Doctor's Note

Cross-contamination of foodborne pathogens during meat preparation is an issue, regardless of species. See, for example, Food Poisoning Bacteria Cross-Contamination and Unsafe at Any Feed. For a cheerier video, featuring our 13-year-old Lilly, watch Are Cats or Dogs More Protective For Children’s Health?

More on eating brains in Avoiding Cholesterol Is a No Brainer, and Mad Fish Disease.

And be sure to check out my associated blog post for more context: Which Pets Improve Children’s Health?

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  • Matthew Ciuccio

    Sure gives a different meaning to mouthwatering food. Yikes.

  • Thea

    So sad that people still eat animals and then suffer the natural consequences. Who to feel sorrier for??? Tough call.

  • VeggieVal

    Ewwwww! People actually eat dogs & cats? I thought it was a bad joke…

  • The SWISS love DOG and CAT meat, fully legal and widely sold there.

    • Aldo Bertozzi

      @cetude )-: That is not true! DOGS and CATS are loved but not eaten by most of the Suisse. There was an unusual incident some years back by one individual and provoked an outrage among the population in Switzerland

  • Dana

    They all deserve it…just sayin’

  • beetsbeansbutts

    Oh man I better lay off the dog.

    Interesting video, Dr Greger!

  • Thanks for the warning — I had to bypass this video. I love all animals, but especially cats and dogs. A colleague from China told me they ate cats all the time.

  • GOOD! They deserve it.

  • coacervate

    You will undo the good work here if you morph this site into an emotional discussion of the morality (or immorality) of carnivory. This site is about nutrition. Please keep it that way, I implore you.

    • joe

      To many Americans, this is an emotional and moral topic (myself included). I wonder what makes you feel that this is not about nutrition. There are videos posted about how eating a certain fruit could kill you and no one takes exception to those. If you have an emotional reaction, that is on you… it does not mean that it should not be discussed.

  • RandyKreill

    Hmmm. Rabies from eating
    Fluffy and Scrappy! Brings new meaning to a newer video I did about Karma and Food!

  • M Davis

    The is beyond disgusting! I hope they suffer the same madness!

  • How sad! Hopefully, one day people will finally see that eating our fellow creatures does not do anyone any good. Thank you for your videos.

  • Itsy

    Good for them, the dog or cat had the last word!!

  • Great info- thanks. This is useful for those who’s lobbying the government to ban all dog consumption in the country.

  • Alice Johnson

    I recently bought organic broccoletes. The package says it is “a relative of broccoli.” It is delicious. Is it as healthy for one as broccoli and kale and other cruciferous vegetables? Thank you.

  • Cory Goldblatt

    I’ve lived in China for the past 4 years and people DEFINITELY eat dogs and cats. It is not uncommon that a pet owner’s little friend disappears in the middle of the night never to be seen again. They know what happened and are usually saddened by the fact that one of their neighbors may have killed and eaten little taffy :-(.

    On another note, most people in China do not wash their hands so I am not surprised by the spread of infectious diseases through handling contaminated meat. Perhaps one day through education these dangerous habits may die out, at least I would like to hope that.

  • Nobody tells any of you what to eat. The pig is no cleaner. You ever had a piece of roasted dog cheek meat, or steamed dog tongue? Hhmmm! Go heavy on the soy sauce with that.