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The good news: I’m writing a cookbook.

When I set out to write How Not to Die I wanted to create more than just a reference book. Yes, I tried to pull together all of the most compelling evidence on the role diet can play in preventing and reversing disease, but I also sought to make it a practical guide for translating those thousands of studies into an actionable guide to day-to-day healthy living. That became the second half of the book, in which I centered my recommendations around a daily dozen checklist of foods I try to fit into my own daily routine.

The response to the Daily Dozen has been tremendous! While I offered some thoughts on ways to incorporate things like turmeric or flax seeds into your diet, we’ve been getting flooded with requests for more recipes. The science is there, but how can you make anything taste good without adding salt, oil, or sugar? So I’m excited to announce my plans for a companion How Not to Die Cookbook (all my proceeds, as always, go to charity).

The bad news: Given all the recipe testing and food photography, it’s not going to be out until December 2017, more than a year away.

But in the meantime, there is great news: a new tech startup called Lighter has created meal plans based on recipes they developed to fit my specifications

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You can also follow the culinary stylings of other leaders in the evidence-based nutrition movement like Dr. Neal Barnard and Julieanna Hever (or anyone from ultramarathoners to NFL athletes). I was honored to be among the first invited to aid in furthering their mission to help the world eat better. “Everyone,” reads one of their mottos, “deserves nourishing, delicious meals.”

Another Freebie

Vegworld Magazine, run by the Texas power duo featured in the documentary The Marshall Plan, has generously offered free one-year subscriptions to all subscribers.

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Thanks to the tremendous influx of support this year, we have doubled our operations staff. Read more about all the new hires on our About page. Kristina, for example—our Registered Dietitian turned Social Media Director—has increased our Instagram followers nearly 15% in just three weeks. Check it out!

Kate and Steven were hired to help coordinate our ever-growing army of volunteers, the lifeblood of We are launching a special email newsletter to keep current volunteers up to date, as well as relay new volunteer opportunities and quick, simple things anyone anywhere can do to support our mission.

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Currently, our most urgent need is for volunteers with university or hospital library access who can help us retrieve scientific studies. Right now, our article retrieval team is pulling about 700 papers a week, but to feed the voracious appetite of our 19 researchers we really need to get up to around 2,000 a week. So if you are affiliated with an institution with electronic access to medical journals please consider pitching in.

In health,

Michael Greger, M.D.

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