Takeaways from My Webinar on COVID-19

On December 30, 2019, Dr. Li Wenliang, an ophthalmologist at Wuhan Central Hospital in the Hubei province of China, messaged his fellow physicians, alerting them to the appearance of what he thought as SARS. Thirty-nine days later, after becoming infected with the very virus he tried to warn his colleagues about, he was dead at thirty-three. By that time, the disease we now know as COVID-19 had already spread to dozens of countries.

Before the SARS outbreak in 2002, only two coronaviruses were known to cause disease in humans, but neither caused much more than the common cold. The SARS coronavirus, however, went on to kill about one in ten people it infected. A decade later, in 2012, MERS, another deadly coronavirus, emerged. Like SARS, MERS spread to infect thousands of people across dozens of countries, but that time, one in three died. Today, we’re fighting to protect ourselves from—and to defeat—the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Where are these emerging infectious diseases emerging from?

All human viral infections are believed to originate in animals.

To understand COVID-19 and other deadly viral outbreaks, we have to understand their history and evolution if we’ll ever have a chance at preventing future pandemics. We also have to look back and take lessons from the past. How did we successfully beat back SARS? Why is it more difficult with COVID-19? What do we have to do to slow the pandemic today before we even have a hope at a vaccine?

I covered all of that in my recent four-hour webinar—from origin stories of past killer pandemics to what we should be doing today to stay safe—and then dove into the clinical side of COVID-19 and discussed what the disease looks like and the best way to treat it. If you missed the webinar, the following is an overview of what I covered.

Please note: Recommendations for mitigation and slowing the spread vary by location. Be sure to follow your region’s safety guidelines. Further, as data on COVID-19 is continually changing, we recommend the following sources: 


The Emergence of MERS

  • Most human coronaviruses appear to have arisen originally in bats, thought to be the primordial hosts, but jumping the species barrier to infect people appears to require intermediate hosts.
  • In the case of MERS, the intermediate hosts were found to be camels.
  • Although we domesticated camels three thousand years ago and MERS had long been circulating in them for decades without crossing the species barrier into humans, more recent intensification of camel production—from foraging outdoors to, today, primarily being confined indoors at high stocking densities—is thought to be what helped drive the spillover of MERS from camels to people.
  • The first human cases of MERS were reported in 2011, the year after open grazing was banned in Qatar, the Middle Eastern country with the highest camel density.

The Emergence of SARS

  • The first new global disease outbreak of the 21st century was SARS, even before MERS.
  • In the case of SARS, the intermediate hosts were found to be civet cats.
  • SARS-CoV causes the SARS coronavirus, and SARS-CoV-2 causes the COVID-19 coronavirus.
  • Many of the first cases of SARS were found in the same type of place most of the first cases of our current COVID-19 pandemic have been found: live animal “wet” markets in China.
  • At wet markets, crowded cages of animals, including exotic animals, are contaminated with the feces, urine, and blood of different species mixed together, and animals may be slaughtered. These conditions lead to a perfect storm for zoonotic (animal-to-human) disease transmission.
  • The virus uses the spikes on its corona like a key in a lock to access host receptors. Just as a new lock needs a new key, in order to switch from infecting one species to another, the genes coding the spikes must mutate to fit into the new host’s receptors.
  • Both viruses that cause SARS and COVID-19, SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2, respectively, attach to an enzyme coating the cells of our lungs. By the time bat coronaviruses made it into civets, the virus’s docking spikes were just two mutations away from locking in the configuration to bind to human receptors—and then the human-to-human SARS epidemic was born.

The Emergence of COVID-19

  • Ground zero for the COVID-19 pandemic was the Hua’nan Market in Wuhan, China, named in Dr. Li’s “7 SARS cases confirmed” message. It wasn’t a SARS-coronavirus, though. It was a virus to be named SARS coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), the cause of coronavirus disease 2019, or COVID-19.
  • The new COVID-19 coronavirus is about 80 percent identical to the original SARS virus, but it’s more than 95 percent identical to a coronavirus found in a bat in 2013.
  • The current theory: COVID-19 originated in bats before jumping to humans after passing through an intermediate host, thought to be the pangolin, the most trafficked mammal in the world.
  • Coronaviruses found in two different groups of diseased pangolins being smuggled into China were found to be about 90 percent identical with the COVID-19 virus. As well, the pangolin coronavirus spike protein’s critical receptor binding region is virtually identical to the human strain.

Coronaviruses Infect Pigs Right Off the Bat

  • COVID-19 is the fourth coronavirus to jump from bats to cause large deadly outbreaks in the 21st  century. First was SARS in 2002, MERS in 2012, and then SADS—Swine Acute Diarrhea Syndrome—in 2016, which devastated commercial pig farms in the same part in China where SARS had broken out. SADS was traced to a coronavirus discovered in a nearby bat cave.
  • Other emerging and re-emerging coronavirus diseases include Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea and Porcine Deltacoronavirus among pigs, and Infectious Bronchitis Virus in chickens. Increasingly, coronaviruses are emerging and circulating among farm animal populations, and the more novel coronaviruses mix in greater numbers of animals, the greater the likelihood that strains with the potential to spark a pandemic may emerge.

COVID-19 May Not Have Been the First Coronavirus Pandemic

  • The second most common cause of the common cold are coronaviruses.
  • To date, four human cold coronaviruses have been discovered, which means seven coronaviruses in all can cause human disease as far as we know. We believe we got SARS from civets, MERS from camels, and COVID-19 perhaps from pangolins.
  • Though we still don’t know where two of the four mild coronaviruses originated, one—human coronavirus 229E—has been traced back to camels and the other—OC43—traced back to cattle or pigs.
  • Molecular clock analyses dating human coronavirus OC43’s emergence suggest that the bovine coronavirus now causing “shipping fever” disease in cattle, jumped to humans around 1890. Indeed, that same year, 1890, there was a pandemic, presumed to be influenza.
  • Because of the timing of the emergence of human coronavirus OC43, some conjecture it actually may have been a COVID-19-like interspecies transmission of a coronavirus. This is supported by the fact that cattle herds the world over were being devastated by a deadly respiratory disease, resulting in massive culling operations between 1870 and 1890.


Slowing an Outbreak

  • There were more COVID-19 cases in the first month of reporting than SARS ever caused. Why? The primary reason revolves more around when it is contagious than how contagious it is.
  • Microbes most likely to cause pandemics have three characteristics: (1) novelty, therefore, without pre-existing immunity; (2) respiratory spread; and (3) transmission before the onset of symptoms.
  • SARS, despite spreading to twenty-nine countries and regions, was not considered a pandemic. And, we were able to stop it within only a few months, after approximately 8,000 cases and 800 deaths. Why? SARS was spread via respiratory droplets but lacked significant spread before symptoms arise.
  • SARS’s average incubation period—from first becoming infected to first coming down with symptoms—was around five days, but viral loads took another six to eleven days to ramp up. So, SARS patients weren’t very infectious in the first five or so days of the illness. In that way, transmission from person to person could be stopped if patients were isolated within the first few days after symptoms arose.
  • One hundred percent of SARS patients developed a fever, as did 98 percent of MERS patients. However, as many as 36 percent—more than one in three—of COVID-19 patients do not present with fever at the onset of symptoms and, more seriously, may be infectious while completely symptom-free during the incubation period.
  • People can potentially spread COVID-19 before even knowing they have it, even while they’re feeling completely fine, which is why isolation may slow the spread of disease without knowing who is infectious.

Social Distancing

Slowing a Pandemic

  • China enacted “wartime control measures” and initiated the most expansive containment effort in history, affecting about three quarters of a billion people, confining them to their homes.
  • The seemingly impossible was achieved: the containment of a widely circulating respiratory infection. Ground zero of COVID-19, Hubei Province, reported its first day of no new local cases within two months.
  • That same day, the world confirmed its 200,000th 
  • Countries able to rapidly control the disease quickly relied on testing and tracing—mass testing to identify all cases and tracing every patient’s every possible contact—to block as many paths of transmission as possible through isolation and quarantine.
  • Rapid response varied wildly. By the middle of March, South Korea had tested more than a quarter million people, more than five thousand out of every million citizens, compared to fewer than a hundred per million in the United States.
  • When the window on containment closes, as it did in the United States, the strategy pivots to suppression and mitigation.
  • Closing nonessential businesses, cancelling gatherings, and encouraging people to stay at home and shelter in place all attempt to break every possible link in the chain of viral transmission—to “flatten the curve,” that is, to flatten the epidemic curve to slow the spread of disease to more evenly distribute the cases over time.
  • Until there is wide availability of an effective vaccine, thought unlikely until 2021 at the earliest, population lockdowns can help slow the spread by removing susceptible hosts from the virus’s reach. Once such stay-at-home measures are relaxed, though, the disease could attack again as it did in the 1918 pandemic when some U.S. cities suffered a second peak in mortality after social-distancing measures were lifted.
  • Triage protocols have been published, establishing a hierarchy of care in anticipation of too few resources, such as hospital beds and ventilators, and too many patients. Wrote a preeminent group of medical ethics experts in the New England Journal of Medicine, “[W]e believe that removing a patient from a ventilator or an ICU bed to provide it to others in need is also justifiable and that patients should be made aware of this possibility at admission,” adding, “the decision to withdraw a scarce resource to save others is not an act of killing and does not require the patient’s consent.”


Symptoms of COVID

The Clinical Course of COVID-19

  • COVID-19 is thought to have an average incubation period of about five days, which means we are infected and possibly infectious for almost a week before we may even know we have the disease.
  • Not all infected people show symptoms, but of those who do, about 98 percent start exhibiting them by day twelve, which explains why quarantine after a potential exposure are for two weeks.
  • After infection, the virus may shed for more than a month (with an average of twenty days), but it is unclear how contagious survivors are during that period.
  • The most common symptoms are fever (90 percent of patients) and cough (70 percent). About four in ten experience fatigue, three in ten cough up phlegm, two in ten have muscle aches, and one in ten may suffer gastrointestinal symptoms, such as nausea or diarrhea, or common cold-type symptoms, like runny nose, sore throat, or headache.
  • Difficulty breathing has been the only symptom found predictive of a more severe course of COVID-19 and has resulted in more than six times the odds of eventually being admitted into the ICU.
  • COVID-19’s severity varies widely based on pre-existing conditions: People with high blood pressure are twice as likely to suffer a severe course and three times as likely with cardiovascular disease, and those with either condition are about four times as likely to end up in the ICU. Those with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD) like emphysema appear to be at the highest risk (six times the odds of a severe course) and nearly eighteen times the odds of ICU admission.
  • As with SARS and MERS, those with diabetes appear to be at higher risk.
  • Excess body fat also seems to be a risk factor. Those with a body mass index (BMI) of 28 or more appear to have nearly six times the odds of suffering a severe COVID-19 course. (The average BMI in the United States exceeds 29)
  • Even without taking weight into account, most adult Americans over fifty suffer from a “co-morbidity” that may put them at risk. It’s important to note that the major comorbid conditions for COVID-19 severity and death—obesity, heart disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes—may all be controlled or even reversed with a healthy enough plant-based diet.
  • Although newborns through seniors in their nineties have been infected, most COVID-19 patients are between thirty and seventy-nine, but the severity of the disease disproportionately affects older patients. Compared with people aged nineteen to sixty-four, in the United States, those sixty-five and older without underlying conditions or other risk factors appear to be hospitalized or end up in the ICU at approximately three times the rate.
  • The best data come from South Korea: Of confirmed cases, about 1 in 1,000 died in their thirties and forties, 1 in 150 of those in their fifties, 1 in 50 in their sixties, 1 in 15 in their seventies, and 1 in 5 in their eighties. U.S. data are less reliable due to the relative lack of testing, these age-related death risks are similar based on the first few thousands of American cases that were reported.
  • On autopsy, the lung’s respiratory surface appears obliterated by scar tissue. Pulmonary fibrosis (lung scarring) is expected to be a long-term complication among survivors of serious COVID-19 infection.
  • Death from COVID-19 is the result of progressive “consolidation” of the lung—your lungs start filling up with something other than air. In COVID-19 pneumonia, postmortems show you drown in lungs “filled with clear liquid jelly.”

How to Treat COVID-19

  • Presently, there is no specific proven therapy for COVID-19.
  • Although there are more than 400 clinical treatment trials underway, we should not expect an effective antiviral drug or vaccine anytime soon.
  • I support commonsense advice to stay healthy during the crisis, as recommended by trusted authorities such as the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and the World Health Organization, including getting sufficient sleep (seven to nine hours), reducing stress, keeping active, staying connected (remotely) to friends and family, and eating healthfully (a diet centered around whole plant foods).

Lifestyle Choices _ Immunity(click to enlarge)

  • Given our near-total ignorance of the immunological aspects of COVID-19, I will not jump on the snake-oily spamwagon to promote foods to boost immunity. We just don’t know if enhancing specific arms of the immune system could make things even worse.
  • There is an assumption that seniors are more susceptible to serious COVID-19 courses due to their waning, aging immune systems, but that may not be correct. Similarly, though young children, with their relatively immature immune systems, typically suffer disproportionally from infections such as the flu, that doesn’t appear to be with the case with COVID-19 (or SARS or MERS). Likewise, immunosuppressed patients may not be at greater risk of severe complications from COVID-19, although they normally are from respiratory viruses.
  • Our own immune response may be the primary driver of damage to the lungs during coronavirus infection—somewhat akin to an autoimmune reaction where the body over-reacts and the lungs get caught in the crossfire as the coronavirus is attacked.

How to Avoid COVID-19

  • Although cancelling gatherings, meetings, and events may slow COVID-19’s spread by as much as 35 percent, according to preliminary evidence from Japan, that has not been enough to contain the outbreak.
  • Our best course of action is to shelter-in-place—stay home to reduce contact with those outside our households as much as possible—and to do so now.
  • By the time a community has its first death from the disease, it’s likely that hundreds or even thousands of cases are present.
  • If you must leave your home to provide essential services such as direct care or food delivery, maintain a safe distance from others and sanitize your hands every time you touch a public surface. It’s critical not to touch your mucous membranes—your eyes and the inside of your nose or mouth—with unsanitized hands.

shopping for essentials

  • The virus can’t pass through your skin. It can only replicate in live cells, and our skin’s outer layer is covered by protective dead skin cells. To get into your lungs, the virus has to find its way to your mucous membranes, the moist lining of your eyes, nostrils, or mouth.
  • To the best of our current understanding, the COVID-19 coronavirus is thought to be transmitted from person to person via respiratory droplets coughed out by the infected into the air and then landing in the eyes, nose, or mouth of another. You can also infect yourself by touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with hands contaminated by a virus-laden object or surface—for instance, by picking your nose or rubbing your eyes after shaking someone’s hand or touching a public surface like a door knob or an elevator button.
  • The levels of virus in the snot of COVID-19 patients can reach almost a million per drop.
  • The COVID-19 coronavirus has been detected in stool samples, suggesting another way toilets may potentially transmit infection, beyond just touching the flush handle. Modern flush toilets aerosolize up to 145,000 droplets of toilet water into the air, which can float around for at least thirty minutes, so be sure to close the lid before you flush and then, of course, thoroughly wash your hands.
  • Coronaviruses are “enveloped” viruses. As they emerge from our infected cells, they cover themselves in the outer layer of our cells. Although that oily coating makes it harder for our immune system to detect them because they look like us, it also makes them susceptible to disinfection and environmental inactivation.
  • The COVID-19 virus appears to survive for less than three hours on printing paper but may last for one day on cloth. On the outer layer of surgical masks, though, it can survive for a week. COVID-19 virus’s half-life is about six hours on steel or plastic, so, although about 99 percent is gone by forty-eight hours, it may be up to 96 hours for all infectivity to be extinguished.

How to Inactivate COVID-19

  • Hands can be disinfected by properly washing your hands with soap and water. The CDC recommends washing them for at least twenty seconds. Researchers found the fingertips, thumbs, and backs of hands are the most frequently missed areas when washing, so be sure to wash thoroughly.
  • There is no need to use hot water when washing your hands.

wash hands1

  • Researchers found that the COVID-19 virus could be inactivated within thirty seconds by 30% alcohol (ethyl or isopropyl). Most vodka, rum, brandy, gin, and whisky exceed 30% alcohol by volume. Note that 30% alcohol isn’t enough to kill many other pathogens, so I still recommend sanitizers with 60% to 80% alcohol. (One rub to rule them all!) But, if you can’t find them, it’s nice to know you can make your own.

DIY Hand Sanitizer

Basic Recipe: The easiest method would probably be to just use 80-proof liquor straight up as a hand-sanitizing rub. Pour it into a squirt or spray bottle and apply enough to completely cover all surfaces of your hands and then rub them together and leave on for 30 seconds. The addition of a gelling agent such as aloe vera is not recommended as it might compromise antiviral efficacy.

Fancy Recipe: Assuming you have all of the ingredients, you can make a gallon of COVID-19 hand sanitizer by combining 12 cups of an 80-proof liquor (40% alcohol-by-volume) with ¼ cup of glycerine (also spelled glycerin or called glycerol) and a teaspoon of regular strength (3%) hydrogen peroxide and then just fill the rest of the gallon container with water. To make just a quart, simply quarter the recipe: 3 cups liquor, 1 tablespoon glycerine, ¼ teaspoon hydrogen peroxide, and water. Again, don’t add anything else.

  • Bleach is recommended for disinfection of inanimate surfaces—1 part household bleach diluted in 49 parts water, so about 1 teaspoon bleach per cup of water.
  • This 1:50 recommendation is for standard bleach (5% sodium hypochlorite). If you have 2.5% hypochlorite bleach, use two teaspoons per cup, and if you have 10% hypochlorite bleach, you only need a half teaspoon per cup.
  • Prepare the bleach solution fresh and leave it on the surface you’re disinfecting for at least ten minutes. Surfaces visibly contaminated with bodily secretions like snot, blood, or poop may require a stronger bleach solution (1 part standard bleach to 9 parts water, left for ten minutes).
  • NEVER mix bleach with any other cleanser as it reacts with ammonia (found in many glass cleaners) to create hazardous gases and reacts with acids (like vinegar, or some toilet bowl, drain, and automatic dishwashing detergents) to create chlorine gas, which is also toxic.

  DIY Hand Sanitizer  DIY Hand Sanitizer English Metric

(click to enlarge: imperial & metric)

What If You Come Down with COVID-19?

  • The best option is to try to recover at home, isolated as much as possible from others in your household. Preferably, you should avoid contact with both people and pets, and be cordoned off in a “sick room” with a separate bathroom if possible.
  • Most people who get infected with the COVID-19 virus recover without medical intervention. If you do come down with it, protect those around you, rest, hydrate, and monitor your symptoms. If you experience difficulty breathing or persistent pain or pressure in the chest, seek medical attention—but, first call your doctor or emergency room before heading in, since they may have special instructions for suspect cases in your area.
  • Practice good hygiene and social-distancing etiquette: Wash your hands often. Cough or sneeze into a tissue, covering your nose and mouth, then throw the used tissue into a lined bin and immediately sanitize your hands. Don’t share eating utensils, towels, bedding, or other personal household items. Routinely disinfect all high-touch objects (e.g., doorknobs and toilet surfaces) in your sick room and bathroom yourself, but have someone else disinfect the rest of the house. Be sure to wear gloves while cleaning and disinfecting, and open windows if possible and wear a surgical mask.
  • If you’re sick but must share a room with someone else, wear a face mask. That’s what they were originally designed for: source control, rather than self-protection.


(click to enlarge)

  • It’s important to understand that respiratory droplets are not just gobs of mucus. When you’re outside on a cold day and your breath fogs, those are respiratory droplets. That vapor plume you’re exhaling is made up of tiny water droplets straight from your lungs. On a warm day, you breathe out that same cloud—you just can’t see it.
  • Should everyone cover their face in public since infected individuals are exhaling virus before they even know they have it? The CDC recommends “wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain” such as grocery stores or pharmacies. The U.S. Surgeon General is featured in a video demonstrating how to improvise masks out of a bandana and rubber bands, and the CDC has easy no-sew instructions at bit.ly/CDCDIY.


(click to enlarge)

  • Cloth coverings, which should be washed regularly, are no substitute for masks, but may be better than nothing. Scarves, pillowcases, and 100 percent cotton t-shirts are probably the most suitable household materials for making homemade masks, blocking various bacteria and viruses about 60 percent as well as surgical masks.
  • What about N95 masks? Also known as N95 respirators, these are cup-like masks that fit tighter to the face and, unlike surgical masks, are intended to protect the wearer. The CDC and its European counterpart recommend N95 masks for healthcare workers during routine care of patients, while the World Health Organization suggests surgical masks are sufficient.
  • Until we know more about how the COVID-19 virus is transmitted, it seems prudent for those in close contact with coughing patients use eye protection (at least a face shield) and N95 respirators.
  • According to the CDC, once your symptoms start improving, you’ve been fever-free for three full days off of fever-reducing medicines, and it’s been at least one week since your symptoms first appeared, only then can you start relaxing your home isolation. The World Health Organization is more conservative, though, and recommends self-quarantine for a full fourteen days for anyone with symptoms or living with anyone with symptoms.

 prevent-cleaning kitchen

  • A note on pets: Dogs have been found infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus in rare cases, but it replicates poorly in dogs and doesn’t seem to make them sick, and they don’t appear to pass the virus along to others. In cats, however, the virus has been shown to reproduce And, cats have been able to experimentally transmit the virus to other cats even though they may not themselves become sick. In the United States, the only confirmed case of animal infection that I know of is a sickened tiger at the Bronx Zoo.


  • We shouldn’t count on COVID-19 going away naturally when the weather gets warmer. Every recent flu pandemic emerged in the spring or summer months, but secondary waves tended to hit the following winter.
  • Even if the COVID-19 virus’s contagiousness drops in the Northern Hemisphere this summer, thanks to warmer, wetter weather, that’s not expected to make a big impact on the pandemic curve.
  • Herd immunity would stop the pandemic—when a critical portion of the population is immune to the virus. When there are no longer enough susceptible individuals for a virus to infect, jumping from person to person, the chains of transmission are broken.
  • Mass vaccination is the ideal way to accomplish this. Without a vaccine, the only way to achieve herd immunity is through mass infection.
  • Based on estimates for the COVID-19 virus from large outbreaks in affected countries and simplistic mathematical models, the minimum population immunity required varies from approximately 30 percent (based on South Korea’s data) to more like 80 percent (based on an estimate from Spain).
  • This is why “flattening the curve” is critical. We can’t wait until 80 percent of the population is infected.
  • One trait the COVID-19 virus shares with HIV is its rapid mutation rate. The possibility that the virus could transform in the near future to become even more transmissible or dangerous cannot be ruled out.
  • A “best guess” estimate presented to the American Hospital Association was about a half a million U.S. deaths if the virus stayed the course. That may be reduced to under 100,000 with sufficient social distancing.
  • The CDC developed a Pandemic Severity Index, modelled after the Hurricane Severity Index to define the destructive capacity of a storm. In the 1918 pandemic, about one in three became infected and, of those, about 2 percent died, classifying it as a category 5 pandemic, analogous to a “super typhoon” with sustained winds exceeding 150 miles per hour. COVID-19 infection fatalities are much lower, probably closer to 0.5 percent, meaning 1 in 200 cases dying.
  • For more than a century, we’ve known about the pandemic potential of the flu virus, but that 2 percent fatality of the 1918 influenza appears to be the deadliest it ever got. In 1997, however, a flu virus was found in chickens that appears to have killed more than 50 percent of the people it infected. What if a virus like that triggered an outbreak?

PREVENTING FUTURE PANDEMICS: Having Our Meat and Eating It Too

  • We were spared by the last pandemic: In 2009, swine flu only triggered a category 1 pandemic, killing a half million people. It did, however, reveal that industrial pork production was a new origin point for pandemic viruses.
  • The emergence of H5N1 and other bird flu viruses infecting humans has been blamed on industrial poultry production.
  • The CDC considers H7N9, a bird flu virus, to be our gravest pandemic flu threat, one that could kill millions of Americans. To date, H7N9 has killed about 40 percent of the people it has infected. Two in five.
  • At this time, neither H5N1 nor H7N9 has acquired the capacity for easy human-to-human transmission, but neither has been eradicated. They’re still out there, still mutating.
  • How can we stop the emergence of pandemic viruses in the first place? Whenever possible, treat the cause.
  • The largest and oldest association of public health professionals in the world, the American Public Health Association, has called for a moratorium on factory farming for nearly two decades. Its journal published an editorial entitled “The Chickens Come Home to Roost” that went beyond calling for a deintensification of the pork and poultry industries:

“It is curious, therefore, given the pandemic threat, that changing the way humans treat animals, most basically ceasing to eat them, or at the very least, radically limiting the quantity of them that are eaten—is largely off the radar as a significant preventive measure. Such a change, if sufficiently adopted or imposed, could still reduce the chances of the much-feared influenza epidemic. It would be even more likely to prevent unknown future diseases that, in the absence of this change, may result from farming animals intensively and killing them for food. Yet humanity doesn’t even consider this option.”

  • This may be changing, thanks to food innovations like plant-based milks, egg products, and meats.
  • Our food choices don’t just affect our personal health but our global health. Not just in terms of climate change, but in terms of pandemic risk.
  • Major meat producers have started blending in vegetable proteins to make hybrid meats like Tyson’s “Whole Blends” sausage links and Perdue’s “next generation” chicken nuggets. The world’s largest pork producer, Smithfield, recently launched a whole line of plant-based products. Egg-free mayo has taken the sandwich spread sector by storm, and Quorn, a brand of meat-free meat made from the mushroom kingdom, opened a facility capable of producing the meat equivalent of twenty million chickens per year.
  • While these products may not be the healthiest from a personal standpoint, they tend to be healthier than their animal-product counterparts and, from a pandemic standpoint, they present zero risk.
  • What about cultivated meat? The primary human health benefit of a slaughter-free harvest would be food safety. (If you make meat without intestines, you don’t have to worry about fecal bugs like Salmonella, and if you make meat without lungs, you don’t have to worry about brewing respiratory viruses.) Growing meat directly from muscle cells has been touted for the environmental benefits—reducing water use and greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 96 percent and lower land use by as much as 99 percent—but factoring in pandemic risk, the benefits to human health may rival those to planetary health.


  • In the webinar, I ended by taking a moment to acknowledge all of the first responders and frontline medical workers. Many of them are not only dealing with physical and mental exhaustion, the torment of difficult triage decisions, and the pain of losing patients and colleagues, but are also—quite literally—putting their own lives at risk. Thousands of healthcare workers have been infected, and more than a hundred have died.
  • Crises like these can bring out the worst in people, like all the hate crimes and harassment against Asian-Americans, but they can also bring out the best.
  • You can support those on the front lines from being overwhelmed by staying safe, and, if you can, staying home.


  • During the webinar, I was excited to announce that my entire four-hour lecture will be turned into a month-long series of videos on NutritionFacts.org, so stay tuned.
  • I have also been feverishly working on a new book set to be released on May 26, 2020—How to Survive a Pandemic.
  • Have any questions? I’ll be going live on Thursday, April 16, at 12pm EDT on Facebook and 6pm EDT on YouTube for special COVID-19 live Q&As.
  • I’m working on a second webinar for May. Be sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter to get all of the latest updates first. Click here to subscribe.

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In health,
Michael Greger, M.D.

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Michael Greger M.D., FACLM

Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM, is a physician, New York Times bestselling author, and internationally recognized professional speaker on a number of important public health issues. Dr. Greger has lectured at the Conference on World Affairs, the National Institutes of Health, and the International Bird Flu Summit, testified before Congress, appeared on The Dr. Oz Show and The Colbert Report, and was invited as an expert witness in defense of Oprah Winfrey at the infamous "meat defamation" trial.

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        Though I really enjoyed this summary. Covered all the major points in a very accessible and succinct manner.

            1. BTW
              What is the picture of? That’s supposed to be the corvid 19 virus ? or is that an artist imagination of the virus ? Just wondering as I have seen a number of different pics of the virus .If it is art work , it just fans the flames of fear .

              1. Mr Pinkerton,

                Here is Harvards depiction of it.


                There are also images of what it looks like under the microscope.

                Images help some people understand the science and some people like to see what the enemy looks like.

                The people who are afraid probably shut it all out.

                My friends are all shutting it out because they consider learning anything at all about it to be too depressing.

            1. I know somebody who used to wear tin foil hats.

              It turned out that he had a brain tumor.

              I watched ten seconds of the video James put up and the concept that those would all be a conspiracy to force us all to get vaccinated shows such a deep fear of vaccinations.

              I watched the polio documentary and, in contrast, mothers lined their children up to test the polio vaccine.

              It tells me that people have heard so much spin against vaccines that they are less afraid of a virus that is killing so many people.

              The world is divided based on where you get your information from.

              I watch one type of resource and hear all of these beautiful stories of sacrifice.

              I follow a different source of information and Google and YouTube feed into my fears or anger or depression.

              In many ways, we get to choose.

              1. Fact is most people who have been sold on vaccines don’t have a clue about the ingredients the contain. Fact a recent US court case found that all vaccines that have been approbed and administered I’ve the past 32 years – there was zero proof provided that these vaccines safe!! Look it up – very recent news. No true true science to proof that vaccines are safe, just a gang mentality by medical establishment and big pharma. Fact vaccines contain poisonous chemicals, detergents, human DNA, pig urine. People who haven’t a clue what the heck is in these things should do get educated before just agreeing with everything someone else is telling them. Get educated- so the work. Once you know the ingredients then offer your two cents worth – not before.
                Thank You

          1. Hi James, help me understand why I should have more confidence in your post as opposed to Dr Greger’s blog with his years of experience?

      2. Those of us that did get a mild and unreported case will be road blocks to the “second wave” unlike 1918. As you know it would probably be best if there was no genetic shift and drift to bring back a different strain – a mixing in the breading biosphere.

        1. I read that the SARS-CoV-2 pathogen invades more than epithelial cells, but also invades type II alveolar cells (AT2), myocardial cells, proximal tubule cells of the kidney, ileum and esophagus epithelial cells, and bladder urothelial cells. Thus, any person who succumbs to secondary infections may exhibit illness due to organ distress of the heart or kidneys, for example.

        1. Hi Em, I’m sorry to hear that! Did you receive the recording? If not, please submit your issue through the green Support button on the bottom right of the page and someone will help you out.

    1. Thank you for the summary.

      I made the requested payment and was expecting to receive an e-mail with a link to the recorded webinar which I was unable to watch live.

  1. I don’t agree with the vaccine agenda. There is a reason that humans have multiplied from <1B pre-industrial age to approx. 7.8B in 2020. Hint: It is not because of vaccines.

      1. I didn’t understand the hint either.

        For one thing, there has been vaccinations so you can’t pretend they haven’t helped.

        You can add in medical care advances and fairly stable food supply.

        Heating and cooling.

        Lots of advances.

      2. So disappointing to see Dr. Greger being so focused on “science” and yet ignoring all of the science that has come out about vaccine safety and efficacy, and pushing the “mass vaccine” approach. I highly recommend watching Dr. Pam Popper’s videos on YouTube, as she is a breath of fresh air and reason on all these topics during these crazy times.

    1. Ofcourse a sane human would not agree with Bill Gates plan to vaccinate the world .
      Look up event 201 , by coincidence what they would do when a pandemic should occur . It happened . NWO in action just look at age of people who died and swine flew how many people got killed in 2019 . Listen to Bill Gates to lower population by 15 % with vaccinations ! Look at his Instagram he is been slaughtered . The world is not sleeping anymore . Nature does not lie, humans in power do.
      Not more than a flew, look for yourself and numbers are been halted with.

    2. Hi Stephen, help me understand why I should have more confidence in your post as opposed to Dr Greger’s blog with his years of experience?

  2. Given the terrible job our government has done in getting up to speed with this pandemic, what can we reasonably expect when our “stay at home” course ends? Is the reservoir of virus enough to start a second surge large enough to reinvoke the isolation program again?

    1. That will always be possible, Barbie, no matter what any government does. One scenario is that COVID-19 comes around every season like the normal flu, in which case it will be lock-down again (and again?) till the vaccine is rolled out.

      1. It is no more deadly than the flu in any healthy person. How many people take the flu shot every year and still get the flu. Vaccines make people sick not healthy. There is zero evidence as recently evidenced by a US court case victory by the people against yen US government that stated no proof vaccines are safe. Zero proof- none that they are safe. Unless we are living in communist China people should be allowed to do their own research into the vaccines and decide themselves whether they wish to take them given the poisonous and filthy ingredients like pig urine and human DNA. Get educated people. Gates is a eugenistZ he believes there are too many people on earth and if you can’t get wars then just vaccinate. Every time he talks about vaccinations he can’t still smiling in the interviews. This garbage of a human being made a fortune selling second rate software techies don’t want to use it was so poor – no people believe he is some kind of Samaritan. Please.

        1. You are not going to believe this, but here we go anyway..

          ….’there are basic cognitive or affective variables that influence vaccine skepticism.”

          ….’some people find vaccines risky because they overestimate the likelihood of negative events, particularly those that are rare’.

          … ‘people higher in vaccine skepticism actually may process information differently than people lower in vaccine skepticism’

          “My takeaway is that vaccine skeptics probably don’t have the best understanding of how likely or probable different events are,” said LaCour, a doctoral student in psychological sciences. “They might be more easily swayed by anecdotal horror stories. For example, your child can have a seizure from getting vaccinated. It’s extremely rare, but it is within the realm of possibility. If you were so inclined, you could follow Facebook groups that publicize extremely rare events. These cognitive distortions of anecdotes into trends are probably exacerbated by decisions to subscribe to statistically non-representative information sources.”


  3. Please read about the Marik protocol. Large doses of pharmaceutical-grade vitamin C, thiamin and hydrocortisone stop sepsis and pneumonia if administered early.

  4. “Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.”—Albert Einstein

    “The overwhelming majority of human beings remain apathetically oblivious to the plight of countless nonhuman animals enslaved in “livestock” conditions around the world and in general, the whole of our species expresses no viable concern for the life that we take from them through said exploitation. What most humans fail to realize is that by the continuance in the slaughter of their children, we condemn our own. The statements, “violence begets violence” and “all life is connected” are not simple euphemisms to be lightly ignored or cast aside without fully understanding the fundamental truths that they convey. The human consumption of nonhuman animal-based products will ultimately lead to the end of humanity.”

  5. It is shocking to see Dr.Greger as a dedicated medical doctor and his team who have always provided free medical information to the public have changed this much! At this challenging stage that people are jobless and stuck in their houses, even the greedy businesses have melted their hearts and provide free services to be with the people. Then, you that your information can help many target groups are charging people to give them your webinar information?! Seriously? I can’t believe it at all. Time to stop following you. so so disappointing! …

    1. I am reading this free of charge. I gather that so are you.

      Most of the information Dr. Greger gives out is given freely.

      I understand the payed webinar enables you to ask questions. And if no lab, university, government or “big broccoli” finances you, I guess someone has to pay for the web hosting costs. I don’t begrudge him one bit.

    2. Al
      The charge was a suggested donation which many of us gladly paid. All of the information in the webcast is summarized in the blog for FREE. Dr Greger has to have funding to effectively perform his research. May I ask what is the point you are trying to make? Should Dr Greger stop accepting donations?

      1. I agree with AI on this one point. NF is supported by us to begin with, by donations, buying the books, dvds etc. including Dr G’s salary…we are not reading ‘for free’. I find it in extraordinarily ‘bad form’ to charge for a webinar on this particular topic. People are laying down their lives for us all in these disasterous times! (and no Randy, there was no option to refuse a donation)

        1. * I would like to add that I really do appreciate NF posting the summary here for us all to read. Thank you for that, and for doing such a good job.

        2. Barb
          Why are you and Al shocked that hundreds of people made additional donations to Dr Greger to help him continue his great work? Anyone can get the information FREE on the website. I gladly made the donation for the webinar in addition to monthly donations and book purchases. Many fine organizations need additional funding during this difficult time. And everyone has access to the results for FREE! I hope you enjoyed reading the FREE blog!!

          1. Randy, I’m not shocked… no where did I say that. This blog, indeed this this website is paid for by us to start with. I have been supporting Dr Greger since 2009 and happy to hear you are too. I think you totally missed my point Randy. I stated before that charging money for the webinar was akin to selling tickets to a house fire. It’s just my view, and you are welcome to disagree. These are extraordinary and horrific times . I wish you well.

      2. No that was not the point. Interestingly I am a PhD biomed researcher who is pro-dr. Greger and have his books too (unlike many other researchers who think his data are biased to show that veganism is great). Who opposes against donations for such a good aim? but a webinar is almost free these days. For example, to keep people motivated in these gloomy days Bob Proctor has FREE weekly sessions every Friday and also if you leave your phone number, his team call you for a FREE 30 min counselling. This is my point mate. We can afford that price, but believe me, there are many in low-income countries who badly need help and can’t afford this even small $15 and now they even have no jobs. What I mean is the change of attitude after getting famous which is very common in this world …

        1. We can afford that price, but believe me, there are many in low-income countries who badly need help and can’t afford this even small $15 and now they even have no jobs.
          I could afford the $15, but not the 4hrs of time.

          Did he do the hand gesturing? If so, maybe I could have put on some classical music and pretend he was holding a maestro’s baton and directing an orchestra.

          I wonder how “Ride of the Valkyries” would have synched up? ‘-)

          1. It may be an ethnic/cultural difference.

            Anglos and Northern Europeans generally don’t seem much given to using gestures to expand and amplify vocal communication. Which may be why many people like yourself are uncomfortable with it.

            Latins and Southern Europeans seem to gesture more often though. Judging from his name and speech patterns, Dr Greger appears to be of Central/Eastern European Yiddish heritage Perhaps that group also uses hand gestures a lot.

    3. Hi all, Dr. Greger is working daily to get this information turned into video scripts that we can post as soon as we can get them recorded and created. In addition to this blog, please also see the 2 1-hour live Q&As today (the Facebook one is finished and can be found on the facebook page; the YouTube one is at 6ET). And we are aggregating this information via the new COVID-19 page found under the Resources menu item. Please feel welcome to follow our social media accounts, where we also post additional information. The team is working hard to get as much COVID information out to you as possible.

      1. Thank you Kate Porigow! The Q&A’s were excellent. I am watching the facebook one over again now

        Thanks to Dr Greger for his time, and to everyone who asked good questions.

    4. AI,

      He didn’t charge anything. He did give a suggested donation. The next Webinar which is coming out he isn’t even going to make a suggestion for a donation.

    5. Dr. Greger has already stated that he plans to release his webinar for free. When it was live he asked for a $15 donation that would go directly to charity like all his donations. He has also just compiled this very detailed blog for free and plans to release the webinar components in his NutritionFacts.org videos. Everything is still free and it is very much appreciated by us all.

    6. You receive what you pay for…no free lunches. Everyone is entitled to cover their cost. Dr. Greger has provided a great service.

  6. Total garbage. I expect better from Gregor. Don’t blindly trust the ridiculously inflated numbers from the CDC. The hospitals are empty, even in our NYC “epicenter”. There might be a covid-19 virus, but if so, it definitely isn’t as dangerous as the flu, and we wouldn’t lockdown, quarantine, or destroy our economy over the flu would we?! The central banks of the world are fighting a losing battle, and this plannedemic was manufactured in order to provide cover for the coming collapse. The will try to save the situation like they did in 2008 by propping up the economy by printing money and devaluing currencies, but things are much worse for America this time around since our fed gov is trillions in debt. Don’t fear this bs virus which is nothing to be worried about. You don’t need a vaccine, and no one will ever be able to force you to get one.

    1. Jeremy– In the last two weeks, I lost my cousin, a NYC priest who lived in the Bronx, to Covid-19. My sister-in-law also lost her father, a veteran, in the last week. As of yesterday my town of 55,000 people in the state across the river from NY has lost 34 people from the virus. My niece is a nurse in Manhattan and is now working hellacious 12 hour shifts in the ICU. Maybe you and your family are the lucky and live in an area that doesn’t see the virus’s effects –yet. In the meantime, spewing misinformation about this illness only makes me wonder about your motives and your humanity. I know this lockdown is hard economically and emotionally, but conspiracy theories will not help you to survive it.

    2. So far two of my relatives living in NY have been in ICU because of this illness. And I personally Have two friends abroad whose parents died, and have no less than four other friends (in the IS and abroad) that have been ill encause of it, with different degrees of severity.

      If you want to believe otherwise, it’s your choice. I understand the pharmaceutical and health industries have given us time and again reasons to distrust it, and all mass media, no matter it’s partisanship or accuracy, have the vested interest of getting your attention, at the risk of inflating the relative importance of issues.

      That being said, In this case there’s nothing inflated about the pandemic. They do happen.

      What there has been is more skillful or in skull full ways of addressing it.

      Stay safe. I wish you peace.

      1. If you don’t question authority and verify for yourself, you aren’t a free-thinker. You are a sheep/drone following the mainstream media’s “official” narrative. See

        Are the hospitals overloaded?

        Ah, media. What will we do with you?

        Great source of truth on this silliness:

        A YouTube channel with some rational, logical info, in contrast with the mainstream media propaganda:

        What did you think about this one?

        1. Jeremy,

          My daughter is a hospital nurse. One of the ICU nurses came down with the coronavirus early on — it wasn’t publicized, I know only because she told me. I don’t know how many more at her hospital have become ill; executives are clamping down on information, and firing employees who speak up about actual conditions. Staff don’t have sufficient PPEs — Personal Protective Gear. Her hospital distributed the CDC guidelines that nurses wear scarves and bandanas — as a last resort. Which they had to do. Nurses were told to re-use their gloves.

          I don’t know from under what rock you crawled, but I worry every day about her. As I do about all health care workers. And employees in the public service, such as bus drivers and grocery store clerks.

          I think you are a troll. Or a Russian bot. And you are cruel to those who have ill relatives or friends, and have had family, friends, or co-workers die from this virus. And I hope that you are able to experience first-hand what you denounce.

          1. Dr. J.,

            Yes, people who live in the Tri-State area or other hot spots have such genuine fear for loved ones.

            My thoughts and prayers are with your loved one.

        2. Jeremy,

          This is irrational thinking, not free thinking.

          I am reminded of the old French saying…’certaine peoples ne sauret pas if their derrière était en feu’.

          The entire purpose of the measures taken by governments is to ensure every individual affected by the virus passes it on to no more than one other person. There are multiple reasons for this:

          1. We have no immunity to Covid 19, it is highly contagious, there is no treatment.
          2. Not everyone who has the disease is aware of it (they have no symptoms). Or they have very mild symptoms. However, they are still spreading the disease.
          3. The symptoms (when they are evident) do not manifest for about 7 days. However, affected individuals are unwittingly infecting others during this 7 day period.

          In short, no immunity, highly contagious, no obvious symptoms in many carriers – therefore a guaranteed very high rate of infection (up to 80% of the world’s population) if remedial measures (lockdowns, tracing/tracking of infected individuals) is not taken.
          To provide you one example. This infection commenced in one individual in China, and now millions are infected worldwide. To provide another example, one infected waiter on the ‘Ruby Princess’ cruise ship, infected hundreds of passengers, of which 18 have died so far. We can add to this those who were who infected (and died) as a result of being in contact with the hundreds of infected passengers.

          4. Whilst the effects are mild in many, they are severe in others, and more importantly, fatal in a small minority. The whole purpose of the exercise is to protect this small cohort from being infected and dying. It is perhaps not as small as one would imagine. It includes all diabetics (millions of people), those with cardiovascular disease, and every individual over the age of 70 – particularly those over 80. These individuals have a high probability of succumbing.

          We attempt to protect these people because we believe in being selfless and compassionate, and because they are our loved ones, our neighbours, friends, brothers and sisters, parents and grandparents.

          This should not be difficult for anyone to comprehend, even for those with the thickest of skins – and heads.

        3. Something to consider:

          “Dr. Wittkowski received his PhD in computer science from the University of Stuttgart and his ScD (Habilitation) in Medical Biometry from the Eberhard-Karls-University Tuüingen, both Germany. He worked for 15 years with Klaus Dietz, a leading epidemiologist who coined the term ‘reproduction number’, on the Epidemiology of HIV before heading for 20 years the Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design at The Rockefeller University, New York. Dr. Wittkowski is currently the CEO of ASDERA LLC, a company discovering novel treatments for complex diseases from data of genome-wide association studies.

          “With all respiratory diseases, the only thing that stops the disease is herd immunity. About 80% of the people need to have had contact with the virus, and the majority of them won’t even have recognized that they were infected, or they had very, very mild symptoms, especially if they are children. So, it’s very important to keep the schools open and kids mingling to spread the virus to get herd immunity as fast as possible, and then the elderly people, who should be separated, and the nursing homes should be closed during that time, can come back and meet their children and grandchildren after about 4 weeks when the virus has been exterminated….

          “Well, we will see maybe a total of fewer cases—that is possible. However, we will see more cases among the elderly, because we have prevented the school children from creating herd immunity. And so, in the end, we will see more death because the school children don’t die, it’s the elderly people who die, we will see more death because of this social distancing….

          “I think people in the United States and maybe other countries as well are more docile than they should be. People should talk with their politicians, question them, ask them to explain, because if people don’t stand up to their rights, their rights will be forgotten. I’m Knut Wittkowski. I was at the Rockefeller University, I have been an epidemiologist for 35 years, and I have been modeling epidemics for 35 years. It’s a pleasure to have the ability to help people to understand, but it’s a struggle to get heard.”

          Stand Up for Your Rights, says Professor Knut M. Wittkowski

          Perspectives on the Pandemic | Professor Knut Wittkowski | Episode 2

          1. I had a good friend post an interview with Knut Wittkowski and I agreed with everything he said. He made complete sense, and everything he shared seemed quite reasonable to me. We’ve been so busy social distancing and staying at home, that very few people are going to develop any immunity to this thing. Everyone’s fearful and paranoid and sitting on pins and needles just waiting for a vaccine which is at least 1 year away or more. I’m NOT placing much or any hope in a vaccine. In the mid 1070’s there was the colossal Swine flu panic. Here is what the government of the U.S. said about the infamous Swine Flu vaccine, in a mass-distributed FDA Consumer Memo on the subject: “some minor side effects–tenderness in the arm, low fever, tiredness, will occur in less than 4% of (vaccinated) adults. Serious reactions from flu vaccines are very rare.” BUT the very numerous and very serious side effects of Swine Flu vaccine forced the federal immunization program to a halt! “Vaccines are being used as an ideological weapon. What you see every year as the flu is caused by 200 or 300 different agents with a vaccine against two of them. That is simply nonsense.” (Tom Jefferson, MD, epidemiologist) And how about this comment: “We have set up a situation where a fear is created, and then we try to create the treatment for this fear. The public gets the idea that the flu is going to kill them and the vaccine will save them. Neither is true.” (Marc Siegel MD, author of False Alarm: The Truth About the Epidemic of Fear.) No, I’m NOT saying this virus isn’t serious, it is. BUT how we deal with it is the issue. I still think Knut Wittkowski has the right idea, we need to develop herd immunity, and we’ll never do that by avoiding one another and staying home. He seems to feel that this thing will “probably” come back in the fall and it will be worse than what we presently have! Problem is folks are walking around fearful and paranoid and just waiting for the vaccine. Well, I understand the “common cold” is a coronavirus and we DON’T HAVE A VACCINE FOR THE COMMON COLD DO WE? So what makes us think we’re going to be successful here? I JUST learned about the 2 types of viruses the other day. This one is an RNA virus. It mutates quickly and easily and I believe it has already mutated once. This fact makes vaccine development difficult because there’s so many different strains that have to be targeted differently. So creating a vaccine here–if we ever get one is not going to be easy. UNFORTUNATELY Facebook said Knut Wittkowski’s information WAS FALSE folks. Their “fact checkers” didn’t agree or like it, so it’s been listed as “false information.” So much for another opinion! But just “suppose” he’s right? Where does that leave us?

        4. Jeremy, It is not simply irresponsible to downplay the seriousness of this pandemic, that is an act of mass murder. Others in your bloody death cult may applaud you, but to me you are a willfully ignorant scumbag. Flush Dump & Sanitize.

          1. ignorant scumbag. Flush Dump & Sanitize
            Spoken like a true potty-mouth. ‘-)

          2. the problem is certain extremists believe its ‘my choice’. Completely and utterly wrong ! Its your responsibility to OTHERS.

    3. I am with you, Jeremy. I see nothing here in San Diego except happy people walking in the sun and cooperatively queuing up at Home Depot and the grocery store. I was a big fan of Dr. Greger, but his not questioning the origins of the virus — bioweapon? — and not mentioning the remarkable series of cases in France and NY successfully treated with HCQ, zinc, and azithromycin is disappointing, but revealing. And, his advocacy of vaccine before one has been developed and properly tested is, again, disappointing. I am fully onboard with WFPB, but odd things I had seen in his recommendations — e.g., cooking via microwave — take on a more unattractive hue, now.

    4. Read the CDC guidelines for putting the ’cause’ code in the death certificates, which clearly says that even if a test is not done and one is suspected of having this virus, the code should say “covid-19”, regardless of the underlying causes, such as cancer, heart issues, dialysis, diabetes etc. Also hospitals gets paid when these codes are used. Since we know vaccines are untested and even less when “fast tracked” – it is a huge risk to even think about injecting it; so why are we “casually” suggesting that vaccines could help…like what are they really going to “help with”? More mortality down the road?
      It has also come to light that the so called “tests for the virus” are highly inaccurate. Why is that not being stated in this article? Moreover, where exactly is the scientific proof that this “corona virus” causes these particular symptoms? Have we isolated this virus and then infected a “healthy” mouse or human who did not have any such virus to then have this virus produce the same symptoms and isolated it from the infected mouse/human? If we haven’t done that, then we can’t claim that this virus is responsible for these symptoms.

    5. If it so harmless why don’t you run out and catch it and leave the rest of us alone to do what we can to protect our families.
      Don’t involve US. Do what you want…

  7. This was fascinating to read, it’s impressive how much knowledge we’ve acquired about this virus. I’m also trying to switch to a healthier lifestyle and started to mine for healthy recipes like yours. Also, I’m training with SportMe home workout app, and I managed to get rid of some pounds. Your blog posts are super inspiring for me in this phase, thanks!

  8. You better update, the old bat wing soup market story is way out of date. I don’t think NYTimes would want to publish it, it is not fake news. But, it is finally out that it is from the lab there at Wuhan.

  9. You are in favor of mass vaccination? This would require first a double blind placebo study to ensure a SAFE and effective vaccine. If such a study was performed it would be the first done on vaccines so we know this isn’t going to happen. You are going to trust vaccine manufacturers who have no liability? Even Gates demands no liability. Needless to say I am extremely disappointed in you Dr Greger if you are in favor of mandated mass vaccinations. Totally against our constitutional rights and another example of an oppressive government. I highly recommend you do a search and look for interviews with Dr Judy Mikovits who worked with Fauci and others in creating coronavirus cells in a laboratory. this will derail your idea that this virus started with a bat in Wuhan. Never thought I would see you disseminate so much incorrect information. We have a fear pandemic and you sir are contributing to it.

    1. Actually a placebo study was conducted for the first polio vaccine developed by Jonas Salk. This was described by Rodolfo Saracci in his little book Epidemiology. There were 200,745 kids vaccinated and 201,229 unvaccinated. Of those vaccinated, 182 kids contracted polio and of the unvaccinated, there were 162 cases. He doesn’t mention that Salk then subtracted 100 cases from the vaccinated group, claiming that they probably contracted polio before they entered the test program. Salk then declared the vaccine “safe.”

      1. There were 200,745 kids vaccinated and 201,229 unvaccinated. Of those vaccinated, 182 kids contracted polio and of the unvaccinated, there were 162 cases. He doesn’t mention that Salk then subtracted 100 cases from the vaccinated group, claiming that they probably contracted polio before they entered the test program. Salk then declared the vaccine “safe.”
        I’m not saying all you have posted is untrue, but polio did become a non-disease after the immunizations.

        1. As I understand it, polio virus is transmitted via contaminated fecal matter, e.g., drinking water contaminated with fecal matter. Public sanitation measures — e.g., putting in of sewage and drinking water treatment systems — has been credited by thoughtful physicians as the true cause of the eradication of polio.

          1. Public sanitation measures — e.g., putting in of sewage and drinking water treatment systems … as the true cause of the eradication of polio.
            That’s too much of a reach for me.

            Don’t get me wrong… I haven’t had a vaccination of any kind since leaving the Army (although I got the sugar cube polio vaccine as a child)… and certainly wouldn’t be o.k. with a mandatory vaccine. But at the same time, I get it that with our access to travel the globe and within our own borders, if we become sick we are a danger to society. In a pandemic situation just slap some red paint on my door and have me hunker down in place.

            And maybe you are thinking, “he’s afraid of needles! ‘-) ‘-) ‘-)”

            Not true… I sat in a lab a couple of days ago and watched as the lab assistant stuck a needle into my vein, pushed it in too far and then withdrew it until she got blood flowing… flowing into 4 of the long vials and filling each one to the top… thinking all the time how I wished she would take more so my body would have to resupply the missing blood with blood containing a new supply of blood stem cells.

        2. In Dr. Suzanne Humphries book “Dissolving Illusions” she demonstrates very convincingly that diseases are reduced by many things including better sanitation, cleaner water and food, refrigeration etc. When the Salk vaccine was introduced in the US, the infection rate was already falling and in Europe where they had no Salk vaccine, the rate went down just like it did in the US. Her charts, taken from US and UK vital statistics, show all diseases dropping at the same rate well before vaccines were introduced. Another reason the rate dropped in the US after the vaccine was that doctors changed the diagnostic criteria for polio. Doctors have been taking credit for something that they didn’t do!
          There are reasons why the poorest countries in Africa have high rates of disease and it isn’t just from lack of vaccines.

    2. Agree. This is a created pandemic (problem), to derive a reaction (lot of fear/anxiety), so that when people are shaking in their boots, they will be willing to accept the “bitter pill” of mandatory vaccinations (the solution), none of which have ever been subjected to a double blind placebo controlled study or to any long term study to know what all the adjuvants they put do to your body. They have so far managed the “reaction”, and literally forced isolation on everyone, when there is zero proof that this virus is the cause of the stated symptoms. Where is the proof that “social distancing” helps reduce the spread of contagious disease? Per the research this virus is said to be 70-90 nanometers in diameter, which obviously would float in the air when people breathe and even the N95 mask only filters above 300 nanometers. CDC’s guidelines for death certs, are an effort to drive up the numbers (just read through them).

      1. and literally forced isolation on everyone, when there is zero proof that this virus is the cause of the stated symptoms. Where is the proof that “social distancing” helps reduce the spread of contagious disease?
        coolvyakti, I think you have just coined a new catch phrase for this pandemic… *proofers* ‘-)

        Personally, I think some things we have to take on faith… that is, does a pile of smoking bear shit prove that a bear indeed does shit in the woods.

        Proofers may need photographic proof of the bear actually doing the deed, but then who’s to say the photo wasn’t photo-shopped?

        I was on an Elk hunt in Colorado and a member of our group was intent on getting a bear. He came upon a bear trail and followed it in great anticipation until he came upon a pile of bear shit that was still smoking… that reality caused him to decide he did not need to come home with a bear skin rug for his wife and be warily began back tracking down the trail instead of upward to where the bear might be laying in waiting.

        He didn’t see the bear doing the shit… but in talking to him, he was pretty sure that indeed, bears do shit in the woods. ‘-)

  10. Thanks for your excellent work. What about herbal antivirals? During the 1918 flu epidemic, it was reported that Native American tribes recovering from the Spanish flu effectively used Lomatium dissectum. Sambucus nigra L. (Black Elderberry) has been shown to be effected against 10 stains of influenza viruses and to shorten flu symptoms by 3-4 day in double blind placebo-controlled studies, chief among its properties is strengthening of cell membranes to prevent viral penetration or viral replication. Why aren’t western herbalists brought into the conversation?

    As the noted Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor, John K. Chen, Pharm.D., PhD., OMD, LAc, points out “From the Western Han Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty, at least 321 large-scale plagues occurred in China. Chinese medicine has served to wage life-and-death battles against various plague consistently through time and has successfully contained the spread of epidemics in a limited area and time. In spite of this record and the efficacy of such formulas as Yu Ping Feng Wan for prevention and Xiao Chai Hu Tang, Ma Xing Yi Gan Tang to name only a few formulas used in China against Covid-19. Here Ma Huang is outlawed, an ironic criminalization of nature due to its use in the production of methamphetamine, but used in formulas to treat covid-19 symptoms as they progress.

  11. Dr. Greger:
    “Given our near-total ignorance of the immunological aspects of COVID-19, I will not jump on the snake-oily spamwagon to promote foods to boost immunity.”

    I would guess there are thousands of researchers in immunology that would find that comment “near-total ignorance” disrespectful of their work.

    Here is some of the work I appreciate in the field of nutritional influence on immune function:
    Ryan Rehl, M.D.
    Vitamin D & the Upper Respiratory Tract

    Antiviral potential of cathelicidins

    Antiviral Activity and Increased Host Defense against Influenza Infection Elicited by the Human Cathelicidin LL-37

    Human cathelicidin peptide LL-37 as a therapeutic antiviral targeting Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus infections

    Naturally occurring peptides show antiviral potential against common cold

    Antiviral Activities of Human Host Defense Peptides

    Inhaled corticosteroid suppression of cathelicidin drives dysbiosis and bacterial infection in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

    Effect of Vitamin D3 on Antimicrobial Peptides Expression in Keratinocytes

    Cathelicidins: family of antimicrobial peptides. A review
    “Moreover, production of LL-37 in macrophages is stimulated by vitamin D…”

    Oral intake of phenylbutyrate with or without vitamin D3 upregulates the cathelicidin LL-37 in human macrophages: a dose finding study for treatment of tuberculosis

    Induction of the human cathelicidin LL-37 as a novel treatment against bacterial infections

    Dietary modulation of endogenous host defense peptide synthesis as an alternative approach to in-feed antibiotics
    “Among the most efficacious compounds are butyrate and vitamin D. Moreover, butyrate and vitamin D synergize with each other in enhancing HDP synthesis.”

    Cathelicidins Have Direct Antiviral Activity against Respiratory Syncytial Virus In Vitro and Protective Function In Vivo in Mice and Humans

    Vitamin D supplementation to prevent acute respiratory tract infections: systematic review and meta-analysis of individual participant data

    Vitamin D deficiency in Ireland – implications for COVID-19. Results from The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA)

    1. to be completely fair to Dr Greger, I suspect he is referring to online nutritional information websites which also act as a portal to supplement sales. Not unusually, they are also ant-vax – at a time when the world is increasingly desperate for a Covid-19 vaccine. To remain relevant they are busy pushing ‘natural alternatives’ to vaccination. Including immune boosters. Nutritional deficiencies may well increase the risk of contracting the virus (albeit diabetes, cardiovascular disease, lack of proper sleep, being elderly and being un-vaccinated against seasonal flu pose far greater risks). However, boosting the immune system or correcting nutritional deficiencies through supplements is no guarantee of success – as opposed to a balanced diet, or more importantly, vaccination. Not the least because the immune system is so extraordinarily complex and individualised. For example, most who die from the virus do so because their immune system appears ‘boosted’ out of control.
      Other than developing natural immunity (too many casualties along the way) vaccination is the only preventative means of dealing with this virus.
      Vaccination preemptively prompts the body to create specific antibodies against the virus. No amount of supplementation can match this. In the process, vaccination eliminates the crucial lag time between the innate immune system response and the adaptive one – which targets a solitary infection only.
      The principle role of the immune system is to respond quicker than the invading pathogen can spread. The aging immune system is not as sensitive and nifty as it once was in doing this. Less interferon to kill the pathogen and diminished signalling to fire-up the adaptive immune system.
      Exacerbated by low-grade chronic inflammation. So, the balance between the innate and adaptive immune response alters with age. The result is virus overload and a belated immune over-reaction – causing serious collateral damage or death.

      By comparison, vaccines pre-emptively prompt the body to create specific antibodies against pathogens. When an infection occurs, the vaccine will have already eliminated the lag between the innate immune system response and the adaptive response (the one specifically targeting the infection).
      Clearly, there is not a great deal one can do other than remain healthy, and attempt to reduce low-grade chronic inflammation. Dont smoke, dont get metabolic syndrome, consume fruit, vegetables, grains, and dairy (except for those who are allergic to milk) https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/10408398.2014.967385

  12. The virus started in china,where people eat all kinds of insects and animals including cats and dogs.
    WHO published a statement that the virus did not travel from person to person
    ( Because of that lie, USA resigned from WHO )
    China let thousands of infected people to travel outside China all over the world.
    Only after that China started to protect their own people
    China should pay for it to every country in the world

  13. I can not believe that you are Supporting the WHO when the director of WHO was so ‘in bed’ with China that he made the decision to withhold the information he had from China knowing that this virus was so dangerous and deadly. Had he been forthcoming and responsible with the information he had and let our Government know what he knew when he knew it, many of our citizens would still be alive. He is self serving and completely irresponsible and should be removed from his position. If you are not aware of his motives you are simply not paying attention or choosing to side with China.

    1. Ant and champ are seriously misinformed. Had somebody not fired the person embedded in the China pandemic response team and our own pandemic response team in 2017/ 18 we would have been better able to respond. Who decided not to go with the ready made WHO testing kits and lose all that time with the faulty CDC tests? Government could have made a difference if we didn’t have incompetent idiots in charge.

  14. Dr. Greger
    With all your knowledge of the internet, how could you miss the news that the doctors in Wuhan and Shanghai, Taiwan and S. Korea used sodium ascorbate IV at 12,000-25,000 mg doses to defeat the the virus and cure the patients? You can fact check this easily! The story was published by Dr. Andrew Saul , PhD in his Orthomolecular Medicine newsletter. He has an American colleague, Dr. Richard Cheng, who was trapped in Wuhan. Dr Cheng convinced the head of the Wuhan University hospital to try ascorbate and it worked. They saved all the doctors and nurses who were infected and many patients. Why does the media ignore this story? Could it be because the CDC and big pharma want the ultimate bonanza – a global vaccine? The page has been blocked by Outlook but you can get it by searching for “News Media Attacks Vitamin C Treatment of COVID-19 Coronavirus.” Yet Ascorbate is a Proven, Powerful Antiviral by Andrew W. Saul, Editor-in-Chief

      1. Andrew Saul is just reporting what is happening in Wuhan and Shanghai. The doctor in Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University is Dr. Zhiyong Peng, MD, chief physician and professor at the hospital. He has been working with Dr. Richard Cheng, an American doctor who was trapped in Wuhan , and an associate of Andrew Saul. Dr Saul is a highly credible guy and is Editor of the Orthomolecular Medicine Journal.  These facts can be easily checked and I am sure Dr Saul would be glad to connect any media editors to the professor at the Wuhan hospital.

        You make unproven charges about an honest and highly respected scientist. Where is your proof that Dr Saul has no real degree?

        You seem to be ignorant of the fact that vitamin C IVs have been in use to stop viral diseases for over 35 years in private clinics in  the US, Canada and Mexico.

        Are you a drug company stooge?


        1. Saul is misreporting what is happening. There is a difference. Yes some people are using the intravenous vitamin C treatment is China and NYC. Do we know yet if those treatments are safe and effective? No and that’s why Saul can cite no studies to support his claims.

          Where is Saul’s proof that he has a real doctorate from an accredited institution?

          Of course, anybody who exposes fake news claims has to be a drug company stooge. Or a food company stooge. Or a vaccine manufacturer stooge. Or a NWO stooge.

          Saul has been pumping put false information for years. His claims are as valid as his ‘PhD’.

        2. Incidentally, you wrote

          “You seem to be ignorant of the fact that vitamin C IVs have been in use to stop viral diseases for over 35 years in private clinics in the US, Canada and Mexico.”

          I am aware of the fact that people have been selling IV vitamin C treatments for years for over 35 years in private clinics. They have been successful in fattening the wallets of the people selling the treatments, sure. However, I am not aware of any randomised placebo controlled studies that demonstrate that they cure viral infections.

          if this worked, surely places like North Korea, China, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba etc would also have been curing viral infections using this method for over 35 years?

          1. I am not buying into this one…nonetheless

            *’Higher intakes of vitamin C may potentially help people who are critically ill with COVID-19 and on ventilators. A review of several studies performed prior to the emergence of COVID-19 found a dose of 1,000 to 6,000 mg of vitamin C daily (intravenously or by mouth) shortened the time on ventilation by about 25% for people who required ventilation for over 10 hours, but it appeared to be less helpful for those on ventilators for shorter periods (Hemila J Intens Care 2020 ).
            High doses of vitamin C, given intravenously, are currently being tested in COVID-19 patients in China who have developed pneumonia, but the benefit of this approach has yet to be proven’. *


            1. Yes Peter but that is not the same thing as ‘IV vitamin C has been successfully used to treat covid-19 in Wuhan and NYC’. or IV vitamin C has been used in private clinics for over 35 years to successfully treat viral infections.

              Where is the evidence for those claims?

              1. Mr Goff

                How much evidence do you want? All you have to do for personal testimony is to phone a Naturopathic doctor in your area who is trained in  IV procedures, and he or she will explain what they do. In some states medical doctors perform vitamin C IVs in their own clinics, but that is rare. It’s frowned upon by the AMA.

                The use of large doses of ascorbate against viruses and bacteria and toxins in general was pioneered by Dr. Frederick Klenner. He used it on measles mumps, diptheria, whooping cough, herpes, meningitis and many more, even snakebite toxin. A that time 5,000 – 10,000 mg was  a large dose.

                The links to two of his papers are attached. His most famous discovery was that he could cure polio with enough sodium ascorbate injected by syringe. He cured 60 patients  in 1949 during a polio epidemic. He presented a paper on this to a medical symposium but they basically ignored it. They wanted a vaccine and Dr. Sabin, who was also working on a vaccine, said that vitamin C wouldn’t work.  http://www.doctoryourself.com/klennerpaper.html The other pioneers of high does C are here http://www.doctoryourself.com/ckorea2008.html The polio paper is here “The Treatment of Poliomyelitis and Other Virus Diseases with Vitamin C,” Journal of Southern Medicine and Surgery, 113:101-107 [I can’t find the link now]

                fast forward to a few years ago in New Zealand. A farmer there was in a coma with swine flu, white out pneumonia and ?? The doctors wanted to disconnect his tubes and “let him die.” Dr. Thomas Levy, a US cardiac surgeon helped the family get 100 grams of vitamin C infused into the patient by the the hospital. They resisted and had to be threatened with a lawsuit before they did it. The patient recovered fully from all his diseases. http://www.theopensource.tv/doctors-nearly-killed-me-vitamin-c-cured-me-alan-smith-uncensored-part-1-of-2_402e8cb1f.html The news article on this is called “60 Minutes Living Proof” https://www.bitchute.com/video/jshIsmGKng9a/

                The internet is full of studies on vitamin C. It’s the most studied vitamin of all time.

                1. Tom, I tend to agree with you. But its not beyond the realms of possibility for IV C to be beneficial for some people. However, it is too early to tell. I well recall that IV C was not the next big thing in cancer treatment some decades ago, but its been a bit of a fizzer. We still have cancer

                  1. Vitamin C will inactivate all viruses, toxins and poisons, including all drugs which are all toxins. The amount required can be large for serious toxins. This is according to Dr. Thomas Levy, who wrote The Primal Panacea, Stop America’s #1 Killer, Death by Calcium and co-authored The Toxic Tooth. He is a cardiac surgeon trained at Harvard. He explains why vitamin C can do this in his book. In summary, he said “All infections and all toxins cause their damage by increasing oxidative stress. No exceptions! ” He then takes 4 pages to explain how toxins and infections oxidize and damage tissue and how vitamin C molecules donate two electrons to reverse this damage and quench the “fire”. They also build up the immune system and help it cancel the toxins. (this is why other anti-oxidants can never be as good or better than C – they can’t do all this). Finally, he explains how vitamin C helps kill cancer cells. By combining vitamin C with ferric (iron) ion and hydrogen peroxide inside cancer cells, the /Fenton Reaction/ takes place and hydroxyl radical, the most toxic substance known to science, is produced. Then the H2 peroxide and the hydroxyl radicals kill the cancer cell.

                    Dr. Levy also lists 20 different ways that vitamin C boosts the immune system, such as increasing the number of white blood cells.

                    It’s complicated, but all you have to remember is that all animals and green plants on earth make their own vitamin C except for a few mutants like apes, humans and guinea pigs, who lack the ability to manufacture their own C. That is why humans get so many diseases that animals don’t and why vitamin C seems to produce miraculous results. Depending on your religious beliefs, you could say that Mother Nature or God didn’t put it every animal’s body for nothing!


                    1. Billy Bob,

                      There is a good overview of IV C at …
                      https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intravenous_ascorbic_acid#cite_note-clintrials-33 After some decades it is still unclear if IV C is beneficial, but there remains some doubt. Need to keep an open mind.

                      There are three clinical trials at present testing IV C for Corona virus – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intravenous_ascorbic_acid#cite_note-clintrials-33

                      Disclaimer, I studied with one of the doctors you listed, but have had no contact for decades.

                2. Billy Bob

                  Personal testimonies and reports by people who sell products and services aren’t reliable evidence. That;s the type of evidence that is used to sell magical baldness cures and skin rejuvenation creams. I suppose that sort of thing is fine for late night informercials or to try and convince people that breatharianism and drinking one’s own urination are healthy practices. But they are not scientific evidence. That’s why scientists don’t simply accept the claims of naturopaths, homeopaths and assorted other people selling unproven products and services. Or for that matter, the claims of various clinics selling overpriced treatments to the sick and the dying. Carefully selected ase reports are the same. We don’t know whether the patients would have recovered anyway or even if the patients recovered despite the treatments not because of them..

                  The world medical and scientific communities ask for the results of well-designed and conducted scientific studies and trials before accepting such hypotheses. Preferably large blinded randomised placebo controlled trials They don’t blindly accept the claims of people selling assorted baldness cures because they can whistle up a number of testimonials on demand. Nor do they take the claims of people selling ‘orthomolecular’ products and services because they too can summon up testimonials and some favourable case studies..

                  If we want to learn about vitamin C for example, we should go to trustworthy sources and not simply believe someone whose qualification is basically a piece of paper from an unaccredited institution – or mail order diploma mill


                  IV vitamin C is being trialled as a treatment but no results have been published yet.

                  1. Mr Goff

                    The Orthomolecular group consists of medical doctors, medical professors and scientists. What the heck are you talking about baldness cures and drinking your own urine for?

                    They have nothing to sell!

                    Here are the chief reviewers for the group. Tell me which ones of these are just Naturopaths or fake scientists?  Carolyn Dean is a Naturopath _and_  a medical doctor.

                    Read some of their papers in the archive that I sent the link for. They are every bit as rigorous and scientific as the PubMed collection. Do Reader’s Digest articles look like scientific, peer reviewed studies to you ?

                    You should try to stop talking off the top of your head with no proof whatsoever!

                    Editorial Review Board:

                    Ilyès Baghli, M.D. (Algeria) Ian Brighthope, MBBS, FACNEM (Australia) Prof. Gilbert Henri Crussol (Spain) Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D. (USA) Damien Downing, M.D. (United Kingdom) Michael Ellis, M.D. (Australia) Martin P. Gallagher, M.D., D.C. (USA) Michael J. Gonzalez, N.M.D., D.Sc., Ph.D. (Puerto Rico) William B. Grant, Ph.D. (USA) Tonya S. Heyman, M.D. (USA) Suzanne Humphries, M.D. (USA) Ron Hunninghake, M.D. (USA) Robert E. Jenkins, D.C. (USA) Bo H. Jonsson, M.D., Ph.D. (Sweden) Jeffrey J. Kotulski, D.O. (USA) Peter H. Lauda, M.D. (Austria) Thomas Levy, M.D., J.D. (USA) Homer Lim, M.D. (Philippines) Stuart Lindsey, Pharm.D. (USA) Victor A. Marcial-Vega, M.D. (Puerto Rico) Charles C. Mary, Jr., M.D. (USA) Mignonne Mary, M.D. (USA) Jun Matsuyama, M.D., Ph.D. (Japan) Dave McCarthy, M.D. (USA) Joseph Mercola, D.O. (USA) Jorge R. Miranda-Massari, Pharm.D. (Puerto Rico) Karin Munsterhjelm-Ahumada, M.D. (Finland) Tahar Naili, M.D. (Algeria) W. Todd Penberthy, Ph.D. (USA) Dag Viljen Poleszynski, Ph.D. (Norway) Selvam Rengasamy, MBBS, FRCOG (Malaysia) Jeffrey A. Ruterbusch, D.O. (USA) Gert E. Schuitemaker, Ph.D. (Netherlands) Hyoungjoo Shin, M.D. (South Korea) Thomas L. Taxman, M.D. (USA) Jagan Nathan Vamanan, M.D. (India) Garry Vickar, MD (USA) Ken Walker, M.D. (Canada) Anne Zauderer, D.C. (USA)

                    Andrew W. Saul, Ph.D. (USA), Editor-In-Chief

                    Editor, Japanese Edition: Atsuo Yanagisawa, M.D., Ph.D. (Japan) Editor, Chinese Edition: Richard Cheng, M.D., Ph.D. (USA) Robert G. Smith, Ph.D. (USA), Associate Editor Helen Saul Case, M.S. (USA), Assistant Editor Michael S. Stewart, B.Sc.C.S. (USA), Technology Editor Jason M. Saul, JD (USA), Legal Consultant

                    1. Why do the scientific and communities around the world not accept these claims? Because there is no good evidence for them.that’s why

                      If you are appealing to the authority of the small group of MDs who believe in this stuff, why don’t you respect the national health authorities and professional associations from around the world that clearly don’t accept that ‘orthomolecular medicine’ works?

                      Pubmed doesn’t list pseudoscientific publications. That should you tell you something.

                      However, I did agree with one thing you wrote ………….

                      You should try to stop talking off the top of your head with no proof whatsoever!

                      I ask you again, where is the scientific evidence that Saul’s claims are valid? Assertion isn’t evidence and nor are case studies and anecdotes good evidence.

          2. Mr Goff

            In private clinics in those countries yes, but not in hospitals. The hospitals have shut out any use of C for over 50 years. Except lately. Many doctors still curse Pauling’s name today, even years after he died

            There have been no large studies of large amounts of C for cancer and viral diseases because the drug companies are the main source of funds of large studies.

            Why exactly would the drug companies want to prove that vitamin C actually works?


            1. That’s hardly proof that it does work either.

              Again, I suggest that you read those Linus Pauling Institute and NCI links I provided earlier. They provide a much more comprehensive and balanced discussion of the evidence than anything you are likely to find on Saul’s website.

              I take vitamin C supplements myself when I have a cold but it’s not the panacea that Saul and some other claim.

      2. This is fake news from a fake ‘doctor’.

        Saul bought his ‘doctorate’ from a mail order diploma mill.
        Tom, you make bold statements about others and specific treatments…what is your verifiable authority as a professional that would make us believe you?

        1. Lonie

          I an not a professional. Nor have I ever claimed to be. As you well know.

          People don’t have to believe me. They can research for themselves whether there is evidence that IV vitamin C treatment has been proven safe and effective.in treatinf covid 19 Wuhan or NYC or wherever. There isn’t any. Yes some people are using it but where is the scientific evidence that it is effective and safe?

          The point is that I am not the one making big claims here. It is the three posters above who are/ Why don’t you ask them where is the evidence to substantiate their claims?

          1. I an not a professional. Nor have I ever claimed to be. As you well know.

            Yes some people are using it but where is the scientific evidence that it is effective and safe?
            Thanks for the disclaimer Tom. But as the second statement might qualify as your mantra, I offer some more off label evidence that apparently the stock market will be taking seriously at the opening bell today, Friday the 17th of April 2020.

            “The report indicated that 125 COVID-19 patients in a study were discharged after treatment with Gilead’s remdesivir. However, the results represent a very small sample and don’t qualify as clinical data.”


            1. Thanks Lonie.

              Perhaps I am too cynical but 60 years of reading about medical breakthroughs and startling alternative cures that never pan out (and spending several years pottering about Andrew Saul’s website) have left me cautious about big claims based on testimonies, case reports, in vitro studies and small non-randomised and uncontrolled trials.

              I prefer to see good quality studies that are sufficiently powered to do the job before throwing my hat in the air in celebration.

              “Where’s the evidence'” seems a pretty good question to ask when people come along spruiking magically effective cures for this and that.

              On the general issues raised by stories like that in the link you provided, I’d say that for all we know this may be like that French study where there were no controls. When they later case-matched patients not given the drug to those who were, there was no difference in outcomes. In any event, all the baseline story says is that ‘some people’ in the trial came off the ventilator and recovered.

              If I am not mistaken, ‘some people’ with covid-19 not given any special treatment at all also recover and come off ventilators. So the story is not basically saying anything earth-shattering and all the company will say is “What we can say at this stage is that we look forward to data from ongoing studies becoming available.”

              Things like this Nature piece below seem to offer a more balanced and less breathless discussion of the current situation regarding trials


    1. I just want to point out that ‘Orthomolecular Medicine’ is not a thing. It’s not a real science, but pseudo-science or alternative medicine… meaning medical advice without evidence. That should be a red flag and you should understand that there is no such thing as a PhD in Orthomolecular Medicine.

      1. Loes

        The Orthomolecular Medicine group simply means medicine that uses all natural ingredients. It was founded by Linus Pauling, Abram Hoffer and a few other scientists. Ortho is “right”in Latin so this really means correct, natural or right medicine for people.

        They have their own journal and over the years have collected a large number of scientific papers in that journal to back up the principles of the organization. In other words, you can cure a lot of sickness with natural “medicine”. Their journal articles are not included in the PuBMed database or other medical archives because the US government refused to include them. Even though PubMed included articles in the Reader’s Digest.  You can see all the articles in the journal collected in one place at http://orthomolecular.org/library/jom/

        Do the articles look scientific to you?  Why would any US government agency (like those run by medical doctors) want to ban them from the public?


        1. Yes, Saul was complaining about PubMed many years ago when I too used to visit his site and receive the newsletter.

          He refuses to accept that those articles don’t meet standards for acceptable scientific rigour. If they did, they could probably get published in real professional journals anyway.

          Pseudo science may look like real science but it’s just a poor facsimile.

    1. Hi Louise, sorry to hear that! Please submit your issue via the green Support button on the bottom right of the page, and someone will help you out!

  15. Trusting the CDC, WHO, vaccines which are heavily funded by the pharmaceutical industry, Bill Gates and Rockefeller? Someone here is gaining big money and control of the human race on the back of a constructed pandemic which unfortunately is destroying lives worldwide. But wait, this was their planned agenda. If we continue on this trajectory, human freedom and rights will completely disappear. We each have the capability to heal ourselves but we must begin with cutting fear from our lives for good. Try the WimHof method and you will see what the human body is capable of. Love and light to all

    1. *nods head*

      If it ever comes to that, there’s no way I’d let myself be forced to take a who-knows-what’s-really-in-that-thing vaccine. Especially if certain big names have connections with its creation.

    2. Agree. All the so called “experts” in the daily briefings have ties to pharma industry and couple of them hold patents related to proteins (spliced into) in the virus and have close ties to Gates who has ties to vaccine companies/WHO etc. Have you ever noticed that everyone in the daily briefings strut about confidently, keeping quite close to each other and touching and retouching surfaces on the lectern etc, while they tell the masses to “shelter in place” and maintain “social” distancing (instead of using physical distancing)? And they are all “elderly”! So what is it that they know that we are not being told about this virus?

              1. If there was a Covid 19 vaccine available two months ago there would not be 36,000 US dead (so far), the whole nation would not be at a standstill, and there would not be the horrific economic consequences (its only just beginning). I figure those opposed to vaccines should exercise their constitutional right to refuse them, and shut the (bleep) up about the choices the rest of us make.

                1. I figure those opposed to vaccines should exercise their constitutional right to refuse them, and shut the (bleep) up about the choices the rest of us make.
                  I agree entirely Pete… as long as that constitutional right remains in place.

                  I understand that the majority has no problem with vaccines. But some of us have sensitivities that may make getting a vaccination a dangerous game.

                  They say that no two fingerprints are exactly alike… so maybe our AGCTs are aligned differently to the point where one size does not fit all.

                  1. “But some of us have sensitivities that may make getting a vaccination a dangerous game.”
                    – – – – –

                    Too true, Lonie. :-( Am so sick of hearing and reading about this damn virus thing.

                    An elderly Italian guy (who speaks in Italian, and although most of us can’t understand him, we get the gist of what he’s saying) has a YouTube out about how to make a face mask. Out of one of those Always diaper things. :-) Show how to stick it on his face, etc.

                    Great idea! I wonder if I’d be brave enuf to wear one in public. :-)

                  2. Lonie,

                    I dont know any nation which makes vaccination compulsory.
                    Come to think of it, that’s not quite true. Way back in the xth Century (well before you were born?) I was conscripted for* that* Vietnam misadventure. Day 1 I recall us fledglings being lined up and marched through a long passageway. No warning of what was about to unfold. Standing in each doorway was a complete stranger (doctor/nurse) armed to the gunnels with long, sharp hypodermics. Some of them pffpneumatic – like being hit by a nail gun. Cant remember how many jabs in that 15 minute session ….as we shuffled through like processed chickens. But it was impossible to raise one’s arms for several days thereafter. Not that this bothered our (rather sadistic) instructors one bit. Suffering and adversity must be good for the soul. I distinctly recall thinking to myself at the time my body was no longer mine. No, I had not found God. I now belonged to the state.
                    I can see the logic of it all. No good being both under enemy fire and under the weather with malaria, typhoid, diphtheria, hep A, encephalitis, rabies, meningitis, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, gonorrhea, etc. etc. ‘Thats now how we do things in Kaos’.
                    That is, fronting the boss for a sickie was probably out of the question. I expect a slow and painful death from one of the aforementioned malady’s was a more likely outcome. Not that this matters one iota when you are property of the state. Other than it somewhat impairs your very reason for existence. To shoot the smithereens out of the enemy before they do same to you.
                    Nowadays, when people ask me if I was shot during duty, and tell them multiple times. On both arms.


                    1. Nowadays, when people ask me if I was shot during duty, and tell them multiple times. On both arms.
                      ‘-) ‘-) ‘-)… I remember seeing a cartoon… probably in Stars and Stripes, of a guy in a cook’s hat sitting on a chair writing a letter home saying “Dear folks, as I write this letter, shells are popping all around me” and close by a cook’s helper was breaking eggs into a big bowl.

                      And yeah, I remember those shot lines too, both needles and the pneumatic guns. I remember one guy flinched at the perfect time the gun went off and cut a little slit in his arm.

                      As far as I can remember, I had no reaction to the shots. I wasn’t chemically sensitive back then… never was under a canopy of trees where Agent Orange was sprayed.

                      Interestingly, when I returned home we were using the same chemical as Agent Orange. We used it to defoliate cotton before harvest. I can’t remember the name… Paraquat?

                      Anyway, my chemical sensitivities came about later on.

                      (Pete this may not show up… I had a message on my reply post to Tom that “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” I suppose Tom is incapable of fending for himself and they feel he must be protected. Anyway, even if they don’t kick me off, they may use their power to drive me away by censoring my posts. Sort of like the “vaccinations for everyone” people who may forbid travel etc. to punish those who do not vaccinate. Anyway, if I’m pushed out of here, nice chatting with you. ‘-)

                    2. …..interestingly, when I returned home we were using the same chemical as Agent Orange. We used it to defoliate cotton before harvest. I can’t remember the name… Paraquat?

                      Diquat and paraquat. Now banned as carcinogenic.
                      Agent orange is 245T – different to diquat and paraquat. But equally nasty.

                      Always enjoy your posts Lonie. I owe you a reply from about 12 months ago, but its lost in the mists of time. No matter.

                      Yes, I am familiar with ‘Awaiting Moderation’. I believe it is a term borrowed from Mao’s Cultural Revolution. In that country those two little words have a sinister other-meaning. Like ‘awaiting execution’ ? On nutrition facts it is somewhat less terminal. It means you either have too many links or you are being too ‘controversial’. Whilst I am assured there is no censoring, being ‘critical of Tom’ (I would not dare) could well qualify as subversion, or insubordination. Low level misdemeanor. Eight hours in ‘Awaiting Moderation’ twilight zone ?

                    3. Agent orange is 245T – different to diquat and paraquat. But equally nasty.
                      Wow! 245T… I think that was used locally to kill brush with… or maybe it was 24D… so many chemicals… so much danger.
                      Yes, I am familiar with ‘Awaiting Moderation’. I believe it is a term borrowed from Mao’s Cultural Revolution. In that country those two little words have a sinister other-meaning. Like ‘awaiting execution’ ?
                      Heh, yeah, but out of that K-Os came an order of… (wait for it… SARS-COV-2 ‘-)
                      Whilst I am assured there is no censoring, being ‘critical of Tom’ (I would not dare) could well qualify as subversion, or insubordination. Low level misdemeanor. Eight hours in ‘Awaiting Moderation’ twilight zone ?
                      Heh, yeah, I have a history of being kicked off of a website (RDC) a couple of times for questioning authority, they finally resorted to making my posts only viewable by me.

                      I suppose they chose that route because I had spent a LOT of money with them for cameras and accessories, and thought I wouldn’t realize I was being shunned. A friend asked on the forum where I had gone to and when I tried to communicate with him, there was no connection. It was like a permanent out of body experience.

                      Granted, I was being passive/aggressive in asking about the promised sensor update to us pre-paid guys that was two years over due. But that’s beside the point… well, in my mind anyway. ‘-) But if there’s a silver lining to the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s that I have weaned off that expensive pursuit.

                      Anyway, that history is why I became suspicious of being kicked off here.

                      Still, if that were to be the case, I would adapt by just moving on. ‘-)

                    4. Lonie,

                      24D and 245T are related. The latter was/is common as a brush killer. Very effective against blackberries – and dense jungle. Which is why it was dumped on Vietnam. Actually its manufacturing impurities are the greatest risk to humans. I believe manufacturing has improved since those days. All the same, many municipal workers spraying the sides of roads were exposed for decades. Not only cancer, but increased risk of Parkinson’s.

                      In ex-servicemen there are two streams. Those who luxuriate in authority long after it is appropriate, and those who question and challenge it for the rest of their lives. We can guess where you are. Sure, this can be disruptive, but a little disruption is OK in an increasingly mad and monochrome world. After all, we *were* taught to ‘never surrender’. Cheers mate.

                    5. I had one of my posts put into “Your post is awaiting moderation” limbo yesterday too.

                      Paranoid fantasies about possible NF censorship of dissenting posts are great fun and make one feel special I suppose. However, I think that it is all completely automated and it just depends if a particular post triggers some blunt red flag algorithm.

                      Can’t help wondering now though if you two don’t have certain similarities with some of the other ‘alternative viewpoint’ posters here (not that they appear to be ‘censored’ either)?

                      As they say in Argentina, jajajajaja

                    6. ha ha. Tom. Perhaps you didn’t meet today’s quota, and ‘Him’ upstairs (‘Hal’) is not happy ?
                      I rather resent being typecast by ‘Hal’, and shuffled into the the ‘dead letter office’ alongside Lonie and other troubled-makers.
                      Hope he wont take offence, but ‘Hal’ needs to take a holiday cruise on the Corona Princess. In his absence I nominate Lonie as honorary chief censor.

                    7. Hi Pete

                      My post from yesterday is still in limbo so perhaps I am on the bad boys list too?

                      TBH, I don’t think that they give a rat’s who the post is from. It seems to be more about the type and number of weblinks in the post. I’ve also had a couple of posts in the past sent into isolation because they were too long.

                      We may be getting a bit too much up ourselves if we think that NF is taking special steps to vet our personal posts. Given the vast number of dissenting/insulting/alternative/crazy posts that get published here, it’s unlikely that the more or less rational posts from thee, me and his Lonie-ness would merit special attention. Of course, it would give me a nice warm feeling of being ‘special’ if they were but I think that it is very unlikely.

                    8. Hope he wont take offence, but ‘Hal’ needs to take a holiday cruise on the Corona Princess. In his absence I nominate Lonie as honorary chief censor.

                      Not Fair Pete! Not Fair.

                      Not fair because I would feel duty bound to leave some of Tom’s posts where he posts multiple negative articles about a position when in fact there may be 10 times more positive articles on the subject… but unless some other super-seeker of articles that back up the positive side is willing to do the work to overwhelm Tom’s just-under-the-limit of articles in a post, then he appears to win when read by someone new to the forum. That is, I would be required to censor the poster who overwhelmed Tom’s meager posts thus giving him a hollow victory… with me an unwilling accomplice. ‘-(

                    9. You do realise Lonie …..Tom has to win. Whether he is right (50% of the time) or wrong (the other 50%). :)

                    10. So Pete, if Tom is right 50% of the time and wrong 50% of the time and if HAL upstairs gets Quantum capabilities, that means Tom will be both right and wrong 100% of the time.

                      Tom can then legally claim to be right 100% of the time.

                      At present, he is insufferable only half the time. And he would surely defend himself saying he is never insufferable if in a Quantum state.

                      I think our only defense is to put him in the box with Schrödinger’s cat… and never look in the box. ‘-)

                    11. Good idea Lonie,

                      but could this mean Tom might not exist at all, except in our imaginations.
                      Perhaps we created him as punishment for all our misdeeds?

                    12. but could this mean Tom might not exist at all, except in our imaginations.
                      Perhaps we created him as punishment for all our misdeeds?
                      But… but… but… that would mean we are Tom… or worse yet… Tom ‘R us?

                      Knowing that, I don’t think I can go on. I’m going to drown myself in the bathtub.

                      (I forgot, the bathtub doesn’t work.) Light bulb! I think the shower still works… I’ll drown myself in there!

                      Goodbye virtual Tom world.

                    13. But… but… but… that would mean we are Tom… or worse yet… Tom ‘R us?

                      Tom R Us ? Wow, what a great name for a cattery.

                    14. …another wholly-owned subsidiary of ‘Nutritionfacts International’ ?
                      ‘Toms World’ sounds SO much better than ‘Greg’s World’

                    15. Tom R Us ? Wow, what a great name for a cattery.
                      Cattery? I had never heard that term before. Then I looked it up and realized that’s exactly what I have here.

                      That is, I have two mother cats who just had 6 kittens each. I was thinking about selling them for $5 each, but if someone bought them all, I would have to come up with $60.

                      That’s a little more than the disposable income I have during this pandemic thing.

                    16. You guys can joke about it but it’s already happening and there’s nothing you can do to stop it

                      Ummm Tom, In that background picture there seems to be nothing but adults in it.

                      Are you sure this isn’t a human cattery-house?

            1. Why do people circulate lies like this ‘“Bill Gates and his friends among the wealthy elites refuse to submit their own children to the mandatory vaccinations they expect the rest of the world to submit to.”?

              it’s an obvious hoax.

              Of course you believe the claims of medical mediums and alleged channelled supernatural entities also, so it’s not too surprising. But even so, YR, why assume it must be true just because some dodgy internet website made the claim?


              1. Don’t be so certain it was a hoax, Fumbles. I’ve heard this from many other sources as well.

                And remember…..when you’re a powerful zillionaire you have the power to influence an awful lot of people. What’s that saying about power corrupts? Just wait for it, is all I’m saying. A lot of people we thought/think are upright pillars of society aren’t really.

                1. And by the way, if by “medical medium” you’re referring to that guy who wrote about celery juice, I know nothing about him. Certainly don’t “follow” him. I think “Vegetable Police” did for a while there. Of course it’s always hard to know what diet he’s following from one day to the next.

                  I’d love to know what the German post (below) was all about. Why did Heilpraktiker drop the names Bill and Melinda Gates four or five times?

                  1. I stuck it in Google Translate yesterday and he is basically of the view that the pandemic response is some kind of nefarious plot being used by the Gates’ to further some NWO depopulation agenda. More or less …. the translation was a bit rough and ready but the gist was clear.

                    The fact that you got the story about Bill Gates from multiple dodgy websites doesn’t mean much. After all, there are a zillion websites run by internet geniuses who repeat lies found in Gary Taubes’s book about Ancel Keys. Lies that are easily disproved by reading Keys’ papers or just visiting the 7 countries website. That doesn’t stop ’em though. All you need is one lie by one person that appeals to conspiracy theorists and it immediately becomes a ‘suppressed truth’.

                    Hearsay and gossip aren’t usually admissible in a court of law but, along with assorted downright falsehoods, They appear to be the lawful coin of the realm on ‘alternative’ websites though.

                    I remember you saying at one point that you thought that statements on nutrition and health found in books by ‘medical medium’ Anthony William and Jane Roberts (Seth) were just as valid and ‘true’ as Dr Greger’s assessments of the scientific evidence. Hence my comment above.

                    1. Good lord, Fumbles, when you misquote you really misquote! No sir, I did not compare AW to “Seth.” I think I read one (all I was interested in) book of AW’s. Can’t even remember what it said. To drink celery juice till it came outta your ears?

                      I’m not interested in Bill Gates either. I think this video and similar lectures of his is where people got the idea of his depopulation agenda. I didn’t listen/watch it, but taking a look at the comments way down at the bottom, the natives seemed restless.


                      And then, of course, there’s this interesting article — which I’ll post again:


                    2. You can read a summary of the Bill Gates video right under it….just click “more.”

                      As the video was released back in 2011 — before the “beer bug” — it’s interesting to see this paragraph as part of the summary:

                      “#3) They might increase the death rate from a future pandemic. Theoretically, widespread vaccination efforts could be followed by a deliberate release of a highly virulent flu strain with a high fatality rate. This “bioweapon” approach could kill millions of people whose immune systems have been weakened by previous vaccine injections. This is a known side effect of some vaccines, by the way. A study documenting this was published…” !!!!!

                    3. …this assumes the immune system is weakened by vaccination, or multiple vaccinations. The objective evidence demonstrates this is not the case:

                      ‘*Vaccines do not make a child sick with the disease, and they do not weaken the immune system. Vaccines introduce a killed/disabled antigen into the body so the immune system can produce antibodies against it and create immunity to the disease’. *


                      *‘Thus, multiple vaccinations are necessary and not dangerous, as infants can respond to several antigens as well as when responding to single stimuli. Current immunization schedules have been developed and tested to avoid vaccine interference, improve benefits and reduce side effects compared to single administrations. The infant immune system is therefore capable, early after birth, of managing several antigenic challenges and exploits them to prompt its development’.*


                      *‘Available guidelines clearly state that they should be immunized according to chronological age, irrespective of gestational age and birth weight or current weight. In this article, we try to assuage parental and provider doubts by reviewing data about immunogenicity, safety, and responses to routine immunizations in preterm infants with and without comorbidities’.*


                      *‘Vaccines are immunogenic, safe and well tolerated in preterm infants.
                      Preterm infants should be vaccinated using the same schedules as those usually recommended for full-term infants, with the exception of the hepatitis B vaccine’*


                      *‘Current studies do not support the hypothesis that multiple vaccines overwhelm, weaken, or “use up” the immune system.

                    4. YR

                      I never said you compared Seth to AW

                      Also why does anybody bother watching stuff from anti-vaxxers and NWO conspiracy theorists? The absurdity level is positively surreal-

                      Who on Earth would come up with elaborate two stage plots involving flu and vaccinations? Haven’t these geniuses heard of smallpox, anthrax and measles? Or bubonic plague (the Black Death)? They have already been ‘weaponised’ if we are to believe the Cold War stories

                      You could make a vastly more intelligent argument that our imaginary NWO overlords are planning to cull the global population of its least intelligent and least rational members by covertly funding and supporting the anti-vaxxer movement. Measles deaths are already staring to rise again in various parts of the world

                      To be absolutely certain of success, though, just make sure there is a global vaccination campaign against say bubonic plague then release the disease all around the world Hey presto, the global population goes down and the global average IQ goes up Isn’t that what is called a win-win scenario?

                    5. ‘you could make a vastly more intelligent argument that our imaginary NWO overlords are planning to cull the global population of its least intelligent and least rational members by covertly funding and supporting the anti-vaxxer movement’.

                      Ha ha. You have a very perverse mind Tom. I fully expect your proposal will be rapidly adopted and ‘Twittered in law’ from the White House.

                      In some, the capacity to act against their own best interests, and the interests of others, seems inestimable.

                      It reminds me of those battlers and down-and-outers on the streets furiously waving placards to ‘starve the beast’. It would make perfect sense if it were a body of bilious billionaires incensed at having to pay tax, but its not. Its those who would most benefit from having a strong government that adequately distributes wealth. Further to this, the US is in a furious battle with China (which is going to get much worse) with the latter determined to achieve complete global domination. Via its highly efficient communistic/capitalist command economy. There is only one way they can be countered. A strong and united beast, not a starving, divided beast. The same principle applies whether it is fighting viruses or the communists. I know this does not appeal to the independent nature of Americans (keep the government out of my face) but its up against a formidable, evil monolith. If you starve the beast, you will inevitably be defeated. Which would be catastrophic for the free world.

                    6. Always jumping from Tom to Fumbles. Are you become a bit confused in your older years? :-)

                      Hey, I’ve had all my shots as a kid –I still have a sign of the smallpox scar on my upper left arm. However, I haven’t had the/a flu or bad cold since the winter of 2000. Too much party time, I guess. And I hate to push my luck.

                      Hearing of soooo many side effects/deaths of vaccines, I don’t think it’s wise to automatically be led as sheep to the slaughter. Big Pharma keeps coming up with new formulas all the time. Maybe without giving them enough testing. Why the rush? (As if we didn’t know.)

                      “In the last decades, numerous changes in vaccine production and administration have reduced the number of side effects and resulted in safer vaccines.”


                      I wonder what it considers “reduced” and “safer.”

                    7. “Of course you believe the claims of medical mediums and alleged channelled supernatural entities also, so it’s not too surprising”

                      is not the same as your saying:

                      “thought that statements on nutrition and health found in books by ‘medical medium’ Anthony William and Jane Roberts (Seth) were just as valid and ‘true’ as Dr Greger’s assessments of the scientific evidence.”
                      – – – – –

                      You can see the difference, can’t you? It’s a different thought/statement altogether.

                    8. Yes, YR. You are correct.

                      But that is a very fine point you are making since this is a site about nutrition and health and I assumed that ‘concerning nutrition and health’ would be understood when I made that first comment.

                      I apologise for not spelling that out in full first time around.

                2. ‘Neo-Nazis Are Spreading a List of Emails and Passwords for Gates Foundation and WHO Employees’

                  Both organizations are the targets of absurd conspiracy theories among the far-right.

                  In recent weeks, far-right extremists have become particularly enamoured with sowing disinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic, stoking protests and anti government sentiment in hopes of creating social chaos. Many experts have openly warned that “accelerationists”—followers of violent political doctrine calling for terrorist actions to hasten the collapse of society—have seen an opportunity in the current pandemic to test already weakened governments that are struggling to contain the virus.’


                  ‘A false rumor that the coronavirus outbreak is a plot by former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates is being spread by supporters of the pro-Trump QAnon movement and the anti-vax community’.


              2. it’s an obvious hoax.
                Why is it an obvious hoax?

                It is certainly plausible. And people can change their position over time.

                Just because some dodgy website sets itself up as a myth buster doesn’t mean they are on the up and up.

                1. Bill Gates is neither stupid nor crazy. Of course he is going to vaccinate his kids.

                  That’s why it’s an obvious hoax.

                  That and the facts that none of his children have ever said that they weren’t vaccinated as kids and that the Gates family have stated that they were.

                  Why would anyone believe anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists on this (or any other point)?

  16. This article has some useful information about the Wuhan virus…but it totally ignores thae fact that the virus was originated and released by the Chinese Wuhan P4 laboratory…not from an infected bat who were hibernating when the virus was released. Read this: https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/sudden-militarization-wuhans-p4-lab-raises-new-questions-about-origin-deadly-covid-19

    China has grossly/intentionally misled the world concerning this virus and the resulting pandemic.

  17. I think that you are ducking an important issue. We speak of flattening the curve – and avoid the question of reducing the area under the curve: reducing the number not just delaying the number. I think that the second wave phenomenon is the result of this. The virus appears too contagious with too many asymptomatic carriers. It seems that we are hoping that the virus will mutate out of existence while we wait for a vaccine. I agree with flattening the curve in troubled areas to save the health care system. I believe in testing like crazy in other areas. Perhaps we will avoid a deadly economic calamity then.

  18. you really need to see this documentary on origin of coronavirus sars-2: https://youtu.be/Le_rfTdayLs
    It did not come out of the wet market but developed by the nearby Wuhan Institute of Virology; it infected one of their workers who was patient 0, now dead. also shocking is that this institute was developing an antidote which of course a chinese company now has patent and developing, the same one developed for the ebola.

    1. No matter what, most of the people were at the market, rather than at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

      It doesn’t mean that the lab theory is impossible, but most of those cases spread through that market.

    2. peter droubay,

      If the Chinese company has a patent for an antidote, you should be able to find it by doing a patent search. Patents, and even applications, are now public documents.

      Circle back, please, and let us know more about those patents.

      1. Dr. J.,


        They said that they will not be able to tell with 100% certainty whether it came from the market or not. They know that the pangolins are eaten and they are part of medicine.

        They do not believe it was a conspiracy.

        Most of the people were at the market. Could the scientist have infected themselves and then, eaten there? Maybe?

        With all of the other bird flu and swine flu situations all of the other ones spread naturally without conspiracy and nobody came forward with the antidote, so all the other times it was just that we have a lust to eat meat and to farm them in ridiculous ways.

        As far as conspiracy theories go, my coworker says that people hear footsteps and think zebras.

        1. Deb, Dr Greger provided an outstanding overview of the source of these species-hopping infections – bats,camels, pangolins. They all have a similar genesis. Over population, over-intensive farming, wet markets, and the rather hideous slaughter of exotic animals – on the fallacious belief it is somehow culturally or therapeutically important. One can only hope they close wet markets, but rest assured they will find a way to do it underground.
          It is not beyond the CCP to develop the virus, but the evidence suggests it formed naturally. Just as did with the other corona viruses.

          1. The avian Infectious Bronchitis Virus (IBV) is a corona virus that has been around in chicken and turkey flocks since the 1930s I understand. Perhaps that has or will jump to humans at some stage.

            1. Tom, I am (obviously) not a virologist, but viruses are constantly adapting so as they to may infect as many species as possible. Just a matter of the right mutation, at the right time and it will find a way to jump species ….to us. Where it can randomly have all sorts of unexpected consequences.

    3. also shocking is that this institute was developing an antidote which of course a chinese company now has patent and developing, the same one developed for the ebola.
      China doesn’t respect our Intellectual Property Rights… why should we respect theirs?

    1. Pat,

      Dr. Greger talked a little bit about how much we don’t know about the immunity in this situation. We don’t even know that people who have had COVID-19 will still be immune a few years from now.

      Colds are coronaviruses and people don’t have long-term immunity to them and we don’t know about COVID-19 yet. We hope so.

  19. Thank you Dr. Greger for supplying us with reliable sources. It’s thanks to you that I can find a sliver of hope whenever I read the kind of comments you’ve mostly got on this blog post.

  20. Covid 19 is not the only health challenge facing us all. As some of the comments here demonstrate

    ‘Mental illnesses are common in the United States. Nearly one in five U.S. adults live with a mental illness (46.6 million in 2017). Mental illnesses include many different conditions that vary in degree of severity, ranging from mild to moderate to severe.’


    1. Tom,

      That won’t surprise me.

      Though I will blame the way information is given on the internet and on the television.

      It is so hard to get a straight answer.

      I was watching the malarial drug news and one article was about how every person in one nursing home lived and one doctor in NY was impressed and between those two articles were negative articles.

      Every other article was highly positive and every other article was highly negative.

      So much politics involved on top of scientific confusion.

      1. Tom,

        I am going to defend people who think that it was lab-created on purpose right now.

        Over and over and over again, we hear that China lied and covered up and doctors died and they have done things like taking peoples’ organs against their will. The number of stories from China and the sense that China is lying is partly why conspiracy theories happen.

        I can go back through the history of the USA and many people still do not believe the official report about what happened to Kennedy or Martin Luther King Jr. Some of us read enough books and articles about the Clintons that we didn’t trust them, but with them, it would be the sheer number of murdered people that created those theories even within me. The number of times I worried that someone would be murdered the same week they were and I don’t think the Clintons themselves were doing it, but when people get murdered execution style at noon on a street with witnesses and nobody ever gets in trouble, it is usually organized crime that comes to my mind and a lot of us invented our own “organized crime” conspiracy theory about them because of things like that. You can call it mental illness. I call it, “Well, I was worried that the ex-cia person who supposedly called them the redneck mafia might suddenly die and I happened to wonder it aloud the same day they announced the very strange way he did die.

        The thing is all of them could be innocent.

        But, boy, all of them just had so many sneaky things about them that conspiracy is the way you maybe try to figure out why things were so “off” and years later I can back up to them being “off” but back then, I believed that Tyson chicken was smuggling drugs in the bodies of the chickens.

        Now, it is enough that they might just be creating bird flu.

        I have that same thought about China.

      1. Pete

        No. There is in any case a difference between feeble mindedness and having mental health problems. Some very, very intelligent people have suffered from mental health problems.

        There have been some studies of associations between diet and mental though. Also, malnutrition at various life stages and feeble-mindedness have been linked.

        Although I suppose that feeble mindedness is pretty non-PC these days and we shouldn’t even be discussing it.

        1. On the contrary, openly raising it (without malice, or stigma) is commendable. It should be treated no differently to any medical condition.
          Most families are affected by it. Including my own.

          1. Yes but it’s not the condition that is problematic, it’s the language. I suspect that talking about cognitive or mental deficits may be be acceptable but talking about ‘feeble=mindedness’ would be considered hurtful.or at least non-PC

            The American Association for the Study of the Feebleminded changed its name way back in the 1930s for example

            1. ….as I recall, ‘feeble-mindedness’ (as opposed to ‘mentally ill’) was the sensitive, politically correct way of describing the condition in my youth.
              Here we are in 2020, and it appears the reverse is now true.

  21. It seems like next pandemic, the government in the USA isn’t gonna have the money to just hand out.

    The pressure to not shut down society is already increasing this time.

    It is time to put the pressure on the animal products industry.

  22. The growing meat in a laboratory part interests me.

    I still wouldn’t eat it, but….

    Well, just watching the pigs in the flu factories video upsets me so much.

    Charlotte’s Web was one of my favorite stories and Babe was a movie I genuinely loved.

    Poor pig.

    Just watching that, followed by a PBS special where a poor rabbit was being chased by 2 predators at the same time, I have mental health issues that we could possibly not care about the animals.

    1. I woke up thinking about places like Tyson could be 3-D laser printing chicken breasts.

      Honestly, getting rid of the respiratory illnesses, getting rid of the chicken viruses causing UTI’s, getting rid of the abuse of animals and misuse of Antibiotics and arsenic and the soil pollution.

      There would be so many potential benefits.

      1. Seems like we need to do something like that before countries do start thinking about weaponizing it and try to get the most deadly flu.

  23. Gruselig, einfach nur gruselig, wie ein Arzt, ein Dr. med. Greger, auf den Fake rund um das Corona Virus – den weltweiten Betrug ebenfalls reinfallen kann, wo er doch sonst immer genau hinschaut. Darf er diesmal nicht oder hat er einfach die Scheuklappen aufgesetzt, um das “Corona Virus” für die pflanzenbasierte Ernährung zu instrumentalisieren? Ich schäme mich echt!
    Aber klar, wenn man auf eMail nicht reagiert, nicht den wissenschatlichen Links folgt die man bekommt, dann sind solche Auswüchse und Irrtümer vorprogrammiert. Sicher wird es niemanden finden, der diesen Beitrag ins Englische übersetzt, weil er nicht interessiert ist.
    In Deutschland pfeifen es mittlerweile die Spatzen von den Dächern, dass die Politiker diese “Pandemie” einzig und allein ausgerufen haben, um die Demokratie abzubauen, einen allgemeine Impfplicht (die gegen unser Grundgesetz verstößt) einführen zu können und die Überwachung der Bürger, mit gleichzeitiger Einschränkung des Grundgesetzes einzuführen.
    Herr Greger, werden sie nicht stutzig, wenn ein Augenarzt, ein junger dazu, plötzlich die Ursache für eine Lungenentzündung eines über 80 jährigen Chinesen sucht und findet, obwohl es keinen Test gab? Es macht sie nicht stutzig, dass der PCR Test nicht validiert ist, der nun weltweit genutzt wird? Ebenfalls ruft es kein stirnrunzeln bei Herrn Greger hervor, wenn alle Toten gezählt werden als Corona-Tote, egal ob sie an oder mit Corona gestorben sind? Das eine pathologische Untersuchung der Toten nciht gewünscht wird? Das die meisten Toten eine, in der der Regel aber mehrere schwere Vorerkrankungen hatten? Es macht sie nicht stutzig, dass Drosten, der den Test “erfunden” hat, keine “Originalviren” zum Zeitpunkt der Entwicklung des Test vorliegen hatte?
    Es macht sie nicht stutzig, dass die WHO die Definition von Pandemie geändert hat, das die WHO von der Bill und Melinda Gates Stiftung als Hauptsponsor nach den USA “unterstütz” wird, das der Drosten Geld von der BMGS erhält, das deutsche Rober Koch Institut mehrer hundert tausend Dollar erhielt, das Bill Gates der größte Hauptinvestor des Unternehmens ist, das nun den “Impfstoff” bald zur Rettung der Menschheit zur Verfügung stellen wird? Oh Mann, allein diese Verbindungen solten doch alle Glocken läuten lassen, dass da mit gezinkten Karten gespielt wird.
    Es gibt noch viel mehr ungereimtheiten, die zum Himmel schreien… z.B. warum werden Wissenschaftler die auf diese ungereimtheiten hinweisen, verfolgt, diskreditiert und in die Psychiatrie gesteckt? Warum gibt es keinen wissenschaftlichen Disput – sondern, hier in Deutschland zumindest, hört man immer nur einen Experten, den Drosten…
    Ach ja, und was ist mit der John Hopkins Universität, eine rein private Uni, die von Bill und Melinda Gates Stiftung Gelder bis zum abwinken erhält und im November 1919 ein “Pandemiespiel” abhielt mit dem Namen “Event 201”?
    Gruselig, gruselig…. ich werde wohl ab nun jeden Beitrag von Herrn Greger doppelt und dreifach checken und auch mal schauen ob nicht auch er Gelder von Bill Gates erhält.

    1. I translated the first 3000 odd characters of this message, all that my Google site would permit. I believe you are wondering why Dr. Greger has not responded to the accusation that Covid-19 came from a Chinese lab and not a wet market.

      From what I’ve noticed, Dr. Greger only focuses on the evidence and the science. It’s not the job of Nutrition Facts to absolve the president of responsibility for downplaying the threats to our country for as long as he has. He is not likely to support conspiracy theories even if they can help distract from failings of our leaders and/or point to something else to focus the electorate’s anger on.

      Hope that helps clarify the situation here in the US for you.

  24. Thank you, Dr. Greger, for such assiduous and careful research and reporting! Live long and prosper! Three thumbs up on this excellent synopsis of your 4-hour presentation!

  25. A recent study showed the Wuhan-19 virus is very hear resistant – to deactivate requires high temperatures from 60C/140F for prolonged periods right up to 92C/198F for a short period.

    This led me to conclude the wet market patrons have apparently been cooking their bats really, really well for the hundreds of years they’ve been eating them. Until now.

    Cook your bats well folks, even err on the side of charring them. Also avoid buying bats for sale near virology labs.

    1. I believe bats pass the virus to pangolins and the pangolins infect humans.
      Perhaps Covid 19 is the pangolin’s sweet revenge on us thoughtless humans?

    2. “A recent study showed the Wuhan-19 virus is very hear resistant –”
      – – – – – –

      So those little devils can hear us? They probably see us too…through our computers and televisions. Big Virus is everywhere! :-(

      (I hear bat tastes just like chicken.)

      1. So those little devils can hear us?
        I think he meant to type *hair* resistant.
        (I hear bat tastes just like chicken.)
        Maybe time to get tested? (‘Cause I think you’ve gone batty ‘-)

          1. Most docs are even battier than I am! :-)
            You’ll get no argument from me.

            I had a phone visit from my VA doctor yesterday and I kept wanting to ask him if he had Internet, because he was not too up on what’s going on with Corona virus in the world. ‘-)

  26. Great overview with lots of helpful information. Thanks so much. Would still like to watch the video I purchased. How do I obtain the link?

    1. Hi Lynn, if you donated for the webinar and did not receive your replay link, please search your inbox for an email from NutritionFacts.org (it may have gone to spam), and if you are unable to find it, submit your issue using the green support button on the bottom right of this page.

  27. Dr. Greger,

    Watching your various pandemic interviews and videos, there is such deep passion there. It looks like you “came home” in such a satisfying way.

    I have been admiring your health videos all of this time, but I feel almost as if you just showed that Clark Kent has some skills, too.

    When you spoke of wanting to save lives, I feel like you are going to get to eat your cake and have it be plant-based and good for you, too, eventually.

    I delight to see that spark.

    I guess I could say that I come to the page on your flu factories where the DNA’s all come into the pig and, in my mind, there is another image just like that for Dr. Greger’s calling DNA.

  28. MedCram was talking about far UVC 220 nm and the concepts that it kills coronavirus so well that overhead lights could be made so that society could open.


    My wand is 256 nm.

    Boy, I wish I knew science people.

    They said that UVC 220 nm doesn’t harm skin or cause cataracts.

    I am wondering if 256 nm is still in that range or is it outside the safety range.

    Boy, I will not say that I bought too early. I bought on time, but maybe didn’t know the right nm

    I looked for the UVC 220 nm in overhead lights and didn’t find any. If anybody out there finds them, let me know.

    I know that they will probably be confiscated before they even come out, but by next flu season I would like to have some.

  29. Based on Dr Greger’s hand washing video, I bought a few black light flashlights.

    It seems like we would all do better if we saw the germs on our hands versus singing Happy Birthday.

    Plus, I saw photos of people where you could see they picked their nose the minute the black light hit their face.

    Seems like that would break bad habits faster than the Fitbit app.

  30. I have been told that it takes at least 70% alcohol content to kill the Corona virus, so wouldn’t that mean you need to use an alcoholic liqueur that is at least 140 proof, vs. the 80 proof suggested in this blog?

    1. John,

      Dr Greger said that in tests they were able to kill it with only 30 percent alcohol.

      It kills pretty easily. It just also spreads pretty easily.

  31. Hi, Dr. Greger mentioned in the webinar that he pusblished somewhere a list of things on how to prepare for a pandemic. Did not succeed in finding that list. Any chance you share it somewhere?


  32. I read an interesting comment on PPE’s.

    Someone said that world PPE supplies were cleared from all the commercial suppliers by Chinese world network of ‘bulk buyers’ called Daigou in February & March including Australia US & Europe and dispatched to China.. This is the country that makes all the stuff for us. It seems bizarre. There were ample supplies in the ROTW before.

  33. Also, the WHO is saying that a lot of people don’t seroconvert.

    They didn’t say how many people don’t seroconvert, but some don’t.

    Dr. Campbell gave results from Netherlands blood donations which were tested for the antibodies and 3% of the blood donors did seroconvert.

    I am wondering if Mayo Clinic has released any data on that.

  34. I also found the Boston Homeless Shelter testing fascinating.

    So many of them tested positive, but all but one stayed asymptomatic.

    Is that racial? Or are they outside in the sun all day?

    Or do Boston homeless people not have comorbidities?

    Are they younger?

    Less likely to be alcoholics or drug addicts?

    That one is so interesting.


    1. Wow! That is interesting and comes back to what I was wondering about: which negative effects may all that extra disinfectant we’re using now have on our microbiome or the healthy bacteria that is supposed to shield us from infection? Maybe those folks at the homeless shelter have a healthier microbiome because they obviously don’t live in an overly sanitized home. The virus still is hitchhiking in their bodies but the “good bugs” are fighting its effect. This is just a thought that’s been going through my mind. I tried to google this question but haven’t found answers yet. Can you over-sanitize your living space and eradicate the good bacteria making you more susceptible in the long run to virus attacks of the Corona kind?

      1. this is not uncommon. Lots of people test positive without having symptoms.
        However, they may demonstrate symptoms in the following 7 days. Moreover, they are unknowingly infecting others – some of which may also test positive without any symptoms. If more vulnerable individuals contract it, they are fighting for their lives. Whilst others are symptom free. It demonstrates the only way to deal with this at present is social isolation.
        That is, unless one has tested negative for the disease, you have to assume you have it – even if you are symptom free. Two further complications. Some of those who have recovered from the disease may be contagious after symptoms cease. 2. Some testing negative have had the disease, and it is unclear if they are protected against re-infection into the future.
        Antibody tests, when they arrive, should help clarify the false negative situation.
        These most unusual characteristics may help explain why this virus has been transmitted from one individual in Wuhan to millions worldwide in under 6 months.

  35. One of the sentences in that one said that coronavirus is more like HIV.

    “This means that the antibodies are not effective at clearing the virus,” Ostrov told The Daily Beast. “This is relevant when thinking about viruses and vaccines. HIV also stimulates production of antibodies that fail to clear the virus, as do many other viruses, such as hepatitis virus C.”

    That makes it that you really don’t want to get exposed to it.

    1. I nominate that as a topic for a video. I know you already have a month’s worth, but that one is a topic that seems more important than many topics.

  36. “If you’re sick but must share a room with someone else, wear a face mask. That’s what they were originally designed for: source control, rather than self-protection.”

    I would not recommend to sick people with symptoms, particularly people with a chronic illness background, to wear a face mask. Face masks are a reservoir of viruses, and coughing, hyperventilating and mouth breathing in them may accelerate the spread of the viral infections to sane parts of the lungs.

    Source control may not be in the best interest of sick people, and face masks should be reserved to COVID- people (non infected people if ability to be tested) as self-protection.

    Good aeration of the living place and breathing fresh air outside without mask may be preferable when one is infected with a respiratory virus.

  37. The sentence: SARS-CoV-2 starts replicating in the throat, not the lungs.

    That is the one that interests me.

    I have been doing high alkaline water and saline water and chlorine dioxide mouthwash gargling.

    I wonder though about the alcohol in mouthwashes.

    Yes, I can’t find studies on any of it and, no, I don’t use alcohol-based mouthwash or drink alcohol at all, but I do wonder if this will be the time when it might not be as bad of an idea?

    1. People whom one surgically removed the tonsils are of bad luck. It is important to breath through the nose, particularly in public place where the risk of virus exposition is high. Plus nasal breathing also enhances pulmonary functions and oxygenation thanks to the production of nitric oxide by the paranasal sinuses. (Lungdberg et al).

      It works well for intubated people too:

  38. I ended up buying 3D laser-printed masks with Hepa Filter masks on Etsy and I will probably buy some of the Merv13 masks.

    It is so hard to imagine whether there will be masks for work 3 months from now or not until next year sometime. I have to provide for my workers. And I looked at the brand Hepa filter and it was one I recognized, so I committed to it.

    I feel like mask availability will get worse once society opens and we need it for manufacturing.

  39. I just read an article where blacks and Latinos were getting COVID 120% and 86% higher than whites.

    But blacks were dying 44% more likely than whites…

    Where Latinos were 44% less likely to die than whites even though they were 86% more likely to get it.

    Is that going to be essential labor, vitamin D and beans?

    1. Diabetics are at far greater risk with Covid 19. African Americans have a much higher incidence of diabetes. Perhaps there is a link?

      ‘*18.7% of all African Americans ≥ 20 years of age, have diagnosed or undiagnosed diabetes, compared to 7.1% of non-Hispanic white Americans. *

      *The risk of diabetes is 77% higher among African Americans than among non-Hispanic white Americans’.*

      *https://www.nih.gov/news-events/nih-research-matters/factors-contributing-higher-incidence-diabetes-black-americans *

    2. Deb, Somalis in Sweden represent a very high number of Covid deaths. But they are only .8% of the population. They are very vitamin D deficient due to genetics, northern latitude and culture of headscarves.

      1. Thanks for the insight, Marilyn.

        There has been so much information.

        I always appreciate you. Genuinely.

        I was just reading an article from CNN that experts are saying that grocery stores should be closing because too many of their workers are dying even with sanitizing and masks and social distancing.

        That is devastating.

        Then, there are all of the reports that the whole world is considering opening in a titration type of way where whenever the doctors cry “Uncle!” we will slow the opening down.

        I am overwhelmed by the reality of this level 2 pandemic. Not in a scared way. I feel like I have God’s peace, but I am so deeply aware of the human need.

        Just the fact that the USA needed billions of PPE and only had millions. The fact that there are countries that not only don’t have PPE, they only have 1 ventilator. The fact that part of our country is so afraid of the economics that they would sacrifice even the elderly and the Black community.

        I wonder if the Somalis in Sweden also don’t have good housing.

        Decades ago, I walked around Stockholm in the midnight sun with a group of black males. It felt like a more innocent time back then, but that might have been me. I remember going to where one of them lived because he wanted to show me his 6 children. Mostly very young girls all asleep on the floor in the living room. If that was a living room.

        The men ended up being radical Islam and the conversation ended up going toward cutting people heads off, but, honestly, it was a really sweet night until that sentence and the young children all sleeping on the floor is what I remember the most.

        That man with the kids had a sweet heart. I hope he never did anything like what one of the louder ones talked about. I don’t think he would have. People tend to either be protective over people or not. He was a protective father type. Sweet.

  40. Grocery store people are dying even with how much they are sanitizing and even with social distancing and gloves and masks and plexiglass.

    Some of it might be from before they made enough changes, but….

    We can’t rely on employers or government. We need a change in paradigm.

    Doctors should never not have their own set of masks. Never again.

    If they each had a weeks worth, they could have more assurance right now.

  41. And I know that retired doctors and nurses are signing back in even without PPE and they know full well that they are the age most at risk and they are sacrificing their lives for the whole.

    I wonder if the grocery store elderly people are willingly doing the same thing or if they just don’t have money to live on?

  42. Employers don’t want to make a decision that gets people they care about killed.

    I know I come from the small business end of things when I say that.

    I don’t want to make decisions that get people killed.

    Mentally, I work day and night at not having that happen.

    I don’t even know what will happen inside of me if I mess this up.

  43. The Latino community is interesting because if you add up the whole country, they are dying at a higher rate than white people, but I live in the Northeast and where we are, there are places where they test positive way more often, but they are dying way less.

    That is not likely Vitamin D when we are talking the Northeast, right?

    That would be lifestyle?

    Or is it that the whites are disproportionately nursing homes? Where the Latinos are younger here?

    It seems like that would be true in places like Washington and many places.

    I looked up the economics of Latinos and they make closer to what I make as average.

    Anyway, the Latino community has at least one pocket that maybe shows lifestyle might be a huge factor for death.

    1. I guess they would have to look at comorbidities and diet of that group versus the whole Latino group.

      The other end of it is the whole Latino paradox thing that Dr. Greger talked about in one video.

      They generally do outlive other Americans.

      So maybe it is them dying way more often that is going to be harder to explain.

      The thing is they get it way more often here and that would be typical, but they die way less often and that would be more in line with the paradox.

      In so many places they are dying more.

      What gives with that?

    2. Some racial groups have higher social interaction between grandchildren and grandparents. Asymptomatic grandchildren may pass it on to far more vulnerable grandfolks

  44. Note to Dr. Greger, the Latino Paradox – why is it disappearing with COVID-19 most places?

    Or are there more Americanized Latinos in other parts of the country? But the Americanized ones were younger in the Latino Paradox study, so younger should be less likely to die, but Latinos are more likely to die in many places.

    The older Latino’s would be the group who might still eat “old school” and that might tell us something?

    1. Nope

      It is still alarming that Latinos get it so much more often than white people and if the age of the white people reflects nursing home age and if the Latinos, are younger any positive foes away.

      Latinos might need to work At jobs like groceries to more advanced ages for instance.

  45. After reading the notes on the webinar I was particularly interested in the section on treating the cause. From the blog

    “The largest and oldest association of public health professionals in the world, the American Public Health Association, has called for a moratorium on factory farming for nearly two decades. Its journal published an editorial entitled “The Chickens Come Home to Roost” that went beyond calling for a deintensification of the pork and poultry industries:”

    I read the cited editorial piece and then went to APHA’s site to see what their current recommendations are on factory farming. Disappointingly there is no policy statement that I could find about this preventative measure. It seems a stretch to say the APHA is calling for a moratorium on factory farming by the basis of this editorial 25 years ago when there doesn’t seem to be any mention of this that I could find on their website.

    I would expect and hope for a stronger stand on this to inform our leaders going forward.

    1. The APHA has made a series of policy statements on this issue over the years, the most recent being in 2019.

      It’s all a bit confusing because Dr Greger uses the popular term, ‘factory farming’ whereas APHA actually uses the more technical term ‘concentrated animal feeding operations’.

      1. Thank you Tom for clarifying that for me. Reviewing the article APHA as well as the CDC need to update their literature to include animal to human potential outbreaks such as Covid 19. The CDC paper footnote #3 of the APHA paper

        Only has a single paragraph on that and says it’s not proven.

      2. Animal meals in animal agriculture may be the cause of COVID-19, which may originate from Europe (cases were reported in November 2019 in Italia before the first official case in China, the first december).

        In Europe, those meals based for example on bird feathers or pigs silks are not enforced by law to be autoclaved for sterilization, and animals can eat by-products of all other animals except themselves. And domestic animals can even eat raw animal by-products of other animals.

        So animal agriculture creates the condition for virus incubation and creation through recombinations from many different animals, and that may be how the COVID-19 were created, staying invisible and under the radar for a long time before it infects human beings, that may have eaten raw meat, or eggs, or through the asymptomatic contamination of a farmer who then may have contaminated other people.

  46. I’m so impressed with this webinar information….but when I got to the very end…I wish that you hadn’t ended it with the statement about ” all the hate crimes against Asian Americans.” That idea never crossed my thoughts. Maybe I’m living under a rock, but I haven’t seen any hatred toward anyone of Asian ethnicity. If calling the pandemic Chinese or Wuhan flu….I think its a stretch to make that a “hateful” statement. I never thought anything about swine flu being hateful toward pigs or the Spanish flu hateful toward Spain. Perhaps that addendum to your marvelous webinar would’ve been better left out. Grateful for all that you do!

      1. ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

        The despicables who undermine these principles are the true enemies of the state.

  47. So many states have protests now with people wanting to open.

    But the most powerful protest response was the 2 quietly peaceful medical people standing to block the protest.

    Nurses are refusing to work and doctors are crying on the radio and on the internet.

    It is as if the places other than the Tri State area and California and Washington needed more deaths to have it be more real.

    Pre-closing caused them to not feel threatened enough rather than feeling relieved.

    1. People aren’t protesting because they disagree with the social distancing or guidelines. They are protesting having their rights removed. Does our government need to become a dictatorship over this? Dictatorships kill too. Poverty also kills. How many lives are saved if people can’t afford medical treatment or food or become homeless? What about the rise in suicide? We need a balanced approach that looks at the whole picture. Are we really saving lives? Do we need a one size fits all approach or an individualized approach?

      I follow the guidelines because they make sense in my family with a 89 year old. My sister follows them because she can work from home. But what about a young healthy family about to become homeless because of a lost job or a lost business? Their risk of death and sickness gets worse if these rules will put them in a homeless shelter. A free country means WE take the risks in our lives and face the consequences, not the government. This has already caused an abuse of power in some states.

  48. They don’t see it as we prevented it from being so much worse. They see it as if it was just the fu.

    It is going to be the most deadly epidemic in this century within a month.

    But so many people only seem to care when it is in their town or their family.

    1. They don’t see it as we prevented it from being so much worse. They see it as if it was just the fu.
      If doing the below works (especially the selenium supplements) this could become akin to a deathless flu.



    1. Hi Lynette, sorry to hear that. Please submit your issue by using the green Support button on the bottom right of this page, and someone will help you out!

  49. Hi Michael
    There appear to be an interesting link between Covid 19 and arachidonic acid, the omega 6 fatty acid that is so much in excess in the modern western diet. Anura Prasantha Jayasooriya, Senior Lecturer,
    Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
    (27 February 2020) [https://science.sciencemag.org/content/367/6481/962/tab-e-letters] reviews in vitro corona virus research concerning the extension of LA to AA, apparently essential for MERS and HCov-229E reproduction in vitro [1]. Supplementation of the culture with ALA inhibited virus reproduction.

    Clearly overwhelming LA to AA elongase enzymes by ALA supplementation in vivo would be an impossible enterprise but the role of AA, as a mediator of inflammation, is very interesting. Excess AA would seem to be a possible cause of hyper-allergenic reactions to corona virus, parasites, or peanut antigens etc etc.

    On a more down to earth level it would be preferable to limit omega 6 fats consumption to that obtainable from a whole food vegetarian or vegan diet.

    I should be interested to hear if you come across results in future which might shed any light on AA and the pathogenic mechanisms of AA in corona virus infections. Thank you for all your interesting work.

    [1] B Yan et al report that LA >> AA inhibition by supplementation of the in vitro culture with ALA suppresses the virus. [1. B. Yan et al., Viruses, 11, 73 (2019).

  50. Dr. Greger,

    I would recommend updating your webinar takeaway page, since many factual bits have changed, or are changing in real time. For example, the “wet” market is tentatively the source. However, if you take a look at this paper: PNAS September 27, 2005 vol. 102 no. 39 14045, these bats were ‘sampled’; moreover, it’s not like the caves were closed up after SARS1 in 2004. And, only six out of the seven first people infected were delivery drivers to the market, the seventh was not associated with the market at all!!

    Originally, the CDC said, no masks needed. Now, they’ve changed their song. Here’s some data:A cluster randomised trial of cloth
    masks compared with medical masks
    in healthcare workers
    MacIntyre CR, et al. BMJ Open 2015;5:e006577. doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2014-006577

    Also, there is some basic problems here that maybe you can illuminate to the public. INFECTION DOES NOT EQUAL DISEASE. This problem has been magnified by using PCR testing which is not appropriate. It’s the wrong kind of test and only shows presence of proteins and likely is cross-reactive for some/all coronavirus family members. Moreover, coronaviruses are all over the Earth, so PCR testing will pick it up EVERYwhere, dead or alive, pieces or whole. Read up on PCR. Practically the cause of the whole debacle.

    Also, think…WHOM do you quarantine, the healthy or the sick. The vents are obviously wrong too. Can’t do ECMO on everybody…Also, think, what is concept of herd immunity? Look up epidemiological study by Knut Wittkowski.

    Enjoy the spike in disease cases as we all leave quarantine with lowered immune systems.


  51. I have been waiting for the updated info from the webinar held in May. Does anyone know if that was transcribed or if Dr Gregor will wrote out the takeaways?

    Thank you

  52. Think there’s a minor typo here. In the summary above you write “SARS-CoV-2 causes the COVID-19 coronavirus”. It doesn’t cause the virus, it causes the disease. So it should read either “SARS-CoV-2 causes the COVID-19 disease” or simply “SARS-CoV-2 causes COVID-19”.

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