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Preorder the How Not to Diet Cookbook & Get a Signed Bookplate!

I’m thrilled to announce that The How Not to Diet Cookbook is now available for preorder for everyone on your holiday gift list! If you have my first one, The How Not to Die Cookbook, you’ll recognize the one-and-only Robin Robertson joined me again to develop over 100 whole food, plant-based recipes inspired by cuisines around the world. Here’s a tiny sample of what’s in my new cookbook: 

  • Red Bean and Butternut Caldo Verde
  • Thai Green Papaya Salad
  • Zucchini Linguini with Mushroom-Lentil Bolongese
  • Jicama Nachos
  • Black Forest Chia Pudding

Not only is every recipe health-promoting, but every ingredient of every recipe is healthful. All recipes are composed of 100% Green-Light ingredients. But how do you make things sweet without sugar? Salty without salt? Those were some of the challenges that made creating the cookbook so much fun!

Specific to the 21 Tweaks for evidence-based weight loss I detailed in How Not to Diet, recipes include the foods that act as fat blockers and fat burners, and starch blockers and appetite suppressants, such as black cumin, vinegar, and my prebiotic BROL mixture. The recipes that meet my “negative calorie” preloading criteria are clearly marked. If you haven’t read How Not to Diet yet, grab a copy from your local library or wherever you buy or borrow your books.

Preorder your copy of my new cookbook today, and books will be arriving December 8, just in time for the holidays and your New Year, New You resolutions.

Get a Signed Bookplate
For a limited time, donate any amount to using this form to receive a signed bookplate to put in your copy as a thank you gift. The bookplates also make a great keepsake for any of your copies of How Not to Diet, How Not to Die, or The How Not to Die Cookbook. All proceeds go to keeping the 501(c)3 nonprofit organization NutritionFacts growing and going. Donate today since this form will only be up until my hand cramps up. :)


Videos on Plant-Based Meats Available for Download

Thank you to everyone who joined my recent webinar, The Human Health Implications of Plant-Based and Cultivated Meat for Pandemic Prevention and Climate Mitigation. The high-quality digital download of the videos from that webinar is now available on These videos will eventually be on for free, but if you don’t want to wait, you can get them right now.





New Comment Platform Coming Soon

Green-Speech-BubbleLongtime users of will be familiar with this change – we are returning to Disqus for the comments on the website. This will allow us to have more features that many of you have been requesting. You will be able to log in via, using your social media, or you can create and reply to comments without logging in at all. It also means that we will be saying goodbye to the user logins on, so if you have any videos saved to your “favorites,” now is the time to save those links on your computer before the function goes away. These changes will be rolling out in the next few weeks. 

Just Ask Alexa!  

Wellian-Dr.GregerA company called Wellian has developed an Alexa app that lets you tap into’s information straight from your Alexa device. Simply subscribe, activate the app, and ask questions like “What causes heart disease?” or “How to improve my immune system?” Learn more about Wellian with Alexa. I can’t wait to try it! 




Doctor and Dietitian Q&A

Join me for another live Instagram Q&A with one of my favorite dietitians and dearest friends, Julieanna Hever.
Head over to the Instagram page on 9/18 at 3pm ET to get the answers to your health and nutrition questions.





Top 3 Videos of the Month

Do Vegetarians Really Have Higher Stroke Risk?


Do Vegetarians Really Have Higher Stroke Risk?

The first study in history on the incidence of stroke of vegetarians and vegans suggests they may be at higher risk.



Vegetarians and Stroke Risk Factors—Vitamin B12 & Homocysteine?


Vegetarians and Stroke Risk Factors—B12 & Homocysteine?

Not taking B12 supplements or regularly eating B12 fortified foods may explain the higher stroke risk found among vegetarians.



Flashback Friday: Coconut Oil and Abdominal Fat

What does a review of the evidence on the effects of coconut oil on weight loss and belly fat find?




Live Q&A on Sept 24

Every month I do a live Q&A from my treadmill, and this month Sept 24 is the day.

Join on our Facebook page or YouTube channel at 3pm ET.  I’ll be streaming to both at the same time!

You can now find links to all of my past live Q&As here on If that’s not enough, remember I have an audio podcast to keep you company at



In health,
Michael Greger, M.D.

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  1. I’ve been looking for cookbooks with recipes for whole plant foods that are Easy, Simple, and Quick to prepare. Most of the (few) cookbooks to date don’t even come close. I wonder if this new cookbook meets these criteria?

    Because I know many people who would like to eat whole plant foods, but are stymied by the recipes available; they are not well trained or experienced in cooking, and often they’re tired from working a full day, with kids or other relatives to care for, and would like to prepare meals that are fairly Easy, Simple, and Quick. Many folks have small kitchens, or limited kitchen equipment.

    I realize the cooking — and cleaning up afterward, which includes dishwashing — is considered light to moderate exercise, but not everyone wants to exercise so much right before dinner, especially not when tired and hungry.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for this type of cookbook? Or cooking?

  2. The cookbook is coming!

    Wow, and changes to the comments section!

    And, wow, that is so exciting about Alexa being used that way.

    Yesterday, at the grocery store, 2 people asked me about Plant-Based products.

    The cashier was so interested in the topic of going off of animal products and the person behind me in line got into the discussion.

    Yes, knowing about transition foods has direct benefits.

    Yesterday, I took a few bags of frozen vegetables and added them to a soup broth and added in some potatoes and seitan and it was quick and microwavable and that is still how I cook right now, but I like looking at recipes.

    1. Deb,

      That seems like a fine way to cook to me.

      Ask the Greger question: “Now, how can I make this meal/dish a bit better?” And maybe add a can of beans. Some cooked whole grains. (I’ve seen them available in boxes at the store.) etc.

  3. Oh great a new book!

    I can hardly wait to buy the book. Everyone in my family likes to read Dr. Greger’s books, but only I can read & understand them in English.

    Hence my question:

    When will the “How Not To Diet Cookbook” & the “How To Survive A Pandemic” book be released in German language? If someone knows something or can give me a hint how I could find out, I would be very grateful!

    Best regards!

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