Health & Nutrition

Boosting Brown Fat Through Diet

Until about ten years ago, brown adipose tissue (BAT) was considered to be biologically active only in babies and small children where it generates heat by burning fat. But now, there is no doubt that active brown fat is present...
Health & Nutrition

Recipe Testing and the Straight Dope

Become a Recipe Tester Just a few months to go before the How Not to Die Cookbook comes out in December! Want a sneak peek at some of the recipes? The publisher printed up some 2018 How Not to Die Cookbook wall...
Health & Nutrition

Does Rye Bread Protect Against Cancer?

Previously, I’ve explored the beneficial effects of flaxseeds on prostate cancer (Flaxseeds vs. Prostate Cancer), as well as breast cancer prevention and survival (Flaxseeds & Breast Cancer Prevention and Breast Cancer Survival & Lignan Intake). The cancer-fighting effect of flaxseeds...

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