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Pill-Free Ways to improve Your Sex Life

“Sex is important to health,” according to the Harvard Health Letter. “Frequent sexual intercourse is associated with reduced heart attack risk.” But, as I discuss in my video Do Men Who Have More Sex Live Longer?, that seems to be the perfect case of reverse causation. They’re implying that more sex leads to healthier arteries, but isn’t the opposite more likely—that is, healthier arteries lead to more sex? Blood flow in the penis is so reflective of blood flow elsewhere that penile Doppler ultrasound can predict cardiovascular disease. However, low frequency of sexual activity may predict cardiovascular disease in men independently of erectile dysfunction. This suggests that sex may be more than “just fun” and may also be therapeutic, or at least so says an editor of the Journal of Sexual Medicine and colleagues in discussing whether or not “frequent sexual activity can be prescribed” to improve general health. In men, they suggest it’s because more sex means more testosterone.

When men have sex, they get a big spike in testosterone levels in their blood, but, interestingly, in contrast, they don’t get a testosterone boost when they masturbate, as you can see at 1:21 in my video. This may be because “testosterone increases with competitive success,” like if you win a sports game. While sex “is not usually regarded as a competitive event…one’s mental state following coitus could nevertheless be something like that of a winner,” as opposed to the mental state after masturbation.

As you can see at 2:00 in my video, the spike in sex hormones in the blood is so great that men’s beards actually grow faster on days they have sex. And, since low testosterone levels are associated with increased risk of mortality, this could help explain the health benefits of having sex.

So, do men who have more sex actually live longer? I searched Pubmed for sexual activity and longevity and found a study supported by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, titled “Sexual activity and longevity of the southern green stink bug”—clearly an example of our taxpayer dollars hard at work. I was less interested in whether or not screwworms live up to their namesake and more interested in a study on sex and death, in which the objective was “to examine the relation between frequency of orgasm and mortality.” The researchers found that men with “high orgasmic frequency” appeared to cut their risk of premature death in half and, apparently, the more, the better: There was an associated 36 percent drop in mortality odds for every additional 100 orgasms a year. “Conclusion: Sexual activity seems to have a protective effect on men’s health”—but, apparently, not if you cheat. “Unfaithfulness in men seems to be associated with a higher risk of major cardiovascular events,” like heart attacks and strokes. “Extramarital sex may be hazardous and stressful because the lover is often younger…[and] a secret sexual encounter” may be more stressful.

In a large autopsy series, the majority of cases of sudden death during sex occurred in men during extramarital intercourse. The absolute risk is low—“only one out of 580 men might be expected to suffer a sudden death attributable to sexual intercourse”—but for those at high risk, research shows that “[s]ex in familiar surroundings, in a comfortable room temperature, and with the usual partner adds less stress to the heart” and may be safer.

Speaking of safe sex, you thought drinking and driving was bad? “While it is generally assumed that sexual behavior happens in parked cars, there is little discussion…in the research literature of sexual activity in moving vehicles.” About one in five college students report engaging in sex while driving, nearly half while going more than 60 miles an hour. Researchers suggest maybe this is something students should be warned about in health class.

When done right, though, love may protect your lover’s life. Given the benefits of sexual activity, “intervention programmes could also be considered, perhaps based on the exciting ‘At least five a day’ campaign aimed at increasing fruit and vegetable consumption—although the numerical imperative may have to be adjusted.”

What are some pill-free ways to improve your sex life? Exercising, quitting smoking, not drinking too much alcohol, not weighing too much, and eating a healthy diet. But what does it mean to “eat a healthy diet”? As I discuss in my video Best Foods to Improve Sexual Function, heart-healthy lifestyle changes are sex-healthy lifestyle changes, which have been demonstrated in studies from around the world, including in women (for whom there is sadly a dearth of research about in the biomedical literature). “Sexual function in women is significantly affected” by coronary artery disease, atherosclerotic narrowing of blood flow through our arteries, including the arteries that supply our pelvis. So, high cholesterol may mean “lower arousal, orgasm, lubrication, and satisfaction,” and the same holds for high blood pressure.

Given this, putting women on a more plant-based diet may help with sexual functioning.   Researchers found that improvements in female sexual function index scores were related to an increased intake of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and beans, and a shift from animal to plant sources of fat. The same for men: a significant improvement in international Index of Erectile Function scores. In fact, the largest study on diet and erectile dysfunction found that each additional daily serving of fruits or vegetables may reduce the risk of ED by 10 percent. But why? It may be due to the anti-inflammatory effects. Two years on a healthier diet resulted in a significant reduction in systemic inflammation, as indicated by reduced levels of C-reactive protein. Fiber itself may play an anti-inflammatory role. Those who eat the most fiber tend to have significantly lower levels of inflammation in their bodies, as you can see at 2:06 in my video. The opposite was found for saturated fat, “associated with an increased likelihood of elevated CRP”, C-reactive protein levels.

We’re used to seeing changes in inflammatory markers over weeks, months, or years, but people don’t realize that the level of inflammation in our bodies can change after only a single meal. For example, there’s a pro-inflammatory signaling molecule in our bodies called interleukin 18, thought to play a role in destabilizing atherosclerotic plaque. As such, the level of interleukin 18 in the blood “ is a strong predictor” of cardiovascular death.

What would happen if you fed people one of three different types of meals: sausage-egg-butter-oil sandwiches, cheeseless pizza with white flour crust, or the same cheeseless pizza but with whole-wheat crust? Within hours of eating the sausage sandwich, interleukin 18 levels shot up about 20 percent, an effect not seen after eating the plant-based pizza. In contrast, those eating the whole food, plant-based pizza made with the whole-wheat crust had about a 20 percent drop in interleukin 18 levels within hours of consumption, reinforcing dietary recommendations to eat a diet high in fiber and starches, and low in saturated fat to prevent chronic diseases.

But the billions in profits are in pills, not plants, which is why the pharmacology of the female orgasm has been studied ever since 1972 when a researcher at Tulane University implanted tubes deep within the brain of a woman so he could inject drugs directly into her brain and was able to induce repetitive orgasms. A man who had electrodes placed into similar parts of his brain was given a device for a few hours that allowed him to press the button himself to stimulate the electrode. He pressed the button up to 1,500 times.

For more on male reproductive health, see:

Also check out my other men’s health videos, such as:

What effect might that inflammation directly following an unhealthy meal have on our artery function? Check out my three-part endotoxins series starting with The Leaky Gut Theory of Why Animal Products Cause Inflammation.

And why exactly is fiber anti-inflammatory? Watch my video Prebiotics: Tending Our Inner Garden.

In health,

Michael Greger, M.D.

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Michael Greger M.D., FACLM

Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM, is a physician, New York Times bestselling author, and internationally recognized professional speaker on a number of important public health issues. Dr. Greger has lectured at the Conference on World Affairs, the National Institutes of Health, and the International Bird Flu Summit, testified before Congress, appeared on The Dr. Oz Show and The Colbert Report, and was invited as an expert witness in defense of Oprah Winfrey at the infamous "meat defamation" trial.

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        1. I haven’t noticed anything different lately re Dr Greger’s beard, but I did think he looked great on today’s youtube live Q&A. Interesting questions, and the conversation with the family dog was adorable. I laughed when he talked about the budget treadmill he got to stay in shape during his weeks of quarantine in calif…you can hear it in the background. Wtg, Dr G! My tiny ‘covid’ bonus cheque went on a cheap bike and good running shoes, and I’m really glad it did.

  1. Dear Dr. Gregor,
    Wish you had mire information for women on this issue as well.
    The title made it sound like the subject covers both men and women!

    1. Nicki,

      THANK YOU!!

      Though the blog does state:

      “ heart-healthy lifestyle changes are sex-healthy lifestyle changes, which have been demonstrated in studies from around the world, including in women. “Sexual function in women is significantly affected” by coronary artery disease, atherosclerotic narrowing of blood flow through our arteries, including the arteries that supply our pelvis. So, high cholesterol may mean “lower arousal, orgasm, lubrication, and satisfaction,” and the same holds for high blood pressure.

      Given this, putting women on a more plant-based diet may help with sexual functioning. Researchers found that improvements in female sexual function index scores were related to an increased intake of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and beans, and a shift from animal to plant sources of fat.”

      And the word “women” was included 3 times, “female” once, compared to “men” 13 times, and “male” zero times (if my count is correct).

        1. It is interesting because the women have complaints but it is their heart problems causing it not their partners.

          I wonder how many do the math wrong about that?

          1. Women are more likely to stop having sex once they have the loss of sexual sensation.

            Men turn to pills to keep it going.

            Big Pharma is trying to get a female version of viagra.

  2. Dear Dr. Gregor,
    Wish you had more information for women on this issue as well.
    The title made it sound like the subject covers both men and women!

    1. Nicki,

      Bloodflow to the genitals from not having blocked arteries and not having something like neuropathy would work the same for both.

      The masturbation and unhealthy unions versus healthy relationships would also seem likely to be similar health versus non-health concepts – though women are abused by males more often than males being abused by women and women are more likely to be involved with cheating males, so women probably have a more inner angst about that whole thing and angst is not good for health.

      I watched a YouTube logic video where the logic the professor was correcting was wrong after he corrected it. He asked his class who has sex with more partners males or females and he did a simplified equation and said that because there were more males born it was more females having sex. I couldn’t follow his logic, partly because by age 25 in places like France, enough males have died so that the number of males and females are equal. Then, males go to war and die younger and the age of having sex goes higher than age 25. Plus, it was a high percentage of males actively pursuing multiple partners and very few women even wanting that at all. Anyway, the whole unhealthy sex life thing probably gets pretty complicated pretty quickly.

      Guessing that females would not have pushed the button 1,500 times because women already can have multiple orgasms. I think because women get something better than orgasms in the whole oxytocin experience and that tends to be what we are pursuing.

      1. I had to look up “oxytocin”:

        2. What exactly is oxytocin?
        Oxytocin is a hormone that acts as a neurotransmitter. It plays an important role in reproduction.

        In females, the hormone triggers labor and the release of breastmilk. In males, oxytocin helps move sperm.

        1. What does oxytocin have to do with love?
        Researchers in one 2012 studyTrusted Source found that couples in the first stages of romantic attachment had significantly higher levels of oxytocin than their unattached counterparts.

        But oxytocin is tied to more than just new love. It’s also released during sexual activity and linked to the intensity of orgasms.

        One 2013 reviewTrusted Source summarized all of oxytocin’s possible relationship-enhancing effects. Some of these include:

        positive relationship memories
        positive communication
        processing of bonding cues

        3. Does your body produce oxytocin naturally?
        Oxytocin a naturally occurring hormone. It’s produced by the hypothalamus — a small region at the base of your brain — and secreted by the nearby pituitary gland.

        1. Bill,

          Years and years and years ago, there was a mouse study, I think on it and my friend and I dabbled in writing a comedy called, “Monagamouse” which will never be in any theater near you ever. He and I had opposite sensibilities in comedy but he is the one who finishes scripts and writes books. I give ideas and it was my idea.

  3. I agree with Nicki. Was hoping to see more detailed studies on women. Problem here is older married women post menapause whose libido is slim to none can’t give her husband all that sex (intercourse) he (or we) need to be heart healthy. Until the problem of post menapausal libido reduction and physical issues (shrinking, dryness, etc) has a solution, our husbands aren’t going to “get any” very often. Please find us women a way to “get in the mood” and be physically able! I’ve tried the whole food route and it didn’t change a thing In this respect. (I am still vegan.)

    1. PEMF ICES might help with blood flow.

      I bought it for helping injured ankle but it does increase blood flow wherever you put it and it has a full range where you could treat your shoulder and it will radiate all the way down to your feet.

      1. The PEMF can also regrow your hip bones at the same time it increases blood flow to the genitals.

        I was trying to use it for my hips and ended up stopping because I ended up being aroused for a few days straight.

        I lent it to my cousin for his gangrene but I am a post menopausal woman and PEMF and possibly infrared are what I would say.

        1. “I was trying to use it for my hips and ended up stopping because I ended up being aroused for a few days straight.
          — – – – –

          Oh the visuals……of Deb being aroused! *_^

  4. Yeah, my hubby isn’t getting much sex these last couple years. I’m 54, perimenopausal, but have negligible interest in sex. Which I’m okay with except for knowing that my husband would like to have sex more frequently.

    Doesn’t it make sense, from a biological standpoint, that once a female is near, or past, the age of being able to reproduce, that there’s little need for a high libido?

  5. The unhealthy orgasms not contributing to health is interesting.

    I think with the male versus female – with males they did “cheating” and “masturbation” and with women, the concept that when they feel threatened or worry about being cheated on and women do cheat nowadays. More often than they used to.

    But, my guess is that women go into a fight or flight mode when they don’t trust their mate and they might stay there but a lot of people make daily calculations about whether they are in a healthy or unhealthy relationship and males have already skipped over the “cheat” and “masturbation” data and women are adding in “husband cheating?” and, no, that is not something I personally have gone through. But many of my friends have.

    I am going to put the oxytocin experience over the multiple orgasm experience every time because if there isn’t a really big bonding it is way too easy to slide into the unhealthy zone.

  6. What I would be interested in would be the brain and hormone factor of whether the oxytocin bonded lovemaking orgasm versus the well, I guess I could say, “bondage” orgasm is similar to whole food plant based versus the food industry effect.

    The man who hit the button 1500 times probably did it without guilt or shame or the need for masturbation or cheating but I am guessing that it didn’t become health to his body.

  7. Okay, and I will add, what is it about the oxytocin bonded experience that protects people from the pleasure trap downfall?


    Yes, I am going to go there.

  8. Or wording it differently, would mated sexuality be the one time a pleasure trap experience is good for you? And, I am thinking that there are protective hormones like oxytocin that somehow mediate, but there are experts on that topic for Dr. Greger to talk with.

  9. Sharon and Dharma, maybe the lack of interest in intercourse for post-menopausal women is in part due to the ‘dry’ intercourse that happens with a circumcised male. I am just into the second year of my foreskin restoration process (I wear a mechanical traction device that induces penile shaft skin mitosis), and intercourse with my wife of 29 years (we are in our late 50s) is much better than it was one year ago: less ‘in and out’ by me because I have better sensation, and my emerging foreskin traps lubrication inside, instead of ‘squeegeeing’ it out. Great book (free PDF) by an American woman who had intercourse with both circumcised and intact males, noted her strong preference for the latter, convinced her husband to restore his foreskin, and then concluded that intercourse with him was no different from with her intact prior lovers. She later conducted a mail survey of women who had had intercourse with both circumcised and intact males, and their responses mirrored hers. ‘Sex as Nature Intended It’: Just food for thought!

  10. I really wish more content would be geared to women. My impression from this article is that male sexual satisfaction matters more than female. That’s the message I hear. Women want to have better sex and more content aligning to that would be helpful (to both men and women!)

    1. You might not have read carefully. There is a whole women’s section in this.

      “sex-healthy lifestyle changes, which have been demonstrated in studies from around the world, including in women. “Sexual function in women is significantly affected” by coronary artery disease, atherosclerotic narrowing of blood flow through our arteries, including the arteries that supply our pelvis. So, high cholesterol may mean “lower arousal, orgasm, lubrication, and satisfaction,” and the same holds for high blood pressure.

      Given this, putting women on a more plant-based diet may help with sexual functioning. Researchers found that improvements in female sexual function index scores were related to an increased intake of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and beans, and a shift from animal to plant sources of fat. “

  11. Heidi,

    I don’t see that in the article at all.

    The studies were done on males and the males are healthier when they have sex within a relationship than when they cheat or masturbate. That isn’t saying that their satisfaction is more important.

    I don’t see that even implied.

    In fact, more women would probably benefit if the males took that bit of health advice above.

  12. As a Christian, I have been in discussions from that perspective and this lines up with what is preached. Actually, in Christianity, both males and females’ sexuality is important and there are instructions to both males and females within relationships not to withhold their bodies from each other for long periods of time so that the other person doesn’t get stuck in something called in the Greek porneo.

    Culturally, that was the worry of the early church that people would not be married and would end up porn addicts. I say it because that was long before videos or magazines. Porn is on the inside, I guess. Or that is the biblical principle of what porn is.

    Yes, I know that people get frustrated when people talk from that perspective.

    It is just interesting comparing it to the science.

  13. First, very interesting Dr. Greger that you posted this blog just after you announced being in a new relationship on Chef AJ’s interview with your new beloved! I wish you both the best! Jen seems like a great match for you and you for her!

    Here’s my question if anyone has insight: If a 65ish year old man has no ED, is a normal BMI, has great blood pressure, eats a healthy WFPB diet, BUT has elevated LDL around 130, does he need to worry about heart disease? Since ED is often spoke of as the “canary in the coal mine” for CVD, is there data to suggest that a man with the profile given, but with no ED, can feel more secure that his elevated LDL that won’t come down despite a great diet and exercise will not give him a cardiac event?

    1. While there may not be any specific studies looking at your specific risk factors compared to others with different profile, we certainly have many studies looking at LDL and how while this can be predictive, other risk factors will modify the risks. The fact that your BP is normal (below 120 systolic, 90 dystolic?) and you eat a WFPB diet (with lots of leafy greens for healthy endothelium?) can help rebalance your risk.
      You may want to review what Dr.Caldwell Esselsytn has to say about numbers and heart attack risk:. “The closer it can be to 80-85 or lower, the better. However, if one is unable to take statin drugs and eating plant-based nutrition, and the LDL won’t go lower than 95-105, it would appear that they will still be fine. The lesson we learned from the Tarahumara Indians, who never have cardiovascular disease, is that the most key protective element is not so much the pure LDL number as is knowing that nothing ever is eaten which is a building block of vascular disease or can injure endothelium.” You may also want to check out this link of a recent panel Check this link out: and if you like this panel of esteemed plant-based experts including Dr. Esselsytn considering “What Is the Healthiest Cholesterol Level To
      Prevent Disease?”
      This should give you some good insights I believe.

      1. Thanks for your reply. I do know about Dr. Esselstyn’s work. The thing I’m trying to find out is if we can feel confident about NOT taking a statin when all things are good except for the LDL and when eating a low fat WFPB diet. Too bad these ED studies can not help me answer that question.

        Interestingly, you may know there are now some plant-based docs who don’t agree with Dr. Esselstyn’s firm stance on what hurts the endothelium. Recently, cardiologist Dr. Joel Kahn told me that he tells his bypass patients they can have some olive oil if they want. And Dr. Bellardo, a new cardiologist, is repeatedly stating that an abundance of research exists that shows extra virgin olive oil will not cause heart disease. Having all these contrary opinions from plant-based docs interpreting research is difficult for us non-medical folks to sort through. There seem to be camps people belong to. I don’t want to be in any camp. Just want to know the best advice from a consensus of plant-based docs.

  14. As a female subscriber who is used to your content being largely gender neutral, I was disappointed when the first 2/3 or more of this article referred only to men. I realize that gender bias in research leaves us with a dearth of data on women’s health, but an acknowledgment of that as the cause of the underrepresentation of female sexual health concerns in your article would’ve made me feel like you’re conscious of the problem and considering the experience of your non-male readers. Anything we all can do to push back on the pervasive notion that men are the fundamental unit of humanity helps those of us who aren’t men feel more represented and valued.

    Thank you for reading and for all the good work you do.

    1. Even the US Office on Women’s Health doesn’t discuss sexual satisfaction issues. Also, some sexual problems like erectile dysfunction and prostate issues are unique to men. But you are right that there is far less information for women on this topic than there is for men. I’ve always assumed though that this was mainly because, on the whole, men are far more interested in sex than women are rather than because of some notion that women are less important..

      On the broader issue of health disparities, as I’ve grown older I have become more conscious of the fact that men have a 5-year lower life expectancy than women.

      And breast cancer gets a lot more publicity and funding than prostate cancer even though in the UK at least prostate cancer deaths appear to have overtaken breast cancer deaths.

      Of course, breast cancer tends to strike at a younger age than prostate cancer and is quicker acting (I think) which makes it much more confronting/devastating at a personal and family level.

      Still, I’d like to see some acknowledgement that men are in some ways disadvantaged when it comes to lifespan/health compared to women.

      1. Tom,

        Agreed. Males die younger.

        Also, with sexuality, to be fair, whenever they have done studies, males tend to be more promiscuously wanting sex and wanting multiple partners and watching pornography by over double what women watch it and wanting sex way more often and it was the man who pushed the button 1500 times.

        If the woman had pushed it even 1000 that would be news.

        I watched a TEDTalk where a researcher said that part of the problem is that women were sleeping with heterosexual males who weren’t all that concerned with the female’s sexual satisfaction, so women don’t really want to be a part of it unless they are going to benefit either in the relationship or in the sexual satisfaction itself.

        But she is skewed because when they do studies on masturbation and pornography and looking for sexual partners, it is still skewed more toward males being way more interested.

        However, this is a health site and WOMEN are way more interested in health sites online is what Pew research and Google say.

        So, in that context, it is going to be the middle-aged women who are the ones who are the most-health-oriented in general who are actively searching for information and who are trying to keep enjoying their sexuality who are the most likely readers.

        That is what they say anyway.

        I don’t know because that was never an issue for me and still isn’t one, except for doing the math of things like character and integrity and knowing how to avoid all of the males who fall into the categories of actively looking for multiple partners.

        1. I did find one thing interesting.

          “Women absorb and retain DNA from every man they have sex with”.

          DNA. Plus, they would absorb the microbiome.

        2. There are whole sex industries and pill industries and health industries where males are bigger consumers of everything related to sex and sexuality.

          Plus, from the heart attack side males tend to have them at least a decade earlier.

          Endometriosis is more of a sign that a woman might have one.

    2. Hi Lauren (and others), thank you for your feedback about gender representation in this article. Indeed, there is a lack of research, so Dr. Greger just amended the article to indicate that better: “As I discuss in my video Best Foods to Improve Sexual Function, heart-healthy lifestyle changes are sex-healthy lifestyle changes, which have been demonstrated in studies from around the world, including in women (for whom there is sadly a dearth of research about in the biomedical literature).”

  15. On the radio during the day they advertise “shock wave” treatment for males for ED.

    Every time I hear it, I wonder if it also helps the heart? Does it unblock arteries?

    Since there seems to be so many women who are unhappy that their sexuality wasn’t well enough represented, I will also wonder if the shock wave would help them.

    It costs a lot. Though they have a $89 per month at home unit or something like that.

    The ICES PEMF would end up being cheaper by the end.

    I just don’t really know what a shock wave is and I don’t know if fixing ED (which they say they have had good results even for diabetics) might fix something else.

  16. Versus a control group wound healing was 20 days faster with shockwave.

    And 53.33% experienced complete wound healing versus 23.33% with a control group.

  17. Mechanism for wound healing for all of these things could be decreasing bacterial load.

    Bacterial load and infection are thought to be important factors in chronic wounds and delayed healing (22–24). Bacterial colonization of >105 organisms per gram of tissue is associated with infection and delayed wound healing in chronic wounds (25, 26). In a study by Xu et al., the rate of healing had a strong inverse relationship with log colony-forming units (CFUs). For every log order of CFUs, there was a 44% delay in wound healing (27). Halbert and Rohr took bacterial cultures from 83 limbs and showed an association between delayed wound healing and higher bacterial counts in leg ulcers. Compared to non-colonized ulcers, colonized ulcers had longer duration at presentation, larger size at presentation, and took longer time to heal

  18. I don’t think I feel satisfied at the testosterone and masturbation versus lovemaking answer.

    Do they not get the testosterone bump when they are cheating?

    The testosterone spike is unrelated to orgasm. I can start there. But I would be looking at the other hormones next and whether those being present or absent affect testosterone spikes. Things like oxytocin and cortisol and dopamine, etc.

    The competition thing seems like someone’s theory rather than looking at potential mechanisms.

  19. Okay, to the males, is it a competing, I won, that you experience when you have sex with your life partner?

    And, if it is, I will ask if you masturbated to the exact same “I win” fantasy?

    Did they test whether different fantasies had different hormonal effects?

    The Christian concept that the communities would talk about would be that with our life partner the coming together would be about relationships rather than porneo. I wonder if people who have their significant other be put through all sorts of humiliating experiences have an opposite outcome?

    Though at some point what you do and think about in and out of bed is who you are so people making wiser decisions in bed might also be making thousands of wiser decisions throughout the day.

  20. Back to the masturbation and cheating, those could be “symptoms” to begin with.

    Maybe like drinking alcohol or eating junk food.

  21. I could go back to the sense of “winning” and they always called rape about power and winning.

    But it is such an unhealthy behavior.

    I suspect they die younger.

    But nobody could ever test their testosterone level unless they work with a police force.

  22. Harvey Weinstein is ending up in prison with gangrene on his penis.

    An elderly man who I know who molested his nieces and nephews and grandkids ended up having parts of his body turn almost to stone. There is a medical term.

    Years and years of not good decisions.

  23. Backing up into my scriptures it would be: as a man thinketh in his heart, so he is.

    So, if that is true, then the cheating and masturbation would be revealing who someone really is – for healthier or unhealthier.

    I can’t do the rest of the proverb properly.

    But it is something like he may offer you things to eat and drink but his heart is far from you.

  24. Also, back to no testosterone spike from masturbation….

    They always blame testosterone for males infidelity and sexual addiction and things like rape.

    But they don’t get a spike during masturbation?

    I would have thought it came long before they came,

      1. If it isn’t the testosterone contributing to the masturbation and to the cheating, then what do we back up to in the mechanism.

        A neurotransmitter?

        Spiritually, I have a sense of a healthy soul makes healthy decisions so it would be taking thoughts captive and renewing the mind and not messing up the heart with things like bitterness and unforgiveness.

        Scientifically, I don’t know where health begins.

        1. My brothers and father all fell in love at first sight and if they don’t die from the cooking, I will inwardly give credit to the testosterone now.

          A lot of people in my family did the fell in love at first site – one in junior high school followed by death do us part type of thing.

  25. I think that I believe that health on the inside leads to healthy intimacy and apparently that leads to testosterone spikes.

    When I lived in California there was a man who wanted a script to be written about a man trying to hire someone to kill his wife and then, that man killed his wife in real life.

    When people use their creativity constantly in unhealthy ways, I believe them.

  26. I wonder if there is a testosterone spike in men when your spouse (or significant other) masturbates you. I, too, live with a post-menopausal woman, with dryness and low libido, and have wondered what treatment is out there to “fix” our mutual problem?

  27. Studies on health need to include gay men, lesbians, bisexual men, bisexual women and trans peoples.
    The myopic paradigm of study participants defaulting to being straight is a disservice to science and the total population.

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