Searching Basics

By default the search uses an "AND" operator for phrases. If it cannot find anything within these parameters, it will switch to an "OR" operator between terms.

Boolean NOT

To get results without particular word, use the minus operator.

Example: cats -dogs


You can use quotation marks to force the search to only look for a particular phrase.

Example: "healthiest diet" will only return exact matches for the full phrase healthiest diet versus the term healthiest diet (without quotations) which will return the best results for "healthiest diet" first and then search for anything with both the terms "healthiest" and "diet".

Give it a try and see the difference: Search for "healthiest diet" or Search for healthiest diet (without quotes)

Relevancy, keyword frequency, and relationships

Results are sorted by relevancy in addition to the rules above to find the best matches for a particular phrase or keyword. The search takes into account word frequency algorithms and relative terms as well as several other advanced factors to deliver the best search experience.

The search is capable of searching the full video transcript, if available. If you are having trouble finding subject matter on a particular topic, try using relative keywords and phrases within the search and try again. The search will also try to correct spelling errors and suggest alternative topics in the event a keyword or phrase cannot be found.

Getting help

The search feature on is constantly evolving and it gets better with every use! If you are still having an issue, please contact us for help in finding the information you are looking for or participate in discussions on the site as the comments can be a wealth of knowledge in addition to the videos. We also have wonderful volunteers who are more than willing to answer questions and help you find what you need.


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