Get a How Not to Die Cookbook Calendar & CME Credits


Today is Giving Tuesday, kicking off the charitable season with a celebration of giving and philanthropy. To commemorate it this year, we’re offering a limited edition 2018 How Not to Die Cookbook Recipe Calendar, with each month featuring a 100% Green-Light recipe found in my new How Not to Die cookbook (available for pre-order here). The first 200 people to donate $100 or more to keep the 501c3 nonprofit thriving will get a calendar in time for the new year. Note: You must use this form in order to receive a calendar.


My CME Course Now Available!

It has long been a dream of mine to enable physicians to get Continuing Medical Education credits (which they need to remain licensed) for studying my work. Well, I’m so proud to announce that the American College of Lifestyle Medicine has come through for us. (Not a member? Join now!) A version of my research webinar is being offered for credit (“How to Be an Evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine Clinician”), along with a CME accredited version of the landmark documentary Forks Over Knives. I’m so honored to have among the first courses offered by ACLM, and I look forward to contributing a whole series of CME seminars. Visit for details. Additional courses are scheduled to be unveiled on a continual basis throughout the coming year—I can’t wait!


The How Not to Die Cookbook

Did you see my cooking video concocting my new favorite beverage? If you missed it you can check it out here. There was such an overwhelmingly positive response I’m going to do another one—this time on my new favorite dessert! Stay tuned.

I’ve just been bowled over by the response to the cookbook. The day pre-orders went live it rocketed up to the #7 best-selling book on Amazon! If you are going to use Amazon to order the cookbook or any other holiday gifts, consider using Amazon smile to support With your help, hopefully we’ll hit the New York Times Bestsellers list again!

As always all the proceeds I get from the sales of all my books go to charity. I just want you and your family to be as informed and healthy as you can possibly be.


Cookbook in German, Polish, and Dutch

The first three countries to snatch up the How Not to Die Cookbook were Germany, Poland, and Holland. Hopefully it will also be picked up in the other 18 languages How Not to Die was published in, including Spanish. (The English language version of How Not to Die just went into its 17th printing!) In the meanwhile, don’t forget to share our new Spanish-language site with those who may be interested. Folks can sign up here to receive Spanish-language updates.


Cannabis Webinar Videos Available

Did you miss my recent webinar on the latest science of cannabis?

You can order a download of all the videos here to catch up.





My How Not to Die PBS Special

My PBS special is rolling out across the country for their year-end pledge drives. To see if it’s playing in your area, go here and find your local station then click schedule and search for How Not to Die. Here are a few cities where I’ll actually be there live in-person:

  • Monday, November 27th – CPTV in Connecticut 7pm
  • Tuesday, November 28th – GPB in Georgia 7pm
  • Wednesday, November 29th – Charlotte, NC  4pm
  • Saturday, December 2nd – AETN in Arkansas 4pm
  • Wednesday, December 6th – PBS SoCal in Los Angeles, CA 7pm
  • Thursday, December 7th – WKNO in Memphis 7pm


Live Q&A November 30th

Every month now I do Q&As live from my treadmill, and Thursday, November 30th is the day.

  • Facebook Live: At 12:00 p.m. ET Thursday, November 30th, go to our Facebook page to watch live and ask questions.
  • YouTube Live Stream: At 1:00 p.m. ET Thursday, November 30th go here to watch live and ask even more questions! 

You can catch all of my past live YouTube Q&As here and Faceboook Q&As here. If that’s not enough, remember I have an audio podcast to keep you company at

In health,

Michael Greger, M.D.

PS: If you haven’t yet, you can subscribe to my free videos here and watch my live, year-in-review presentations:



Michael Greger M.D., FACLM

Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM, is a physician, New York Times bestselling author, and internationally recognized professional speaker on a number of important public health issues. Dr. Greger has lectured at the Conference on World Affairs, the National Institutes of Health, and the International Bird Flu Summit, testified before Congress, appeared on The Dr. Oz Show and The Colbert Report, and was invited as an expert witness in defense of Oprah Winfrey at the infamous "meat defamation" trial.

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  1. I’m a layperson not a physician, but the CME course is great news. My doctor asks me questions every time I see her (How did you…? stuff. Lower your LDL so much? Lose so much weight?). I’m not the right person to get answers from, certainly not during a brief office visit. It would be great to point her at something accredited

  2. They aired the “How Not to Die” PBS special in my area last night. I recorded it on my DVR, but haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. I’ll be having a family get-together and watch it all together soon! There are still some hold-outs in giving up the SAD diet in my family :-( Thanks for all you do Dr Greger.

    1. Hi Deb, thank you for your interest in the calendar! It was only available for a short time and is sold out, though.

  3. Maybe someone can help me with the following question. This article states that the How not to die cookbook also can be purchased in Dutch [holland], or am I misreading that? English isn’t my first language. Or does it mean that you can buy it in holland?
    And yes you can buy it in Holland, but I havent seen it in dutch. Just like the original how not die book is not availlable in dutch.
    My english is oke, but we use the metric system…..

      1. Thank you! The isbn number is very helpfull for me to make sure I get the version that uses the metric system.

        I will follow the information on this site to know if and when te dutch version arrives!

        In the mean time I can cook nice and practice my English;]

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