How can I avoid the top 10 leading causes of death?

Top Causes of Death in the US

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Ok, Alzheimer’s is the sixth. I want to know all the top 10. Someone told me no tobacco, no alcohol, no animal products and regular workout is enough to avoid the top 10. Is that true?

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If you click on the Sources Cited section under the video you can read the latest CDC report on top causes of death in the United States. The top 10 are 1) heart disease, 2) cancer, 3) COPD, 4) stroke, 5) accidents, 6) Alzheimer’s, 7) diabetes, 8) pneumonia, 9) kidney disease, and 10) suicide. So being a nonsmoker who exercises and eats a plant based diet would certainly dramatically reduce your risk of the majority of these, but you’d still be advised to wear your seat belt, bike helmet, check your smoke detector, etc.

In my 2012 summary presentation Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death I actually go through the top 16 leading causes of death in the United States and discuss the role diet can play in preventing treating and even reversing our top killers. If you find it useful please help me spread the word of dietary sanity by sharing it within your circles.

Image Credit: paparutzi / Flickr

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