doctor” and you will see the number of doctors that have cured diseases using high dose supplements of Vitamin C, Niacin, B vitamins, etc. All studies are documented. Also check

        Don’t be fooled by the pharmaceutical industry. The reason for not enough studies on Vitamin C is that there is not enough money for funding. Supplements are cheap, safe, and effective compared to high priced prescription drugs.

        Go check out the resources for yourself. Be informed.

    2. Hi Erinie.

      About vitamin C for cancer prevention, there’s still a lot of conflicting evidece, just as you just read for cancer treatment. There’s a lot of info on PubMed, but this is one of the latest reviews I could find, they concluded:

      “Studies have reported the use of ascorbic acid in the prevention and treatment of cancer. However, there is controversy about its antioxidant and antitumor role. (…) There are also incompatibilities with regard to doses/concentration of ascorbic acid, as well as the need for characterization of clinical studies and mechanisms of action. Thus, other studies are needed to understand dose-response variations, as well as its targeting mechanisms of action, both as an antioxidant and antitumor agent, to assist treatment and prevention of cancer, aiming at better quality of life for both patients and the general population.”

      However, vitaminc C might protect and help with many other illnesses. so I think is still important to consume food sources of this vitamin.

      You can read more about Vitamin C, in the section about this topic here on NF:

  1. The Orthomolecular doctors prescribe vitamin C in mega doses such as 50,000 to 300,000 mgs. in diseases such as cancer. Only testing with 10,000 may not be enough for any ailment but a cold. In the 1940s polio was “cured” by mega doses, but the results were ignored by the medical establishment. There is a paper trail for 75 years showing their results, that today is still being ignored.

  2. thank you so much for quoting Linus Pauline !!!! he was the first i found to study about nutrition, by way of digging faithfully about what to do nutritionally on my own way back over 35 yrs ago, when i was diagnosed with Rhumatic fever, arthritis at the age of only 23 yrs old without any further help but taking 8 asprin every hour for pain and severe night sweats and fatique !!! now at the age of 63, discovering my real issue had nothing at all to do with those diagnosis..we are so blessed to have a well spring of nutritional honest documentation like now !! so much good info out there to literraly save lives !! yep, no pain in this body for many many years and no meds. just chagning everything i ate to plant based diet, excersise daily, swimming, yoga, and wow..i have energy reserves at the end of the day for a restful sleep. thanks for quoting this “Yoga” wisdome from the Pauline papers !!!

  3. Keep in mind that isolated vitamin C is very limited but an extract of vitamin C from a cherry plant with its thousands of other compounds is the key.

    1. Kills cancer by intracellular H2O2. That comes from pure cheapo vit c, not your expensive brand. Show me the study the demonstrates otherwise.

      1. Dear David, I have heard that Dr Levy( I think) state that doctors would rather see a patient die than use Vitamin C. He wrote a good book on vitamin C “Cure the Incurable”Dr Thomas Levy.
        Vitamin C cured a farmer in New Zealand of Swine Flu but only after his son took his Lawyer to the hospital and threatened to sue the doctor and the hospital if they turned off the life support equipment as the hospital had asked permission to turn them off as the drugs were not working.
        The next day they gave Mr Smith 750,000 mg ( and vitamin c kills???) I think not!!! he was cured but the hospital put up a struggle after the Iv was finished the family had to bring in (with out being seen)encapsulated Vitamin C which was successful in the end. That story was on “60 Minutes ion New Zealand and I think it is on!!!

        You may like to look up the best site on vitamins “ it is free and pier reveiwed.

  4. I have studied the works of Dr. Linus Pauling, Dr. Abram Hoffer & Dr. Thomas Levy. Liposomal Vitamin C has shown to be almost if not as effective as Intravenous. The Riordan Clinic has protocols for cancer which include Liposomal. I hope to see a video on Liposomal. I refer to everyone I know this info and to Dr. Greger:) My 10 year old daughter always says….Put it to the test, LOL

    1. Yes Lori I would like to see a video on effectiveness of the liposomal form of Vitamin C too. It’s claims:

      These nano-sized liposome and nano-emulsion structures are readily absorbed via passive absorption across transmucosal membranes, bypassing the digestive system for direct and easier absorption. These specialised phospholipid vehicles fuse with cell membranes to deliver encapsulated compounds intracellularly.

  5. Since vitamin C absorption is so tightly regulated, what is the ideal amount for us to consume? If I eat 200 mg of vitamin C from fruits and veggies, am I absorbing about the same amount of vitamin C into my bloodstream as when I eat 400 mg of vitamin C from fruits and veggies?

  6. My dad had cancer and cured it taking just under the amount of vitamin c that would cause diarrhea. That was about 25 years ago. He still takes the same amount of vitamin c daily and is 93 years old.

    1. Congratulations John on your father surviving!

      I was pondering the Vitamin C studies and the study of turmeric on Pancreas Cancer, how 2 people in the group of 20-ish had the tumor respond to turmeric and we don’t know if they also used pepper or took it with fat or if they took more of it, but the thought I had, which goes back to my thoughts about “placebo” versus the concept of “noseebo” is that if those two people hadn’t been in that study, turmeric would have been crossed off as totally non-effective for Pancreas Cancer and now, instead, it is hope and if people walk into that hope, they might find the right combination – whether taking a higher dose and using pepper and giving it with a fat or maybe a combination between turmeric and something else.

      Don’t get me wrong, I highly value the studies and I highly value that things are checked for placebo effect.

      I just wonder if sugar pills also have some sort of effect.

      I wonder if there has been a sugar pill versus sugar pill test and maybe have one of the sugar pills be date sugar and one be honey and one be cane sugar.

      If there is a twenty-five percent difference in a condition, I want to know why.

  7. I no longer supplement. I used to take up to 8,000-10,000 mg daily. I also had intravenous vitamin C, as part of an ingredient in what is called a Myers Cocktail. I had them on and off over the years as treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome. Thousands of dollars spent…oh well. I have been discontinuing most of the micronutrient supplements I was on and drum roll…I feel way better. Eating a vegan, whole food, plant-based diet has helped me in a myriad of ways. My current physician prescribes intravenous nutrients for everyone, haha! I say, “Oh thanks, I prefer to get mine through real food,” or…”I prefer to follow practices that are evidence-based.” I’m digging into research a bit about the pro-oxidant effects actually of certain micronutrients.

    Off to eat my veggies and fruits…

  8. What form of Vitamin C? L-ascorbate ? Or what? Does it make a difference? What form is in the IV? Is it the same form in oral supplements?

    1. Re: the form in nutrient IVs, I apologize and I don’t recall. There are several forms, however, especially when it comes to supplements that are taken orally. I recommend checking online to read about them.

    2. Oral supplement (tablet or capsules) are find as ascorbic acid, effective and cheap. Take to bowel tolerance. IV Vitamin C I believe is sodium ascorbate. Check with the Riordan Clinc in Kansas.

  9. My dog is still alive.

    I re-read the anti-angiogenesis vegetable list in Dr. Greger’s video and my dog is eating 16 anti-angiogenesis vegetables and spices so far.

    I just ordered a few more things, like Amla. I can’t even remember what I just ordered. Something from the studies.

    Figured, I might as well try everything.

    He is still doing well, so I will slowly introduce things, based on what I feel is the most powerful.

    If the vet is right, I don’t have much time left.

    For some reason, I still didn’t order either Essiac tea or Blood root.

    But I did order a few things where there were a lot of Cancer patient reviews where their Cancers went away.

      1. Hi Marylin,

        Thanks! I appreciate that!

        I will look it up!

        I am laughing, because my dog loves turmeric now.

        Nightly, I cook him a dinner and it has barley, lentils, sweet potatoes, maitake mushrooms, broccoli sprouts, dandelion roots, parsley, decaf green tea, turmeric, pepper, ginger, flaxseed, nutritional yeast and pepper and kale and a little bit of cabbage, plus a few other spices.

        While that is cooking, he eats artichoke and tri-colored peppers and tri-colored tomatoes and tempeh with flax, walnuts, and sometimes things like apple slices.

        I ordered the other type of mushroom, which extends life of the dogs, but it is just such a pain in the neck that I can’t get it local. Maitake is a seriously good runner-up, knowing that it kills 3 lines of Canine Cancer.

        I tried to get him to eat berries again, but no such luck.

        He is doing so well on the anti-angiogenesis foods and the apoptosis foods and the foods, which lower IGF1 that I feel like he is going to be healed, and I feel happy, instead of mourning my dog facing death and my being happy makes him happy.

        The amla and other mushrooms will be here in two days.

        The vet hasn’t yelled at me yet.

        He is a sweetheart.

        He was so patient with me when I have used alternative things with excellent results for other conditions. I know that he doesn’t think anything at all will help, but he loves my dog and he is on our side.

        My dog is happily confused, because he is getting way more food than he used to, because his owner doesn’t know which one will heal him.

        I felt so excited adding the pepper to his dinner tonight with all of those super foods in it. Does pepper improve the bioavailability of broccoli sprouts or ginger or dandelion roots or green tea and can it all happen at the same time?

        That stupid tumor has to be shrinking by now.

      2. Marilyn,

        I went to Amazon and looked at the supplements of it (which I have not been doing any supplements, all whole foods) but one brand had about 6 verified users whose dogs had cancer improve and a few humans said their tumor wasn’t shrinking after 6 months on chemo, but suddenly cut in half after they tried it. It wasn’t the same cancer that my dog has, but it may be the one supplement I use on him. I will probably only use it for a short while, because I feel like everything else already is working on him and I don’t want supplements for either of us, but the verified user stories were compelling enough to order some.

        It isn’t the same type of cancer, but I feel like having my dog have cancer is almost like God gave me the opportunity to learn about Cancer in a setting where I am the one who is doing things without pressure at all. I get to learn about how powerful the superfoods are. It feels like this is my way of figuring out what I would do if I were the one facing cancer.

        As if my dog is a stand-in and he is such a happy sweet dog and he eats almost anything, except berries.

        1. I read an article by a vet and he said that it is good for Cancers, which spread fast, because there is a lot of iron in the tumors.

          He mentioned several types of tumors, but not the one my dog has, even though that is a very fast spreading cancer.

          This sentence is the one which I will not know what to do with: “…. it also should be given away from antioxidants, as they can help to defeat the oxidative activity of the artemisinin molecule.”

          My dog has been on mega doses of antioxidants.

          I am not sure it will work with his cancer, but that is okay.

          1. Marilyn,

            Following your lead, I found a pair of researchers who are researching turmeric and artemisinin for dog sarcoma’s.

            Then, I found a man who healed his dog and shrunk the dog tumors using diet and herbs and spices and he also used ESSIAC tea. I laughed, because I ended up buying it from the company he used.

            I wasn’t gonna use it, but it said that my dog’s heart might fill up with blood and I gotta try everything dietary, since I have gone that way. If it isn’t enough, I will have learned something.

  10. Dr Linus Pauling and Dr Matthias Rath worked together on vitamin C for cancer and cardiovascular disease. Go to utube and watch brilliant Dr Rath. Breakthrough Towards The Natural Control of cardiovascular disease. Dr Rath 2018 Cypress lecture. Thank you. I am using his protocol for heart disease. I hope this helps someone

    1. I looked at Rath’s work some years ago. Modesty and self-effacement weren’t his defining qualities.

      He is widely regarded as a dangerous crank who may be responsible for the deaths of thousands. He has been criticised by the UN and WHO. Still. on the bright side he has apparently made millions from relentlessly promoting himself and his products to the naive and those who seem to have an automatic belief in sensational alternative health claims..

      Treat his claims with extreme caution.

      1. The UN and WHO are deep in bed with big pharma. He sued those who said he was responsible for the death of thousands and won, because he wasn’t. I will say this about him, that is somewhat in agreement with his methods … he has seemed to try to get cancer care to cost as little as possible by testing on patients protocols that are too close to the edge of efficacy. His IVC protocol was an example of this, where he was not giving enough of a dose and trying to potentiate it with other this … which the potentiation strategy was good, but I was not a fan of him throttling back the IVC dose. Ultimately it was not as effective and somewhat blackballed a very promising treatment, but of course did so among those who seemed bent on proving it wrong anyway … so perhaps that isn’t as great a concern as those who didn’t fare well. C’est la vie, no different than what big pharma does everyday, but I kind of hold those who explore integrative therapies to a higher standard because I tend to find them to be more deeply concerned about the patient.

  11. Walnuts beat Flax Seed Oil for Colorectal Cancer in Mice. I have been giving him walnuts.

    “Tumor growth rate was significantly slower in walnut-fed and flaxseed-fed mice compared with corn oil-fed animals (P < 0.05) by 27% and 43%, respectively. Accordingly, final tumor weight was reduced by 33% and 44%, respectively (P 0.05). However, walnuts and flaxseed oil significantly reduced serum expression levels of angiogenesis factors, including vascular endothelial growth factor (by 30% and 80%, respectively), and approximately doubled total necrotic areas despite smaller tumor sizes (P < 0.05 versus control). Dietary walnuts significantly decreased angiogenesis (CD34 staining; P = 0.017 versus control), whereas this effect did not reach significance in the flaxseed oil group (P = 0.454 versus control)."

    I remembered why I didn't choose Essiac tea. There was something written that it increased tumor in one type of Cancer.

    I feel such compassion for the people who have just found out they have cancer or their loved one has cancer or their pet has cancer and they haven't even started learning anything.

    It is so complicated and expensive, no matter what.

    Even the foods are expensive.

    I spent $3000 just to find out my dog has Cancer and that is without treating him at all.

  12. Why is vitamin c stil in doudt i cant understand.Cancer is not a biochemical disease on the other hand.Its a very normal proccess.Tumors are not malignant.Its all about psycological shocks.Cancer is a response to a danger.When danger goes away so does the tumor.I just goes away with pain.Then you go to the doctor and the sad story begins.

    1. The big pharmaceutical companies may have a financial interest in downplaying the effectiveness of vitamin C treatments. On the other hand, alternative health practitioners make big bucks selling IV vitamin C and associated orthomolecular treatments. They may therefore have a financial interest in exaggerating the effectiveness of vitamin C treatments.

      If all these alternative cancer cures worked like a charm but were somehow suppressed by evil Big Pharma, you would have thought that cancer would be being cured left, right and centre in places like North Korea, Iran, Russia, China and Cuba which have no love for big Western pharmaceutical companies. But they aren’t. Believe the extreme claims made by some people selling stuff on the internet, at your peril.

      The fact is that research continues into the effectiveness of vitamin C treatment of cancer and, while the results aren’t conclusive, they do seem encouraging. However, IV vitamin C therapy can have toxic effects in patients with kidney disease or certain genetic defects. It can also attenuate the effects of some anticancer drugs while boosting the effectiveness of others. What is more, the type of vitamin C used can make a difference

      We all want simple answers and simple low cost cures. And conspiracy theories are highly seductive. I know that I enjoy them – even when they are pretty obvious tosh.

      However, sometimes things are just complicated and there no simple explanations for why things happened . Besides which.I have always found the cock-up theory of history far more convincing than the conspiracy theory of history.

      I’m tempted to mention here the rumour that the Moon is made of green cheese but the fact is being suppressed by NASA, the FDA and Big Cheese………………………

      1. Tom,

        I think when there is money involved, there is always BOTH conspiracy and cocked-up reality.

        Organized crime still exists and so does disorganized humanity.

        Researchers died suspiciously who were on the cutting edge of cancer research long ago.

        Does that mean that I think someone genuinely murdered them?

        I think about the movie, “What the Health” having the egg company joking more than once about hiring a hit man to take out the egg replacement company president. That conversation even happening with more than one person using the sentence…. money has always created the risk of things like that.

        Someone from my high school class was murdered about drugs and someone was murdered for their watch and someone was murdered in a poker game over a very small amount of money. I have reached the age, where I can list than one person who ended up murdering people over the stupidest things.

        That seems so strange to me and so unreal.

        Jealousy and greed take people to that spot far too often.

        I think many conspiracy theories are actually real, but people can’t handle the truth. Some are totally falsified, because people like entertainment and false hope.

        Tonight, I found a medicine, which my vet obviously can’t get yet or hasn’t heard of, which is a breakthrough for my dog’s condition.

        It works on EGFR Inhibition.

        Frustrated, because it had a very good trial and I am not being offered it.

        It has increased the frequency of my dose of turmeric and pepper and flaxseed oil. Not sure if that is wise, but… turmeric inhibits EGFR and that is what I am going to be focusing all my energy learning how to do.

        1. I am going to separate that out again, because it said it might help humans.

          Tonight, I found a medicine, which my vet obviously can’t get yet or hasn’t heard of, which is a breakthrough for my dog’s condition.

          It works on EGFR Inhibition.

          Frustrated, because it had a very good trial and I am not being offered it.

          It has increased the frequency of my dose of turmeric and pepper and flaxseed oil. Not sure if that is wise, but… turmeric inhibits EGFR and that is what I am going to be focusing all my energy learning how to do.

        2. Deb

          You wrote “Researchers died suspiciously who were on the cutting edge of cancer research long ago.”

          I have seen this claim all over the internet. It’s obvious rubbish. The people they point to weren’t leading researchers, they were con artists and crackpots by and large. And people do die on a regular basis – even con artists and crackpots. There is never any evidence cited with these claims just speculation and no credible reason is given. Unless there is some Dexter-like character going around killing dangerous quacks and snake oil merchants, I can’t think of any reason why people would murder them. Well, apart from aggrieved patients who were ripped off and/or suffered actual harm form the ‘treatment’ and the relatives of dead patients, that is.

          1. Laughing at that.

            Yes, I watched the documentary years ago and there were researchers who died suspiciously, unless the whole documentary was a scam.

            Could be.

            The internet does that to people, too.

            That being said, when I watched “What the Health” they put the power and money trail of things and power and money trails historically has always tended to have dead bodies attached.

            I am still in the middle of VEGF inhibitors.

            I am getting a list.

            Pondering if I can figure out any food sources of tryptophan other than turkey.

            “In conclusion, the data presented in this study show, for the first time, that indolic compounds derived from tryptophan metabolism, such as melatonin, 3-indolacetic acid, serotonin, and 5-hydroxytryptophol, inhibit VEGF-induced VEGFR-2 activation and subsequent angiogenesis. Our data presented in this report suggest that the mechanism proposed here for the first time, which suggests the interaction between indolic compounds and surface components of the endothelial cell membrane in a way that prevents VEGF from activating the receptor, could be proposed as an additional mechanism of the anti-angiogenic effect of indolic compounds.”

            1. Bleeding out is one of the problems, which I need to solve, because tumors rupture.

              Yunnan paiyao is what I found and ordered whether it is an internet scam or not, because bleeding out, bleeding in his heart and the heart filling up with blood are the more urgent things, while I figure out how to shrink a tumor.

              I hate that there are internet scams at all.

              1. I feel like I am still climbing that mountain and still keep finding hand holds.

                Neurotensin (NT), a gut tridecapeptide is something I am researching, because it raises interleukin 8 production and interleukin 8 is involved with the Cancer my dog has.

                I respect all doctors. All of them had to learn so many things even just in how the human body functions.

                I am laughing, because having had so many health problems and having my dog have cancer is causing me to learn words like interleukin 8.

                  1. I have been cross checking the super foods to decreasing blood pressure, which is the biggest cause of internal bleeding and I have been cross checking to blood thinning / clotting and that is where I am bummed.

      2. Tom, you are right to follow the money, but if you do so then make sure you got your numbers right. The US makes about $1trillion on pharmaceuticals each year. It’s the 3rd biggest industry in the US after food/drink and petrol. Around 1/3rd of that trillion dollars each year is for cancer drugs, and cancer outcomes have hardly improved in 50 years, the chemo drugs being no better than 50 years ago. In contrast do you know how much is spend on IVC each year? Roubly 1/10,000th that amount. It’s not a big money maker either … $150 for an infusion … which is less than it costs to simply see your conventional oncologist for 10 minutes after you froze half naked waiting for him to look at what the PA wrote, so he can say “hmmm … okay looks good”. You can’t get rich of $150 or even $250 per infusion in many, most places. Get your numbers right.

  13. Do you think that when the Mayo clinic set out to test the results of the previous promising study, they failed to notice that the Vit C was not taken orally. Would you not expect them to say to themselves, lets replicate this as accurately as possible in order to prove or disprove. The fact that they made such a blindingly obvious schoolboy error says a lot about what they were really trying to achieve. Dont get me wrong I am not trumpeting Vitc C as a cancer treatment but the Mayo Mayhem was not a serious attempt to test the theory.

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