Amla vs. Diabetes

Amla vs. Diabetes
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For a dollar a month, Indian gooseberry (amla) powder may work as well as a leading diabetes drug—without the side effects.


Dripping plant extracts on cancer cells in a test tube is a far cry from testing whole foods on whole people. Another amla study published recently, though, tried Indian gooseberries on patients with diabetes.

A normal fasting blood sugar is considered under 100. Between 100 and 125 is called pre-diabetes, and over 125, you are, essentially, by definition, diabetic. So, they took people with diabetes and put them on a diabetes medication like glyburide, sold as Diabeta or Micronase. It brings down their blood sugars.

Then, researchers compared that leading diabetes drug to a just three-quarters of a teaspoon a day of dried powdered amla—that’s less than 2 berries a day worth. They just gave them a tiny bit of this fruit, and it worked even better than the leading drug. So they tried half a teaspoon a day of gooseberry powder; a quarter teaspoon a day. That’s less; that’s not even one berry, and it still brought their sugars down into the normal range.

Here are the potential side effects of the drug, glyburide: most commonly weight gain, feeling like you’re going to throw up, or (rarely), your skin starts to fall off, or your liver fails, or it poisons your bone marrow. Side effects of gooseberries? Well, I don’t know, they taste kind of sour.

Amla has been used safely for centuries, but these researchers did actually find three dramatic side effects. In addition to bringing their blood sugars down, amla lowered their bad cholesterol straight from the danger zone into the happy zone. One gooseberry a day cut their bad cholesterol in half in three weeks. Boosted their good cholesterol, and cut their triglycerides in half!

Yeah, but how expensive is this amla stuff? How expensive are Indian gooseberries? Most of the diabetes drugs are generic now. You can get a three months’ supply for only like $50. So I biked over to an Indian spice store I actually have in my neighborhood to see if they had amla, Indian gooseberries. I was afraid they’d be like, uh, what? Instead, they were like, uh, do you want frozen, dried, sweetened, salted, pickled, packed in syrup, packed in nitrogen? I bought all these in a tiny little store in a strip mall a couple blocks away from where I live. You can tell I liked the sweet the best. And yes, they had powdered too. A three months’ supply—three dollars!

Am I recommending people treat their diabetes with gooseberry powder? No, I recommend curing your diabetes with a plant-based diet. Why treat anything when you can get at the root cause and reverse it, in the first place?

To see any graphs, charts, graphics, images, and quotes to which Dr. Greger may be referring, watch the above video. This is just an approximation of the audio contributed by MaryAnn Allison.

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Dripping plant extracts on cancer cells in a test tube is a far cry from testing whole foods on whole people. Another amla study published recently, though, tried Indian gooseberries on patients with diabetes.

A normal fasting blood sugar is considered under 100. Between 100 and 125 is called pre-diabetes, and over 125, you are, essentially, by definition, diabetic. So, they took people with diabetes and put them on a diabetes medication like glyburide, sold as Diabeta or Micronase. It brings down their blood sugars.

Then, researchers compared that leading diabetes drug to a just three-quarters of a teaspoon a day of dried powdered amla—that’s less than 2 berries a day worth. They just gave them a tiny bit of this fruit, and it worked even better than the leading drug. So they tried half a teaspoon a day of gooseberry powder; a quarter teaspoon a day. That’s less; that’s not even one berry, and it still brought their sugars down into the normal range.

Here are the potential side effects of the drug, glyburide: most commonly weight gain, feeling like you’re going to throw up, or (rarely), your skin starts to fall off, or your liver fails, or it poisons your bone marrow. Side effects of gooseberries? Well, I don’t know, they taste kind of sour.

Amla has been used safely for centuries, but these researchers did actually find three dramatic side effects. In addition to bringing their blood sugars down, amla lowered their bad cholesterol straight from the danger zone into the happy zone. One gooseberry a day cut their bad cholesterol in half in three weeks. Boosted their good cholesterol, and cut their triglycerides in half!

Yeah, but how expensive is this amla stuff? How expensive are Indian gooseberries? Most of the diabetes drugs are generic now. You can get a three months’ supply for only like $50. So I biked over to an Indian spice store I actually have in my neighborhood to see if they had amla, Indian gooseberries. I was afraid they’d be like, uh, what? Instead, they were like, uh, do you want frozen, dried, sweetened, salted, pickled, packed in syrup, packed in nitrogen? I bought all these in a tiny little store in a strip mall a couple blocks away from where I live. You can tell I liked the sweet the best. And yes, they had powdered too. A three months’ supply—three dollars!

Am I recommending people treat their diabetes with gooseberry powder? No, I recommend curing your diabetes with a plant-based diet. Why treat anything when you can get at the root cause and reverse it, in the first place?

To see any graphs, charts, graphics, images, and quotes to which Dr. Greger may be referring, watch the above video. This is just an approximation of the audio contributed by MaryAnn Allison.

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  1. Please feel free to post any ask-the-doctor type questions here in the comments section and I’d be happy to try to answer them. Be sure to check back for the other videos on amla and don’t miss all the videos on diabetes. And there are 1,449 subjects covered in the rest of my videos–please feel free to explore them!

    1. Dear Dr Greger
      The super bebfits of Amla you can get is to make a juice of fresh amla and consume a cup every day in the morning before brushing the teeth and not to eat/drink anything for the nest half an hour. Have amla juice every morning there is no need of any medicine for lifetime. Tried and Trusted fruit from India for centuries.

        1. I think you will find this NFO blog especially helpful
          It will lead you to many videos on kidney problems. However, as a nurse I am also concerned that you have comprehensive evaluation and are working with your doctor with possible evaluation by a nephrologist to determine cause of your kidney problems. Certainly diet can help but based on your diagnosis simply “taking something” even an especially healthy food may not be enough and you may need a more comprehensive treatment approach. Best of health to you

          1. Thank You! My MD is the one who encouraged me to use you as a primary resource. I see her 4 times a year. So far, so good!
            praticing WFPBNO

      1. Or Amazon. I got mine there and it is doing an amazing job lowering my chronic insulin resistance. I started 5/16 (12 days ago) and my blood sugar readings are vastly improved. 5/22 the 7 day avg. was 167. 5/28 it was 139. 30 day avg. went down from 189 to 166 in less than 2 weeks! I’ve been WFPB for 2 years and it hasn’t helped my diabetes until I tried this amla.

    2. I got some amla powder and it says mix with a drink. I don’t drink anything but water and I don’t like the taste of it in water. Can I sprinkle it on my oatmeal and how much should I use? I am looking to lower my blood sugar and get off metformin. I only take 2 pills a day but I want to stop altogether
      I am a vegan whole plant now but still have high blood sugar. It would be wonderful if this amla works.

      1. Beeing vegan doesn’t mean low Suggar. Avoid white rice, oil, potatoes, bread, beer, wine and alcoholic drinks. Certain fruits high in sugar like green grapes, oranges and mangos. Avoid fruit juicing.

        1. Please spare me your carbophobia. I will continue to eat oranges, mangoes, and sweet potatoes because they are delicious healthy foods. Further, this post is about amla and diabetes so you are a bit off subject.

      2. Amla powder does help with diabetes and is often used 50/50 with turmeric. Its important to remember its a powdered fruit and when you powder a fruit you concentrate the sugars this means for every teaspoon of Alma powder you’ll get one gram of sugar. Aside from this its a powerhouse of antioxidants and nutrition. The Vitamin C content is through the roof so the key is little and often and mixed in well with turmeric or other spices

      3. It is not going to taste good especially the powder. ad you cannot sprinkle it on anything. The powder , you have to heat water a little bit not boiling, and then add some 3 tsps of Amla powder to 4 cups of lukewarm water, and let to soak overnight, and the next morning without shaking it you should drink 1 glass before every meal.
        It is also used as an eye wash for people with dry eyes or even generally for good eye sight

        1. Not shaking it – e.g. not leaving the powder behind & throing it away, just drinking the water & what has dissolved over night?

      4. It works! Fast! Mix a teaspoon in your oatmeal. Helps if you have some fruit in there. I use it in my green fruit smoothies. See my comments above about my improved bs readings. Awesome stuff!

    3. Hello Dr. Greger, what a wonderful resource you have been to me in my search for answers to questions about nutrition and wellness. I also have read a great deal of Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s writings and recently have found Dr. Cyrus Khambatta to be very knowledgeable. Can you explain to me what the “mechanism” is for amla lowering blood sugar? I was told it is not like a medication which crams blood sugar into an already fat laden cell, that it has to do with burning off fat within cells which then increases insulin sensitivity. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

      1. Thank you for your question. Amla has a multitude of effects in the body and together this seems to help control diabetes. My understand is that it is the antioxidant and anti inflammatory effects. This article is a very thorough summary of the mechanism of action

    4. I have battling a condition for well over 2 years, I have lost 1/3 of my body weight and am down to 100 pounds, 5 1/2 in height, I have been told I am glucose intolerate, I have tried literally everything, I joined Mastering Diabetes and what happens is my blood sugars do well and then all of a sudden they go crazy I mean with 1/2 cup of berries I hit 200 at the one hour mark, I stuck with it for well over 4 months no improvement same issue over and over, I have pain throughout my entire body, I am desperate to say the least. Currently at UCLA to try to determine if I have another issue going on, I have had Hashimotos for well over 30 years but it was always well controlled until I was told I was pre diabetic, my current A1C is 5.4, I can’t gain weight period no matter what I do. I am 62 and feel like I have done everything right and continually getting worse. Are you taking new patients? I went to True North Health but the diet they put me on was a lot of fat it came out to be almost 32 percent per day which I am fearful of. Thank you for your time.

      1. HiThe information below is probably not related to you at all. Have you had liver tests?I was diagnosed with a thyroid problem and later found that i had hepatitis c and chirrhosis of the liver. Before my transplant i went onto a high carb diet which helped.Best wishes and good luck.Dan

    5. I would like to know how much Amla powder is safe to take in a day. I was thinking of taking a teaspoon but I can’t find where, or if, Dr Greger has recommended a specific dose.

    6. You have such a pleasant voice and the information you provided on amla powder was truly music to my ears, thank you. I have a question & I am hoping my bubble does not burst with your answer, but a life depends on it. A few years ago I rescued a dog that had been abandoned next door to a house I was working on. He was recently diagnosed w/ diabetes. His blood sugar was over 600. I have been giving him the insulin injections & researching my heart out to find natural ways to help lower his glucose levels. I am a firm believer in natural remedies, as for centuries there was no “big pharma”. The vet I went to had less than any bedside manner & it was expensive, as is the insulin, test meter, test strips, syringes… I’m in bad shape financially right now, but Duke is my number 1 priority & I will not let him down. I love him more than most people. It was beyond wonderful to hear a qualified medical professional say something as simple as an Indian gooseberry is as effective as a drug for diabetes & including scientific evidence to back it up. I did reviews for Amazon for a while & fortunately have a stockpile of natural supplements or I’dv been s.o.l. It’s been a little over a month now that I have been adding fenugreek & turmeric to his meals along with cinnamon & ginger. Last night when I tested him, his blood sugar level was 167! I saw a cure for diabetes on you tube using fresh betel leaves, so yesterday I went to an Indian market to get them & purchased amla powder as well. Then this morning, I saw your video & felt a ray of hope. I believe this will be safe & helpful for a dog, but I am not a doctor. I just loved what you said about not just treating, but curing this disease & I am optimistic. I do know I will never quit trying. Thank you SO MUCH for being so kind AND wise:) I’m sure you are an extremely busy man, I appreciate your time & look forward to hearing your thoughts for Duke’s well being when you have a moment to spare. Take care & thank you again.
      wendolyn ellis moody

      1. Wendolyn,

        First, I am not a vet however I did find some information for you and Duke. There are animal studies on diabetic dogs and amla. ( animal studies) and then specifically:

        I did find that there are differences in the water vs alcohol derived products, if your going to consider some extracts vs the whole powder.

        Nice work on getting your pets blood sugar reduced. Please also find a vet who can advise you on the most effective methods of insulin use, as there are multiple formats and and ask for free samples of about to expire product as a consideration.

        Dr. Alan Kadish moderator for Dr. Greger


        First, I am not a vet however I did find some information for you and Duke. There are animal studies on diabetic dogs and amla. ( animal studies) and then specifically:

        I did find that there are differences in the water vs alcohol derived products, if your going to consider some extracts vs the whole powder.

        Nice work on getting your pets blood sugar reduced. Please also find a vet who can advise you on the most effective methods of insulin use, as there are multiple formats and and ask for free samples of about to expire product as a consideration.

        Dr. Alan Kadish moderator for Dr. Greger

    7. Good day, I was wondering about moringa and it’s supposed health benefits, your thoughts? Also, what is the maximum amount of amla you would recommend. Lastly, kind of jokingly, are you surprised that many doctors have no idea what amla is? Thank you.

      1. Hello Richard,

        Once there’s enough research on moringa, I’m sure Dr. Greger will make a video on the topic. As for amla, there have been cases of liver damage from taking high doses of ayurvedic supplements containing amla; however, it’s not clear if that is due to the amla itself. Until we know more, it may be best to limit amla consumption to about 1 tsp per day to play it safe.

        I hope that helps,
        Dr. Matt

  2. Wow! This information is truly amazing.

    I really appreciate how you ended the video too. Just because amla could be used to treat diabetes does not mean that that is the best thing to do.

    I don’t have an Indian store in my city. But I would think that if I want to sprinkle some amla powder on my morning oatmeal, I could find the powder on line. It’s good to know that the powder is effective too.


  3. Hi Dr. Greger,

    Does the report that you cite on Indian gooseberries provide any data on A1C numbers for the research subjects?

    As an aside, a type 2 diabetic doesn’t need to be a research scientist to confirm these findings. A diabetic can simply eat gooseberries for a week and check with their meter to see what is happening with their blood glucose levels. I recommend testing one hour after a meal which is near the peak for blood glucose for most foods for most people. Perhaps a good test would be to have oatmeal at breakfast for one week without gooseberries and a second week with gooseberries.

    One quibble with the video. I don’t think that diabetes can be “reversed”. Once someone has type 2 diabetes, regardless of how good their diet is, they will still fail a glucose tolerance test. On the other hand, a proper diet will lower blood glucose levels for many people to near normal ranges.

    1. rmsboston, you wrote, “I don’t think that diabetes can be “reversed”.”

      You might be interested in Dr. Bernard’s book on reversing diabetes:

      I read this book and thought it was excellent. He makes a very good case, and I believe he has scientific studies to back up his claims.

      Just thought you might be interested.

      1. Hi Thea,

        Yes, I have a copy of Dr. Bernard’s book.

        I actually manage my T2 diabetes for the past 2 years with diet and exercise and no pills. My fasting and A1C numbers are now in the normal range. However, these good numbers don’t mean that I can now have 2 pieces of whole wheat toast with jam, a large glass of OJ, and a coffee with sugar for breakfast without seeing a substantial blood sugar spike one hour later.

        1. That’s great that you are able to manage without pills. Good for you. I think it’s great when people take responsibility for their health.

          Question if you have time: You wrote: “However, these good numbers don’t mean that I can now have 2 pieces of whole wheat toast … without seeing a substantial blood sugar spike one hour later.”

          Wouldn’t everyone see a “substantial blood sugar spike one hour later”? Or are you thinking that your numbers would be abnormal compared to someone who has never had diabeties?

          I may not have understood, but it seems to me that Dr. Bernard is arguing that type 2 diabetes is the result of too much fat getting into the cells. Once you fix that, then your body can start processing insulin? correctly again. I was thinking that once you really clean out your cells and get your body working correctly for a good while, that your body would essentially be no different than any other body in terms of how it reacts to what you eat. Maybe that is not a reflection of reality. I don’t know.

          FYI: I don’t have diabetes, but my biological father died of diabetes complications. I’m very interested in the subject.

        2. And why would you need to eat that?
          I am not diabetic but I don’ t eat that bad stuff. Get used to eating healthy and forget about Sugar Spikes

    2. Not so, 3 weeks after I started on an all vegan, high complex carb, low fat, whole foods diet, my A1C went from 7.9 to 5.8, and five years later it is the same. As long as I keep my meals on the small side and eat 3-5 times a day my blood sugar stays within normal. If I screw up on diet, it will begin to go above, so maybe cured isn’t the right word, but I would certainly rather control it with diet than taking the horrible drugs…which I did for 3 years before I finally got educated. Also, I am sure if I lost more weight I would have more leeway.

    3. I don’t think that diabetes can be “reversed

      I saw some medical research (russian-chinese) in wich they actually show on 600 people that some chinese herbal medication have reversed dibetes in more then 60% cases. Unfortunatly it wasn’t my book and i was not familiar with this question to pay more attantion to this result, so i don’t know what exactly they use.
      It was made in late 60-s so I was qute surprise when my friend says that diabetes not curable.
      Sorry for my english I’m not native speaker.

    4. 8 months ago my blood sugar was 195, full blown diabetes. I became a whole plant food vegan and supplemented with ground flax seed and Amla, and now my blood sugar is 90 and I lost 30lbs. Also mild neuropathy and edema in my legs disappeared. All this happened without exercising as I had some other health problems that prevented that. My doctor says my insulin function is perfectly normal now.

  4. Hi Thea,

    For someone without diabetes, a post-meal blood sugar reading typically doesn’t go above about 120 because insulin is doing its job. However, for a diabetic, a post-meal blood sugar spike will be much higher when they consume carbs in the form of sugar or starches. A one-hour post-meal reading of about 150 can be an indication of prediabetes, while readings over 200 probably means diabetes. Anyone with a glucose meter can do this kind of post-meal testing.

    Over the past few years, I have done post-meal testing for friends and relatives. I have found 3 people with prediabetes that was later confirmed by their doctors using an A1C test. An A1C test measures average blood sugar levels over a 2 and 3 month period. The test gives a better idea of overall control of blood sugar. An A1C number wants to be below at least 5.5%. Diabetes kicks in at 6.5%.

    Here is a bit more about this post-meal testing method:

  5. Does anyone know something about the effects of eating Amla raw?

    Yesterday I stumbled over them in an Indian shop and they only had them raw. They are quite sour and bitter and you seem to have get used to it. One amazing effect after having eaten one whole raw amlaberry is that it turns the taste in your mouth into something sweet and you really wonder where it is coming from. a kilo costs 3,80 Euros by the way, that is about 44 berries. we can just hope that they are not spraying them so much with pesticides and insecticides.

    The people in the shop told me they would traditionally eat the raw berries with some salt and chili.

    1. LXB: I don’t have the answer to your question. I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to share your experience. I found it so interesting. I’m very curious to try try these berries!

      Also, your post helped me get the right frame of mind. It seems like it will help if I have the frame of mind of eating something with salt and chili than thinking of sweet berries. Sometimes whether one likes a food or not is all about expectations. YOu helped to frame my expectations. Thanks!

      1. Hi Thea,
        I want to share my experience too. I used to eat Amla ( nelli kai) lot during my primary school days. I still remember guy used to sell Amla outside the scholl and we used to go out during the break and enjoy eating raw with salt.
        I eat regularly now for the health benefits especially to control diabetic and it is an excellent God given fruit. I have raw Amla everyday 3 to 4 regularly.

    2. usually it is pesticide free if it comes from India , it grows in a tree even in dry climate and they don’t invest on sophisticated sprayer to these trees …mostly 90 % it should be pesticide free ….

    3. The best way to consume Raw Amla is to grind it in a grinder, extract the juice by mixing some hot water into it and squeeze out the juice. Add a pinch of salt and pepper to make it more edible. Once in a way you can add a small piece of ginger to the Amala and grind. My sister has successfully brought down her FBS from about 180 to below 90. She has never used a medicine for the past 10 years. Diabetes cannot be reversed but controlled through Gooseberry. Hope this information will benefit the Diabetics



        1. Hi,
          I suggest you to take 4 to 5 max per day to control the blood sugar. It is an excellent fruit.

          I do the same and have good experience.


    1. Wow, interesting! IS the tea bitter? I prefer putting Amla powder in my smoothies, where the sweetness of the fruit covers the bitterness.

  6. Dr. G…what is your opinion of the amla capsules available on health-food sites…and what would be a good mg capsule to take on a daily or twice daily basis….most of the capsules I’ve researched are 500 mg. Since the taste of the powder is not yummy, the capsules may be a better option for some people.

    1. The powder product tastes like,…dirt!
      Or possibly… dried dog dirt!
      To get around the taste, try putting the…err(?) …powder into,00 or 000 size capsules, and then  buy a Cap-M-Quick (50 pills at a time) or The Capsule Machine (24 at a time) to put the ..”matter” in capsules to “get um down” without gagging. To quote my 91 year old da,d, “Wow! that stuff would gag a Maggot!” I can get it down with just water but I sure don’t like the taste!
      Both “machines”can be found on the net & or @whole food store if your lucky.
      Both machines are very slow ,and the smaller one especially so which all the more reason to go with the larger 000 size also which will hold a 30% larger dose for “more bang for your buck”and time.
      If I had it to do over again I’d spend a few more bucks to get a machine made in China that makes 100 capsules @ a time to make a better accounting of my time and efforts. If you get a chance borrow one and try it out before you  buy one.

      1. Thank you so much for this reply! I’d never heard of the Cap-M-Quik until your response. I’ve tried filling my own Amla capsules which isn’t easy! So I’m buying one of these babies for sure. I agree – amla powder would gag a maggot! Thanks again!!

      2. You also can mix it with honey or milk (powder good with that, nd made better result, because of both oil/water extraction) – it’s traditional way to eat it.

      1. This isn’t a medical or a health product. It’s food. (unless of course you want to argue that food is a health product – which it is!).

  7. I found AMLA frozen, powder, and in many other forms, bought powder, frozen, and dried. Had hoped this would work for my mother who has T2 Diabetes, had her take the powder and eat two berries every night, and had her stop taking her pills, unfortunately, her blood sugar went sky high, without the pills after 4 days, and she had to go back to the pills.
    I am still eating the dried pieces, and will start taking the powder soon…someone has to use it!

    Thanks for all the info!!!

  8. Dear Dr. Michael Greger,

    Thank you so much for this precious information.  I was trying to find the full article, yet every source seems to rquire subscription.  My question is,  how were the patients in this study taking Amla powder?   Was it after meals, or was it in the morning on an empty stomach? Was it spread through the day, or all at once?  



  9. Dr.
    Here you are touting the positive effects of amla and IT SOUNDS EXCITING, BUT yet in still another location on your sight. your warning us that 20% of these…”foods” out of India are INDEED contaminated with heavy metals, like lead, and arsenic, which are poisons.

    Dr. I appreciate what your trying to do, but you can’t have it both ways and remain “creditable.”

    Isn’t this like playing Russian Roulette  where the gun ONLY goes off “just 20% of the time?

    Please address this very real issue about “amla.”

    Thanks for your enthusiasm and what you are trying to do.

    1. Yes. My friend, Type II diabetic, takes his metformin and is taking his amla in the morning, empty stomach after taking his morning blood glucose test. He is watching his numbers slowly decline. We recently re-watched this video only to discover that he was taking 1/2 tsp. He is 6’2″, he may need the 3/4 tsp amount. What is not clear is whether or not a persons size correlates with an appropriate amount. For example, not everyone takes the same dose of metformin (or any medication for that matter). So perhaps amla dose may need to be adjusted to get the correct amount.

  10. Be careful if you find gooseberry candies…the gooseberry has a STONE in it…someone might break a tooth, just saying!!! All I could find at our local Asian Market (they do stock Indian foods) was “Dried Hot Goosberry” which are actually from Vietnam but ingredients are: gooseberry, sugar, chilli, water, salt. I’ve just been rubbing the sugar off. Hope to find powder sometime soon, though. The brand I have is Willis Eagle.

  11. Morning Dr Greger, I live in AUS , and I am 50years young, and for most of my life I have been an active Equestrian Dressage rider on State and National Squads, I am very fit, riding 3 or 5 horses per day, and feel great. then I had a blood test and my blood sugar was 16 and my Dr put me on metformin, but I had a skin itchy reaction , so she changed my too gliclazide, I have only had for one week. I watch your videos almost every day, I have not seen all 1,449, but a fair few I have seen now. I have been having my Amla powder in my black and blue berry smoothie every day now for about 3 weeks. my sugar has not dropped much like only down only to 13 or 14. I eat cinnamon, oatmeal, am really trying very hard to eat only vegies all day and am progressing to only soy milk. I have cut my meat down like about 70%. I am going to buy some of the soy food products this week. My Dr has said my diabeties is in my genes, that is how she believes I got it. I will keep going with the amla, should it just take longer to work for me?? I dont like taking drugs.. I have also put 2 of my friends onto amla, as they both have cancer and have sent them your link .
    in a dilema and confused


    1. Please read “There is a Cure for Diabetes” by Dr. Gabriel Cousens. Diabetes is a metabolic disease (problem in processing some macro-nutrients), and amla is but one powerful actor that helps. But the solution lies in a holistic approach, and you seem to be leaning in that direction anyway, the book will only effectively refine your strategy.

      I said the same to one gentlemen above. But I have to repeat it, it’s important, as I will probably repeat it a few more times on this post so all people do see it.

      Dr. Cousens is 99% up the same street with Dr. Greger, I found the book extremely useful, please do give it a read and you will not regret it.

      God Bless! Get well soon!

  12. I’ve began encouraging customers to look into this product and have requested the health food store I work at to order it in. Sounds very promising!

  13. Hair – I bought a bottle of Solaray Amla 500mg and have been taking one
    pill each morning. I have a bald spot on the back of my head 3 inches in
    diameter and it was completely bald. This bald spot has been increasing
    in size over a period of 20 years. After 45 days of taking the Amla I
    notice that hair is growing back there. I was shocked to see the hair
    coming back. I also noticed that my beard is getting tougher. At first I thought it was a dull blade. But I don’t think so. I have also changed my diet to Vegan for the past 4 months.
    originally bought the Amla for lowering my blood sugar. With the Vegan
    Diet, Amla, and exercising, I have been able to stop using Glipizide for
    my diabetes. A1C was 9.8 and is now 5.3 in just 3 months. My doctor was
    impressed. And
    that was without the Amla. I still take 1,000 mg of Metformin twice a
    day. I listen to my doctor and hope to reduce other medications for
    Cholesterol and high Blood Pressure.

  14. Hi Dr. Greger,

    This is a pretty amazing result in this study. Cutting bad cholesterol in half in just 3 weeks with only a teaspoon of anything and no other changes sounds too good to be true. I am wondering if you know or if anyone has explained the mechanism for how this happens? What about the amla helps the body clear out the LDL?



  15. Is this different from gooseberries we see at the farmer’s market here in New England? They’re also called ground cherries. Tart and wonderful with blackberries in pie (also loaded with pectin, so great for pies.)

    1. Dear P.Park,

      Please read “There is a Cure for Diabetes” by Dr. Gabriel Cousens

      Diabetes is a metabolic disease, and amla is but one powerful actor that helps. If you want to seriously improve the health you must approach it with an equally serious approach. I found this book so useful, although I am still trying to find the best way to lead my grandparents to follow the advice etc. All in all, reading this for me goes as a MUST for anyone serious about truly having an impact on their health and in this case diabetes. I could not emphasise this more strongly.

      God Bless :) and fruitful reading!

    2. I’ve had type 1 for 42 years. (started having the symptoms about my
      21st birthday). Your question evokes several others. First the type 1
      diabetics have beta cells that are dead n gone. So we produce no
      insulin. The question about amla is, does it enhance insulin production
      or does it reduce insulin resistance? For all I know it might do both
      but in the type 1 there will be no boost in insulin production. Well a
      few days ago I did start taking Amla and my daily total intake of
      insulin has gone from about 36 to 31 units. And that is with good
      control. I use a pump and it will give me a daily count. So it seems
      to make the insulin work better or make me need it less.

      All in
      all I feel like yelling when I hear someone talking about “carb
      counting”. I have reduced my insulin needs from about 50+ units a day
      to about 40 per day just by reducing fat intake. When I eliminated
      animal products from my diet the requirement dropped to about 36 units
      per day and amla seems to help more. So yes I think this is good for
      type 1 diabetics. And no I do not count or limit my carbohydrates.
      Those who have seen no results should be patient and keep trying.

  16. Hi, Dr. Greger, it seemed that the Amla powder is the most convenient way to add to the preparation of food. Is it just as effective as other forms of Amla in order to control type 2 diabetes?

  17. Hello Dr. Greger, my age is 65 yrs.. i belong to India. i have read your article and i hope you ll give me some solution. my whole family background in non diabetics.. but from last 2 years i got this problem ( my routine is very busy in physical activities). i was told after random checking that my level of Blood sugar is 238. i was prescribed ZYDE MF tablet twice a day before meals.

    in your article you mention that AMLA powder is effective way to reduce LDL & BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS.. please update what should be intake directions for me to consume This magical powder.

    1. You are the third person that I speak to with the same information on this post, but I will repeat myself because it is important. Please read “There is a Cure for Diabetes” by Dr. Gabriel Cousens. Diabetes is a metabolic disease and amla is but one powerful actor that helps but this needs to approached from all angles (diet as a whole, mindset, activity etc.)

      The book is amazing, I read it because I have grandparents that are 62 and 63 years of age, and they are starting to develop some sugar problems, so I want to help them, so I think it could do you good as well.

      Read it, apply it, and you will be amazed.

      God Bless! Be well! :)

  18. People won’t believe this. It is difficult to believe that disorders like diabetes and cholesterolemia can have such simple treatment. And the conclusion Dr, M Greger makes is more helping towards believing.

    1. Sorry, but I don’t think they should believe it. I tried it, and I have only slightly elevated blood sugar, it did nothing at all to lower it. I don’t see any reports here of it working, either. They are doing other things, taking drugs, etc, so impossible to tell. If this worked, then by now, with all the readers out there, it would be making headlines. Sorry, but I believe this Amla study is flawed somehow.

  19. I know this post is a year old but i am hoping someone will have a suggestion…i have type 2, take metformin 2X daily 850 mg. My sugar tends to run high, 7 to 12 mMolar. I have learned that good judgement w/resp to GIndex, a midday coffee, and or certain other foods will drop my to a perfectly normal 5 to 6…PROBLEM? Yes, I get so shakey and bad feeling, the bottom drops out and I’m no good for anything the rest of the day. I recheck my blood and it is right in the zone! QUESTION, what can I do when a normal blood sugar makes me feel so bad?

  20. I’ve watched your videos on eggs and am wondering what you think of egg whites. I buy my eggs from a local egg farmer, so I have seen how they are raised and they are happy chickens. I am a vegetarian and lactose intolerant so I like the idea of eating eggs whites for protein, but is it conducive to a good healthy diet?

  21. Thank you for this information Dr Greger. I had never heard of Amla before. I am particularly interested in its hdl raising qualities :)

  22. Hello Dr. Greger: I am 64 years old and have type 2 Diabetes. I take 1000 units of Metformin twice a day. I was also taking Januvia, but it made me nervous (causes cancer?) so the doctor said I could quit. I have been following a plant-based diet for a full month now and I do notice some differences, but my sugar is still too high. The lowest it’s been is 120 and the highest was 166. I watched your video about Amla and purchased some powder which arrived today. I have looked all over and the only reference to what amount you suggest taking on a daily basis came from the video: 1 tsp., twice a day. Is that correct? I know you said a plant-based / vegan diet was the very best thing to do for T2 Diabetes, but I want to try adding some Amla also. I would sincerely appreciate it if you would let me know if the above amount is what you suggest so I can start trying it ASAP. Thank you!

    I have enjoyed reading/listening to your clips and blogs and appreciate your sharing your experience with all of us.

    1. Congratulations on taking positive steps to improving your health. You, however, can be on a plant based diet that contains food that may not be helping you out. Type 2 diabetes is caused by fats in the diet… both animal products(which makes up the majority of it) and plants(leading source of calorie intake for women is salad dressings). There can also be alot of fats hidden in processed foods. I advise my patients to measure their fasting glucose’s each morning. Record on a “run chart” each morning. As your fasting glucoses get below 125 or lower you will need to back off your medication. This can occur relatively quickly or take longer depending on how long you have been diabetic and how much insulin you are producing. I sent a “run chart” to your email address which I use for my patients to record both their morning fasting glucose’s and morning blood pressures. You will need to work with your physician and this method of displaying data gives more useful information then the standard chart or booklet because you can see trends clearly. You use one page for each month. The nice thing about run charts is you can mark the dates you have made changes such as decreasing medication or starting to take Amla. I prefer to not use nutraceuticals like medications but you and your physician will have to work out what works best for you. The goal is to cure the diabetes so you have normal blood sugars and are on no medications. Your blood pressure meds if you are on any will need to be watched as they can usually be reduced. You might benefit from reading Dr. John McDougall’s newsletter article entitled, Simple Care Diabetes, in his December 2009 newsletter. You might also enjoy viewing a YouTube presentation by one of my patients that I treated at the McDougall Whole Foods program…
      Good luck.

      1. Good morning Dr. Forrester, Thank you so much for your thorough response to my questions! I haven’t checked my email, but I do appreciate your sending me the run chart, I will use it faithfully and share it with my doctor. I’ve never been one to use much (if any) salad dressing on my salads because I truly enjoy the actual taste of the veggies. If I decide to use some, I put a small amount in a bowl and dip my fork in it before selecting the next bite. This has always worked well for me. I do need to work on eating earlier though. Due to my jobs, I’ve always been a late eater and so is my husband. It is hard to get him to eat before 8 PM but I told him I need to and will be eating earlier even if I must do so alone. We eat fresh, whole foods each day and I make sure I get my share of G-BOMS (Greens, Beans, Onions, Mushrooms, and Seeds – came from Dr. Joel Fuhrman) daily. I am always looking for new and interesting recipes so I will visit Dr. McDougall’s website and see what I can find, thank you for that.

        I plan to start taking the Amla today. The only recommendation I’ve found on this website for suggested amount, is 3/4 teaspoon daily. I will go with that and see if there is any change. I can hardly wait to get of my Diabetes and high BP medications! I want to be free from all of that and be healthy again. I’ve also added exercise to my program so I think I’m heading down the right path!

        Thank you, Dr. Forrester, for you time and suggestions.


  23. I have been taking about a tablespoon and a half of amla powder with water every morning for the past month and have not seen a decrease of my fasting blood sugar level! Am I not taking the powder correctly? Please let me know if you have any suggestions!
    Thank you

  24. Dear Dr. Greger,

    I have metabolic syndrome and pre-diabetes. I read somewhere that amla increases insulin secretion and brings down the glucose. At this point I don’t want to overwork my pancreas and am hesitating to start using Amla. Could you please help with this ?

    thank you !


    1. Raina: Have you had a chance to see Dr. Barnard’s book on diabetes?:

      The book has a chapter on Type 1 diabetes. (See chapter 3: “A Revolution in Type 1 Diabetes”) It’s not like diet can cure Type 1, but Dr. Barnard gives some helpful information on how diet can be of great benefit for Type 1. If you can’t afford the book, maybe your library would have it?

      The back of the book has recipes. So, if you decide you like what Dr. Barnard has to say, you can jump right in!

      I hope this helps.

  25. hi micheal am having a skin condition allergy kind of thing where itching is high and beehives kind of formation happen if we dont take citirzen ……kindly help

  26. Forget about GMO and organic. How can you be sure that products such as
    Alma contain what they are supposed to and don’t have bad stuff such as

  27. Marry Christmas Dr. So 1 tsp of Amla powder a day for the rest of my life and my diabetes will be history . . . WHOOPEE I’m on that band wagon. But . . . do you have a wonder drug, (AMLA Powder), for shrinking my swollen Prostate Gland? Aw, one that I can afford?

  28. How does Jeunesse Global’s Reserve work?
    It turns on an anti aging enzyme produced by your body. It works on a gene that controls the aging process. In the lab mice who received doses of resveratrol did not get cancer, heart disease, diabetes or osteoporosis and they lived 30% longer. Those tested had more energy and their metabolism was faster than the group that didn’t receive resveratrol. They also had pristine organs found during post mortem. Resveratrol in one of the first human trails was also shown to treat Diabetes Type 2 successfully

    1. Bary Allan King: I’m not a doctor and can’t comment on the cardiomyopathy part of your question.

      However, I can talk about the pre-diabetic part of your question. I highly recommend that you read the book:
      Dr. Neal Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes.

      Dr. Barnard not only tells you what kinds of foods to eat and why, but he also gives meal plans and recipes too. From what I can tell, the recommendations in the book are right in-line with the type of diet that Dr. Greger recommends. Dr. Greger’s recommendations for foods like amla would work on top of the general diet recommendations to give you a strong, targeted diet for reversing your pre-diabetes.

      Good luck.

  29. Please start labeling your content as either Type 1 or Type 2 specific. You are a doctor for Pete’s sake you know the difference. I’m sick of getting excited clicking a link or looking beyond the headline of a news article only to find it is only helpful for Type 2s. This is like cinnamon all over again. I know everyone and their brother in the US has Type 2 these days, but I’m Type 1 and would love to find some kind of new nutritional support to help with the blood sugar balancing act. Geesh I wish the medical community would give these diseases to completely different names so I wouldn’t get lumped in with a bunch of people with a condition they could have prevented and could even cure themselves of if they put in the effort. One can’t get rid of Type 1 no matter how healthful one’s lifestyle.
    I’ still looking for amla anyway for the anti-cancer benefits. I wish it would decrease the amount of insulin I needed to take though. I hope you Type 2s enjoy your amla.

    1. Thank you Type 1. I have been a diabetes educator and agree clearer communication about which type of diabetes being referenced would be helpful upfront. There are more than type 1 and type 2 as well. Listing below for others as I am sure you are aware!

      Type 1 diabetes was formerly called “juvenile diabetes” or “insulin-dependent diabetes,”

      Type 2 was formerly called “adult onset diabetes.” But type 2 diabetes has been reported among U.S. children & adolescents with increasing frequency over the past 20 years.

      Then there are: gestational diabetes, surgically induced diabetes chemically induced (medications) diabetes, Latent autoimmune diabetes in adults (LADA) or type 1.5 diabetes.

  30. I love you, Dr. Gregor! If only all the doctors were like you. I am taking tripahala (tested for heavy metals) and am so happy to hear this. Above all this good stuff, it has helped me lose those last sticky 7 pounds. :)

  31. Dear All, my mother is suffering with Diabetes… her sugar level is 130 to 240 please any one can help me that what should i have to do ..and can anyone tell me the uses of amla…? thanks

    1. Ali, I’m sorry to hear about your mother. The good news is that there is a lot of hope for people with Type 2 diabetes. I highly recommend you check out the book, “Dr. Neal Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes” by Dr. Neal Barnard, MD. The information in this book is right in line with the information presented here on

      Good luck!

      1. I’ll add: And then of course, you can use the videos here on NutritionFacts, such as this one on amla, to tweak the plan in Barnard’s book to have even that much more of an effect.

  32. Dear Dr. I am diabetic, have Celiacs disease and am lactose intolerant; I just started taking Alma just 2 days ago. As far I am taking 1/3 of a teaspoon at night and it puts me to sleep within 15 minutes. Which happens to be great for since I have a poor sleep cycle. But is this a usual side effect of this herb? Thanks Cheryl

  33. Sounds really good. Unfortunately it’s done nothing for me – I’m still
    pre-diabetic after 4 months on a Dr. G recommended varied vegan diet and
    2 tsp. per day of Amla powder. Maybe I bought a fraudulent product
    from Amazon. I’ll try another brand.

  34. Hi ,my name is Debby and my hubby about 4 weeks ago was told he has leukemia lymphoma and they just put a portal in yesterday. I was reading about the gooseberry and i was wondering how do i get it for him . I dont like the idea of kemo. Can you help me.
    Thanks Debby

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Hadn’t heard of its benefits on leukemia lymphoma. I live in Montreal and found Amla powder easily in an indian store. Look for an indian store. It’s very cheap and you can probably find it. If you still can’t find it, let me know and I’ll try to help. Leyland.

  35. Hi Dr. Greger, what an enlightening find! I’m a lifelong vegetarian yet my fasting blood sugar tested 106. My “after a big meal” sugar was
    fine. The doctor said it drops down like in a very young, healthy
    individual. I’m 43. For most of the 25 years of being a vegetarian I
    have eaten a very nice, varied green and fruit diet. Some 10 years of it
    I had an occasional fresh fish. I don’t ever fry my foods, all is
    mostly fresh, I don’t eat junk foor with the exception of an occasional thing here and there. But I never obstained from sweets, not eating much but a little. The only thing I can think of as bad was about three years
    of stress and eating once a day, in the evening. I can’t understand why
    my fasting blood sugar is 106. No family history of diabetes or even per-diabetes. I am skinny, always have been, no weight fluctuations, I keep active, go to the gym. Do you have an opinion on this? I think there are planty of people like me out there yet you only mention people who don’t take care of themselves.

    1. Hi Anna, I am one of the site moderators. It sounds like you have been very good with your diet and watched what you have eaten for a long time. Although we like to check a fasting blood sugar to see how well you metabolize glucose a more useful test is the Hemoglobin A1c or HbA1c. It actually is a test of glucose in the blood that has attached to the red cell and this is an indicator of your more long term glucose metabolism over several weeks vs the highs and lows that occur following a meal or overnight fast. Quite often this value will be perfectly normal despite a elevated fasting level. An endocrinologist explained to me that she sees this quite often because the act of fasting beyond when someone would ordinarily eat and then transporting themselves to the lab and enduring having their blood drawn is quite stressful. This stress can stimulate an adrenal response – fight or flight type response- which naturally mobilizes glucose (glycogen) from the liver which raises the fasting blood glucose beyond what would be expected after an overnight fast. For this reason many docs don’t even look at this level except when part of another lesser used test – the glucose tolerance test. Hopefully you also got the HbA1c when you had the fasting glucose drawn and you can see if this is actually a problem for you. I hope this helps.

  36. My name anand, age 47, i have diabetics, for 8 year, now stop medication after i consume Amla juice every morning. also consume cinnamon wt tea or coffee every day. Now have have headache, eye sight blur, no energy, leg and hand week, mouth tasteless. Its due to low blood sugar?

  37. There are several Indian markets in Tucson. The first one I called confirmed they had powdered amla. I eventually stopped by and picked up a 3.5 ounce box (powdered amla is in a sealed bag inside the box). Be forewarned that most of the amla sold in Indian markets is labelled for use as a hair conditioner (as was the box I purchased). I was assured the product was safe to eat and the box is labelled 100% pure (perfume free and chemical free). Impressive to see stamped on the box the manufacturer’s license number, manufacture date, and use before date. Also labelled for export only. The price was only $2.49 plus local sales and is easily enough to last 3 months taking a 1/2 tsp to 1 tsp per day.

    I like the taste when added to boiled hot water to make a tea. The taste is tart but I liked it. I imagine some people would not like it. I’ve tried a full teaspoon in 6 ounces of water without any sweetener. And I’ve tried 1/2 tsp with and without 1/2 tsp sugar. I like it better unsweetened because it has the interesting characteristic to develop a sweetness ounce your mouth adapts to the tartness. A full tsp teaspoon tasted better than 1/2 tsp but I’ll adjust my dosage to not exceed 1 tsp per day. Doesn’t taste as good when mixed with an equal amount of Macuma Prurient (15% Extract Powder).

    Seeing that I want to add Alma as a daily tea (as an addition to my recent plant-based diet to combat pre-diabetes) I have already ordered here

    I am just a bit distrustful given the box I bought at the Indian store labelled to mix as a topical application for hair and scalp. Hope I’ve provided some useful info. Good Luck Everyone!

  38. my diabetes is causing me to have bad breath. What can I do to cure this? I purchased the Alma and have been taking it for about a week. so far no luck.

    1. Diabetes causes immune suppression that causes periodontists that causes one form of bad breath in diabetics. I would say close to 100% of my diabetic patients have periodontitis with halitosis.
      Most of the bacteria deposits are under the gum line away from the reach of mouth rinse. Although chlorhexidine gluconate mouthrinses have been shown effective in reducing infection of the top of the gumline, there is no evidence of mouthrinse reducing the deep chronic infection of periodontitis.
      Diabetics should be getting very regular scale and polishing…. Probably every 3 months in order to reduce the bacterial and slow down the bone attachment loss that is enviable with this condition..
      Oh yes… Regular Scaling will also make your breath smell better. And in combination with a chlorhexidine gluconate mouthrinse, you have a good chance of reducing your bad breath and keeping your teeth !

  39. I know someone who developed swelling and itching of lips after ingesting a small amount of Organic Amla powder daily for a few days. The symptoms went away 2 days after stopping Amla.

  40. I’ve been taking amla powder (organic), at least one tsp/day, sometimes 2 or 3, and it hasn’t affected my high blood sugar (137 fasting) at all. I eat plant-based diet, whole grain (very little), beans, greens, veggies, berries, nuts and ground flax seeds.

    1. My a1c increased from 5.80 to 6.20 after 3 weeks of vegan +low carb. I don’t understand! After reading many books, I was convinced that animal products work against diabetes, but WHY my vegan diet (and low carb, I was living on kale salad, nuts, green juice) didn’t work on me. Any advise?

      1. I had higher A1c on nuts that off nuts. What I read says the fat, even from nuts, creates insulin resistance, so nuts in excess would be problematic that way, I’d think. Low carb diets with higher fat intakes aren’t recommended, it’s high carbs but complex ones with fiber, etc. I eat far more beans than seeds or nuts. Lentils are best for glycemic index, but other beans are too. And very little carbs in the morning when insulin resistance is at its highest of the day. Save them, even beans, for lunch. I gave up all meat and most fat except for ground flax seeds. I do eat white pasta but with a tbsp of wheat bran and tbsp of wheat germ with it. I just can’t stand whole wheat pasta! My A1c went from 6.0 to 5.5 on this whole food high carb vegan diet with occasional small treats or XMAS turkey dinner, etc. I’m now trying no wine or other alcohol, and it’s been 3 weeks. I do feel better. The liver ignores your blood sugar when processing alcohol, so it can get out of control at that point. Also fatty liver from alcohol make the liver insulin-resistant by getting in the way of insulin. The liver uses insulin as the trigger to cut back its dumping of glucose into your bloodstream. So it can put too much there if it becomes insulin resistant. The liver controls blood sugar when you’re not eating, the pancreas when you are. Hope some of this is helpful. It is paradoxic that a high complex carb diet with low fat would lower glucose, and it may take time, since your own fat enters into it, not just dietary fat. So it could take some time to kick in. The book on it is Neal Barnard’s (diabetes). Also, taking strong curcumin supplement is something I do for blood sugar, but I just started that one.

        1. baby_grand: Nice post.
          re: “I just can’t stand whole wheat pasta!” I get that. I’m not a fan either. But rather than resort to white pasta, I’ve found that I adore brown rice pasta. I think it has the same texture as white pasta and tastes about the same. The texture is the key I think and rice magically seems to get it right. If you haven’t given the brown rice pasta a try, you might want to. If you do, let me know how it goes.

      2. May: I think you got a very good reply from baby_grand. To expand a little: If you watch this following short video, you can see that T2 diabetes is caused by fat building up in the cells. See:
        If you are living on salad, green juice and nuts, I’m thinking that you would have to eat a lot of nuts to give you your calorie needs. That could be too much fat. So yes, animal products are bad (on so many levels, including diabetes), but that doesn’t mean that any old vegan diet will work either. I have read Dr. Barnard’s book on preventing and reversing diabetes several times and think it is excellent. More importantly for you would be that the book includes meal plans and recipes. That should give you a very good idea of what foods would be best for lowering that a1c level. Here’s a link to the book:
        Dr. Barnard also heads up a group called PCRM. PCRM offers a free 3 week program on-line. That program includes grocery lists, meal plans, a forum moderated by a great RD, etc. It includes a lot of great food that doesn’t make you sound like a rabbit or squirrel. ;-) (kale, green juice, nuts…). If you are interested, click the green button on this page:
        That’s my very best advice!

  41. Last December my doctor ran an LDL-P measurement along with the other usual ones. My value was 1006 units. The recommended level is less than 575 units. He suggested trying high dose niacin. Not for me; I stopped after three tablets (days). Instead I tried about a teaspoon of amla powder (from Amazon) per day. Eleven weeks later my reading had dropped to 595 units with no other changes being made in my whole food plant based diet (a diet started about 3 years earlier). There were small improvements in some of my other numbers but the amla powder seem to target the LDL-P (small particle LDL)!
    Thanks for your great website.

  42. I have found some gooseberries from Oregon that are smaller but look like the Indian ones I have been buying. Are they as good or should I stick with the Indian ones?

  43. If the literature shows that taking various anti-oxidants such as vit C leads to an increase in cancer related mortality, what do think the potential downsides are if we consume Alma powder on a daily basis? Any concerns?
    Thank you!

  44. My friend, who is Type II diabetic, vegan, bought some amla as soon as he saw this video. He bought the powder in the jar so that he could measure his dose and follow the information in this video. He started with the smallest dose – 1/4 tsp. After no change in his blood sugars he incrementally increased the dose to 1 full teaspoon. Still no change in his blood sugars. He looks for change in his morning fasting blood sugar testing. His blood sugar occasionally reduces to the 130 range but more consistently hovers at 150, fasting, and also on a daily morning metformin dose.
    So my question is, . . should one increase the amla dose? and is the dose weight dependent i.e., should a larger person (6’2″, 200 lbs) take a higher dose of amla?
    Thank you.

  45. Hello again,
    Well, so far my Type 2 diabetic friend is taking 1 tsp/day in the morning, 2 months now and his morning blood sugar readings are unchanged as is his A1c. So I went back to look at the research that Dr. Greger used for this video. He mentions the dose in teaspoons amounts. The research mentions using 1, 2, or 3 g of amla in its subjects. I am assuming that means grams, yes? So we got a scale to accurately measure the amount. The amount of 1 gram was way more than 1 teaspoon.
    I bring this up because the information that was presented here in this video is confusing at best and, I believe, misinformative at worst. It would be really helpful to all of us out here who are now confused by this video-information if Dr. Greger would revisit this research and video and clarify for all of us. I can see by the comments in this thread that I/we are not the only ones who are now feeling fairly flamboozled.

    Could you please re-evaluate this information? Thank you.

  46. I mixed amla powder (1 tsp.) with honey (1 tbsp.) and it was still pungent. The paste went on a small slice of whole grain bread, but sill not tolerable. I added a banana and that sealed the deal. It made for a good lunch. All items were organic, but not vegan. We’ll see how this works.

  47. I’m 5’6″, 120 lb. I work out regularly. My a1c is usually 6.0 – 6.2. After 2 weeks of vegan diet, my fastening glucose level was still 115, two hours after meal, it is around 140 – 180. My HDL is 116 (I know quite high), TG 76, LDL 74. I tried Amla 2 weeks, too. At this point I am not sure what is causing my pre-D condition, and don’t know what to do. Please advise.

  48. I am very interested about alternative medicines. I am a pagan and finding it amusing that people are starting to look at herbs and spices to aid their health as if it is a new discovery, however for thousands of years people have used salves, tinctures ect to combat illnesses. I have wondered too, that is it possible that there are lower cancer rates in India and possibly the east because of the diet they have and spiritual teaching? Can music or sound play a part? I am a Reiki master and I understand about energy and its effects on people who suffer. Sound is a vibration and another form of energy so if someone was to perform mantras would that aid in lowering the effects on say cancer. I have already read up on the pineal gland and using a mantra it can de-calcified it for more spiritual clarity, so therefore could sound also have an effect on the human body and possibly help with certain illnesses?

  49. I just bought a few packages of dried amla berries for just 79 cents each at a local Asian supermarket! I was thrilled at the price, but they’re from India and the labeling is obscure. The bag just says “Alma Dry.” Though that’s supposedly the only ingredient, some taste very sour and salty (but not all). The sourness was expected… but is it to the point of them tasting salty? Do all amla berries taste this way, or might there be added salt? By the way, the company is called “Deer Brand.”

  50. Dear Dr. Greger,
    It would be most helpful if your large library of diabetes related videos could be catalogued in such a way as to make it easy to distinguish between type 1 and type 2 diabetes as they are very different diseases. My wife has recently been diagnosed as pre-diabetic but she has always maintained a perfect body weight, mostly avoids sugar and processed carbs, and is physically active. It’s a conundrum… Thanks for all your good work!

  51. Nice video, clever and funny.
    Amla is one of my favorite supply.
    If you don’t familiar, it also a triphala in vedic stores, also a good and powerfull thing.

  52. I tried amla powder about a tsp/day for 3 weeks and saw no difference in blood glucose. I have pre-diabetes. The study cited shows dramatic results using 1-3 grams of amla/day. Another study I found tested subjects using 10 grams of amla/day for 90 days. The results were lack-luster. Post prandial glucose of about 190 was reduced to about 175 or 180. Fasting from about 150 to about 140. Certainly not much change. Blood lipids did improve, total from about 220 to 200, and LDL from about 125 to 115. So amla for diabetes test numbers, if not symptoms, seems very weak, contrary to the video, which makes you think you can return to normal using a little harmless berry powder. Others here reported no results with it, also. Here is the other amal study I found:

  53. FYI: Indian products are not exactly known for good QC. Buying e.g. amla from a reliable source that uses GMP and tests for e.g. heavy metal contamination might be a good idea. Banyon botanicals (no commercial interest) is one.

  54. ive been trying using amla powder for treating my uncle’s diabetes for the past 3 months with no luck. Start it from fresh amla, dried amla and powder from multiple source start from indian grocery in local indonesia, in singapore and in australia… plus importing directly from organic company from india using DHL. None of them are actually working to lower fasting & Post P. blood sugar. Does anyone has explanation?

    1. Bayu Budiman: I’m not an expert and even if I was, I’m guessing I’d need a lot more information on the situation before I could say anything specific. Instead, let me suggest an idea, which may or may apply to your uncle’s situation. In my opinion, using amla to treat diabetes without making any other changes to the diet can be expected to be as effective a using a pill to treat a problem. It will work in varying degrees for different people.
      Instead, the most effective method would be to treat the problem itself. In that case, you might add amla also, but I can’t see how adding amla is a good replacement for a healthy diet known to reverse T2 diabetes. In other words, if your uncle is still eating the diet that caused the T2 diabetes to begin with, I would easily expect the amla to be of marginal value. Is your uncle already eating a healthy diet for treating T2 diabetes such as the one advocated in Dr. Barnard’s book?: “Dr. Neal Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes: The Scientifically Proven System for Reversing Diabetes without Drugs”
      If you don’t have access to the book, you can always try the free 21 Day Kickstart program, which is run by a group that Dr. Barnard heads, PCRM. They have several different versions, including an Indian version. (Or at least they used to.)
      Good luck!

      1. Thanks thea for the update and advise. Regarding my unlce’s treatment,
        they were no changes in the lifestyle. Im looking for a natural
        medicines that works like pills. I did try with cinnamon, it works
        although only 15-20% reduction after 4 weeks treatment. However i still
        try to find another alternative which has better hope, and here goes the

        Amla study sure show very promising, however after i tried
        sourcing from multiple suppliers, from local and sending directly from
        organic company from india, powder dried that has medicinal value as the
        seller offer & buy whole fresh amla (to make sure just in case the
        phytochemical were vaporizing during drying process)

        Start with 3
        grams dried / 2 berries a day for 1 week showing no improvement. For
        the sake of curiosity, i double the dose for another following week into
        2x 3 grams powder dried / 2 x2 berries, the result show the fasting
        blood glucose were in the same range (in fact slightly higher) before
        the amla treatment started. Hence I have concluded, its not working.

        If there is anyone here happened to work, it will be excellent if you can share the supplier/manufacture infromation.

  55. Since reading about amla in your book, Michael Greger M.D. , I have been taking a teaspoon a day. Guess what? I actually like it. I just mix it in water now. It was a little weird at first, but I quickly became accustomed to it. Thanks for the recommendation!

  56. Is alma- gooseberries safe for dogs with diabeties – if yes…..what is the doseage or amount of gooseberries for a chichauha dogs / pound ???

    1. Hi, Russell F. I am Christine, a NF volunteer moderator. It looks like the study found best results with about 2-3g (2,000-3,000 mg) of amla powder per day. I hope that helps!

  57. Does anyone have any experience with chyawanprach? It is a sort of dark jam made of many spices and amla being the main ingredient. The problem that I am having with it is that is also contains ghee.

  58. Question about the antioxidant food table. It says that dried amla berries from india have an antioxidant content of 261.53. My question is where can I purchase in the U.S.A???? I am in Minnesota and I have been reading your book which I am obsessed with at the moment. It’s life changing. Thank you for your help.

    1. Hi Josh — Good questions.

      For the past 6 years, I have been getting amla from the Indian store, dehydrated and powdered.
      I imagine you can do the same in Minnesota.

      Recently, I have noticied there are higher quality (more expensive) brands you can find at leading online retailers and at specialized health food stores.

      Write back if you have any trouble finding it.

      To Health!

  59. I appreciate this article. However the author has made a common and disheartening mistake. You have addressed Type 2 and not Type 1 without clarifying. Why does this happen so often?! I use Amla for myself but am striving to assist my boyfriend with his Type 1. We scour the internet for information for his Type and have very little luck. Addressing Type 2 is important; but please be responsible and clarify which Type you’re writing about.

  60. Yes, I tried amla powder, lots of it, with zero effects on my borderline type 2 diabetes. Just being diagnosed type 2 does not tell what to do and what will work. It really depends on the ratio of insulin insufficiency versus insulin resistance. Doctors don’t always test for insulin, but they always test for glucose–tells you nothing about what is really going on. I think that Amla for a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes would be dependent upon the details of insulin levels and insulin resistance. If it’s pure insulin resistance, amla might work for you.

    All diabetes is composed of both insulin resistance and insulin insufficiency. Typically type 2 starts when insulin resistance goes on untreated, then the pancreas loses beta cells from the strain of making too much insulin (insulin insufficiency) If drugs are used to force additional insulin production, this too wears out beta cells. If caught early, there’s still enough beta cells and insulin production, so taking something like amla or whole food plant-based diet, exercise, etc, can bring the glucose down by allowing what insulin there is to work better, MUCH better in most cases. but tt does not replace beta cells. If the diet isn’t maintained, the glucose can rise again. So the insulin insufficiency part cannot be reversed, only the insulin resistance part can.

    Often type 2’s are partly type 1 by the time they are diagnosed, and due to diet, many type 1’s are also type 2 due to the diet they consume of fat and meat protein, which drives up insulin resistance. Type 1’s try to lower the blood sugar by avoiding carbs, which makes sense superficially, but by eating fats they drive up insulin resistance, the fat fouls up the insulin reception and action at the cellular level, while fatty tissue actually blocks arrival of insulin. An overweight type 1 with a fatty diet is a nightmare, in other words. They take huge amounts of insulin and this causes other problems. But most type 2’s do not know their insulin, just their glucose and A1c, usually, so they are not wise about how they handle it. Amla is unlikely to do much if anything for type 1, or that part of the diabetes that is type 1.

    Just having a high glucose test does not tell you if you’re mainly insulin resistant or insulin insufficient, whether you need supplemental insulin or dietary changes or supplements like amla. Many type 2’s are thin and don’t have much insulin resistance. They’ve lost beta cells and are actually more like type 1’s at that point. But they are still diagnosed type 2, only because theirs started in adulthood, while most type 1’s are diagnosed as children.

    I am no expert, but I asked my doctor for and got a 2 hour glucose tolerance test with insulin measured at fasting, 1 hour, 2 hour along with the glucose measurements at those times. This is to tell how much insulin resistance and how much insulin insufficiency is making my glucose rise. I take metformin 1500/day, and still have 97 fasting glucose and 5.5 A1c. I’m thin 6’1″ and 180 lbs, on whole food plant-based diet almost 100 percent. I still have dry mouth, dry soles and palms, some extra urination in the early am. I am awaiting my test results to tell if I need insulin, since I’m still not completely normal with diet and exercise. Pre-diabetes is much more dangerous than thought, since it damages organs while no action is taken against it. I am dismayed that doctors don’t have that much strategy for prediabetes or for type 2, in terms of ordering the correct tests, or in providing good strategies based on them. Like I say, the tests they do use usually are not catching it in time, and are not teasing out the factors that are at work to make the patient sick. If amla does work then you’ve likely got enough insulin and are dealing mainly with insulin resistance, but a simple blood test, if you demand it, will tell you what is really going on, and could seriously affect your health outcome.

    1. You know a lot Bob. One thing I began in earnest a few months ago is to find my bone structure by various measurements and the appropriate waist size based on that and height. I was surprised that it happened to be for small boned 5’8″ is 31.7 rounded up to 32. I was already wearing a 32 but the actual measured waist was 34 to sometimes 34 & 1/2. My fasting blood sugar and A1c came down a lot but still had high 90’s and ticked over 100 some days. Like you I didn’t like it and was (still determined) to make it close to perfect. I went on various fastings and like the promise of the one I’m on now, Fasting Mimicking Diet, and am now down to 32….a real honest to goodness 32. My sugars are now between 82 and 87. A foray into too much pizza tells me I’m not cured or ever will be but for the time being I found the waist charts and a measuring tape is being armed and dangerous to this disease. Incidentally even all of what we’re doing might not be enough but for the majority anyway it seems that being reasonably well under control is still within most people’s grasp. If you get a chance to check out this study regarding Fasting Mimicking diet…. ……It is interesting

  61. For people with glucose around 100 supplementing with Amla, is there any indication of mood issues from lowering blood sugar? We were using Metformin briefly to prevent ‘pre diabetes.’ My husband found no mood effect but I felt it strongly on Metformin. We began taking an Amla capsule a few weeks ago and I felt a mood crash. Not sure if it’s related but that’s why I’m inquiring. My question is, if healthy blood sugar levels are lower than what ours are, shouldn’t there be no mood effect when you reach a healthier glucose level? Perhaps it varies by person? I want to lower my glucose, but also want to protect against the blues, if this is perhaps the cause? Thank you for the important information you provide.

  62. A few years ago in the comment section someone brought up the very real concern about heavy metals in Indian ayurvedic foods/medicines sourced both from the US and India. In fact on this website there was a video by Dr.G on this specific topic.
    In this video he states there were multiple sources of amla at his local store.
    So which is it? Avoid because of high levels of heavy metals? Use because of these great diabetes and cancer prevention/cure effects? Is there a source that has been tested and shown to not have metals?
    More info is needed before we rush out and buy some powder from India that we have no idea what is really in it.
    I love Dr. G’s info but not having a reliable source for amla powder while at the same time touting it’s amazing health results is a bit irresponsible.

    1. Hi, element1519. There are products that are tested and may be purchased from companies with good quality control. I would recommend looking into various sources to find out what their quality control procedures are, and choosing one with best practices. Amla may be helpful, but it is important to find a trustworthy source. NutritionFacts does not make a habit of endorsing specific products. I hope that helps!

  63. Hi Element1519, thanks for your comment. I am one of the volunteer at the website. I am glad you check the website for good sound scientefic research. Dr Greger and team delve into all these research and bring us the best new findings. It is up to the individuals to then take the information and decide to incorporate the new foods in their diet or not. I for one am thankful for all these hard work that has gone into producing these free scientific information.

  64. Dr Greger:

    In December 2014 I had my LDL-P measured for the first time (small LDL particle count). It was high and I found a solution in amla, powdered Indian gooseberries. I ordered my amla from Amazon. It is a bitter powder so I mixed it with some sugar free orange flavored Metamucil. Every day I put a heaping teaspoon of the amla powder in a glass with water and some Metamucil. I made no other changes in my diet.

    Here are my results:
    December 2014: LDL-P 1006 units
    March 2015: LDL-P 595 units
    December 2015: LDL-P 426 units

    Amla had a strikingly direct effect on the LDL-P. My HDL-C stayed essentially the same over this 12 month period at 49 units. My total cholesterol came down from 174 to 154. My triglycerides dropped from 132 to 108 over that same period.

    I think others should considered this option for themselves, especially if they are getting regular lipid levels measured.

    I found out about amla from your video..

    More recently my wife is mixing in some tumeric powder as well. This may have reduced the amla dosage somewhat which could account for my more recent LDL-P numbers to increase somewhat to about 525 (a possible dosage response).

    George Parker

  65. I popped a frozen amla into my mouth, bit down, and it was horrible. Bitter, all the spit disappeared, had a hard time spitting it out. Not sure how they’re consumed, but I pitched the bag after. Was my only choice at the Indian store. How hard is the powder to incorporate?

  66. Hi
    I am5 weeks post liver transplant and have developed diabetes from the medication also I am taking Warfarin.
    Is it ok for me to take Amla?
    Thanks Dan

  67. Hi I’m a RN health support volunteer. All the best to you and your recovery from all of us here at NutritionFacts. Amla should not be an issue with warfarin. As I’m sure you’ve been warned, you need to watch your vitamin K intake when you are on warfarin, as it does counteract the drug. Not necessarily avoid it, but keep a consistent level of it so your INR stays consistent. Amla is not a significant source of vitamin K. It is mostly found in green vegetables. Just to be sure, you should also check with your pharmacy. They should have good information about warfarin and dietary interactions.

    All the best to you.

  68. I have been taking Amla for the past few weeks and it has helped with my sugar levels.
    I take it on a empty stomach and eat an hour or so after.
    The only problem is that it is causing loose stools.
    Can anyone advise me?
    Thanks Dan

    1. Piece of cake..Just take with a level tablespoon of whole Psylium seed husk or a teaspoon of Psylium seed powder with 8 oz or so of water. Works for me for other things as well.

        1. Hope it works out….I chose the psylium only because it’s cheap as dirt but another soluble fiber like chia seed is more nutrition but more expensive. I usually just follow the dosage and add about 6 oz more on top of it. Good Luck.

  69. HI – Just came across this and whoa, I’m Type 1 diabetic.

    I’m eating WFPB as instructed with/by CHIP out of Loma Linda University/Dr Hans Diehl.

    Walking 5 miles a day.
    Do you think Alma/gooseberries will help with keeping my BG and cholesterols in a better range as well?

    1. I was able to find this study which seems to answer your question:
      Anti-diabetic effects of the Indian indigenous fruit Emblica officinalis Gaertn: active constituents and modes of action.
      “…amla and/or some of its important constituents (including gallic acid, gallotanin, ellagic acid and corilagin), possess anti-diabetic effects through their antioxidant and free radical scavenging properties. .. However, clinical trial data with human subjects are limited and preliminary. For the first time this review summarizes the anti-diabetic affects of amla and also addresses the mechanisms mediating these properties.”
      Hope that helps!

  70. I’ve just recently started taking organic AMLA powder. Didn’t like the taste; the bitterness. So I tried it in tea, fruit infused water, and a few other ways. Finally, I realized that whole berries are taken with salt, so I made an organic green tea, put in AMLA powder, and tried a touch of Himilayan salt in the tea. Voila! Delicious! Goes down well. The salt pretty much covers the bitterness of the AMLA. Yeah!

  71. I’m not a diabetic yet but my A1c was tested at 11.6 I went mostly WFPB but slip every once in a while and brought that down to 5.8. I started taking amla 3 weeks ago based on this video but I’m not seeing a significant drop in blood sugar. My pre-eating concoction (once a day) is 2 teaspoons of metamucil, 2 teaspoon of amla, a sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg and a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar in a pint glass of water. I drink it down in one go a half hour before my first meal of the day. It has not dramatically changed my blood sugar. Could Apple Cider Vinegar be countering the amla?

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