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How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes reversal, not just treatment, should be a goal in the management of type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes can be reversed not only with an extremely low calorie diet, but it can also be reversed with an extremely healthy diet. Could it be because an extremely healthy diet is also low in calories? This is the topic of my video Diabetes Reversal: Is It the Calories or the Food.

Study subjects lost as much weight on a green, leafy vegetable-packed plant-based diet as those who were on a semi-starvation diet based on liquid meal replacements. So, does it matter what we’re eating as long as we’re eating few enough calories to lose 15 pounds a month?

Even if diabetes reversal is just about calorie restriction, instead of subsisting off largely sugar, powdered milk, corn syrup, and oil (common ingredients in some liquid diet drinks) on the plant-based diet at least one can eat real food—in fact, as many low-cal veggies as desired. So, even if it only works because it’s just another type of calorie-restricted diet, it’s certainly a healthier version. But, even participants in the study who did not lose weight—or even gained weight eating enormous quantities of whole healthy plant foods—appeared to improve their diabetes. Thus, the beneficial effects of this kind of diet appear to extend beyond weight loss.

The successful treatment of type 2 diabetes with a plant-based diet goes back to the 1930s, providing “incontestable evidence” that a diet centered around vegetables, fruits, grains, and beans was more effective in controlling diabetes than any other dietary treatment. In a randomized controlled trial, insulin needs were cut in half and a quarter of the subjects ended up off insulin altogether. But, again, this was a low-calorie diet. Walter Kempner at Duke University School of Medicine reported similar results 20 years later with his rice and fruit diet studies, showing for the first time documented reversal of diabetic retinopathy in a quarter of his patients, something never even thought possible. One patient, for example, was a 60-year-old diabetic woman already blind in one eye and who could only see contours of large objects with the other. Five years later, while on the diet, instead of her vision getting worse, it got better. She “could make out faces and read signs and large newspaper print,” and got off insulin, had normal blood sugars, and had a 100-point drop in her cholesterol. Another patient went from only being able to read big headlines to being able to read newsprint four months later. What was behind these remarkable reversals? Was it because the diet was extremely low-fat or because there was no animal protein or animal fat? Or, was it because the diet was so restrictive and monotonous that the patients lost weight and improved their diabetes that way?

To tease this out, we needed a study where researchers switched people to a healthy diet, but forced them to eat so much they didn’t lose any weight. Then, we could see if a plant-based diet has unique benefits independent of all the weight loss. For that, we had to wait another 20 years until a study in the 1970s. In it, diets were designed to be weight-maintaining. Participants were weighed every day, and, if they started losing weight, the researchers made them eat more food—in fact, so much food that some of the participants had trouble eating it all, but they eventually adapted. Thus, there were no significant alterations in body weight despite restrictions of meat, dairy, eggs and processed junk, and there were enough whole plant foods—whole grains, beans, vegetables, and fruit—to provide 65 grams of fiber a day, four times what the Standard American Diet provides.

The control diet they used was the conventional diabetic diet, which actually had nearly twice the fiber content of the Standard American Diet, so it was probably healthier than what they had been used to eating. So, how did the even healthier diet group do? With zero weight loss, did the dietary intervention still help? The study compared the number of units of insulin with which subjects had to inject themselves daily before and after going on the plant-based diet. Overall, despite no change in weight, insulin requirements were cut about 60 percent, and half of the diabetics were able to get off insulin altogether. Was this after five years, or after seven months, as had been the case in the other studies discussed above? No.

It was after 16 days.

To be clear, we’re talking about diabetics who had had diabetes as long as 20 years, injecting 20 units of insulin a day, getting off insulin altogether in as few as 13 days, thanks to less than two weeks on a plant-based diet. Patient 15, for example, had injected 32 units of insulin while on the control diet, and then, 18 days later, none. Lower blood sugars on 32 units less insulin.

That’s the power of plants.

As a bonus, their cholesterol dropped like a rock to under 150 on average in 16 days, making them nearly heart attack proof as well. Just as “moderate changes in diet usually result in only modest reductions” in cholesterol, asking people with diabetes to make moderate changes often achieves equally moderate results, which is one possible reason why most end up on oral drugs, injections, or both. Everything in moderation may be a truer statement than people realize. Moderate changes in diet can leave one with moderate blindness, moderate kidney failure, moderate amputations. Moderation in all things is not necessarily a good thing.

The more we, as physicians, ask from our patients, the more we—and they—get. The old adage, “shoot for the moon,” seems to apply. It “may be more effective than limiting patients to small steps that may sound more manageable but are not sufficient to actually prevent disease progression.”

Although I have dozens of videos about diabetes, I think Diabetes Reversal: Is It the Calories or the Food may be the single most powerful one I‘ve made. Please share this life-changing, life-saving video with anyone you know who has type 2 diabetes or is at risk for the dreaded disease. As far as I’m concerned, it should be required viewing for every healthcare practitioner. I wish I had seen it when I was a medical student!

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This is the final installment of a three-part series. If you missed the first two, check out Reversing Diabetes with Surgery and Reversing Diabetes with Food.

For more on the remarkable work of Dr. Kempner, see:

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In health,
Michael Greger, M.D.

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Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM, is a physician, New York Times bestselling author, and internationally recognized professional speaker on a number of important public health issues. Dr. Greger has lectured at the Conference on World Affairs, the National Institutes of Health, and the International Bird Flu Summit, testified before Congress, appeared on The Dr. Oz Show and The Colbert Report, and was invited as an expert witness in defense of Oprah Winfrey at the infamous "meat defamation" trial.

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  1. Dr. Greger, I would like to know what you consider the safe upper limit for number of servings
    of organic brown rice, per week, a serving being one cup….and taking into consideration that
    this possible safe weekly-upper limit took all the necessary steps to reduce arsenic amounts
    by going organic, cooking in lots of water, draining some of the water, etc. I have watched all
    your rice-videos that have explored the arsenic issue in rice, but the one thing I don’t have
    clarity on is this…..if I took all the necessary steps to reduce arsenic, how much might be still
    safe to consume weekly? Thank you for any insight. I have allergies and can’t do wheat/gluten
    and some other grains, and rice is one of the few I digest well.

      1. Barb, thank you. Yes, I am aware of that but I am wondering what Dr. Gregor feels is the safe upper limit for brown rice, taking into account all arsenic-lowering methods. I do hope he can comment, or one of his staff can. I simply can’t consume other grains, as I have digestive-issues and intolerances.

        1. If I remember correctly, all these recommended limits are based on the arsenic content of rice. This is prudent when it come to white rice because its bioavailability is high, possibly 90% plus depending upon the type/

          Brown rice, on average, does have higher arsenic levels than white rice. However my understanding is that the bioavailability of arsenic from brown rice is much lower – under 50%.

        1. Lundberg has posted test results for a number of varieties. As I recall, short grain brown and basmati were the lowest but none of them were really high.

        2. Dear Barb,

          I don’t really know how to correctly contact you or some else from the staff. I opted for this place because it is about reversing type 2 diabetes. I have been such a fan of and using nutriton as medicine that I made it my job. Today we published in a peer reviewed journal how to reverse type 2 diabetes through a whole food diet. It adds another piece to the puzzle and the followup study of 1500+ people is well under way. Your channel has always been an inspiration. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      The arsenic issue in rice is not a factor if you get rice grown in California. Arsenic was used in the Southern States of the US where cotton was cultivated to kill Boll weevils (a type of beetle). It was never used in California. If you rinse and soak your rice as well, it should not be an issue at all.

      See this video from Dr. McDougall for more information:

      1. Thanks Gengo
        Thanks am indeed older and have had the pneumonia vaccine
        Have also had the original shingles vaccine and am now considering the new version which offers more protection

  2. Thank you for the refresher blog on Diabetes!

    It is so inspiring reading the results of these studies!

    I wonder if they hadn’t forced them to overeat in some of the studies if they would have had even better results?

    Having 1/4 of the patients reverse retinopathy and having blindness start getting better is so exciting to me!

    I have a friend who is blind in one eye and needs serious magnification for the other eye. Her husband is nearly blind in both eyes and is hard of hearing. They are the sweetest couple and are so happy all the time, but he has started to get the best kind of dementia where it is always his birthday.

    I am thinking vegetables could make them even happier, because they already have the makings of a complex carbohydrate.

    1. And by that, I mean that they are people who have so many health-bringing things about them that they are amazingly healthy for people to interact with.

  3. This is really great information. I just wish this information was pushed by companies like Instacart who just sent me the following email:

    ” Get $5 off your entire order when you purchase one of the following:

    PepsiCo snacks (purchase min. $20)
    Gatorade items (purchase min. $20)
    PepsiCo soft drinks (purchase min. $15)

    Or stock up on all three and save $15!

    GAME ON!”

    More like “GAME OVER” if you consume all those sugary drinks. I should send Instacart a link to this article to get them to consider providing incentives to purchase healthy whole foods. However, they may be getting too much money from PepsiCo to even think about it.

    1. Wow, Michaels Pretty shameless on Instacart’s & PepsiCo’s part. Like you said, game over & follow the money.

      But it wouldn’t hurt for you to request more healthy incentives from Instacart. You never know, they might provide them if enough people ask for them.

        1. Nancy, I agree.

          Edit and Like were useful.

          Trying to prove that I am not a robot for 10 minutes is something I don’t miss at all.

  4. My cousin got transferred to a bigger hospital today and my best friend had the person who did the biopsy say, “It doesn’t look good.” They found other spots to biopsy and it looks like Cancer to the person who has been doing this for 30 years.

    Grateful to God that I have been doing this process for so long.

    I am going to be giving her the powdered versions of Modified Citrus Pectin and IP-6 and I never did try the Essiac tea and if she decides to do B-17, I can hand her mine and make sure she has hydroxy B-12 on hand. I have the Amla and Triphala and know which medicinal mushrooms tested best and am going to be handing her “How Not To Die” and I already have Gerson’s cookbook and a container of nutritional yeast, but she is still Keto on the inside.

    1. I am not sure whether Essiac tea does anything at all or how dangerous B-17 and Apricot Kernels are, but she is not going to spend a penny on it and is going to have me to talk through the risks with and I already can show her the dietary changes videos.

      I am probably going to be bringing her my juicer and some great big bags of organic carrots and apples and kale and spice jars.

      She won’t get her results until Tuesday is what she said, so I am going to do the WFPB logic and she can take things until surgery because they told her that she would very likely need surgery and she probably will do the medical model, but I am hoping that she can have the flaxseed results at least and have it shrink before then. The PH Miracle guy did have some tumors shrink in 6 weeks and the flaxseed started shrinking it in 5 weeks.

      Yes, I am just rambling.

      I hope she will do Whole Food Plant Based but she was already quoting the Keto woman. Same as the vet. Hard when you have pets and have been trained from that Keto thinking for them.

      I said it before and will say it again that WFPB needs WFPB pet studies.

        1. Yes, I already gave the food list.

          I didn’t say the aloe.

          I am wondering when the CBD oil video is coming.

          I watched a testimonial of a woman who went into remission with it and I ponder the whole CBD versus THC thing.

          My dog likes the CBD oil, but it is not whole spectrum.

  5. Lowest carb increases Cancer risk by 35% is something I already believed without this and she doesn’t understand it because they aren’t acknowledging it.

  6. I just looked at photos of patients after surgery and they are going to mutilate her.

    It is vulvar and her husband is already breaking down.

    They said that they can do chemo before surgery to decrease the mutilation and I am going to her house tomorrow and she is going to be doing alternative options until they meet with her.

    Probably Frankincense and Myrrh and Turmeric and Ginger essential oils topical.

    I tried to be open to the medical model, but I genuinely would do everything else other than what I just saw.

    I will not say those words to her. She has to choose her own path, but it is visible on the surface, so essential oils are where my mind starts.

  7. Dr. Greger is 100% correct. I had uncontrolled diabetes for the past 15+ years. My HbA1C averaged 9.0% and above for years. I am in my mid-40s, and was on 166 units of insulin per day (96 day/70 night) during the past 4 years. I began developing diabetic retinopathy (with macular edema) during the past coupe years, and my condition began to take a drastic turn October 2017. I received terrible news on July 2nd from my eye specialist – regarding my retinopathy, and I also received my first laser treatment in my right eye; the edema in both eyes was rapidly getting worse.

    My eye physician recommended a whole-foods, plant based diet. She also recommended that I watch the Netflix documentary “What the Health”. Here, is where I discovered Dr. Greger, and many physicians discussing the incredible healing effects of eating “vegan”. This advice has literally saved vision and life. It took only 11+ weeks… This past Monday, after 78 days of eating only highly dense, nutrient foods, I had my latest check-up with my eye specialist. My retinopathy has greatly improved and regressed. The blurry spots literally began to subside over the past few weeks, and my vision has “minimal fluid” now. My doctor was so elated (as my wife and I were too!), that she cancelled the laser treatment scheduled for my untreated eye. She joked that I am her new “poster child” for her diabetic patients.

    Lastly, after 11+ weeks on a whole-foods, plant based diet, I am completely off ALL insulin. I titrated down over a month, and since the diet was so powerful – I now have a fasting glucose between 85-92 mg/dL in the mornings! (Please also see Dr. Joel Fuhrman, as well, for diet guidelines for diabetic reversal). The beta reserve in my pancreas was able to work on its own again, even after 15+ years of diabetes and hyperglycemia. I want EVERYONE who is diabetic to know this is possible. I am living proof. My new HbA1C is 5.2% as of this Tuesday the 18th. It was 7.9% a few months ago, before I started this lifestyle change. I was ‘addicted’ to sugar. Really. If I can do this, anyone can do it. I have zero desire for any of that food today. I am so thankful for Dr. Greger and physicians like him who are spreading the word of eating plant-based. They are saving lives. They certainly have saved mine. Losing weight was not the primary goal in the beginning; but losing 53 lbs. so far has been a tremendous bonus, and vital to becoming and staying non-diabetic. I have never felt so good. My wife and are very psyched to see Dr. Greger give a lecture in Florida on October 19th. I hope I have the chance to thank him in person.
    Kind regards,
    I wish you all the best.

  8. I would just like to say a big big thank you as by following the whole food plant based diet nutrition as prescribed by Dr Greger and others on the Holistic holiday at sea cruise 2018 I have reversed my type 2 diabetes and now am of off ALL medication not only for diabetes but cholesterol and blood pressure as well.See you on the 2019 cruise Dr Greger where I hope to thank you and others personally.
    Once again literally from my heart THANK YOU.

  9. My friend is going off dairy and oil and sugar and is going to be juicing.

    We talked about the Beyond Burger and Impossible burger. I am assuming they are better than beef.

    Are they too high in saturated fat to get her off her Diabetes meds?

    I feel like they are less of a transition, but that might make them too big of a focus.

    Anyway dairy and oil and sugar is a start.

  10. Stephen Lamb and Matt H, such a pleasure to read about your amazing success! I see people daily choosing bad food and the ill health that goes along with it, instead of choosing life and living life abundantly! Good on you !

    I have a couple of questions if anyone has the time ..
    1. I have heard Dr Greger speak of painful diabetic neuropathy being reversed, but what about the other kind where there is numbness and maybe tingling? Can this be reversed?
    2. To those diabetics who went plant based, did you set up appointments with your doctor in advance for the first few weeks after changing diets? ie 2 or 3 times the first week for supervision?
    3 And finally, did you follow Dr Fuhrman’s diet limiting grains / starches to 1 serving per day?
    Thanks in advance, and continued success to all who are enjoying wfpb.

    1. Hi Barb,
      I just went whole food plant based, I did not consult my doctor here in the UK as I was told that I could not reverse my Type 2 diabetes so I took myself off of all medication without consulting my doctor.
      Now they have agreed to remove all prescription medication as they are unable to argue with my test results. The thing that really gets me though is that they show no interest what so ever in how I managed to do it.

      1. Stephen Lamb, thank you so much for your reply! I am hoping that it catches the eye of medical professionals – there is a lot to learn here. First I want to offer hearty congratulations foryour achievements in becoming healthy again. What you (and others like you ) have done took a lot of courage. It’s one thing for the rest of us to sit back and read about your ac omplishments, but for you Im sure you felt your life was on the line.
        Secondly, though I do not have diabetes, I did have other life/death issues, and like you did not receive encouragement AT ALL. When I became the poster child for perfect blood work within 30 days, my doc said, whatever works and left the office. This is outrageous to me. Since that time I have had specialists taking pen and paper in hand to ask questions and take notes. Important thing here is that we do it for our own health, and now I never walk into the office without being prepared and informed.
        And lastly, you touch on an important point here. I just brought up this topic to my ‘new’ doctor about how important it is (to me) that a doctor be VERY careful about pronouncing outcomes to a patient. I come from a place of positivity and expect the same from my attending physician. You deserve that too Stephen! It can impact the outcome as much as our efforts so I made sure my doctor is on board.
        So thank you again Stephen for sharing your story with us. It has added to the deep appreciation I have for the folks who are courageously reshaping their own health destiny. Awesome!

  11. I am one of the unhappy ones. I did all the WFPB no SOS and only got off insulin. My weight has started going back up for reasons I don’t understand, and I never got off my oral meds. I guess I’m one of the unlucky ones. I wish I could afford a week at True North. They’d get me figured out.

    1. Barbie, thanks for your comment. I myself do not have it all figured out , though diabetes is not one of my issues, and in spite of being wfpb for years now. I keep trying different tweaks, but its an ongoing process! Dr J made the comment a couple of weeks ago that post menopause can find us running faster just to stay in the same race. It’s true for me certainly.

      i downloaded the write up for the diet described in tuesday’s article. Did you see it? It’s pretty austere even for those who are enthusiastic and motivated, specially long term. I am thinking about combining diet tweaks with eating during a limited frame frame in the day. I look forward to Dr Greger’s videos addressing fasting at some point.

      1. Looking forward to Dr. Greger’s new book and cookbook.

        I just gave another of his cookbooks away to my friend who has Diabetes, Thyroid Problems and possibly Cancer.

        I gave her my China Study Cookbook, my Gerson Cookbook, my Engine 2 cookbook and How Not to Die.

        I had a few excellent conversations with her today and I am so excited because she is going to try juicing and will even try WFPB meals.

        She is doing Chris Beat Cancer diet and he eats chicken, so it isn’t what I hoped, but she won’t eat chicken every night and she was full blown Keto, so some of us feel like we negotiated a very good deal.

        I might be buying her some Chickn to see if I can get her off the chicken and some Beyond Burgers so her husband doesn’t sever our friendship.

        Wish me luck.

        1. The Beyond Burger has Vegan chickn. Wondering if they did a special job with that?

          Her husband is such a finicky SAD diet eater. It has been hard for him to come off of soda and sugar even to do Keto with her.

          I need some high-quality transition food.

          The Beyond brands have Italian sausage.

          Boy, am I hoping for those foods to taste close enough for them.

    2. For $75 or something like that, you can have a phone session with Dr. Lisle.

      I contemplated it in the beginning but gave him a synopsis and he told me that I was doing great and didn’t need a session then. He was right and I agreed with him.

      If I get stuck I can contact him.

    3. Barbie and Barb,

      It might be hormones, but Dr Lisle said that people often make little mistakes.

      They do little things like drinking too much juice or smoothies and the lack of fiber causes problems for them.

      He has videos on YouTube about the mistakes if you can’t afford the $75.

      I would say that if you are going to do a telephone call with him start a food journal first so that you can accurately answer his questions.

      1. Thanks Deb for your encouragement. I am doing well actually.. bmi under 20, very fit and all. Just my cholesterol is higher than I want it though my doctor says its ok. I am tired a lot of the time, (anemic) and suffer intense cravings ( its not a matter of eating too few calories.. if i eat more, i gain unwanted weight)
        I am asking questions about diet and diabetes because many I talk to during the day have diabetes or say they are borderline. I have also heard 2 friends speak on their experience of diabetes reversal. Neither one is vegan. One did it by eliminating flour products, starchy foods and for the most part, fruit. To this day some 20 years later, she still avoids those things and remains diabetes free.

        1. HI Barb,

          Thanks for the kind words and encouragement.

          To answer a couple of your questions…I did not make an appointment with my GP, in regards to changing my diet to plant based. However, I do have my doctor’s email in which we corresponded about the matter. My doctor suggested that I titrate my insulin back 5 units, as I was taking 166 total a day (when I started the plant based lifestyle change). Seeing my doctor in person would have taken a couple weeks, and I did not have the time to wait…the disease in my eyes was getting worse at a rapid pace – I felt that I had to take action immediately. Thus, I was not truly supervised. My doctor, via email, did not realize how powerful going plant based was with my glucose readings, and my sugar went low quickly – and my GP did not realize how aggressive and effective Dr. Furhman’s diabetic reversal program was for glucose readings.

          I was really on my own with the management of insulin titration. After an episode of severe hypoglycemia, on August 4th, I almost had my wife take me to the hospital. I injected my nightly inulin dosage of 65 units (that was the 5 unit titration from 70), and I experienced a rapid heartbeat so fast, that I thought I was going to have a heat attack. My body became sweaty, and I felt confusion too. It happened all within minutes. Thankfully, after eating a sugary snack, my heartbeat returned to normal…that was the last straw (as I had hypoglycemia episodes pretty much every day previous to that for a couple weeks).

          That was the last night I took my insulin dosage of 65 units. The next day I began my titration down from 96 units; injecting only once a day now. I did it slowly…96 to 92, then 88, 82, 75 etc…finally being on only 5 units four weeks later. I had my last hypoglycemia episode at 50 units per day. My glucose readings remained normal fasting and postprandial. I finally took my last insulin injection on September 2nd. My glucose has remained normal since.

          I know my experience may not be the norm. I am fortunate that my pancreas is still producing insulin on its own. I am far from “out of the woods”, but it’s a very encouraging start. I was determined to get off my insulin after researching the dangerous effects it has on diabetic retinopathy and macular edema. That was something I never knew!!

          Finally, Dr. Furman’s audiobook “The End of Diabetes” was the program I followed, and continue to do so. I rented a copy from my local library, and subsequently bought a copy of my own via eBay. His “greens & beans” diet has been working. Again, this is a very powerful diet. I did not start this plan until 4 weeks into being plant based. I began to lose about 5 lbs a week after following his instruction. It is a simple concept too…no oil, white flour, or starchy vegetables like white potato. Eliminating oil is the key to weight loss. Eat only 2-3 meals a day and NO snacking. His rationale for no snacking is scientifically proven to decrease the workload on the pancreas, and for cellular repair during glycolysis (this is opposite of what the ADA recommends btw). “The salad is the meal”…plus, (I personally love raw kale now to start every meal) raw and cooked greens and vegetables; cooked mushrooms, broccoli, raw onions, and bell peppers. These foods you can eat unlimited qualities of. Adding soaked/cooked beans is essential to EVERY meal for protein and fiber. Plus, eating only the “good fats” daily is crucial. 15-30% of the diet should be from these good fats – 1/2 an avocado a day, plus 1 oz. of raw walnuts will fulfill the fat intake the body needs.

          Please do consult with your doctor if you or your friend proceeds with this plan. I am only relaying my experience. I had to do it on my own because time was running out with my vision (sorry to repeat myself). This plan, along with the information Dr. Greger posted on this page, will reverse diabetes. I have listened to Dr. Fuhrman’s audiobook probably 8 times now…I study it because this is how I am going to eat for the rest of my life. Do I miss my ‘old favorite’ white potatoes? No. I also do not miss the constant pain my body felt (daily) just a few months ago, along with the uncontrolled glucose swings. It is now under control. I woke up this morning and my glucose was 90 mg/dL. Thank goodness for Dr. Greger and Dr. Fuhrman.

          Take care, hope this was helpful to anyone.

          1. Matt, I can not thank you enough for taking the time to write your reply. Not only is it enormously helpful to me, but I can imagine Dr Greger’s readership is very grateful also.

            It’s all so very exciting isn’t it? I’m truly amazed at how fast your eyesight healed! So appreciate you sharing your journey off the insulin as well. When people ask me about plant based diets for diabetics I stress the fact they need to be in touch with their doctor, even if their doctor isnt all that encouraging at first. Few people appreciate how fast some changes can occur… especially unexpected ones… so arranging some supervision wouldnt be a bad idea (specially for those living alone)

            I did follow the ‘greens and beans’ idea initially which I agree with you, is a very powerful way to eat. I did lose about 5 lb a week also, (i was already thin) so I had to make sure I got a few more starchy veg in for calories. Like you, I have no desire to go back to eating the old way.. I don’t miss dairy products or meat, or oil for that matter. And my sugar cravings at holidays can be managed with fruit. It’s all good.

            Thank you again Matt.. I now have a much better idea of how things go during the diabetic reversal process, and I’m sure many others will find it as inspiring to read as I did!

        2. Yeah, there are TED talks explaining that fat doesn’t spike insulin and the people around me are doing that style of eating but aren’t perfect enough at it to have it work, so they just end up with out of control blood sugar trying to eat more and more fat and less sugar.

          My friend who has tumors is doing that keeps trying for Keto process. She eats 3 eggs per day and chicken and bacon and beef with no bun and coconut oil and butter and pretty much no vegetables.

          I don’t know if she really will succeed at going WFPB, but she ended up on higher and higher insulin and ended up with a heart attack and now crippling pain and will find out Tuesday if she has Cancer, but the person who talked to her after the biopsy said that it looks like Cancer and that there are other sites needing biopsy.

          My step-mother who had a stroke last year is high fat diet skinny person, too. She had Cancer a few years ago and a stroke, but is thin and people try to emulate her eating to look like she does.

          I won’t tell you which political candidate dated her without mentioning that he was married.

  12. My cousin had a heart attack.

    They ended up putting 3 stents in.

    Diabetes is such a puzzle once you get to kidney failure. I hated that they pushed him away from WFPB. I am glad that he is alive today.

    I toast to medical tonight.

    1. Honestly, I wonder if they just did the whole prophylactic thing with my cousin, which Dr. McDougall would sue about.

      Doesn’t matter.

      They put in 3 stents and told him that he had a heart attack.

      I just don’t understand that whole subject.

  13. I’m puzzled. The meal plans I found for the “plant based diet” include meat fish or eggs on every day !
    It took me a while to find the meal plans so here is the link.
    I got the impression it was plan only so if anyone found different meal plans please let me know.
    I also had to search for a free copy of the study and found one here:

    1. Take “plant-based” out of it because the study doesn’t say plant-based.

      They were comparing higher and lower fiber and carbs.

  14. I found this article on Chlorophyll, which I found interesting. I am bummed by it because it is being used with ultrasound and light at certain wavelengths to kill cancer and I am an ultrasound and light self-hacker at times and Chlorophyll at a low level of toxin helps but when they increased the rate of the toxin Chlorophyll made it worse.

    I am going to tell you that I might have just caused my dog to get worse using it and that is the problem with not reading enough studies from enough directions.

    I am not giving up on him but he suddenly had a change in a negative direction and I had not bought the Modified Citrus Pectin and had pretty much stopped the Triphala and Wormwood and other things and haven’t been using the Micropulse ICES because of coming home from work and finding him in a different spot than it too often.

    At the same time, I started giving Chlorophyll and around the Chlorophyll there was a definite worsening of his breathing again.

    He is still eating and drinking and going out and I am going back to what I had been doing. Expensive is why I stopped, but 3 weeks after stopping he was still okay and I am afraid I just gave him more tumors with the Chlorophyll.

    I am going back to the Modified Citrus Pectin and Triphala and might buy the Tumoclear or Wormwood again.

    I still haven’t tried garlic and that might be next.

    Shoot, he is almost 4 months and I had better think of something quick.

    1. He is still smiling and asking for food and he still walks up the back steps.

      He just pauses a few seconds longer.

      He is watching me while I type this.

      He still likes affection and still wags his tail.

      I see a slight slowing down but he is still so vibrant in his personality and still follows me into the kitchen every time I go because he gets more snacks than he used to.

      I don’t know how long we will go on with it but I feel like I am going to keep trying to heal him until he stops eating or stops walking or something because I want to understand Cancer better.

      He is the sweetest n of 1 I could ever have chosen

  15. It is going to sound strange but I ended up having the thought from the science music video about glycolysis about my dog.

    He talks about the gain of ATP after the whole bis phosphate thing and he is pointing out that there is a lot of energy left in pyruvate.

    The fact that I have mental access to a science song in my head is fairly miraculous.

    I need to make up songs about everything

  16. Where was the study done on diabetes that did an MRI of the cell that showed intramyocellular fat produced toxic end products that caused insulin resistance? Was it Yale or Princeton? What year? Where is the link to that study? Thanks!!

      1. So, I found the link but it did not have this graphic used by Dr. Greger. I am trying to trace where this study was published.
        [image: insulin resistence toxic fat diabetes – yale 1999.jpg]



    1. The important thing to remember is that if you do this right, and eat only unprocessed plants, your blood sugar could drop rapidly, which can be fatal, so you should only do this under supervision of a licensed doctor familiar with this lifestyle so that he/she can adjust your medication accordingly.

      Dr. Ben

    2. Hello Marion,

      I’m happy you have found Dr. Greger’s work and are planning to put it to the test. If you would like a guide on how to begin making changes, I will recommend the Nutritinofacts “Evidence-based Eating Guide”, which I have linked below. Another great resource would be to check out “Mastering Diabetes” on facebook, which is a coaching program run by 2 people living with Type 1 Diabetes, who have helped countless people get off their medications for Type 2 Diabetes.

      Good luck on your health journey!

      Matt, Health Support

  17. My boyfriend is pre-diabetic and is on metformin. Over the past several months he has been feeling like the metformin is not working. His doctor has recommended that he increase his intake of meat and egg protein and avoid carb foods like beans. After watching your videos and reading your blogs that I send him is not sure what he should do.

    He is open to trying the vegetarian route but is worried about how his body will react during the transition of omnivore to vegetarian. He is fearful to adding carbs and how it will make him feel. What should he watch out for? Does he need to be monitored by a doctor during the transition?

    Any insight on the best way to move forward is appreciated.

    Thank you

  18. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes October 10th 2019. I switched to a plant-based whole food diet with no added salt, no oil, and no sugar. I brought my A1C from above 14 down to a 6.6 after 90 days. I seem to be struggling with my morning blood sugar numbers, they seem to hover right around 110. I do believe this is the Dawn phenomenon and am looking for some advice on something to try to get my numbers below 100. Any suggestions?

  19. If you list complete food logs for a few days we might be able to help. I’m concerned about your definition of “whole food diet” since, by definition, a Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle already excludes oils and added sugars; there is no need to specify these non-whole foods.

    1. And as a side note, I only refer to a whole foods diet the way that I do, is because most people I’m around don’t know what “whole foods” means. As do you and I. 

  20. Hi Chad: You questions are very clinically relevant and unique to you. It sounds as if you’re eating all the right foods so there are two questions: 1) Are your current blood sugar levels actually clinically relevant (they may not be) 2) if so, how to change what you eat, the amount you eat, and when you eat them to reach target levels. The first thing you’ll need to do is answer questions #1, and that can only be answered by your doctor. You’d probably get the best answer from a doctor that is completely familiar with the thousands of studies in support of a WFPB diet.

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