persistent organic pollutants

Food sources associated with the highest levels of persistent organic pollutants: fish (see here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here), fish oil (see here, here, here, here), and chicken (see here, here). There also may be concerning levels in fast food, dairy, creatine supplements, and some Ayurvedic medicinal preparations. Chemical obesogens (industrial chemical pollutants) may play a role in the current obesity epidemic. Those eating plant-based diets have been found to be significantly less polluted with industrial toxins than omnivores.

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  • Preventing Parkinson’s Disease With Diet
    Preventing Parkinson’s Disease With Diet
    Low levels of neurotoxic chemicals in cheese may explain the connection between dairy product consumption and Parkinson's disease.
  • Protein, Puberty, and Pollutants
    Protein, Puberty, and Pollutants
    The early onset of puberty in girls associated with animal protein consumption may be due to endocrine disrupting chemical pollutants in the meat supply.
  • Lowering Dietary Antibiotic Intake
    Lowering Dietary Antibiotic Intake
    What a few days eating vegetarian can do to the level of antibiotics and phthalates flowing through one's body.
  • The Wrong Way to Detox
    The Wrong Way to Detox
    The reason birth order is a predictor of pollutant levels in the bodies of children is that women can pass along as much as half of their PCB burden to their fetus during pregnancy.
  • Plants vs. Pesticides
    Plants vs. Pesticides
    Phytonutrients found in certain foods may protect against the toxic effects of industrial pollutants such as dioxin and DDT, suggesting a dual role for plant-based diets to reduce both exposure and...
  • Food Sources of Perfluorochemicals
    Food Sources of Perfluorochemicals
    Where do DDT, hexachlorobenzene, PCBs, and perfluorochemicals (linked to thyroid disease) concentrate in the food supply?
  • How Fast Can Children Detoxify from PCBs?
    How Fast Can Children Detoxify from PCBs?
    Based on the half-life of industrial pollutants children may be exposed to in the womb or at the breast, how many years does it take for them to detoxify their bodies (assuming they're brought up on...
  • DDT in Umbilical Cord Blood
    DDT in Umbilical Cord Blood
    Are pregnant women who eat fish, other meat, and dairy still passing along the pesticide DDT even decades after it was banned?
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