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My new book, How to Survive a Pandemic, is out now!

How to Survive a Pandemic is now out! Note: if you checked on Amazon and noticed the Kindle and paperback versions were not available before, they are now! Join my email list to receive the preface of the book for free. 

I have a feeling many think How Not to Die is my first book, but it’s actually my 4th. Before I started and switched to working on chronic disease, I had a career as Public Health Director at HSUS in Washington, DC specializing in emerging infectious disease. It was in that role that I was invited to defend Oprah, appeared on the Colbert Report, lectured at NIH and the Conference on World Affairs, and got to testify before Congress.

With my How Not to Diet book tour suspended, the COVID-19 crisis allowed me an opportunity to draw on my past expertise to fast-track this new book. 

If you haven’t seen it yet, we’ve put up a resource page all about COVID-19 with videos, links to my pandemic blog post and special Q&A sessions, a DIY hand sanitizer recipe, and more. Check it out here. And I’ve been doing a bunch of interviews lately, notably one with Moby and Joaquin Phoenix that you can watch here, as well as an article from Vox

New webinar – June 26

B12_recommendation_webinar_promotional_IGOn June 26th I’m going to be doing a 1.5-hour live webinar to explain the rationale for my new vitamin B12 recommendations and answer any questions you may have. I’ll start out with a discussion of the symptoms of B12 deficiency and then explain how I arrived at what I consider the optimal dose of vitamin B12 supplements in children, adults, the elderly, and during pregnancy. I’ll clarify why cyanocobalamin (not methylcobalamin) is the best type of vitamin B12 supplement and address the data suggesting B12 supplements cause acne, bone fractures, and lung cancer. I’ll also cover the healthiest food sources of B12 for those that don’t want to take supplements. I hope you’ll join me!

Register by making a donation of any amount through this form.

Registration ends: June 19
Webinar date & time: June 26, 2:00-3:30pm ET


Top 3 Videos of the Month 


COVID Q&A Thumbnail

COVID-19 Live Q&A

Replay of my COVID-19 Q&A last month.



Benefits of Quinoa for Lowering TriglyceridesBenefits of Quinoa for Lowering Triglycerides

How does the nutrition and health benefits of quinoa compare to whole grains, and does it aid in lowering triglycerides?


The Role of Processed Foods in the Obesity EpidemicThe Role of Processed Foods in the Obesity Epidemic

The rise in the U.S. calorie supply responsible for national weight gain and the obesity epidemic wasn’t just about more food, but a different kind of food – processed food.


Live Q&As May 28

Live Q&AEvery month now I do Q&As live from my treadmill, and Thursday, May 28 is the day.

  • Facebook Live: At 12:00 p.m. ET go to our Facebook page to watch live and ask questions.
  • YouTube Live Stream: At 1:00 p.m. ET go here to watch live and ask even more questions! 

You can now find links to all of my past live Q&As right here on If that’s not enough, remember I have an audio podcast to keep you company at


In health,
Michael Greger, M.D.

PS: If you haven’t yet, you can subscribe to my free videos here and watch my live, year-in-review presentations:


Michael Greger M.D., FACLM

Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM, is a physician, New York Times bestselling author, and internationally recognized professional speaker on a number of important public health issues. Dr. Greger has lectured at the Conference on World Affairs, the National Institutes of Health, and the International Bird Flu Summit, testified before Congress, appeared on The Dr. Oz Show and The Colbert Report, and was invited as an expert witness in defense of Oprah Winfrey at the infamous "meat defamation" trial.

26 responses to “My new book, How to Survive a Pandemic, is out now!

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    1. Hi Denise,

      Thank you for your interest. You can find the table of contents listed below.


      Master of Metamorphosis
      Playing Chicken
      Worse Than 1918?
      When, Not If

      The Third Age
      Livestock Revolution
      Tracing the Flight Path
      One Flu Over the Chicken’s Nest
      Coming Home to Roost
      Guarding the Henhouse

      Cooping Up Bird Flu
      Race Against Time
      Lessons Unlearned

      Pumping the Brakes
      Treating and Avoiding COVID-19
      How COVID-19 Ends

      Our Health in Our Hands
      Be Prepared
      Pandemic Flu Planning Checklist

      Reining in the Pale Horse


      1. Smile at the “Reining in the Pale Horse”

        Dr. Greger is preciously ambitious.

        I love it.

        I am so glad he wrote another book rather than putting up family struggling to self-isolate during the pandemic YouTube videos.

  1. Fantastic! Bought it, loaded it, reading it now. First page and I was in tears. Thank you Dr. Greger and everyone on your team for putting this out and at light speed.

    1. Ren,

      I just started tearing up from you typing the word tears.

      I just found out that someone I went to high school with died this weekend.

      Life is precious and short.

      All life.

  2. Crossed the 100,000 confirmed deaths from this in the USA this morning.

    We will be crossing the 350,000 confirmed deaths worldwide today.

    1. I can beat that: Every 10 seconds, another 300,000 anamals are deliberately and uneccessarily killed by humans.

      2.7 trillion animals in total every year – including 69 Billion mammals and 100 million sharks.
      Over hlaf of thise killed will be thrown away, not used as food or product, just discarded.

      While most people are more than happy to causally reap the lives of trillions of other sentient beings, they are not happy with the consequences brought unto themselves.

      How ironic that people live in fear of the life they create for themselves.

  3. You immediately made me more interested in the 1890’s and the backdrop of my great-grandmother’s life.

    I was already looking at that time period for the drought and food shortage. I have been mentally making a chart of how many years of her life were during food shortages – and then, I am adding in the years before electricity and refrigeration and running water.

    This pandemic has already exposed the reality that 30% to 40% of many Native American tribes don’t have running water and in Peru, close to that number of people don’t have refrigerators.

    A Tale of Two Countries is the USA. My family has that divide. We have elitist, better than other people wealthy people and, I try to say that nicely, but they really do believe it. They worked hard to be better than everybody else and believe they are. My mother fiercely had the opposite way of looking at things. She would point to every homeless person and point out why I should care and I do. My father would make fun of them and he is the one who is going to have a life of leisure and he is the one who will have the “finishes” in his house and who will go into houses of people who can throw $100,000 parties and who can give away tens of millions of dollars, as long as it is not for enabling the poor people. I sit between the groups as the resident enabler. Mother Teresa and my mother and the Bible saying over and over and over again to care about the poor and help them has caused me to care so much.

    And here we are and the elderly and obese people and racial groups were not important enough to try harder to save their lives this pandemic or pre-the-pandemic. We teach ourselves not to care and we believe the message.

    They would have died anyway.

    Well, my cousin has decided to go home. He feels safer there.

    Dodged another COVID-19 bullet in my family.

  4. I have been thinking a lot about the Stanford guy and Dr. Popper’s presentation versus coming from the perspective of someone who is surrounded by people with comorbidities.

    I do know that society needed to open because of economic hardship and I come from the small business community perspective and we aren’t wealthy and I was trying to contact another “three generations, in business for over 50 years award-winning” company today and they are out of business.

    I just know that no country on earth started with how to protect the vulnerable.

    It needed to be higher on the priority list than money and we are almost getting there now, maybe. Probably not.

    1. ab,

      I think when you say, “plant-based” yes, honey would be included, but it is not “vegan” to make the distinction clear.

      Most doctors say to not overdo even natural sugar.

        1. “Bee pollen is a valuable apitherapeutic product greatly appreciated by the natural medicine because of its potential medical and nutritional applications. It demonstrates a series of actions such as antifungal, antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective, anticancer immunostimulating, and local analgesic. Its radical scavenging potential has also been reported. Beneficial properties of bee pollen and the validity for their therapeutic use in various pathological condition have been discussed in this study and with the currently known mechanisms, by which bee pollen modulates burn wound healing process.”

          Bee Pollen: Chemical Composition and Therapeutic Application

  5. Excellent webinar.

    4 hours packed-full of tidbits.

    I am going to disagree about the ease of asking questions in the regular Q&A’s versus the Webinars.

    I always can get even a few questions answered in every Webinar and have never been able to get even one answered in the monthly Q&A’s.

    Maybe because the moderators are combining the questions?

    Anyway, I just wanted to say, “Thank you for your excellent work.”

    As usual.

    I had looked at so many of those studies on my own, but it really does help hearing your take on the topics.

    It doubly helps me because hearing you analyzing the information, I know that I am researching the right topics and it helps me to understand if I am learning or not.

  6. We have just found out with lots of tests that my 19year old daughter has no immune system.
    She is vegan and has been for years like us(that has saved her from being very sick)
    How do we go about rebuilding her immune system (the medical advise is lost of immune therapy) is that advisable?
    We live in South Africa and no a lot of specialists available… especially at this time.
    Thank you

  7. The premise of your question is unfounded. If your daughter did not have an immune system then she would not be alive regardless of what she eats. Without proper diagnosis by the appropriate doctor, not much can be done as we can’t diagnose and treat diseases on this forum, and there is no such thing as “rebuilding the immune system”. If she does have a disease of her immune system, you might try to find an allergist/immunologist to diagnose and treat her. Also, please keep in mind that many vegan diets are very unhealthy. Dr. G promotes a Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) diet which is a vegan diet, but not all vegan diets are WFPB.

    1. Hi Greta,

      Please submit your question through the green support button on the bottom right side of the page, and someone will be able to help you!

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