New DVD to Help Resolute Your Resolutions

The current batch of videos from volume 11 on are set to run out soon here on, so starting mid-month and running through April I’ll be rolling out the videos from this new DVD, volume 12. The DVDs give folks the opportunity to sneak-preview videos months ahead of time, watch them all straight through, and share as gifts, but there’s nothing on the DVDs that won’t eventually end up online free here at

The Latest in Clinical Nutrition volume 12 DVD is available now with all proceeds going to keep operational. If you’re in need of catching up, I’ve packaged the first ten volumes into a 12-disc DVD set.

Here’s the list of chapters off the new volume 12 DVD —a preview of what’s to come here on

  1. Fibromyalgia vs. Vegetarian & Raw Vegan Diets
  2. Fibromyalgia vs. Mostly Vegetarian & Mostly Raw Diets
  3. Estrogenic Cooked Meat Carcinogens
  4. PhIP: The Three Strikes Breast Carcinogen
  5. Reducing Cancer Risk in Meat-eaters
  6. Heterocyclic Amines in Eggs, Cheese, and Creatine?
  7. Cancer, Interrupted: Green Tea
  8. Cancer, Interrupted: Garlic & Flavonoids
  9. Prolonged Liver Function Enhancement from Broccoli
  10. Meat Fumes: Dietary Secondhand Smoke
  11. Plant-Based Diets: Oral Health
  12. Plant-Based Diets: Dental Health
  13. Does Coconut Oil Cure Alzheimer’s?
  14. Does Coconut Oil Clog Arteries?
  15. Is Vitamin D3 Better than D2?
  16. Are Cats or Dogs More Protective for Children’s Health?
  17. Can Gargling Prevent the Common Cold?
  18. Titanium Dioxide & Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  19. Protein, Puberty, and Pollutants
  20. Clinical Studies on Acai Berries
  21. Preventing Parkinson’s Disease with Diet
  22. Treating Parkinson’s Disease with Diet
  23. Herbal Tea Update: Hibiscus
  24. Eggs vs. Cigarettes in Atherosclerosis
  25. Dried Apples, Dates, Figs, or Prunes for Cholesterol?
  26. Prunes vs. Metamucil for Constipation
  27. Do Fruit & Nut Bars Cause Weight Gain?
  28. Raisins vs. Jelly Beans for Athletic Performance
  29. Salmonella in Chicken and Turkey: Deadly but Legal
  30. Flaxseed vs. Prostate Cancer
  31. Was It the Flaxseed, Fat Restriction, or Both?
  32. Flaxseed vs. Diabetes
  33. Flaxseeds for Sensitive Skin
  34. Fiber vs. Breast Cancer
  35. Flaxseeds & Breast Cancer Prevention
  36. Flaxseeds & Breast Cancer Survival: Epidemiological Evidence
  37. Flaxseeds & Breast Cancer Survival: Clinical Evidence
  38. The McGovern Report

Order the new DVD on my website or through Amazon.

January 1st marked the 500th day of his website’s existence. My heartfelt gratitude to all those who joined in the outpouring of support to keep up and running. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to raise enough to keep the site going at full capacity, which is why this is the first day since started that there is no video-of-the-day.

In 2013, new videos will only appear every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday — but I’m going to start writing two blog posts a week, on Tuesday and Thursday, so if you’re subscribed to daily video and news updates you’ll still be able to enjoy new content every day.

Hopefully we’ll be able to raise enough funds this year that I can get back to a daily video schedule. All of my time is donated, but each video can entail charges for things like article and image licensing costs. If you value, you can contribute to our 501c3 nonprofit charity with a credit card, through a direct Paypal link, or by sending a check to “” P.O. Box 11400 Takoma Park, MD 20913. You can now even involve the whole family at your child’s next birthday party through ECHOage — check it out!

Thanks again to all our wonderful supporters and may everyone have a happy and healthy new year.

-Michael Greger, M.D.

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