More than 95% of Americans do not follow the already lax U.S. dietary guidelines. Obesity is associated with serious health problems including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Eating a plant-based diet appears to help with weight management by upregulating metabolism or altering gut flora and may also be safer and healthier than relying on drugs and surgery. Those trying to maintain a healthy weight may want to avoid eating chicken (see also here), fish, fish oil, dairy (see also here), and meats (see also here, here, and here). Foods that may help include beans, Indian gooseberries, broccoli, nuts (see here and here), soy, and green tea.

Dr. Greger covers obesity in his full-length presentation, Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death, where he explores the role diet may play in preventing, treating, and even reversing our top 15 killers.

Topic summary contributed by Elizabeth Stolle.
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Watch videos about obesity

  • Bowels of the Earth
    Bowels of the Earth
    Which country has the largest (and smallest) average stool size.
  • Convergence of Evidence
    Convergence of Evidence
    Profile of an editorial published by Dr. Dean Ornish in the American Journal of Cardiology describing the optimal diet and how simple choices can be as powerful as drugs and surgery.
  • Is Peanut Butter Good for You?
    Is Peanut Butter Good for You?
    An update on the healthfulness of nut consumption and whether the cardiovascular benefits extend to peanut butter.
  • Obesity-Causing Pollutants in Food
    Obesity-Causing Pollutants in Food
    Chemical obesogens in the food supply may be contributing to the obesity epidemic.
  • Is Distilled Fish Oil Toxin-Free?
    Is Distilled Fish Oil Toxin-Free?
    Researchers test molecularly distilled fish oil supplements for industrial pollutants.
  • Boosting Sex-Hormone Binding
    Boosting Sex-Hormone Binding
    The benefits of a plant-based diet for diabetes prevention appear to extend beyond weight loss.
  • Gut Flora & Obesity
    Gut Flora & Obesity
    How one may be able to modify one's own gut flora to facilitate weight loss.
  • Does Eating Obesity Cause Obesity?
    Does Eating Obesity Cause Obesity?
    The implications of chicken now having ten times more fat and calories.
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