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How Not to Die Launch

People are more likely to die during December and January than any other time of the year. Fitting, then, that my new book How Not to Die hits stores today! If you missed it yesterday, I created a video tour through the book, highlighting the differences between what’s in the book and what’s up on I wanted to write not just a reference book—one that compiles all the most compelling evidence in one place—but also a practical guide on translating the mountain of data into day-to-day decisions. That’s something that’s been partially missing from, because I’ve wanted to just stick to the science. But I’ve always yearned to share so much more.

What about my favorite recipes, my favorite kitchen gadgets, my favorite meals? That’s not what the website was made for. It’s NutritionFacts, not nutrition opinions! Interviewers are always asking me “What do you eat, Dr. Greger?” and I have to say, “It doesn’t matter what I eat; all that matters is what the science shows.” OK, but how do I take all this amazing science I’ve learned and transform it into what I actually feed my family? How do I make it digestible? (Literally!) Well, I’ve just never had an outlet to share all those personal judgements before… until now.  That’s Part 2 of the book, in which I introduce my Daily Dozen checklist of all the things we should try to fit into an optimal diet. The book details both my life and my life’s work, all rolled into one.

Find it in your local bookstore or online at:

My favorite endorsement this week came from Dr. Esselstyn:
“HOW NOT TO DIE by Michael Greger is an absolute rhapsody of informational wisdom on how to achieve a life of health and longevity without disease.”
-Caldwell Esselstyn Jr., MD
Ask Me Anything
On Thursday, December 10, I’ll be answering your questions live on Reddit starting at 10:45am ET and going for at least 5 hours. Reddit is a social media platform that is great for hosting Q&A’s. To ask a question on Thursday, go to my Facebook page and I’ll have the link to the live Q&A posted.

If you’d like to ask me a question in person, most of my December speaking events are sold out, but there is still space available in Baltimore, Tucson, and Detroit. Then I’ve already got another 60 dates confirmed for 2016.

Social Media
Please feel free to post pictures of your books as they arrive at your house and share your thoughts on social media using the hashtag #HowNotToDie.

Why This First Week is So Important
This first week of book sales is my big chance to make it onto the New York Times Best Seller list, since all the pre-orders to date count towards first week sales. If I make it on the list, my hope is that it will interest mainstream media and expose millions more to this life-saving information. So if you’re thinking about buying copies for all your friends and family this holiday season, please consider getting them by Saturday, December 12.

Thank you for your ongoing support as I enter this new chapter of my life (actually 16 chapters! :)

In health,
Michael Greger, M.D.

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