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I am thrilled to announce that my next book is finally being finalized and is set to be published this December. It has grown into the single largest research project I’ve ever taken on. I took a deep dive into the weight loss literature and found that even “simple” questions like whether you should eat breakfast or skip it, or whether it’s better to exercise before or after meals, turned into major, thousand-article research projects. If our nose-to-the-grindstone research team had trouble sifting through the stacks, a practicing physician would have no chance and the public would be totally lost. But that’s what we do at We comb through tens of thousands of studies a year so you don’t have to. As always, all the proceeds I receive from the sales of all my books is donated to charity. Keep your eye out for the preorder announcement soon!


Congrats to our translators!

After years of hard work and dedication, every NutritionFacts video now has Hebrew and Portuguese subtitles available (in addition to English), thanks to our amazing volunteers. Our newest videos also have a wide variety of available languages such as Spanish, German, and French, but we’re still chipping away at translating our older videos. To help, please consider applying here:


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March for Healthy School Food in NYC

Balanced, one of our favorite evidence-based nutrition advocacy organizations, along with Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and The New York City Healthy School Food Alliance will be hosting a March for Healthy School Food in New York City on June 9. The march is bringing together policymakers, parents, chefs, doctors, athletes, and others, to demand more evidence-based nutrition in schools across the city. Click here for additional information, or email Balanced’s Executive Director at with questions or to learn more about getting involved.


New research journal

Our friends at The Plantrician Project are sponsoring the world’s first peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing research that documents the effects of nutrition and lifestyle to arrest and reverse chronic lifestyle-related diseases—and it’s free! The first issue of the International Journal of Disease Reversal and Prevention is out now, and features research from Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr. Neal Barnard, and Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Check it out and register for free access by clicking here.


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Every month now I do Q&As live from my treadmill, and Thursday, May 23 is the day.

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Michael Greger M.D., FACLM

Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM, is a physician, New York Times bestselling author, and internationally recognized professional speaker on a number of important public health issues. Dr. Greger has lectured at the Conference on World Affairs, the National Institutes of Health, and the International Bird Flu Summit, testified before Congress, appeared on The Dr. Oz Show and The Colbert Report, and was invited as an expert witness in defense of Oprah Winfrey at the infamous "meat defamation" trial.

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  1. Looking forward to reading the book! One of these days, hopefully soon, there will be greater opportunities to work in an industry that promotes the Plant Based lifestyle. Currently, my most important job within corporate is to pass on links for a truly healthy diet and lifestyle. Although I might be the only one who understands that fact:). Most of us in banking are clueless, and strongly resist the needed change.

    Many of you are probably aware of Beyond Meat, Inc. (BYND) going public… with phenomenal early market results.

      1. Oops, I posted the wrong link. I see the writer thinks the real thing is better than the fake burger….i.e. an animal product.

        Shame on me. :-/

        1. Not sure what ancestral nutrition is – cannibalism via eating your grandparents perhaps? You do like to link to the sites of opinionated bloggers though.

          However, Beyond Meat is clearly not a whole food It also contains far more fat than carbohydrates and is high in sodium. Not something I would choose to eat.

          Of course, real meat also contains far more fat than carbs and is high in sodium but it additionally has haem iron, IGF-1 and various natural cattle hormones. If you are in the US, it probably also has artficial hormones and antibiotic residues. Unlike the Beyond Burger though it contains no fibre whatsoever.

          We don’t really have any knowledge of the health effects of consuming this stuff but we do know about the health effects of consuming ‘real’ burgers and red meat. Even eating small amounts of real burgers etc may increase our mortality risk

          Real burgers are also ‘vomit-inducing garbage’ but with the added feature of killing people (not to mentioned the millions of animals cruelly slaughtered to produce them”) it seems.

          1. Real burgers are also ‘vomit-inducing garbage’ but with the added feature of killing people (not to mentioned the millions of animals cruelly slaughtered to produce them”) it seems.


            1. “True, it wasn’t written by a scientist, so you will not consider it reputable.”

              I do prefer artcles by scientists discussing scientific studies to articles by bloggers/internet marketers expressing their opinions. Shame on me.

            2. Okay,then,Mr YR (YeahRight) ….If you don’t like “anything containing more than a few ingredients”…..then don’t eat it. There are many different paths up the mountain, all leading the same direction (eventually),so it doesn’t matter which path you take. The only one wasting time is the one who runs around and around the mountain, telling everyone that their path is wrong.

      2. Who ever wrote that blog about beyond meat must not be able to read . They list the ingredients and then start to criticize soy protein isolate . Problem here is there is none in the ingredients , there is pea protein not soy . There is a lot of fat in it as well , however very little saturated fat unlike dead cow burgers .
        Beyond meat target market is not vegans or whole fooders but the vast majority of people who have heard about the health benefits for themselves or the environment or animal rights yet for one reason or another can,t seem to get on a complete whole foods program .

      3. The artificial meat market is not aimed at current vegans per se, but is intended to help the unenlightened begin to ween themselves off of animal flesh. As far as “vomit inducing garbage” goes, have you ever been inside a working slaughterhouse? I have, and that is truly a vomit inducing experience. The blood, gore and smells are overwhelming. By the way, citing Dr. Mercola as anything resembling science is laughable. And

      4. There’s no need to be snarky. I’ve had a Beyond Meat burger at a local restaurant, with a side of sauteed vegetables, and it was delicious. I couldn’t tell it from the real thing.

        I think it’s great to have options, especially when I’m invited out with friends. An occasional Beyond Meat sandwich may not be as healthy as a bowl of kale, but it’s better than a greasy burger. For pub food, it’s a step in the right direction.

  2. Love the cover.

    I had to go back and compare it to the How Not To Die leafy greens. Love the touches of red and the delicate micro greens. My eyesight is slowly improving. Lets see…. Hmmmm…. Beans, blueberries, are those grape tomatoes or more berries?

    Congratulations to the volunteers for translating all of those videos into Hebrew and Portuguese! I would start to say, “You finished!” but I know that new videos pop up every week.

    International Journal of Disease Reversal and Prevention and it is FREE! I am already going to be bouncing from here to there.

    But I just wanted to pause and applaud all the hard work everybody has done!

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  3. I already signed up for the journal. My first journal!

    I was excited to see the question of whether autoantibodies associated with T1D could be reduced by diet.

    Last night, I was looking up PEMF and it does something to the mitochondria – doubling its density, so I looked up to see if T1D has mitochondria and ROS issues and it does. People with T1D always get so discouraged. Good to see ANY study they can use.

    And, yes, the science is STILL 10 zillion miles over my head. I keep reading it and maybe someday I will have learned enough to have a mental breakthrough of some sort.

    Right now, it is mostly exciting that I have a concept of what Mitochondria means.

  4. So, is Mr. Nelson going to bring down all of the Whole Food Plant-Based science or just destroy Dr. Fuhrman?

    My heart breaks and no matter what Mr. Nelson won’t be someone I follow.

    Science itself is such a ridiculously big problem.

    So is the internet.

  5. Mr Nelson misrepresented how things were presented on this site left and right.

    That makes it so much harder to know whether he will end up being right about what he said about Dr. F’s study. If the whole thing was a scam study, then it becomes a situation where now all of his studies will be examined and all I do know is that Mr. Nelson is so prone to drama and exaggeration that I can’t even handle that he is the one doing any type of process at all.

    Well, I guess I am going to be praying for everybody this weekend.

    Feels like this is going to cause serious problems within Whole Food Plant Based and like any case of it being a movement is about to be shattered.

    1. I can say I reached out to Dr. Greger about a very serious issue relevant to nutrition that is greatly harming hundreds of thousands of people. All I wanted was to send some information to him, all 100% science-based, for him to look over whenever he had the time. It was an immediate no. Wasn’t even interested in looking at it at all. It was the email equivalent of being shown the door before being allowed to even speak.

      I was stunned that he wouldn’t just simply agree to just look at it with no commitment to do anything in response, just look it over and think about it. That is all I was asking. And I was immediately told no.

      I’ve been looking into what Jeff has said. And now I’m suspicious that only people with money get Dr. Greger’s attention. I’m suspicious that his commitment isn’t to the truth as he claims. At least not as fully as he claims. I’m deeply concerned with his connection with Dr. Fuhrman and with some of the studies he’s pushed in his videos with findings that weren’t replicated in other studies that weren’t industry-funded.

      We all have reason to be concerned at this point. And after the shockingly bad and horrible experience where he refused to even agree to just glance over some information that is very relevant to what he claims to do, I’m wondering if there is more financial motive involved here than I originally realized.

      Don’t put anyone on such a pedestal that you’ll never consider information that contradicts what you think about a person.

      All I know is I came wanting to share information about something very important and very relevant to the mission he claims to have, I can’t financially benefit him in any way, and I was shut down before he even heard what I had to say. Interested only in truth and doesn’t have financial motivation? I’m starting to change my mind about him given that experience and in light of this new information. I do hope I’m wrong. But it’s starting to appear that he’s being at least partially influenced by finances and/or industry and getting away from his original mission.

      Which saddens me greatly. Again, I hope I’m wrong. I’ll take it as a lesson for myself if I am not wrong. I’ve got a mission, too, and I will go down in a blaze before I’ll compromise on the truth.

      1. And I’m suspicious that you are just another very opinionated self-absorbed person who gets cranky when other people don’t immediately drop what they are doing to attend to your concerns, and then atrributes their lack of interest in you to some sort of conspiracy.

        That seems pretty much to be how Nelson began and he’s now running with it at full pelt. Get over yourself before you end up like him.

  6. I am putting it over here and I wish I could give you all hugs.

    But he accused the whole Adventist study of being outright fraud and has accused Dr. Fuhrman’s study of being totally fraud and made all kinds of dramatic exaggerations about videos he saw here.

    I genuinely am praying, but if the Adventist studies are genuinely frauds and if Dr. Fuhrman’s study was fraud and I go back to the Amgen not being able to replicate more than 11% of studies and Bayer was something like 25% of studies and someone was able to do a study which Ornish’s diet underperformed and I am not complaining about any of it, but wish it wasn’t an out of control drama king handling the topic.

    I genuinely wish Dr. Fuhrman had not poured gasoline on that ridiculous man’s fire and I will be sad if science itself is a fraud and it seems like it mostly is, but so is anti-science and politics and big medicine.

    I am not jumping off of any ship and I am not stopping watching your videos or Dr. Fuhrman’s videos, but I do know that man just injured and that Dr. McDougall is now being examined under a magnifying glass because he looked like someone with dementia whether he has it or not.

    You be careful out there and do not get near that man. He is dangerous for everybody and you have to stay on focus and not make him more popular.

    His representation of information on your site has been biased both with Vitamin D and with nuts and fake science aside, he doesn’t have a leg to stand on, except that he just started standing on Colin’s reputation instead of his own and suddenly that man has real weapons in his wild flailing hands.

    The fact that most people connect all of you doctors together because of the documentaries and because of the online conferences and debates means that this becomes a highly critical moment.

    But he is not accusing you of the same thing he is accusing Dr. F. of and I don’t know where the cards are going to fall but I do not trust that man no matter what.

    I am writing too much, but I am going to say that you are the one who needs to only do things with safe people right now.

    I genuinely am going to be praying this weekend and maybe this will be a time when God becomes a stronger factor for some people.

    1. He has no shades of gray for when you have given, “worth a shot” from small studies and acts like you called surveys studies and as if you don’t know the difference and he is so irresponsible on how he communicates those things, but if every detail of Dr. F’s study and if the Adventist studies are frauded, then it is science itself which should be under scrutiny and we already know that is the truth.

      How fake is all of it? And I mean all of it.

      1. Perhaps Nelson is the real fake?

        After all, accusing others (opponents/competitors) of possessing your own faults is a common tactic among politicians and marketers. Look at Karl Rove’s alleged playbook for example.

        But it’s also common among trolls – I see it often among low carb YouTube trolls for example. It also seems to be a widespread defence mechanism in all people with psychological issues

        ‘Psychological projection is a defence mechanism in which the human ego defends itself against unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive and negative) by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others.’

          1. Tom,

            Those first nut videos totally misconstrued what Dr. Greger said, for instance, and he did the same thing with Vitamin D and he threw out the science which he didn’t like, so he has ZERO credibility in my eyes, but the video where he quotes Colin genuinely makes Dr. Fuhrman, who I like, look pretty bad.

            If Dr. Fuhrman did one study and had someone cheat considerably, I still don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

            If he has a habit of faking science, then every study he does requires more scrutiny.

            But, YES, so does every sentence by Mr. Nelson, who IS STILL not credible, but things just ratcheted up in a way where it could technically be everybody is not credible.

            Science is power and money and reputation and influence and it has to be hard to not do the process with bias.

            People accused Colin when his data came out, too and people have said that people couldn’t adhere to Dr. Ornish’s diet when it was other people administrating it.

            I don’t need any of these men to be perfect, but that process just got ugly in so many directions and both Mr. Nelson and Dr. Fuhrman are people I need to listen to more carefully.

            If Dr. Fuhrman fakes studies, that still doesn’t mean that his diet isn’t reversing diseases, but if I was his counselor, I would be saying, “If you are faking lots of things, then just write books and only use real testimonials.” If he is faking testimonials, then it becomes time for him to retire, but I listen to his advice and don’t hear him recommending anything harmful. Nuts and seeds and Omega 3 are the questionable things and he is not the only one who does studies.

            Anyway, I am not negative toward him, but I will have to face whether I can trust his studies.

            I just read his T1D study. Was it real? I remain open minded and hate the process Mr. Nelson is doing and him saying that he never mentioned Dr. Fuhrman in his nut videos when there were images of Dr. Fuhrman showing and he mentioned both doctors and now says that Dr. Fuhrman wasn’t even on his radar.

            Plus, he is best friends with Dr. McDougall and there is NO WAY I believe that he didn’t know the Colin situation. There is no way he is that much of an “insider” and didn’t have this other information gossipped in social gatherings.

            I have insider information on so many people in Hollywood even though I am a total outsider. Same thing with politics, from having a married politician date my relative. There is no way he is telling the complete truth about anything. He is not credible.

            It just may, unfortunately, be that neither are other people.

            1. Tom,

              You nailed what I was thinking about Mr. Nelson exactly.

              It is Dr. Fuhrman who I need to examine more closely, but right now, I have been “examining him” basically by eating a diet very similar to his diet and it is helping me so much that I am separating that diet from the science done with his name on it, which I know may not even be him personally.

              I am not going to throw Dr. Fuhrman under the bus. But I am also not going to buy his DHA based on his studies and I will look for double-blind studies from other people to see if they agree with his. Sorry, Dr. Fuhrman, I will still listen to your videos and still enjoy them, but I will go to PubMed after listening like I always do. This is my way of beginning to separate the baby and the bathwater.

        1. I had assumed that Nelson was simply giving voice to another man’s view. In fact, I would be embarrassed to express those points that vit D is unnecessary, and nuts are for special occasions only since we hear them often from another doctor. They are all book sellers to me.
          This site is valuable in that I get a place to start in looking up the studies which I greatly appreciate.

          1. I still think that Nelson is misrepresenting the facts in some places (I have only looked at a few of his videos) for his own purposes. The thought has even occurred to me that he might be sailing under false colours to attack the WFPM movement from the inside! But that’s clearly ridiculous.

            At bottom though, I think that people like him serve a useful purpose because they cause us to question our assumptions and beliefs. That’s how science progresses after all.

            It’s certainly true that studies like PREDIMED and nut studies generally are usually conducted with some kind of assistance from the nut (and olive) industries so we need to treat the conclusions reached by the study authors with caution. Just as we do studies conducted by people linked with the animal food industries or by those who have strong beliefs on things like saturated fat. By the same principle, the papers about the Adventist health studies also need to be considered carefully – the authors of the study are on the staff of Loma Linda University and ‘Loma Linda University’s mission is “to continue the teaching and healing ministry of Jesus Christ.” ‘ That includes certain 7th Day Adventist beliefs about diet.

            Also, on vitamin D recommendations,. caution is equally appropriate because a 2013 Mendelian randomisation study of vitamin D polymorphisms in heart disease patients concluded

            ‘CONCLUSIONS: Genetic variants associated with 25-OH-vitamin D concentrations do not predict mortality. This suggests that low 25-OH-vitamin D concentrations are associated with, but unlikely to be causal for, higher mortality rates.’

            In other words, low vitamin D many not cause increased mortality but a number of disease states may cause low vitamin D levels. However, a 2019 Norwegian study found

            ‘Conclusion Our study confirms a probable causal but weak relation between serum 25(OH)D level and mortality. The relation between rs12766939 and mortality needs confirmation in more homogenous cohorts.’

            In brief, I think that some of the issues Nelson has raised are well worthy of further discussion but also that he is too combative, he unnecessarily personalises disagreements and does misrepresent some of the facts to make his case stronger.

            1. I agree Fumbles about Nelson misrepresenting facts. Take for example that brazil nut study, or many other ‘odd’ studies cited by Dr Greger. I had looked at that kind of video as part of my education in what features make a good study and what features should signal caution. I did try the brazil nuts lol, but I had no expectations there because of Dr G’s explanation.

              Thank you for the vitamin D links. Since I am outside everyday, rain or shine, I take a modest amount of vit D for now. It would be interesting to see vit D levels in healthy aging plant-eating populations, like blue zone types .

              1. Tom and Barb,

                I don’t mind looking at topics from every possible perspective.

                He seriously attacks people and doesn’t share their perspective in an accurate way at all.

                He misrepresents information then denies that he misrepresents information.

                He puts up distorted images of Dr Fuhrman and talks accusingly about him, then says, that Dr Fuhrman was never on his radar.

                I know that he hates nuts so he is trying to bring down the Adventist studies and PREDIMED and he clearly is trying to destroy Dr Fuhrman.

                He was wrong about the survey. And his thinking that Dr Greger and Dr Fuhrman would know the obituary of every anonymous person in a survey is ridiculous and his not acting like a woman who had serious health problems living 15 years longer than she would have proves Dr Fuhrman’s diet isn’t even as good as the Standard American Diet is ridiculous.

                As far as Vitamin D studies, there were 50-something studies where it was linked to improved mortality. There were studies where they used the wrong type and there were studies where they used ridiculous amounts in both directions. Some of us are still in long sleeves, long pants and a jacket and that is 9 months out of the year. I get direct sunlight maybe 4 weeks out of the year and that is usually either in the morning or after work. The fact that children running around outside in gym shorts at school start testing deficient by September, I know that I am likely deficient all year round. Particularly because I am older and not thin and never get noonday sun ever. So I have to choose who to trust and I did listen to his videos and he misrepresented what Dr Greger said and he accused Dr Grehers scripts of not showing the complete data which they cannot possibly, but he ignored the bulk of the data.

                Do I trust that he is accurate in the information to destroy Dr Fuhrman when he isn’t accurate about anything else at all?

                All I do know is that he will not tell Dr Fuhrman’s side at all.

                It sounds like Dr Fuhrman is saying that he wasn’t part of the work on the studies and that T Colin Campbell was the one looking st the data and rather than going to Dr Fuhrman, he decided to take Dr Fuhrman down. I did scan what Dr Fuhrman said, but have to read it again but Mr Nelson is not an impartial person bringing forth balanced information.

                I understand if Dr Gregers staff or 19 researchers or translators did something sketchy it would be his reputation destroyed and his character questioned.

                But it is emotionally difficult to process whether the Adventist’s were paid to lie about nut consumption or whether Dr Fuhrman is such a big con artist to the point of being a sociopath or something where every bit of it is fake or whether this manipulative man is trying to destroy him because he hates nuts.

                1. There has only been any sun 2 days out of the past few months. And I mean I haven’t seen even a glimpse of sky through the clouds at all in the Spring except 2 days. It isn’t that the sunlight comes in and goes out. It has been rain or full blanket of clouds. Before that it was too cold to even stand outside. And by July it will be too hot and humid to go out after 10 in the morning.

                  1. I have stood outside looking at the blankets of clouds on the non-rainy days and what I noticed is that they are dark gray. Not nice white puffy clouds. Today is another rainy cloudy day.

                    It finally will be warm enough to take off my winter coat and move to a rain coat, but it is still a coat.

                    1. In truth, I hate taking supplements and just didn’t do it for decades, even though for 10 years I worked during the day and was caretaking until 4 in the morning and never got outside at all.

                      I still have been inconsistent about supplanting but I am doing it as of the past month and I upped the dosage to 5000 where I started at 2000, but I am older and overweight so I probably needed more and it has helped my brain, I think. Though the PEMF is also helping my brain, but there has been a noticeable improvement in my brain which corresponds to the supplement increases and multiple people mentioned that they see such an improvement in me and I haven’t been perfect at taking it every single day.

                    2. I don’t feel like I can learn about Dr Fuhrman from that man.

                      I need to hear Dr Fuhrman’s side not filtered through his exaggeration prone enemy.

                      Working with people though, I have had workers who embezzled and stole things and who used our computers for illegal purposes and recently police showed up to talk to a young man and we find out afterwards pretty much every time and I can go back to Watergate and everybody hated Nixon more than Hitler according to the pollsters, but they have tape which got him impeached and it went more like, “They did what? are they crazy?” Rather than him being a ringleader of something. He still covered it up, but listening to tapes by him, he was aware of how corrupt everybody else was, too, and probably didn’t know what to do when people did something against what he believed in.

                      Not trying to defend what happened but I am a realist that I know that bosses don’t know everything that goes on and people get all offended by that, but when they are the one who gets in trouble for someone else’s actions it is hard.

                2. Deb, I think it’s important for us to represent matters accurately too. Mr Nelson has repeatedly mentioned that he himself enjoys including nuts and seeds in his diet and does so daily. He also has not mentioned any agenda to ‘take down’ any studies. He has pointed to industry funding in studies that have been used (quoted) time and again by plant docs. Fair enough… that’s one of the things we are supposed to be on the lookout for when reading study materials and considering their conclusions.

  7. Sorry for processing it here.

    Up until these last videos, he has just been a crackpot twisting everything for his own purposes, which he still is.

    And I had no problem with Dr Fuhrman including a woman who lived 15 years longer than she would have as a success story because it was one.

    The science is the big question mark.

    The thing is, I am a self-hacker and am reversing conditions and my dog is still alive and even if people like Mr Nelson AND all the documentaries AND all of the science is skewed, I have already benefited.

    It is just going to be so much harder to convince any of my friends and family about Whole Food Plant Based and the Food Schmooze already made fun of Dr Ornish and so many people are making fun of Dr McDougall and I respect all of you still and I am going to see what happens.

  8. Looking forward to the book! And will get a couple of copies for friends who are struggling with making healthy weight loss choices.

    Once the book is released, how about a fridge magnet or something comparable that summarizes “Dr. Greger’s 21 Tricks to Accelerate Weight Loss”? I’d tack one to the pantry, and to the bathroom mirror, and other relevant places, too. Can we get keywords and/or icons for those tricks on a t-shirt and cotton shopping tote?

    Keep up the good work! I adore what you and your team are doing!

  9. A little common sense is in order over all this drama and controversy over who’s right or wrong. We humans evolved eating simple food that was local and seasonal, with the help of shared experience… but without scientists, researchers, nutritional experts, or self appointed gurus… and apparently that worked pretty well. I love science too and it has certainly improved our quality of life and survival (to the detriment of our poor planet), but we are deluding ourselves if we think our “big brains” and isolationist mentality can ever comprehend the complex evolved wholeness and interdependence of natural systems. Despite our need for specifics, no single food, vitamin, or supplement is going to make or break us. If we just stick to the time tested basics, question opinions and beliefs, and utilize our intellect to acquire the best evidence based science… instead of getting overwhelmed, joining the cult, or worshipping personalities… we’d do just fine.

  10. I’m a little uncomfortable that he decided to use “weight loss” as much as he did in publicizing this book. We know that’s a big seller. This is a book made up of 100% research. The good doc has never run, participated in, or advised in any way, a clinical practice focused on weight loss. In other words, its what “the literature” says with zero real life experience. Now if someone like Dr. Garth Davis was on board, it would have more credibility.

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