Spirulina has been linked to rare cases of a serious muscle disease and, thus, should probably be avoided. It also may contain liver toxins and neurotoxins. Chlorella, on the other hand, appears to be safe.

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  • Infant Seizures Linked to Mother’s Spirulina Use
    Infant Seizures Linked to Mother’s Spirulina Use
    Contamination of spirulina supplements with toxins from blue-green algae raises safety concerns.
  • Another Update on Spirulina
    Another Update on Spirulina
    Potential neurotoxicity is another concern regarding spirulina supplements.
  • Is chlorella good for you?
    Is chlorella good for you?
    Chlorella does not have the toxins which may be present in blue-green algae supplements and spirulina.
  • Update on Spirulina
    Update on Spirulina
    Concerns about spirulina supplements extend to liver toxicity.
  • Kuna Indian Secret
    Kuna Indian Secret
    What do the Kuna Indians drink that may help account for their apparent low chronic disease rates?
  • Blue-Green Algae & Spirulina
    Blue-Green Algae & Spirulina
    The risks associated with these supplements may outweigh the benefits.