What Not to Add to White Rice, Potatoes, or Pasta

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What Not to Add to White Rice, Potatoes, or Pasta

Rice currently feeds almost half the human population, making it the single most important staple food in the world, but a meta-analysis of seven cohort studies following 350,000 people for up to 20 years found that higher consumption of white rice was associated with a significantly increased risk of type 2 diabetes, especially in Asian populations. They estimated each serving per day of white rice was associated with an 11% increase in risk of diabetes. This could explain why China has almost the same diabetes rates as we do.

Diabetes rates in China are at about 10%; we’re at about 11%, despite seven times less obesity in China. Japan has eight times less obesity than we do, yet may have a higher incidence of newly diagnosed diabetes cases than we do—nine per a thousand compared to our eight. They’re skinnier and still may have more diabetes. Maybe it’s because of all the white rice they eat.

Eating whole fruit is associated with lower risk of diabetes, whereas eating fruit processed into juice may not just be neutral, but actually increases diabetes risk. In the same way, eating whole grains, like whole wheat bread or brown rice is associated with lower risk of diabetes, whereas eating white rice, a processed grain, may not just be neutral, but actually increase diabetes risk.

White rice consumption does not appear to be associated with increased risk of heart attack or stroke, though, which is a relief after an earlier study in China suggested a connection with stroke. But, do we want to eat a food that’s just neutral regarding some of our leading causes of death, when we can eat whole foods that are associated with lower risk of diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and weight gain?

If the modern diabetes epidemic in China and Japan has been linked to white rice consumption, how can we reconcile that with low diabetes rates just a few decades ago when they ate even more rice? If you look at the Cornell-Oxford-China Project, rural plant-based diets centered around rice were associated with relatively low risk of the so-called diseases of affluence, which include diabetes. Maybe Asians just genetically don’t get the same blood sugar spike when they eat white rice? This is not the case; if anything, people of Chinese ethnicity get higher blood sugar spikes.

The rise in these diseases of affluence in China over the last half century has been blamed in part on the tripling of the consumption of animal source foods. The upsurge in diabetes has been most dramatic, and it’s mostly just happened over the last decade. That crazy 9.7% diabetes prevalence figure that rivals ours is new—they appeared to have one of the lowest diabetes rates in the world in the year 2000.

So, what happened to their diets in the last 20 years or so? Oil consumption went up 20%, pork consumption went up 40%, and rice consumption dropped about 30%. As diabetes rates were skyrocketing, rice consumption was going down; so, maybe it’s the animal products and junk food that are the problem. Yes, brown rice is better than white rice, but to stop the mounting Asian epidemic, maybe we should focus on removing the cause—the toxic Western diet. That would be consistent with data showing animal protein and fat consumption associated with increased diabetes risk.

But, that doesn’t explain why the biggest recent studies in Japan and China associate white rice intake with diabetes. One possibility is that animal protein is making the rice worse. If you feed people mashed white potatoes, a high glycemic food like white rice, you can see in my video If White Rice is Linked to Diabetes, What About China? the level of insulin your pancreas has to pump out to keep your blood sugars in check. But what if you added some tuna fish? Tuna doesn’t have any carbs, sugar, or starch; so, it shouldn’t make a difference. Or maybe it would even lower the mashed potato spike by lowering the glycemic load of the whole meal? Instead, you get twice the insulin spike. This also happens with white flour spaghetti versus white flour spaghetti with meat. The addition of animal protein makes the pancreas work twice as hard.

You can do it with straight sugar water too. If you do a glucose challenge test to test for diabetes, where you drink a certain amount of sugar and add some meat, you get a much bigger spike than without meat. And, the more meat you add, the worse it gets. Just adding a little meat to carbs doesn’t seem to do much, but once you get up to around a third of a chicken breast’s worth, you can elicit a significantly increased surge of insulin. This may help explain why those eating plant-based have such low diabetes rates, because animal protein can markedly potentiate the insulin secretion triggered by carbohydrate ingestion.

The protein exacerbation of the effect of refined carbs could help explain the remarkable results achieved by Dr. Kempner with a don’t-try-this-at-home diet composed of mostly white rice and sugar. See my video, Kempner Rice Diet: Whipping Us Into Shape.

Refined grains may also not be good for our blood pressure (see Whole Grains May Work As Well As Drugs).

What should we be eating to best decrease our risk of diabetes? See:

And check out my summary video, How Not to Die from Diabetes

In health,
Michael Greger, M.D.

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Michael Greger M.D., FACLM

Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM, is a physician, New York Times bestselling author, and internationally recognized professional speaker on a number of important public health issues. Dr. Greger has lectured at the Conference on World Affairs, the National Institutes of Health, and the International Bird Flu Summit, testified before Congress, appeared on The Dr. Oz Show and The Colbert Report, and was invited as an expert witness in defense of Oprah Winfrey at the infamous "meat defamation" trial.

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  1. Could also be that white rice is blameless and the wrong dietary inputs are being looked at. Could be fructose the intake of which has skyrocketed with the increased use of sucrose (50% fructose) and HFCS. High (free) fructose intake has already been shown to cause liver inflammation and insulin resistance while fructose in its native state i.e. in fruit, seems to be harmless

    1. Geoffrey, “white rice is blameless,” but high white rice consumption in combination with an increasing consumption of animal products and refined oils in the Chinese and Japanese populations, which is still considerably less than that being consumed by those on SAD diet, so just a small increase of animal products are yielding similar rates of diabetes (DM2) rates, and that is with significantly lower obesity rates.
      It may be that if the Chinese and Japanese were eating brown rice instead, the DM2 rates would have been better, and brown rice is preferable to white rice because it is closer to the whole food, but if one were looking for a culprit for the recent run up of DM2 rates in these countries, it would not be the white rice because the consumption of white rice rates has been falling in China and Japan. If anything, one could make the case that white rice had been protective, and it is the increase of animal products and refined oils their respective diet which are prime suspects.

  2. EXcess fatty food with extra calories , meat and junk food are responsible for sugar spikes and diabetes in countries like China and Japan recently . It is utter foolishness to attribute that to rice consumption . Apart from that modern technology left very little to physical exercise which makes the extra calories to get stored in the body in the form of extra fat . In stead of paying attention to these factors unnecessary weightage is given to rice consumption .It is high time this wrong fallacy is corrected .

    1. 8yrs in China, I can corroborate the rice correlation: big servings of noodles have condiment amounts of meat; are a cheap way to get full. Quality white rice soaks up the BBQ sauce of a western-size meat portion.

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    1. The up vote feature seems to be missing. I found that to be a nice feature that allowed me to register my support for a comment without having to clog up the comment section with a reply that only amounted to “I agree”. So I do hope that whatever system is being used will have that feature added/enabled some time soon.

      1. James Felder: re: missing up-vote. You and me both!! In addition to giving quick feedback, it is a wonderful positive reinforcement tool for moderators. From what I have been told, this new forum simply does not have an upvote feature at this time. That doesn’t mean that we won’t get the feature in the future. I’m hoping that NutrtionFacts will ask for an up-vote and that wordpress will add the feature in the not too distant future. I’m missing it sorely.

  4. The title makes it sound like potatoes and pasta are bad. I like eating potatoes with the skin on and I eat whole wheat pasta and I don’t think that’s bad. I’m not going to give up my whole grain pasta or potatoes any time soon.

  5. “Diabetes rates in China are at about 10%; we’re at about 11%”. To be more precise, we should talk about “proportion” or “prevalence”. Rates, as in incidence rates, are “new cases / population at risk”.

  6. and what if you added zero white rice, zero carbs, and just ate some tuna fish, or plain roasted skinless chicken breast, or a few slices of sashimi? Might the whole thing be mute then, as it is the combination of carbs and meat based protein in same meal causing the issue, no?

    1. Hi Helena, I think that the chronically raised insulin is what has a negative effect for insulin sensitivity. So if one eats meat 3 or 4 times a day it stays up pretty much most of the day I think. All meat meals might not raise blood sugar much if kept within 30 or 40 grams but it will cause insulin resistance due to the chronically high insulin. No carbs or low carbs merely mask this metabolic derangement. The high insulin could be a little advantageous if one is eating especially junky carbs and I would include white rices as one of those junky carbs if done very seldom. Higher insulin could actually help but then it could store more fat at that moment. I eat high plant protein and sometimes a little fish in the process along with fruit or potato immediately after a very hard workout so I know that it raises insulin but the muscles are far far more sensitive for a few hours afterward. The body knows how to properly utilize the meat and the carbs for the situation and deliver them to the muscles that were worked. I don’t believe this situation would cause insulin resistance of fat storage despite the insulin surge. Even for a one time buffet I’d probably go for the meat which raises insulin and leave out the carbs. I’d rather have high insulin than high blood sugar. I’d rather have neither but once in a great while I do what my taste buds and stomach want.

  7. what about cultures that do not eat white rice and other cooked carbs like grains and beans, but get their calories from fish and fruit, maybe some raw veggies. DO they have soaring diabetes rates? Is this all a case of you can have one but not both?
    Have any studies been done to look at longterm diabetes rates soaring in cultures that do not eat any processed carbs but do eat meat based protein?

    1. #Helena
      What kind of answer do you like to read? No carb is no option – if you like to read a bit about now carb oder low card look here http://www.atkinsexposed.org/
      The fact that meat consuming with carbs together can give you a spike on insulin is not soooo new. New is, that this wounderful western lifestyle has swallow now on of the last bigger population, with al his healthy advantages. I’m waiting on the first article, that the amount of heart diseases, strokes, high blood pressure is the same like Germany or USA – I mean, this pur people of China have had waiting for so long of it. And, once they have the diseases like we, we can supply our wounderful drugs like Metformin and Statine – is that not wounderful? End of last year I read an article in Germany, where the meat industry complained that the meat consumtion is decraising in Germany but “thanks Lord” they found new marked in Asia…

  8. What about Chronic Kidney Disease, why is it NEVER discussed.Can ot be arrested by changing eating habits.WHY do Nephrologists almost insist that Dialysis is the only option.

  9. I have stage 4 kidney failure and congestive heart failure….I want to know if adding vegetables to the kmpner diet and substituting brown rice would be acceptable?

  10. @helena, no… you can’t just consume animal-based diet with low-carbs and be healthy. It doesn’t work that way. You must first understand the science behind insulin, receptors, and blood sugar. Then you’ll see how an animal-based (fatty) diet clogs up the insulin receptors and makes it more difficult for the body to deliver insulin to muscle cells for energy. So you end up with blood sugar floating around and the pancreas responds by secreting more insulin. Nasty cycle and something many in the medical community just haven’t grasped. (This isn’t even factoring the harm high-animal protein is doing to your organs. I recommend focusing on a high Fiber diet (50-100g a day). That’ll ensure you crowd out animal foods and improve your internal health. GL!

    1. Susan Armstrong: The words in green typically lead to the study in question. Alternatively, sometimes the words in green lead to a video-of-the-day. You can then access the relevant study on those web pages by clicking the ‘Sources Cited’ button.

  11. Most articles I’ve read refer to meat mainly as protein.

    I’ve wondered about insulin response to meats, in particular muscle meat. As I understand it, muscle stores glycogen, a form of sugar. Is it wrong to assume that eating meat means that you are also consuming glycogen, a sugar which would illicit an insulin response.

    How much glycogen is in muscle meat?

    Is it enough to produce an insulin response? If so, is the response significant?

  12. I don’t know about rice but having just spent three weeks in Tokyo I can report that commuters are chowing down a couple of light as air sugary pastries every morning at one of the many French and Scandinavian bakeries that have popped up everywhere!

  13. On the new discussion format: It doesn’t seem to nest responses like Disqus did? It will be awfully hard to follow a thread …

    As for the blog content: Are potatoes/pasta purported to be equally bad as white rice? Is brown rice or whole grain pasta a superior alternative? Are potatoes that bad? My doctor advised to not eat starchy foods to improve my a1c – he cited rice and potatoes as primary foods to reduce. My a1c is 0.1% over that which might be consistent with pre-diabetes. Not a major thing – but a 1% point improvement since I went to a WFPB diet 7 months ago. McDougall’s starch solution seems to suggest that eating potatoes all you want will have no detrimental effects as long as you don’t add animal products/vegetable oils. Also I read about some people who have gone potato only diets for long periods of time without having any issues. Just curious what y’all think about this as I really don’t want to cut out potatoes if I do not have to … has anyone experienced a rise in a1c with increased potato/rice/pasta consumption while sticking to WFPB diet with no added oil?

    1. wjb: One of the best resources for understanding type 2 diabetes and how to reverse it is Dr. Barnard’s book on preventing and reversing (type 2) diabetes. Dr. Barnard will have you follow the advice given here on NutritionFacts for type 2 diabetes: mainly to cut your fat intake and focus on eating whole plant foods. That way, you will be treating the cause of diabetes ( http://nutritionfacts.org/video/what-causes-diabetes/ ), not the main symptom (the increased blood sugar). In short, your doctor does not seem to be aware of the research regarding type 2 diabetes and how to best reverse it.

      Here is the book if you are interested: https://www.amazon.com/Neal-Barnards-Program-Reversing-Diabetes/dp/1594868107/ref=sr_1_1_twi_pap_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1486074011&sr=1-1&keywords=barnard+diabetes. The book includes meal plans and recipes so you can get a good idea of what a t2 helpful diet looks like.

  14. I lived in Japan for the past year and a half. My Japanese friend whom I was cooking my plant based meals for was thrilled. She told me that traditionally her family didn’t eat red meat or chicken at all. They ate a little fish (and that is code for VERY little, but every day) and on special occasions some pork – usually just one or two small pieces in the noodle bowl. Sweets means things made with red beans – actually very delicious. No dairy – cheese was not on the menu – tofu was, but not cheese. She considered my way of eating to be “healthy” (most of my western friends think I must be nutrient deficient because I don’t eat animal stuff). Unfortunately it is actually very difficult to be a vegan in Japan! Everything contains meat now, lots of eggs, and a lot of fat and oil and fried stuff. Luckily pre-cooked soba is only a $1 a serve and is totally yummy! But most people are buying the pre-cooked white rice with big slabs of fried meat with slatherings of cheese on top. In the past 10 years of spending a lot of time in Japan the number of obese children is on the rise – never used to see them at all. And you even see obese adults! I very much doubt any of these changes has to do with white rice at all – but even Japanese doctors are telling their diabetic patients to eat more meat and less rice! And the Japanese would never question their doctor!

    1. I am curious, what about raw nuts and seeds in Japan….were these in a typical daily diet of the Japanese, or are they not big eaters of nuts and seeds, from what you saw?

      Where did they get their fats, healthy fats?


    2. White rice is not the problem but rather the added meat and sweet sauces that most people nowadays add to their rice are the problems. Plain white rice with some added beans and vegetables are not going to give anyone diabetes.

  15. In response to wjb regarding the nesting – this is a wordpress site so the webmasters will no doubt soon have one of the forum plugins that allow nesting in play. It’s great to get rid of disqus – I’m sure nesting will be possible soon!

  16. I like the new format so far.. it makes for an attractive page. I did see some nesting of responses and reply buttons hours earlier, so maybe there is more to come. Its good though.
    Todays article is very interesting, though I do not see my potatoes, rice or pasta ingestion threatened anywhere. On the co trary, Dr Greger has posted links to videos that question the incorrect assumption that whie rice is the cause of diabetes. I take away from today the message that adding animal protein to carbohydrates can cause the pancreas to work twice as hard , and insulin to surge. So, @Helena, best to keep our healthful sweet potatoes, whole grains and rice and ditch the animal protein I think.

  17. It’s a good thing that NF is moving away from Disqus, which wasn’t up to the job.
    I’m sure that we just need to be patient while the IT people get the new format up and running.

  18. I don’t see this article addressing white rice in a plant-based diet. If white rice is not to blame solely for the increase in diabetes then what is the impact of having white rice in a plant-based diet? Seems the increase in oils and animal protein is more to blame than white rice alone.

  19. @norm levinson , there are many videos and articles at nutritionfacts.org on the topic of preventing and treating kidney disease with diet. The search feature at the top of this page will yield many links if you enter ‘kidney disease’. http://nutritionfacts.org/video/treating-kidney-failure-through-diet/ This is just one example. Be sure to read through the comment section and look for posts by HemoDynamic MD who has taken the time to write very helpful explanations. All the best to you

  20. Interesting. There are diets plans like Slimming World that are very focused on food combining. Alternate days are either protein or carb days. I never understood why this would make sense, but I guess it must be the increased sugar/insulon spike when they’re put together. I rubbished the Slimming World diet to my mother in law (who was on it, but not scientifically curious about it all) telling her that there’s protein in almost everything, so it doesn’t make sense. But now it’s all falling into place. I wonder whether dairy and cheese combined with carbs would have the same effect? I’m assuming vegan protein sources like tofu or tempeh would not.

  21. always heard that ALL rice, white or brown, had traces of arsenic? and that most if not all tuna has mercury……so why would folks eat that ‘deadly’ combination?????? sad to say many have no choice, but still…………..

  22. I noticed that the two studies Dr. Greger used to illustrate the increased insulin spike when protein is added are small, older studies from 1989 and 1984. I was wondering, given the significance and counter-intuitiveness of these findings, have these results been replicated?

    1. august: Why do people try to eat healthy? Because some people want to be healthy… Getting sick can sure put a cramp in one’s enjoyment of life.

        1. august: I don’t speak for Dr. Greger, but I don’t think Dr. Greger would agree with you. Are you familiar with the information on this site? Have you read the book How Not To Die? A junk food vegan is eating an unhealthy diet and likely faces health risks similar to someone eating a SAD diet. I could not say what the risk percents are, but if you think about it, eating potato chips and drinking coke is not likely to lead to healthy outcomes. On the other hand, some people are lucky and win the health lottery. That’s something if you like to gamble…

        2. Now that is just plain wrong. Processed vegan food might be better than processed animal products but they are far away from being healthy. You should really go for whole foods and maybe add a little junk here and there if you must.

  23. I realize my question lies outside the scope of the present topic. Nonetheless , my question is: what can be done — by way of food and other natural remedies– to counteract, to diminish the risks inherent in a person who has LEIDEN FACTOR 5 and a platelet count of
    6/700.000 ?? Obviously ( since it involves a tiny percentage of the population ) <i have not found anything on this in he book "how not to die" . But I would appreciate it very much is some of the MDs who participate in these discussions could enlighten me so that I could give a helping hand to a helpless friend.

    Thank you!!!!

    1. The word is STARCH, the starch solution answers most all questions. White rice and white flour are not starches they are processed foods. You can only call something starch if it is in its whole form unprocessed. People have to STOP using the word carbohydrate, which can mean you are talking from anything as bad as white sugar to white flour which deceives people away from the STARCH SOLUTION, which all historic great civilization’s diets were all centered on.

    1. http://nutritionfacts.org/video/if-white-rice-is-linked-to-diabetes-what-about-china/ This video on the same topic might help clarify the point. The rise in rates of diabetes is a recent phenomena , within the last twenty years, and says Dr Greger , coincides with the increase in western styled diet including more meat products. Plant proteins like beans, peas, and tofu etc dont seem to have the same effect. The rural chinese have been eating rice, soy, and other plant foods for centuries while avoiding the chronic illnesses plaguing the west .

  24. Do you have any insight for a skinny 47 yo. recently diagnosed type 2? So much focus has been placed on the typical overweight, inactive type 2. I am neither. I was eating paleo at the time of diagnosis, I have since gone plant based, low fat, and have gone from 135 to to 122lb over the last 3 months, I am a 5’9″ female athlete, so this diagnosis was very surprising. My dad was type 2 and died of complications. I will soon go in for an A1c test again to see where I am at. I am hoping that my tests look better, since I cannot lose any more weight! I have recently added more whole seeds and nuts and avocados to my diet to bump up my energy. I have read your book and many others and there are so many opinions! I was very low fat at first, but really didn’t feel energetic. I have since added more fat in the form of seeds, nuts and avocados and I feel much better, but if fat causes insulin resistance, then I am at a loss. I seem to feel best eating 30-40% of my calories from fat – no oils, just seeds, nuts and avocados. My Kaiser Dr. is not very helpful. Any advice would be much appreciated!

    1. It’s only animal proteins, animal fats, and free vegetable oils (not whole foods lipids) that seem to cause insulin resistance. Have you read anything from Dr. Joel Fuhrman? He advocates a whole-foods plant-based diet with a lot of whole nuts, seeds, and avocados.

      1. Yes, I have. My concern is that Dr. Greger seems to implicate all fats, and recommends a low fat plant based diet. I would like to know more about what Dr. Greger thinks about whole plant fats once one has lost all the weight.

      2. so sorry Ruth, I hit the report button by mistake on my tablet.. there is of course nothing wrong with your comment. My apologies. Im not used to this new format yet

  25. Studies show the body adapts to foods after eaten for centuries in different countries and cultures. Once you find genetically the foods that are less sensitive to your body, but means of allergy testing, you can easily see the foods that trigger inflammation. Then it’s just a question of balance.

  26. i have neropathy permanent they say from shingles ive been on 2700 mg o f gabepentin to relieve pain works sometimes
    does this have any laasting effects. i use pain cremes also. and i always pray it will get better. advice!

  27. After reading How Not to Die I realized how little I eat whole grains on a daily basis.

    When I went to my grocery store and starting checking labels on wild rice and steal cut oats I noticed that nothing on the shelf was cutting the ratio of carbs to fiber being lower than 5…

    I’m feeling overwhelmed because I’m finding that I can’t find any “legit” whole grains?!? I had to go back and read the section on whole grains a couple of times to see if I was doing the math right — and I am. Where do I find pure, whole grains?!

    1. Hi there: There’s a wonderful variety of whole grains you can choose from! Here’s a list from the Oldways Whole Grain Counsil:

      Corn, including whole cornmeal and popcorn
      Oats, including oatmeal
      Rice, both brown rice and colored rice
      Sorghum (also called milo)
      Wheat, including varieties such as spelt, emmer, farro, einkorn, Kamut®, durum and forms such as bulgur, cracked wheat and wheatberries
      Wild rice

      When it comes to “processed” whole grains, like bread and pasta, 100% whole wheat/whole grain products are the best choice. Hope this helps!

  28. Victoria

    There are thousands of competent chiropractors in California serving to people
    deal with again or neck pain. The Cambridge workforce, who’ve printed their
    research in the British Medical Journal , say they can’t prove that
    too many sweetened drinks causes type 2 diabetes from the proof they
    have been in a position to gather. This check will confirm diabetes if the person’s blood sugar ranges keep excessive
    for a very long time after the tests. It’s the B cells of the immune system which can be responsible for
    making the antibodies to combat off the virus. About 1 particular person in 20 with
    diabetes will get a foot ulcer, which can cause critical infection. The rise in incidence of sort
    2 diabetes is likely associated primarily
    to the will increase in obese and weight problems in youth, although this isn’t the only motive,”
    said Mayer-Davis. The 2 sorts of diabetes are sort
    1 and type 2. Each trigger blood sugar levels to become increased than regular but achieve this in different ways.
    Schwarzenberg SJ, Brunzell C. Sort 1 Diabetes and Celiac Disease: Overview and Medical Vitamin Remedy.
    A fingerstick glucose check is acceptable for nearly all patients with diabetes.
    The distinction between Kind 1 and Type 2 diabetes is that with Type 2 diabetes the pancreas doesn’t produce sufficient
    insulin or the body doesn’t correctly use the it. This line of research
    focuses on turning stem cells into insulin-producing cells, which then may very
    well be implanted in diabetes patients, thus eliminating the necessity for injections.
    When an applicant discloses after receiving a conditional job
    provide that she has diabetes, an employer might ask the applicant further questions reminiscent of how long she has
    had diabetes; whether or not she uses insulin or oral treatment; whether and how
    often she experiences hypoglycemic episodes; and/or whether
    she will want help if her blood sugar level drops while at work.
    We know that insulin resistance ultimately leads to prediabetes
    and sort 2 diabetes. Smartphones could soon be capable of add
    another entry to their rolodex of expertise: the power to act as a device to measure blood glucose levels for these suffering from Type 1 diabetes.
    Hence, it may make sense operationally to consider prolonged remission of diabetes primarily equivalent to
    cure. In case your diabetes is managed by medicine, you are entitled to free prescriptions and eye examinations.
    Sort 2 diabetes, together with coronary heart illness and most cancers, appears to be
    a curse of civilization, growing quickly in lots of industrialized nations,
    with identified cases rising by 100 percent or more in 18 states between 1995 and 2010, based
    on a latest research by the Centers for Illness Control and Prevention (CDC).
    So, bear with me as a result of prior knowledge of these basics will enable you to grasp the exercise and
    type 2 diabetes relationship much more. Earlier than your kind 1 diabetes is recognized
    and controlled correctly, you could develop hyperglycaemia.

    Individuals with diabetes are encouraged to discuss
    the advantages and downsides of this insulin supply system
    with their doctor. Though insulin is more prevalently used in cases of type 1 diabetes, it’s used to struggle each types.

    A baby from a family during which another close member of the family has the disease has a 12-fold increase in threat of developing sort 1 diabetes.
    They will typically use a method on two different days with a
    view to verify a diabetes analysis. For sure,
    you additionally must seek the advice of a health care provider for correct
    prognosis and therapy. Sanders stated that the association discovered between sugar-sweetened drinks
    and kind 2 diabetes within the research was quite a bit lower than the influence of obesity or lack of exercise.

    You’ll find a one-yr step-by-step plan for complete freshmen on Dr Colberg’s web
    site Diabetes Motion ( ). Merely put, diabetes is a metabolic illness that cause high
    blood sugar, attributable to a scarcity of insulin,
    or an over manufacturing of insulin, or the physique’s mismanagement of insulin. Within the new study,
    the researcher analyzed information from 549 aged adults within the Netherlands.

    The analysis was funded in part by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and
    Kidney Illness, the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Nationwide Institute of Youngster Well being and Human Growth and Merck Inc.
    If the level is near regular however low, the individual might need early
    Kind 1, Type 1.5, or long-term Type 2 with negligible
    insulin manufacturing. When we can control so
    lots of the elements that result in diseases like Type
    3 diabetes, we can turn out to be empowered. Diabetes is a
    condition the place there may be too much glucose (a
    sort of sugar) within the blood. In keeping with a examine printed in Annals of Internal Drugs, an increase in body
    mass index (BMI) over time is crucial issue
    contributing to the noticed improve in diabetes prevalence since
    1976. Insulin is a hormone that regulates blood sugar
    3. Hyperglycaemia, or raised blood sugar, is a common impact of uncontrolled diabetes and over
    time leads to critical harm to many of the physique’s methods,
    particularly the nerves and blood vessels three. Standard diabetes treatment has failed over the past 50 years partly due to its critically flawed dietary ideas.
    The American Diabetes Affiliation’s National Call Heart additionally presents live advice from eight:
    30 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST, Monday by way of Friday at 1-800-DIABETES or 1-800-342-2383.
    Diabetes is divided into classes, and every characterized by its own set of circumstances.
    Type 2 diabetes develops when the physique turns into desensitized to insulin , and the pancreas can’t produce sufficient insulin to
    compensate. Diabetes in remission simply means the physique does not present
    any signs of diabetes. You possibly can have sort 1 diabetes at any point that your pancreas
    completely ceases to supply insulin to control glucose ranges, though most individuals diagnosed with type 1 diabetes
    are often youngsters or younger adults. For the whole
    group, cardiovascular disease (CVD) was the commonest
    underlying cause of loss of life (45%), adopted by unnatural deaths (14%),
    respiratory causes (10%) and acute issues of diabetes (9%).
    Kimball has spoken publicly about his prognosis from the beginning, and he shares his every day journey as a young adult dwelling with Type 1 diabetes
    on his Twitter account at @RaceWithInsulin ( /racewithinsulin ).

    They use a health care provider to tug you in, but, the rationale why
    you’re still diabetic is as a result of most docs know little or no about
    nutrition and easy methods to treat diabetes with out using drugs!
    It’s endorsed that individuals aged 45 and older be tested for diabetes each three years.
    There are a number of diabetes scams on the market that
    promise the world however they do not ship. Prediabetes is a condition during
    which your blood sugar stage is higher than regular,
    however not excessive enough to be categorized as diabetes.
    In case your random blood glucose stage is 200 mg/dL or
    higher, then you’ve got diabetes. Many people with diabetes take medication like metformin to assist maintain their blood sugar in check.
    Diabetes is a illness through which the body produces inadequate or
    no amounts of the hormone insulin, which regulates sugar ranges within the blood.
    Their method, announced earlier this month in the educational journal Present Pharmaceutical Biotechnology , not only would have implications for Kind 1, formerly referred to as juvenile diabetes,
    but in addition could help deal with the way more widespread
    Kind 2 selection, also known as grownup-onset diabetes. Kind 1 diabetes can affect anyone, but is extra common in individuals underneath
    30 years and tends to start in childhood. Diabetes in kids is a 24-hour-a-day drawback
    that must be thought-about when a baby is attending school and taking part in extracurricular actions.
    Nevertheless, you need to seek the advice of a medical practitioner before adding this ingredient to your regular weight loss program.
    However, some youngsters as younger as seven are actually being recognized with kind 2 diabetes.
    Individuals with kind 1 diabetes profit from train, however they should take precautions to prevent
    sudden drops in blood glucose levels. If you’re
    uncertain your symptoms are diabetes or age associated,
    by all means ask your physician. The FPG take a look at just isn’t always dependable,
    so a repeat check is beneficial if the preliminary test
    suggests the presence of diabetes, or if the exams are normal in individuals who have symptoms
    or danger elements for diabetes. I used to be diabetes free for 5 years and now, have been diabetic for over 10 years.
    Whole sum diet : Food plan which is a mix of greens and fruits get a rich array of antioxidants comparable to
    vitamin C. Antioxidants prevents the oxidation and damage
    of artery walls, which in any other case can lead to plaque construct-up and coronary
    heart illness. The manufacturing of insulin from the beta cells begins to fail, and the
    level of blood sugar starts to rise above normal.
    So as to perceive what causes diabetes, it’s helpful to first perceive a
    bit of about how your body usually uses insulin. Because of
    this, individuals with type 1 diabetes have to commonly inject insulin as a way to stay alive.
    These might embody a podiatrist to verify your toes and an ophthalmologist to check your eyes for indicators of
    diabetes issues. Nonetheless, due to the progressive nature of diabetes, a pre-diabetes prognosis is a threat factor for type 2.

    Kind 1 diabetes is where the cells in the body that typically produce insulin have been destroyed,
    leaving the body unable to produce the key hormone.
    You have pre-diabetes when your blood sugars
    are above regular, but not so high as to fulfill the diagnostic standards
    for kind 2 diabetes. Even if a scientists found a treatment,
    there would be so many hoops to leap via that the treatment would be deemed not adequate from the FDA and different regulators which are influenced by the doctors that wish to keep their
    cash cow the way in which it is. The only
    factor that has made a difference in my sugar
    You must also comply with your advisable diabetes weight loss plan , exercise usually, handle your stress, and see your doctor recurrently for mandatory checkups.
    Soluble fiber therefore gives the double potential
    advantages of reducing cholesterol and presumably lowering development to diabetes.
    The ISPAD Uncommon Diabetes Collection is a
    central resource based mostly in Exeter in the UK which physicians can contact and supply clinical details on uncommon sorts of diabetes, in addition to depositing blood which might be stored as DNA.

    As an extra consideration, genetic predisposition to extended QTc interval prolongation is nicely recognised within the general community.
    In case you’re not cautious, the primary manner that a diabetes
    rip-off can harm you is financially. His morning sugar is still between 5.2 and 5.5 mmol/L (ninety four-ninety nine
    mg/dl) strolling once for forty five minutes each day on the treadmill and taking a one hundred carb gram per day
    food regimen. The vast majority of people with diabetes have
    type 2, which is related to being overweight. I need to say that with the time it is
    getting more durable and harder to maintain dreaming, as a result
    of everytime that a new discovery comes up where some researchers treatment t1D
    (in mice first but typically in humans as effectively),
    they say in 5-10 years will probably be out there to the public.
    Solely about 5% of people with diabetes have sort 1.
    It’s more frequent in whites than in African-Individuals.
    Medical care aims to minimise these dangers by controlling diabetes,
    blood pressure and cholesterol and screening for possible complications brought on by the diabetes.

    You may see the results of gastric banding versus medical treatment from the graph above.

    Laing SP, Swerdlow AJ, Slater SD, et al. The British Diabetic Affiliation Cohort Study, II:
    cause-specific mortality in sufferers with insulin-handled diabetes mellitus.
    These drugs can get your HbA1c down to 6.5% at greatest (which is effectively managed but still diabetic).
    Nevertheless, it wasn’t until 1970 that researchers finally successfully transplanted islets
    in mice; the primary successes in people with diabetes
    weren’t till twenty years later. For now, effectively-established threat elements akin to obesity , high blood pressure and lack of
    exercise needs to be thought of the first causes
    of Kind 2 diabetes, she mentioned.

    There are two important sorts of diabetes – sort 1 and sort 2.
    Kind 1 diabetes is an autoimmune condition the place the body’s immune
    cells attack the insulin-producing cells. According to the American Diabetes Affiliation, the following health components are associated to type 2 diabetes.
    When you eat unhealthy foods, fail to train, have certain situations that predispose
    you to the disease, and change into obese, this may tip the scales towards having type 2 diabetes.
    Some people with type 2 diabetes turn into dependent on dialysis remedies
    because of kidney failure. In kind 1 diabetes, the pancreas doesn’t produce any insulin, which causes the blood sugar
    (glucose) ranges in the physique to rise dangerously excessive.
    In comparison with adults with a wholesome weight, obese people are greater than seven occasions likelier to develop diabetes.
    A number of elements may cause kind 2 diabetes,
    akin to insulin resistance, heredity, being overweight or chubby, lack of physical activity, abnormal glucose production by the liver ,
    metabolic syndrome , problems with cell signaling, and beta cell
    dysfunction. Sure ethnic groups additionally are usually extra prone to
    developing kind 2 diabetes, including individuals of Native
    American, African American, Hispanic/Latino, or Asian/Pacific
    Island descent. The connection between the pancreas and
    diabetes was established when Minkowski performed a pancreatectomy in the canine in 1889.
    Within the Nineties – even before the invention of insulin – scientists knew that the
    pancreas played a task in diabetes. There are various
    various kinds of diabetes; the most typical are type 1 and type 2 diabetes which are coated in this article.
    Workers at your local Citizen’s Recommendation Bureau (CAB) can examine whether
    you’re getting the entire advantages you are entitled to.
    Both they and your diabetes specialist nurse should also
    have the ability to offer you recommendation about filling within the forms.
    Sort 2 diabetes could be handled with medication, and many individuals can reverse their condition by adopting a healthy
    life-style – a healthy diet and exercise. While this might shock many
    people, the answer to curing type 2 diabetes lies with killing
    the microbes and parasites contained in the organs because it is weak organs (weakened by the microbes and parasites) which
    might be causing the immune system to be weak or are attacking the organs immediately.
    So placing all of our eggs in the organic cure basket could be risky
    and mean no enchancment in the interim. In distinction, sort 2 diabetes is mostly diagnosed after the age of forty.
    When it happens in childhood, type 2 is most often diagnosed at puberty, says Briars.
    There’s a growing want to recognize this serious issue, particularly since most cases of diabetes may be prevented through weight reduction and other lifestyle modifications,
    ” said lead author, Elizabeth Selvin, PhD, MPH, an Associate Professor on the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Well being.
    Type 2 diabetes is a critical situation that results
    when the body can’t adequately store glucose (sugar) in cells.

  29. The fiber in the brown rice allows the human body to absorb it at the proper speed, and use the fiber to feed the microbiome at the same time. White rice is not that old a creation, is is a processed food like white flour, do not eat either except for cheating episodes.

    Asians were eating way better than Europeans for centuries so they may have genetics which won’t show up at the levels of Europeans and North Americans until a few more generations of eating white rice and other processed foods which have only been eaten in Asia for a short time. They also have a way wider variety of fruits and vegetables in the Asian climate compared to Europeans and North Americans so just that fact alone may be a large factor in their health being better in large numbers.

    I notice a difference when I make my tomato, parsley, hot pepper, potato, lentil, brown rice, onions and garlic stew compared to when I use white rice instead. I get way more pain in my GI tract with white rice, no doubt due to zero fiber in white rice. All you have to do is cook it differently, you make it in stews instead of how white rice is eaten as a bed, brown rice doesn’t taste good that way like people like white rice that way, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find other ways to eat brown rice like my stew method, where it becomes soft and thickens the stew mix. Also if you cheat on white rice eat it at like 6pm after work or you will have a crash from it from the speed it enters then exits your blood like a sugar high – crash. So you want to time that so it crashes at your bedtime, don’t eat it at breakfast or lunch or you will crash before work ends.

    1. Hi Asher,

      I am a volunteer for Dr. Greger. Thank you so much for your question!

      The best types of pasta are any that come from whole plant foods. 100% whole wheat pasta, soba noodles (as long as they only contain 100% whole grain buckwheat), and even some legume pastas such as edamame, chickpea, or lentil pastas.

      However, it is also best for us to consume our grains intact as much as possible. Intact, meaning that you can actually see the individual grains, like you can with quinoa, oat groats, brown rice, etc.

      The reason for this is that when we blend these grains into flours (that are in whole wheat bread or whole wheat pasta), we are making the food so easy to absorb that it doesn’t leave as much nutrition for our gut bacteria to eat. We absorb so much of it that our blood sugar spikes too much. Here’s a video that explains this concept: https://nutritionfacts.org/video/are-green-smoothies-bad-for-you/

      Overall, stick to foods that are both whole grain and intact as often as possible.

      I hope this helps answer your question!

  30. The (insert unfairly maligned carb) is your friend unless you’re eating animals with it.

    Think this message needs front and center attention: it’s one of the more fascinating bits of nutrition science that helped prove to me that animals and their secretions aren’t a part of a natural human diet.

    thank you Doctor Greger!

  31. Potatoes are a major food source throughout the world, and consumers are becoming increasingly aware of flavor as an important quality attribute. Perceived flavor is a combination of taste and aroma. The volatile compounds responsible for aroma are numerous in cooked potato and vary in type and quantity depending on the potato cultivar, tuber production and storage systems, and cooking method. Several methods of chemical analysis have been used to identify those metabolites key to good potato flavor, and progress has been made by combining the power of sensory panels and metabolomic and molecular analyses. Yet the metabolite signature responsible for imparting the unique flavor of cooked potato is still being determined. In this chapter we review these topics, particularly in the context of sensory perception of potato flavor.

    Tio Sienes (1994) as described by Tio in one of his timely articles dating back a few years ago, mashed potatoes is a type of healing food. He elaborated thoroughly, explaining that due to the antacids and copious amounts of elements and substance that were mixed in together, this has created the aforementioned feeling. That of which has made an unparalleled amount of the population not only fond of the delicacy, but also indebted to its homey and irreplaceable taste.

    Done by Matthew Hearly

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