Why Do Vegetarians Have Higher Stroke Risk?

Why Do Vegetarians Have Higher Stroke Risk? Why Do Vegetarians Have Higher Stroke Risk?

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Date: February 19th, 2020 2:00 pm EST


Given that high blood pressure and inadequate fruit and vegetable consumption are among the most important stroke risk factors, you would assume those eating plant-based diets would be at significantly lower risk, just as they are with heart attacks. You might be surprised to learn that there had never been any studies on the incidence of stroke in vegetarians, though…until now. And if you think that is surprising, wait until you hear the results. Yes, they had lower heart disease risk as expected, but those eating meat-free diets appeared to have more stroke risk. If that is indeed the case, what might be the cause, and what can we do about it? I do a deep dive in a 2-hour live webinar at 2pm ET on February 19th, 2020. I hope you’ll join me for this important event.

Here’s a list of all the topics I’m going to cover in the 2-hour webinar:

  • What to Eat for Stroke Prevention
  • What Not to Eat for Stroke Prevention
  • Do Vegetarians Really Have Higher Stroke Risk?
  • Vegetarians and Stroke Risk Factors—Vitamin D?
  • Vegetarians and Stroke Risk Factors—Omega 3’s?
  • Vegetarians and Stroke Risk Factors—Vegan Junk Food?
  • Vegetarians and Stroke Risk Factors—Saturated Fat?
  • Vegetarians and Stroke Risk Factors—Animal Protein?
  • Vegetarians and Stroke Risk Factors—Vitamin B12 & Homocysteine?
  • How to Test for Functional Vitamin B12 Deficiency
  • Should Vegetarians Take Creatinine to Normalize Homocysteine?
  • The Efficacy and Safety of Creatine for High Homocysteine

All of the information will eventually be available for free on NutritionFacts.org, but if you don’t want to wait, you can hear it all now by joining me in this live webinar to get all your questions answered.

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   All of the content was extremely useful. Dr. G is the best teacher, even via the web, I have ever listened to. Clear, engaging, personable, passionate, patient and very interesting.

   It is a very cool feeling that there are over 500 people around the globe, who are interested in nutrition and want to know even more. So keep up the good work.

   Dr. Greger did a fantastic job bringing his genius knowledge down to my level. I learned so much on all the ways to research effectively, thoroughly and truthfully. He was fantastic! He went over aspects enough times for me to get what he was talking about. So he didn't go too fast. He went just at the right pace. He did it with humor and fascination on a subject that can be tedious, he made it an adventure. I really appreciate all the work and planning that went into the four hours! Can't wait for him to do it again on another subject!

   This course is worth so much money and a huge value to those particularly in university and research. Thank you so much for your time and efforts!

   Dr. Greger is a rare treasure and his educational style is engaging. Thank you all!

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