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Risks vs. Benefits of Colonoscopies

Though colonoscopies can cause serious harm in about 1 in every 350 cases, sigmoidoscopies, procedures that use shorter and smaller scopes, have ten times fewer […]

How to Ease the Pain of Colonoscopy

Peppermint was not “officially” discovered until 1696, but we’ve probably been using it for thousands of years. After-dinner mints are used to reduce the “gastrocolic […]

What are other approaches to rectal health beyond colonoscopies?

I highly recommend taking a look at Dr. Greger’s two videos on colonoscopies. The videos are very short. The videos reference the source studies, which you can see by clicking the ‘Sources Cited’ buttons to the right of the video if you are interested.

Why did the FDA remove restrictions on cholesterol?

I recommend you take a look at this article which explains how the Dietary Guidelines Committee got to their initial conclusion (which was later reversed). Very important details. As they say, the devil is in the details.

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