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    New Vitamin B12 Test
    Who should get tested for vitamin B12 (cobalamin) deficiency and which is the best test to use: serum B12, methylmalonic acid (MMA), or holotranscobalamin levels?
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    Daily Source of Vitamin B12
    Fortified foods such as some breakfast cereals and types of nutritional yeast can provide another cholesterol-free source of vitamin B12.
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    Vitamin B12 Necessary for Arterial Health
    The cardiovascular benefits of plant-based diets may be severely undermined by vitamin B12 deficiency.
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    Safest Source of B12
    Since foods are effectively a package deal, what is the best way to get vitamin B12 (cobalamin)?
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    Vitamin Supplements Worth Taking
    There are two vitamins not produced by plants that may require supplementation.
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    Vitamin B12 Recommendation Change
    Based on two biomarkers of functional vitamin B12 (cobalamin) status, B12 recommendations formulated more than a half century ago may need to be updated.
  • Fortified Soy and Excess B-12 Ask the Doctor
    Are there any risks of excess vitamin B12 consumption?
    I have just posted some of your recent B12 videos on facebook to try and help my friends who refuse to accept the need to have an intake of B12 on a vegan diet. Most are convinced their ‘friends’...
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    Vegan Epidemic
    Vitamin B12 deficiency is common among those eating vegetarian and particularly vegan diets because of failure to take B12 supplements or eat B12-fortifed foods.
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    Cheapest Source of Vitamin B12
    Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) supplementation can cost as little as $2 a year.
  • Best Way to Get B-12 Ask the Doctor
    What is the best way to get vitamin B12?
    What would you recommend as far as the best way to get B12 vitamins into our system, supplements? Will any over the counter supplement do? If one were lacto-ovo vegetarian, do they get vitamin B12...
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    Inverted Rabbit Sign
    The very real and potentially disastrous effects of vitamin B12 deficiency.
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    Vegan Paralysis
    Those eating plant-based diets must ensure a reliable source of vitamin B12 via supplements or fortified foods.
  • Which Type of B-12 is Best Ask the Doctor
    Which type of vitamin B12 is best–cyanocobalamin, methylcobalamin, or hydroxycobalamin?
    I have followed you for years and purchase your tapes. Met you in Ann Arbor at the food co- op. Is it true Cyanocobalamin b12 ( which you recommend for us as vegans) turns into cyanide and the best...
  • Vitamin b12 deficiency Article
    Vegan B12 deficiency: putting it into perspective
    When CNN’s  documentary The Last Heart Attack premiered—documenting Bill Clinton’s attempt to reverse his heart disease through diet—pundits were eager to point out the downsides....
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    Did a Vegan Diet Kill This Baby?
    Vitamin B12 deficiency can be life-threatening.
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    Vegetarian’s Myelopathy
    Vegetarians got a disease named after them.
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    American Vegans Placing Babies At Risk
    Vitamin B12 is an imperative for those eating vegetarian and vegan diets, especially during pregnancy and infancy.
  • Artificial Food Colors and ADHD Article
    Food Dyes and ADHD
    There are currently thousands of additives in our food supply. Some are good—like supplementing foods with vitamin B12, for example (See Vitamin B12 Necessary for Arterial Health). Other additives...
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