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A measure of nerve health is heart rate variability because it measures the control our nerves have over our heart. Drug and chemical residues found in meat, prevalent in the US because of lax or nonexistent safety standards, can result in serious nerve damage as well and bleeding, jaundice, and even death. Essential tremor, a common neurological condition, has been linked to meat eating. Mercury exposure due to fish consumption has been linked to neurobehavioral abnormalities (see also here). Arsenic, primarily found in chicken in the American diet, has been linked to public health issues such as neuropathy and neurocognitive deficits in children. The most common cause of flaccid paralysis in the US comes from eating chicken.

Alzheimer’s disease results from the buildup of a neurotoxic protein in the brain, which kills brain nerve cells; apple juice and ginger have been found to protective of nerve cells in vitro. Indian gooseberries have also been found to be potentially neuroprotective. More than 50% of vegans have been found to be Vitamin B-12 deficient. A vitamin B-12 deficiency can result in spinal cord degeneration (see also here, here). And spirulina has been found to contain a neurotoxin and should probably be avoided.

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