Vegan Pregnancy, Infancy, and Childhood

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Any resources for vegan pregnancy, infancy, and childhood?

I feel our family has a healthy and complete diet (in no small part thanks to you!) but do you have any specific recommendations or guidelines for those who would like to follow a vegan diet through pregnancy, infancy and childhood? Is the most important thing (apart from healthy, whole foods) kid-friendly B12 and DHA, and probably D?

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There are two great new resources for those who want to raise their families on plant-based diets: one by Reed Mangels and one by Jack Norris and Ginny Messina. Ask for them at your local library.

Image credit: cscott2006 / Flickr


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  1. I adopted a vegan diet about 8 months ago for my holistic cancer-slaying journey. I am not planning to be pregnant again, but I do have young children. Some of my children opted to follow my eating plan and others, including my husband, opted to continue with the meat and potatoes diet. I did so much research and found this website to be most helpful when asking questions, especially where young children and teens are concerned.

    There are plenty of FaceBook groups that will welcome and assist you as well.

    1. Judi: Best of luck with your cancer-slaying journey. (I like how you put that!) It’s hard when you know something is healthy and not all of your loved ones follow suit. But you will be a role model for all of them. I agree that VRG is a great resource for learning about how to feed kids in a healthy way.

      Thanks for your post. I think parents of young children really need this kind of advice. Good luck!

  2. I currently am about 3 months pregnant and have recently started eating a more plant based diet. I do eat some animal products once in a while but not on a regular basis. How do I make sure I am getting enough b12? I take a prenatal vitamin with 2.5mcg of b12 but am wondering if i should also take a b12 supplement. If so, how much? I am concerned about getting too much b12 as I do not want to harm my baby. I will also ask my doctor but am not sure if he will know which is why I am asking on this website. Thanks!

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