Plant foods may sometimes be preferable to drugs, aspirin, and fish oil for reducing risks of inflammation. Nuts, apples (dried apples too), broccoli, Ceylon cinnamon, dragon’s blood, and black pepper will help protect the body from inflammation. On the other hand, meat (see also here), eggs, AGEs, and plastics containing BPA may increase the risk of inflammation. Though important to eat a variety of whole plant foods, fruits and vegetables with the highest anti-oxidant levels seem to reduce inflammation the most. Brain inflammation caused by ingesting arachidonic acid (found predominantly chicken and eggs—even when hens are not fed seal blubber) may explain why those eating plant-based diets have less stress, anxiety and depression and why putting people on an egg-free vegetarian diet may improve their mood.

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Topic summary contributed by Jonathan Hodgson
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  • The Inflammatory Meat Molecule Neu5Gc
    The Inflammatory Meat Molecule Neu5Gc
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    Modern Meat Not Ahead of the Game
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    Biblical Daniel Fast Put to the Test
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