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Dr. Greger pictured with his new book

I’m thrilled to announce that preorders are now open for How Not to Age, my new book coming out in December after three years in the making. There was so much juicy research on the many aspects of aging and longevity—more than 13,000 citations’ worth!—that I couldn’t even fit it all in. So, throughout the book, you will find links to special videos I made just for How Not to Age to provide you with even more life-changing, life-saving information.

Preorders are available now. If you plan to buy How Not to Age, please do me the favor of preordering. All preorders count towards first week sales, which factor into the New York Times Best Sellers list calculations. So, the more preorders How Not to Age receives, the more likely it will make the list, which could help expose millions to the message of healthy eating. In fact, the book lands on December 5—perfect timing for holiday gifts for everyone in your life you want to live long and healthy lives! Please consider getting some of your holiday shopping done early by ordering a whole stack of them! 

Preorder and Immediately Receive a Chapter

We are also offering a gift! Everyone who preorders a copy of How Not to Age can immediately receive the Preserving Your Bones chapter from the book. After you place your order, enter your order number on this page to receive your free chapter. Be among the first to get this sneak peek into the book by preordering now. 

As always, all proceeds I receive from all of my books are donated directly to charity. 

P.S. In a few weeks I will be announcing an upcoming webinar where I will share my brand-new How Not to Age presentation before opening it up for questions. Keep your eyes out for that email at the end of September.

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