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Pregnant vegans, are at risk for iodine deficiency. Ensuring enough iodine intake is important particularly if a person consumes a high amount of raw cruciferous vegetables, as this may block the thyroid’s absorption of iodine.

Sea vegetables such as nori, dulse, and alaria are excellent sources of iodine. Besides supplying iodine, the seaweed nori may reduce breast cancer risk, while wakame may help those with high blood pressure.

Excessive intake of kelp (kombu), paddleweed, or thyroid-containing sausages, however, may lead to iodine toxicity (getting too much iodine). The seaweek hiziki, also known as hijki, is not recommended because it may contain arsenic. Another way to reduce the risk of overloading the thyroid with iodine is by not gargling with iodine solutions like betadine.

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