Doctor's Note

Tomorrow’s the big day! Buy it at your local book store or go to the book page for online links.

Today, however, is your last chance to get signed, personalized copies for everyone on your gift list. Go to for more details.

As always, all proceeds I receive from the sales of my books , DVDs, and speaking engagements all directly goes to support he 501c3 nonprofit that keeps alive and running.

I can’t wait for everyone to read it!

UPDATE: With 25,000 sales in the first week it became an instant New York Times Best Seller!

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  • The day has finally come–whoohoo!

    • quickdraw

      Will this be made in paperback form at any point?

      • jj

        Have heard that paperback depends on how well the hard cover sells. Hope it goes paperback as hard cover is difficult for my hands to manage.

        • Thule

          What about a digital kindle version? Amazon gives kindle software for free for your computer and devices, and even a version where you don’t need to install anything, works directly in your browser.

          • uma7

            There is a kindle version but this is a reference book so a hard copy is advised.

          • lilyroza

            That’s one reason why I bought the Audible version as well as the hard cover. I can listen to the book while doing other things, but then have an actual book to refence, also to lend out. Personally I think that digital version should be fully lendable, and give-able. I think you should be able to highlight, draw in the margin, add notes. That’s why I resist Kindle versions. Same reasons apply to Audible as well, but to be read to is so convenient.

            BTW, your website says Audible will be available on Dec 15th, but I got mine on Dec 8th, launch day. It’s wonderful, Dr. Greger, My hardcover version arrived Dec 9th in the mail, unfortunately it’s really too big for the mailbox, but the mailman crammed it in anyway, tearing the packaging and the paper jacket. For those who haven’t received theirs, be forewarned, maybe there is some way to prevent that? A note on the mailbox or delivery directions? (My mailbox is the standard size.) I’ll be ordering more for people I care about.

          • kalemuncher

            I’ve got the CD version also and it’s been awesome goodness to listen to.
            Dr. Greger reads it himself! Love it. Unless you want to look at all the references I don’t think you really miss anything by going with the audio version.
            The only problem I had was he mentions a couple minor items (ex.-chart) provided on CD but I can’t find it, just the audio tracks. Daily dozen he mentions can be found as Android app.

          • GNUisance

            Pardon my interruption, but I must point out that ebooks rarely respect basic book owner rights:

            Also, the desktop/handset/tablet/browser software for the Amazon Swindle may be gratis, but it is certainly not free/libre: it tramples basic computer-user rights, such as the freedom to do what one wishes with the software. The computer is being controlled by an external entity when one agrees to its EULA, and this undermines a user’s free will.

          • Thule

            I agree with you, and that’s the reason I don’t own any tablet, nor an smartphone. I am writing to you from my desktop (as always built at home), OS Opensuse Leap 42. I use Linux as main OS since 04 (Gentoo back then). I am an avid PC user from the time of DOS, I saw all the transitions until now, most newer users don’t know what is going on, I do.
            I try to avoid all DRM as much as possible, for sure I completely avoid the most intrusive types, but I do prefer digital copies over books, so in cases like these I do use the kindle software for PC which runs ok in wine… or used to. Now seems unable to synch to get any new books.
            I also very careful with privacy online, my browser is fx with many security and privacy addons, I recommend everyone to do the same.

            In case any of you still don’t have something basic as this, never leave home without it.

    • CONGRATS, Dr. Greger! I got so excited this morning when Amazon told me your book was being shipped to me and would arrive tomorrow. I can’t wait to read it from cover to cover! Thanks so much for all your integrity and dedication.

    • David Crider

      My book is on its way, the preview looks great! Thanks so much for doing this Dr. Greger, I let all my FB friends and followers on Twitter know: Buy this Book!

    • Charzie

      I can’t wait…I asked Santa for it! LOL

    • Susan Page

      I’m so excited to get you book. I have followed you for a long time and you are my favorite doctor. Also you inspired me to take the Rouxbe Professional Plant Based Chef course. Thank you for your passion!

    • Pre-ordered from Amazon…it’s on it’s way! Can’t wait! Thank you so much, Dr. Greger. Your work is life-changing.

    • Thule

      Congratulations Dr Greger, looks amazing, no doubt that it will be a success. Just too bad that over here we need to wait until February.

      Thank you for all your hard work.

      • Jan

        I’m in the UK and I’ve just ordered the book from Wordery via Amazon. Strangely it was described as ‘Used – Like New’ but when I queried this I was told that it would in fact be a new book, and they expect to deliver it before Christmas. Yay! That’s my Christmas present to myself.

    • MikeOnRaw

      I got the book today from my pre-order. hope you had a bunch of orders. Once I get paid I’ll be ordering another 2 to give away to family at Christmas time. Thanks so much Dr Greger for the book and your site.

  • Mike

    The book is available from at the usual discount level, but it has almost no discount on I’d like to resell copies here in Canada. Is there another way to get it at a discount in bulk?

  • Nick Presidente

    I think part 2 is the part I really struggled with for a lot of months. The technical stuff and the reasons why to change came a lot from this website, but the how.. well, that isn’t easy. I know how to cook, but WFPB turns a lot of that around for sure, trying to assemble how to make and prepare food without oil, without diary, it is a struggle because any recipe sites are just packed with them. Move over to Vegan sites and they just down coconut oil like its the greatest thing ever, so finding a WFPB lifestyle guide is really important.
    Recently I have found one youtube vegan channel that cooks low fat dishes, no oil mostly, and it has really be able to fix the dishes that got messed up for me (like hummus) and add new ones. We need more sources because most people hear about the lifestyle and freak out immediately thinking it just can’t be done.

    • Part 2 is the part I was most excited about as well!

      • coro@hawaii

        I am dying to read your book. We may need one more chapter … or Part 3: “HOW TO DIE – IN DIGNITY (& WITHOUT PAIN)”
        Finally, this will be just as important as HOW TO LIVE – WITH WFPB.

        And Thanks for probably saving the rest of my long life (81 yo) by convincing me that my daily 7.5 ounces of wild canned salmon
        would (probably) kill me. I was on my way out. Methionine overload ? Whatever. Now I am well on my way to live the blissful
        life of a pure vegan for a few more sunny years …

        • simka johnson

          bless you for asking that question/suggestion, part 3 HOW TO DIE – IN DIGNITY AND WITHOUT PAIN. bless you….

          • Dr Miriam Maisel _NF Volunteer

            The modern medical hospice movement pioneered by Dame Cicely Saunders addresses exactly that question. Her work started about 50 years ago and has developed into the speciality of palliative medicine—which is really devoted to exactly that aim. Until fairly recently most of the work was done with patients who had cancer or severe progressive neurological disease but that is changing and now is starting to include many end stage chronic conditions. Of course prevention is best but not everything is in our control, and even with best health, everyone will face death one day. You can find many resources on line….

    • stevelittle

      Try for fat free recipes. I cook from there a lot.

    • Charzie

      There are actually a lot of healthy WFPB videos on youtube in all different cuisines! Just do a search under WFPB, just spell it out. I personally love Cooking with Plants because she will often do several versions of a recipe with or without nuts, for example. The Vegan Corner is great too, as is Miyoko Schinner, who has some amazing ideas, especially her plant based cheeses! I love Indian food, and Tarla Dalal has quite a few healthy videos and an awesome website. There are a slew of great ones and I spend far too much time watching instead of acting!!!

      • Dominic

        Check out Chef AJ on YouTube

      • Nick Presidente

        I love The Vegan Corner! I have seen a few other channels, but sometimes I just don’t have space for the bizarre ingredients or they aren’t low fat or they take all day to prep, which I just can’t do.

    • plant_this_thought

      Studies have shown that aesthetically appealing food is actually much better absorbed by the body, when considering foods of otherwise identical nutritional content. That is why recipes are not incidental details or “soft” information, but front-line nutritional components. The pleasure factor of food is there for a reason. The eye, nose, and brain are inextricably involved.

      • Nick Presidente

        Isn’t it sad how the monoculture food industry has removed the colours and variety from what we eat? Finding purple potatos is a chore, at least the asian supermarket has some varieties of other foods, but they aren’t big on regular potatos.

    • Kim Churchman

      Amen about people thinking coconut oil is so wonderful, they just about roll in it, beats me what’s so good about it

      • jj

        “they just about roll in it” … That’s what it is good for. The skin.

      • Kim, go read about it!
        Don’t be fanatical about ANYTHING.
        Read and watch alternative views – especially about fanatic vegetarianism AND eggs.
        YOU are an omnivore – more – you are a omnivore, designed to eat almost anything!
        EXCEPT of course, modern “Frankenfoods”. (See my post here at top)

    • msintrepid

      Please name the youtube vegan channel.

      • Nick Presidente

        The one I watch is The Vegan Gourmet, very much to my tastes, and funny too

    • stevelittle
      • Thea

        steelittle: Wow, great list! Thanks so much for this link! I’ve seen lots of vegan recipe blogs out there, including many on this list. But I like how they put a 15 generally healthy ones together. This page is definitely going into my list of resources.

        • stevelittle

          You are welcome. I hate it when people make like vegan food is boring. I personally feel that #1, food should not be a daily reward for getting through life. It should be sustenance. And #2, as sustenance, it doesn’t hurt if it tastes good! I make some excellent cast iron skillet pizza and it is all vegan and all good! ;-)

          • Thea

            stevelittle: That pizza sounds *delicious*! Make room for one more at your dinner table please.

    • kalemuncher

      I’ve found some great plant-based low/no-oil cookbooks:
      my favorite is “The China Study, All-Star Collection” by Leanne Campbell
      also there is “The Plant Pure Nation Cookbook” by Kim Campbell,
      “Eat for Health” and “Eat to Live Cookbook” by Joel Fuhrman,
      and “Engine 2 Diet” by Rip Esselstyn

      • Nick Presidente

        Thanks, been looking into Joel Fuhrman a bit lately and I like this style, flexible and more accepting of others than many of the extremists. I might have to start getting some books

    • kalemuncher

      Best ice cream ever:
      Combine in blender (love my Vitamix, gets it really smooth): 2 frozen bananas, 1 cup unsweetened plain almond milk, and 1 cup ice,
      You’ll have softserve in under a minute!

  • HaltheVegan

    Great summary of your book, Dr Greger. We owe you many thanks for digging into all the research papers and sharing the information with us. And we should also thank the inventors of the Internet for facilitating the distribution of this information to millions of people all over the world. From the comments section, it looks like many people all over the world read this website. And thirdly, we should also appreciate the freedom we have to publish controversial information on the Internet so everyone can share in it.

    • I thank my lucky stars every day for the internet! :)

      • HaltheVegan

        I discovered this website two years ago and have become a regular daily reader of it including all the good comments from other readers. I switched to a WFPB way of eating rather quickly and have never looked back! I feel great and just hope that whatever damage may have been done by not eating optimally will be reversed eventually.

      • BB

        Dr. Greger: I love being able to recommend this website to others. The small doses of information work wonderfully for those who are starting to change their thinking about how to improve their health. I am also recommending the book to everyone. is like the icing on the cake for me and my husband. We have been following WFPBD for years and learning more about the science supporting our diet is so reinforcing. We loved your presentation at the Food-Medicine Conference and we are looking forward to seeing you again when you come to Palm Harbor, FL in February. Looking forward to reading the book!

  • alvarowier

    Dear Greg, you mentioned some time ago in the comments for the video “omega 3s, prostate cancer and atrial fibrillation” that you have some videos coming out about plant-based omega 3 or plant-based EPA/DHA supplements. I’m coming up on my next bulk-order of algae omega 3s and I’m wondering if its actually contributing positively to my vegan diet? Thanks for all the life-saving info you put out every day!

    • I just actually recorded a new one in the last 5 minutes! It’s going to be in the DVD released next month. Bottomline: keep your order.

      • alvarowier

        Okay, thanks for the quick response!!

        • JP

          alvarowier, did you understand that to place your order for the DHA or keep your order and not place it?

          • Martin Miller Poynter

            Looks like he meant “keep your order,” not “keep your money?”

          • sorry yes, keep your order

  • uma7

    There’s so much terrible information and outright misinformation out there. It’s going to be nice to be able to just say here’s THE book on nutrition that is purely the science without the gimmicks from an author without ties to meat/dairy/junk. Realistically, older people are not going to watch a bunch of youtube videos about nuances of boiling versus steaming sweet potatoes, but they’re willing to read a book.

  • Noe Marcial

    I have order my Book! from Amazon :) but it will arrive on february 11 to spain… :/

    • lo siento!

      • Gary O’Reilly

        Same for UK even as an eBook! Is there anyway I can get it in the UK tomorrow?

        • Gary O’Reilly

          or earlier than feb 11

        • Rebecca Cody

          My son lives in London and I’m mailing him a copy. Can you get it on

          • Gary O’Reilly

            Thanks Rebecca. I pre-ordered ages ago but the release date is 11 Feb, same with iBooks. Took the plunge last night and ordered from and paid for expedited delivery. Still under £20. Hopefully get it before Christmas!

        • Rebecca Cody

          I guess you’ll just have to give the extra copy to some lucky friend next February

    • Dominik

      I pre-ordered it and it will get to me in 10 days to Germany … it will be my lecture for the holidays :)

  • uma7

    I could’ve sworn you used to recommend 2 tablespoons of ground flaxseeds. The book now says 1.

    • That was before by DHA recommendation.

      • Noe Marcial

        But anyway 2 Tablespoons are not a bad thing no? i’m doing it :)

        • Joseph Gonzales R.D.

          You may not need that much is all he is saying. If supplementing with DHA then taking 2 Tablespoons of flax is likely putting one over the top for their daily essential fat needs.

          • uma7

            Flaxseeds are as cheap as dirt, though. Do you get into harmful territory at some point? It’s hard to find 250mg DHA algae supplements. I can only find 500mg. Is 2 tablespoons flax + 500 mg DHA daily too much? Should I just do 500mg every other day?

          • Joseph Gonzales R.D.

            Jack Norris RD has a great chart that discusses DHA conversion values , which may help. You don’t need a ton of flaxseed to see the benefits.

        • 2 is great–the best source of anti-cancer lignans! Joseph may be able to pull up some good lignan vids for you.

          • David Patz

            I recall your video regarding flax seeds and antihypertensive effect, the study evaluated the effect of 4 tablespoons of flax seed daily. If one has borderline HBP, should the flax be increased?

      • uma7

        How many health books have a chapter on flaxseeds? Good to see them getting their due in a mainstream publication!

  • HemoDynamic, MD – NF Volunteer

    Damn! Michael Greger, MD body slams the BS out of Nutrition and gives you the hard-hitting facts of how not to just survive but Thrive in his painstakingly researched, amazing new book, “How Not to Die!”

    Thank you Dr. Greger and all the staff who made this possible!

    Please share and Tweet todays video and give your family and friends the gift of Health this Holiday season and throughout the coming year.

    • Thanks doc!

    • Maureen Okun

      That is some book blurb! Share and tweet and whatever the video, for sure, but don’t forget to add Dr. HemoDynamic’s dynamic blurb.

  • Congratulations from one of Nathan Pritikin’s grandsons. :-)

    • No way! That’s so cool. I owe your grampa everything.

    • Ron B

      Nathan Pritkin’s was a great man who changed the way people think.
      However, I was unable to find a good explanation for the leukemia he had.
      If he ate whole food plant based + a lot of exercise, how come he had leukemia at relatively early age?

      • Joshua Pritikin

        Wikipedia says, “There is no single known cause for any of the different types of leukemias.” I recall when Nathan died that some family friends blamed his leukemia on the casual use of fluoroscopes in the 1920s,

  • Kat

    Just checked my pre-order on amazon – “arriving tomorrow by 8pm”

    Is it tomorrow yet?!?!

  • Kathryn Garcia

    Just smiling, laughing and happy your book is on the way to my home. Thanks

    • Joseph Gonzales R.D.

      Me too! So amazing to have it all in one place. I am loving the “Daily Dozen Checklist.”

  • Congratulations Dr. Greger on a great achievement! We will definitely be ordering copies to give as gifts to family members we prefer would not die. We also have a bit of news to share as Whirled Peas Kitchen has just been accepted in the Bethesda (MD) Central Farm Market. Starting in January 2016 we will serving our PBWF meals on Sundays in a location we hope many in this community will find convenient.

    • Joseph Gonzales R.D.

      Thank you! Congratulations on the big news! Bethesda used to me my stomping grounds. Best of luck with your healthful Kitchen!

  • I preordered awhile ago, looking fwd to getting it tomorrow.

    Meanwhile, look at this nonsense!

    • Joseph Gonzales R.D.

      And this is why we do not validate the news in Women’s Health Magazine as science. Thanks for pointing that out! It’s much better to come here and learn the facts. The truth is plant-based diets may improve mood. We can literally fight the blues with greens and antioxidants (not found in animal products) in beans, fruits, and vegetables may help with depression. :-)

    • Panchito

      Too much copper and little zinc could cause the symptoms of that the magazine describes. At one time, I was eating everyday lots of cacao, mushrooms, and lots of nuts I had the symptoms mentioned in the magazine. When I stopped cacao, I recovered. No need to eat meat or even crazier, switch to the Paleo diet. People on a paleo diet look terrible. When they do make videos, they do it on low light so that the wrinkles are invisible. That is a bbq fad diet.

      • elsie blanche

        Can you share the foods you eat, the diet, that allows you to have a healthy vegan (or plant-based) diet that does not take in too much copper, compared to zinc? Do you supplement with zinc? It seems the typical vegan diet contains way too much copper and manganese, in my opinion, but I’d love to know how you pull off getting the zinc, and limiting the copper. Thanks.

        • Panchito

          All I did was stop the cacao and the mushrooms while keeping everything else the same. I don’t know my ratio but I am doing very good. Other foods that help mentally and that I eat is 1/2 avocado a day and walnuts. Don’t do very low fat (10%). Try 20% to 35% fat calories for mental health. Pumpkin seeds help and there are many other sources of Zn but they are not concentrated.

          • Leslie

            Pumpkin seeds and walnuts have way more copper than zinc. Same goes for avocado. The stuff I read says that we need to take in more zinc than copper, but these foods you eat seem to be unbalanced, no? Simply curious here. I am inclined to think that the ratio is more important than the total amount consumed, as some people claim copper and zinc compete with each other for absorption.

    • HaltheVegan

      I’ve totally lost faith in the mainstream media. The article you referenced is a perfect example of why.

    • Charzie

      OMG, that ticks me off, especially since I have felt SO much better, not just physically but mentally, since going WFPB!
      Another peeve is nobody seems able to differentiate between a WFPB diet and an “ethical” vegan or vegetarian junk diet! French fries, chips, donuts, soda and fake meat is vegan…but as bad for health as the SAD.

  • Maureen Okun

    We all knew that Dr. Greger would get it right—there is no other book this comprehensive and accessible. Thank you, Dr. Greger; this is going to save lives, as well as greatly improve the quality and pleasure of those lives (something those who are reluctant to give up damaging eating habits often overlook). Sincere thanks for all of your tireless toil.

  • Bruce Rogers

    Congratulations, Dr. Greger! My copy also will arrive from Amazon by 8:00 pm tomorrow. Can’t wait!

  • Craig

    congrats dr. greger. you’re doing god’s work. best wishes and good luck, Craig.

  • Diane Lindsay

    Ordered your book on Kindle and from by mail. Should receive the hard copy on the 26th, but will have the Kindle edition tomorrow–can’t wait!! Listened to you on the Rich Roll podcast today! Thanks for everything you are doing; your work has been such an invaluable help. And now the book!!

    • Joseph Gonzales R.D.

      Ain’t that a fun podcast? Thanks for the very kind words, Diane.

  • vmh

    Nice video. Just like thumbing through the book! I’m going to ask my local library to buy a copy. By the way, a book on library shelves has power to reach and persuade. In my library at least, if they get more than a certain number of “holds” on a book, they order a second (or third) copy. Library users don’t realize it, but as individuals they have power to keep a specific book on the shelves. In my library at least, any book not checked out even once in the past 3 years is probably a “weed” and is “weeded”. As long as the content isn’t outdated and book condition is good, one checkout by one person saves the book. That’s power. Use your library! YOU determine what books are on the shelves.

  • RPA

    Hi Dr. G, I may resubmitting someone else inquiry about algae base DHA, all of them posses Carragean which we all know is toxic ..
    would you clarify your position on it, I’ve been doing the ground flaxseed for a half a year and stopped using the vegan DHA because of the carragean.

    Thank you from one of your devotees

    • Joseph Gonzales R.D.

      Good question. I suggest watching his video, Is Carrageenan Safe?. Dr. Greger says healthful foods that contain carrageenan are likely okay, but crappy foods with it doesn’t really help anyone. Of course you can avoid it altogether if you’d like to avoid any potential risks.

    • Wegan

      DEVA has a liquid without carrageenan.

  • Britta Higgins

    You are AMAZING! Thanks to my daughter (who went vegan- cold turkey- haha, 5 months ago) and you, I too have gone to a plant based diet. Your information is incredible and I love your videos! We’ll be purchasing your book! A great way to begin 2016! Happy Holidays!

  • Student

    Will the book be published in German? I would love to give it to my parents but the can’t speak English so well.

    • ja ist es!

      • Muhammad Tatarstan

        How about Russian?

      • Student

        Great! Thanks so much.

      • Aldo_49

        Dear Dr. Greger
        Glad you publish your book in German too! Where and when will it be published and what will the title be?

  • June Siegel-Hill

    Great video Dr. Greger. And this makes a perfect holiday gift.

  • Martin Miller Poynter

    Just pre-ordered on Thank you Dr. Greger for being the “voice-talent” and making the book available to those of us who prefer audiobooks!

  • ellegee

    Yay! I got the shipping notification from Amazon this morning. Looking forward to reading your new book.

  • sir_russ

    I ordered copy just after it was announced and I’m excitedly awaiting its arrival. I started my transition to plant based whole foods a couple years ago and finding this site has been instrumental in assisting me in the process. I now consume no animal products(thank you Dr. Greger), very few refined foods(thanks again), and the only oils I eat come from the tiny bit I use to coat cookware. My diet is mostly green leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes, beans, grains, fruit, nuts, and the liberal use of herbs and spices. Shopping for food centers around the produce department. Thanks once more to you Dr. Greger and the others at

    • Jim Felder

      My wife commented on a shopping trip not long ago that it takes just about forever to get out of the produce department now and the shopping cart is already half full when we finally do. Not that she minds, her health has greatly improved as has mine.

      • sir_russ

        Jim Felder,
        Since our having transitioned to WFPB my wife has gotten off blood pressure medications. I hope there is a causal relationship there. My personal health “eye opener” came a few months after the dietary change at the optometrist. The prescription change on my glasses showed that my vision had improved! Again, I hope there is a causal relationship: improved diet makes it possible to improve vision.

        Glad to hear you and your wife are experiencing improved health associated with your improved diet.

        • Mike Quinoa

          Yeah, my myopia has improved on a WFPB diet as well.

          • Johanna Martin

            My eyesight has been improving also, but I didn’t connect it with diet. Is that possible, Joseph? Or is this something that occurs gradually with age?

          • Thea

            Johanna: No one can say with 100% certainty that there is a causal relationship in any particular case. However, we do have some good evidence linking a WFPB diet to better vision in general. Check out some of these:

          • Johanna Martin

            Thea: thanks–and thank you for recommending Jeff Novick’s videos. I’m halfway through them–all except for the one going for $100 on Amazon…. I have learned some interesting ideas for cooking thanks to you! :D

          • Thea

            That’s go great!! I love sharing things like that with people.

          • Johanna Martin

            I don’t have the patience much for recipes any more. Something from the videos has rubbed off on me! I’ve been satisfied with much simpler food. :D Tonight, for example, I microwaved a piece of tofu and sprinkled it with cumin, garam masala, and black sesame seeds. It is not great, but nice enough that I’ve had it twice now.

          • Thea

            Johanna: I’ve microwaved tofu with some black salt before. It was just like eating eggs. I really liked it.
            I like the combo you came up with. It sounds simple on one hand, but with those spices and the black sesame seeds, it also sounds fancy to me. Thanks for sharing!

        • Charzie

          I have had HUGE improvements to my health since going WFPB including the reversal of diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia and on and on. It tickles me that the more people who adopt this lifestyle and reap the rewards can act as witnesses to spread the good word and defeat all the meatheads out there who insist on defending their CHOICE as if it is a law of nature with their fake “science”!

      • Jim Felder
  • baggman744

    Wonder what the good doc thinks about Amazon putting Taubes book right underneath his. Gary Taubes, the HFLC bacon & egg eating researcher who pretty much says cholosteral doesn’t matter.

    • quickdraw

      What you see visible on Amazon and many web sites is unique to each viewer to some extent and usually reflects the items that one has viewed in previous visits to the site.

      • baggman744

        True. I should’ve known better, the power of cookies and the tracking of Google betters that of the NSA.

    • Joseph Gonzales R.D.

      Dr. Greger tends to focus on what he can offer the world thru nutrition research and facts. He is not too concerned with the noise of others, but it’s important to stay informed on the research and know what books are being published.

  • JR

    I pre-ordered two! One for me and one to give away. I will also be getting the audio version through my audible account. Thanks for all of your hard work! Can’t wait to get them!!

  • JR

    Question: do you think you made a compelling enough case against meat? I’m hoping my friends and family will be convinced to give it up. :)

    • Joseph Gonzales R.D.

      Considering the amount of information on this website regarding the dangers of eating meat I can tell you the book is filled with science about meat and mortality. There are compelling arguments, but what I love is it’s written with Dr. G’s flare and it’s an enjoyable, funny read.

      • JR


  • Christine

    I ordered the hard copy as well as the MP3 (Christmas gifts for moi). Can’t wait to get them!

    • Joseph Gonzales R.D.

      Thanks for your order I just know you’ll love it!

    • Sensualpoet

      Wait … you pre-ordered the audiobook, too? The mind boggles … will Dr Greger be intoning ALL the references in the appendix to part one, reaching each citation in order? I’m not entirely convinced that will be a plus for our mental health! LOL!

      And congrats on the publication! I pre-ordered mine in August!

      • Christine

        Dr. Greger reading through the thousands of references…the perfect treatment for insomnia! :-)

  • Looks like this book is set to become another classic in the Whole Food Plant Based Diet tradition! Looking forward to reading it immensely. I have put the link to the ad and book on Facebook and in my collection of resources on the Whole Food Plant Based Diet [].

  • JR

    I pre-ordered two! One for me and one to give away. I will also be getting the audio version through my audible account. Thanks for all of your hard work! Can’t wait to read the book.

  • Drjembe

    After you read the book, my Facebook and You Tube videos can help. Type in Happy Vegan Couple in Facebook or You Tube and check out our whole food plant-based cooking videos. This is the food we eat. We show you step-by-step how to transition to plant-based eating with simple, healthy, delicious meals. We even have one for Turmeric Shots inspired by Dr. Greger’s videos on the benefits of this wonderful spice. Here’s a link to that one to give you a taste of what we do. Hope you find it helpful!

  • stevelittle

    Fascinating that some are already selling for over $100… ha ha! But you can get it on Amazon for $17 or Kindle Version for even less.

    • quickdraw

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    I’m sure mine is only the way, ordered it a long time ago! love you, number one groupie!

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      I may have to battle you for that title ;-) Thanks so much, PamiPami – I just know you will enjoy it!

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    This article is about inmates at a CA prison who were given a choice: either a meat-based or plant-based diet. Very interesting!

    • Thea

      Fascinating! Thanks for sharing.

    • HaltheVegan

      A very remarkable experiment indeed! Hopefully, it will be tried again elsewhere someday.

  • JP

    Hi Doc, I’ve just came across another commentators concern regarding carrageenan in the algae base DHA.. Is there any algae base that you recommend that does not posses the toxin.

  • SeedyCharacter

    Congrats, Dr. G! I always order through my local independent bookseller so I should be getting a call from them soon–can’t wait to start reading. If you’re doing a book tour, definitely come through Santa Cruz, California and visit Bookshop Santa Cruz (they have a vibrant authors’ program). You’ll get a great turn out. I’d love to meet you after being a follower and fan for so long.

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    I wasn’t really excited about the book, but now I do see how it would be a great gift. And I think I’d enjoy the book myself as well.

  • Wade Patton

    Just yesterday was going over my mom’s blood tests with her and noticed “low sodium”. She doesn’t eat WFPB, she likes salt, how does blood sodium get “low”?

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    Love the preview, can’t wait to read it and give it to my loved ones. I am sure this will become a classic that will change the world. Many many thanks, Dr. Greger and many thanks to your supporters. This is modern medicine at its finest moment.

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    • mg/jj

      Michael Greger M.D. NF Staff Student • a day ago
      ja ist es!

  • Leslie

    Vegan DHA products seem to contain so much more DHA than EPA. I’ve seen science stating that we want a ratio of EPA to DHA that contains more EPA than DHA, and that an incorrect ratio can actually be counterproductive for mood issues, as well as energy issues.

    Anyone have a vegan supplement that contains more EPA than DHA? Unfortunately, the only supplements I’ve found that pull this ratio off are the fish-based EPA/DHA ones.

  • Carolyn Hill

    Thank you for writing this book! I’ve declared it a “high holy day for plant based folks and those who want to be” today on my Facebook page, December 8, 2015, with the publication of your book. My copy is on the way. Hope you sell a bizillion of them.

  • I look forward to reading. I have a question though. How come you keep talking about “my traffic light system” when I have been seeing that system from Dr. McDougall for a couple of years now?

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    Life is sweet sometimes. Spent yesterday at Disneyland and came home to an email alerting me that my “How Not to Die” book is arriving from Amazon today!
    Apparently the audio version is a little behind the book and is expected to ship next week. That still gives me plenty of time to get it under the Christmas tree.

    Thanks, Dr. Gregor!

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    It is sad you have to say, diet may prevent disease. Stupid fda and ama.

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    Yeah us! Yeah Dr. Greger! I hope you end up on all the talk shows.

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    I leave outside the US. I am looking forward to reading your book, but the kindle version will be released only on Feb 11, 2016.
    That’s a long time from now!
    Can you help and ask Amazon to reschedule the electronic version of the book to sooner?

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    I had the privilege of hearing Dr. Greger speak and have been on the website for several years. I downloaded the book yesterday and the preface alone was inspiring. It always interesting to know how we all find our purpose, or more accurately, how it finds us! Thanks for the gift of your purpose, Dr. Gregor, I am honored to have crossed your path…and healthier! Tisa Chamberlain

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    The # of Americans killed by guns annually is 28,000 approximately the same rate of mortality as prostate cancer (#14). And the # of Americans killed from terrorism in the last Decade is 24 individuals. At least our government has good control over terrorism. Now only if they could attack heart disease 375,000 annual deaths with the same vigor and bring it down to mortality rate of prostate cancer. This can be done very easily and effortlessly since it has been scientifically proven that animal fat and cholesterol are the cause. All they need to do is reject meat, dairy and egg industry lobbyists like they finally did with the tobacco industry.

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    Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to educate the world! I have been eating a whole food plant based diet for 4 years now and feel amazing! My health has improved tremendously. I look forward to reading your book!

  • ReluctantVegan

    I’ve now read the book – this is the first time I could hear the author’s voice in my head while reading the book – very strange – like Dr. Greger is there in the living-room talking to me in my head – bizarre. Already being vegan (because of this website) – I only had a few adjustments to make. I made a chart of the daily dozen (a month’s worth on one sheet), and hubby and I each record our categories as we eat. Now, when he goes to the kitchen for “second dinner”, I can yell “check the chart” so that he at least knows what he’s missed that day. (Not that my yelling helps in the least, or that the chart actually makes him chose greens for a midnight snack, but at least it brings awareness.) For me, on the other hand, I’ve realized I simply cannot FIT that many servings a day of ANYTHING into my 103 lb frame. So my chart looks a little sparse. It’s not that I’m filling up on items not on the chart, it’s that I cannot eat everything on the chart all in one day (in those serving sizes). So I’m going to give myself a handicap. I’ll still aim for all the categories, but I need to make the portion sizes proportionately smaller. So I don’t burst.

    • Thea

      re: Adjusting portion sizes to meet your calorie/stomach size needs. That makes perfect sense to me! Those guidelines have to just be guidelines/rules of thumb because we have different calorie needs.
      You tickled my funny bone with the “I can yell…” :-)

    • jem

      I have the same situation as ReluctantVegan with the “I simply cannot FIT that many servings a day of ANYTHING into my 103 lb frame.” “I’ll still aim for all the categories, but I need to make the portion sizes proportionately smaller. So I don’t burst.” Overeating is not good for the digestive system either.

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    Even better was the chance to meet others who share the same life style. Although I am sure I knew it, it had not sunk in how challenging it is to be one of only a few out in the community.

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    I found you from The Plantpower Way.

    You’re doing great work. Heroic, actually.

    Please keep doing what you’re doing. You’re making a difference, helping people live healthier lives.

    We live in Eagle, CO. Aspen and Vail are nearby. Do you know of a doctor we could see how follows what you do? If not up here, Denver/Boulder would work too.

    Also. Will you be in CO anytime soon? Would love to attend one of your book signings or presentations.


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    We absolutely LOVE your book- How Not to Die! Our Eat Smart, Live Longer Club in Sun City Hilton Head (South Carolina) has bought two copies (so far) for our Lending Library and several of us on the Executive Board have purchased our own copies – I bought two personal copies, one for myself and one to lend out to friends. You have shown us that a Nutrition book can be a page turner! It is hard to put down! We love your ease with words and your humor. Also so glad you insisted on the reference pages – now we can show our physician why we say what we do…..not that I am seeing the doctor as often. It is great to feel full of energy and be off medications. Thanks to you and to Forks Over Knives folks! You are changing the world. We have our monthly club meeting tonight. Usually we have about 200 folks in our audience so I will be recommending How Not To Die at our meeting. We will also show your book trailer!

  • Morten Kallesoe

    Is there a specific reason why i first get my pre-ordre on the 11th Feb 2016? (kindle)

    • Tan

      The following isn’t advice, but rather just a story:
      I’m not sure if this will help, but I once wanted to order a Kindle book from (US) only because (Canada) didn’t have it available to me, so I was tipped by one of the Amazon staff to log onto my (US) account (I have one for .com and one for .ca) and make a US address (I think I picked a baseball stadium), then place the order. It worked. I can still use the ebook fine to this day. Beware, the DRM protection could be very tough.

      There are other ways to order and in other digital formats:

  • Tan

    The book is out of stock on Any idea when it’ll be available? I went ahead and ordered it anyway.

    I also ordered the audio (no CD) on iTunes (I don’t even like Apple products) because I don’t want the CDs. Beware it has DRM protection so you can only play it on a limited number of Apple products, and you can’t easily convert the M4P files to another format such as MP3 (it’s possible, but not easy for the average person).

    So far, the book is awesome and exciting. There’s nothing comparable to Dr. Greger’s science-based hard work. Thank you for your service all these years.

  • Dr. Dorothy Serna

    Dr. Greger, I continue to enjoy your work! Ordered my book –await it’s arrival. Look forward to meeting up when you are in Houston at the Montgomery Health and Wellness event in February. You are an excellent speaker and truly an inspiration! And, yes, I AM curious what you eat…!
    Dr. Dorothy Serna

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    Will Dr. G be producing another batch of signed nameplates any time?

  • Kim Churchman

    Grappling with the Daily Dozen: at first I’d eat what I thought were plenty of DD items, only to come home and find that I’d still have two Bean svgs, Crucifs, both Other Veg, and both Other Fruit still to go. I’d give up and force down the Smoothie from Hell. So I cut small squares of paper, postage size, with each of the twenty on its own square, so I could push them around and make meals. It has really helped. They’re in a pan in my cabinet.

  • lg

    I have been thoroughly low carb indoctrinated and looking at programmes such as the starch solution and watching copious videos on this website, I’m starting to see that the evidence does not support meat based, low carb diets.

    However, even the main stream media is conflicted. A week or so ago I noticed the same bbc news articles: [Potato-rich diet ‘may increase pregnancy diabetes risk’]

    and [How mutton flaps are killing Tonga]

    Can potato rich diets cause diabetes? Maybe it’s the case that potato rich diets, that also feature lots of animal proteins and fats and/or processed foods, cause diabetes? What is the truth?

  • Elpoo

    I love the book, Dr. G!
    I’m not sure if soy milk counts as a bean in the Daily Dozen. Hmm?

  • Karen Hudson

    I received your book, How Not to Die, in CD format. You often mention .pdf files, where can I find these files? I can’t find them on the CDs. I feel there is a wealth of information in your book but it is very hard to retain it all; having a hard copy would be very helpful!

  • I have a question about the daily dozen. Is it a big issue if we go over recommended servings but stay with in our calories. I have a hard time staying with the fruit and veggie guidelines ( usually have more).

  • Elgie

    Hi. What a wonderful book. Maybe a life saver as I was diagnosed with colon cancer last year despite being a vegetarian for 24 years and a vegan for the last 7. I have written your daily dozen out. Only problem is the quantity. As a 9 stone, sixties odd female, I just can’t seem to eat the quantities you recommend. Where am I going wrong?

    • Thea

      Elgie: You are not alone with this problem. We all have different calorie needs. I have not seen Dr. Greger address this exact question. For what it’s worth, here is my suggestion: I suggest that you think of the Daily Dozen as a guide for food categories (learning which types of food are healthy verses not so much) and for understanding healthy ratios/proportions of those foods compared to each other. In other words, the Daily Dozen recommends about 3 servings of whole grains and 3 servings of “other fruit” and three servings of beans. That gives you a sense to eat about the same amounts of those food categories over the course of a day.
      So, here’s the key to your question: If you can’t eat all that food based on how Dr. Greger defines servings, you can still eat those food categories and in those general relative proportions. For example, suppose that you can take in 3/4 of the Daily Dozen worth of food. Then go ahead and consider each serving to be about 3/4 of how Dr. Greger defines it. For example, instead of a 1/2 cup for each portion of beans, count about 3/4 of half of a cup of beans as a serving. It doesn’t have to be that mathematical. I’m just making a point that you could eat smaller serving sizes and still be following the principles of the Daily Dozen. I would exclude some of the categories from this “shortening idea”. It seems to me that would still want to participate in the recommended amounts of flaxseed, spices, and exercise.
      What do you think?

      • Elgie

        Thanks. That makes very good sense.

      • Elgie

        Hi Thea. In case you didn’t get my first reply (where did it go?), I want to thank you for your sound advice.

        • Thea

          Thanks Elgie! I love the feedback.
          FYI: Disqus, the third party application that we use to power comments, has a confusing and frustrating ways to deal with pages that have a lot of posts. Many posts, even those in reply/part of a conversation can be hidden unless you do a lot of clicking. If you just want to check and make sure a post of yours is still around, you can always check your own “profile”. To find all the posts that you have done, and even be able to “view in original discussion”, you would log into disqus, click the drop down arrow next to your name as it appears in the upper right corner of the comments area, then chose, “profile”.
          I hope things are going well for you.

  • rivermonk

    Hello! I bought and am very much enjoying How Not To Die, and I just wanted to point out a possible error I found in the book. On page 113, you write about Dr. Atkins, “You see, he died the year before, overweight and — according to his autopsy report — suffering from a history of heart attack, congestive heart failure and hypertension.” But according to Wikipedia, “His widow refused to allow an autopsy.” That information about his failing health was according a “medical report issued by the New York medical examiner’s office a year after his death.” Link here:

    It seems like an important distinction and I wanted to point it out and give you the opportunity to correct it in the next version, if it is in fact true!

    Thank you for doing what you do and keep up the great work!

    • Rebecca

      Hey there, rivermonk, I just noticed the same thing. Also, I’ve read several places online that Dr. A put on 60+ lbs during the 9 days he was comatose in the hospital, due to water retention. Not sure whether it’s true, but I’ve seen no sources that indicate otherwise. Dr. Greger, please continue to provide the whole picture, not just a few selective points that support an agenda.

  • Min Wang

    Wish this book comes in Chinese so my stubborn dad, who could REALLY REALLY use your advise, can read it. T_T

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    Is there going to be a german version too?