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In Mineral of the Year–Magnesium, I review the new studies that test this exciting hypothesis. For more on preventing sudden cardiac death, see Our Number One Killer Can Be StoppedChina Study on Sudden Cardiac Death; and Boosting Heart Nerve Control. Also, be sure to check out my other videos on nuts, including Eating Healthy on the CheapAtkins Diet: Trouble Keeping It UpPlant Protein PreferableDiverticulosis & NutsThe Best Nut; and Halving Heart Attack Risk

And check out my associated blog post: Magnesium-Rich Foods to Prevent Sudden Death.

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  • Michael Greger M.D.

    Tomorrow’s video-of-the-day, Mineral of the Year – Magnesium, reviews the new studies that test this exciting hypothesis. For more on preventing sudden cardiac death, see Our Number One Killer Can Be Stopped, China Study on Sudden Cardiac Death, and Boosting Heart Nerve Control. I have 38 other videos that cover nuts , including Eating Healthy on the Cheap, Atkins Diet: Trouble Keeping It Up, Plant Protein Preferable, Diverticulosis & Nuts, The Best Nut, and Halving Heart Attack Risk. There are also hundreds of videos on more than a thousand other topics.

    • SJ M.D.

      Very interesting nut-cases

      Say NUT! to statins

      • HemoDynamic, M.D.

        It almost makes it sound like supplementation would be prudent for Mag. Heck it was a supplement in the water before it was softened. Maybe that’s how people got a lot of their calcium too before milk was pushed so hard.

  • Dan Brunell

    So, Dr. Greger, just how much money is needed for a needed for an average study?  Whenever I hear this issue, I wonder how much would we need to collect and what is the most pressing need?  Perhaps we could call ourselves “The Pumpkin Seed Lobby”.  That would wake up some folks.

    •  Haha! I like it. How ’bout Pumpkin Heads and no  ? need apply ;^) 

      • HemoDynamic, M.D.

        How ’bout Pumpkin Heads and no Meat Heads need apply.

        Remember Meathead (Rob Reiner Actor Director) from All In The Family?  Interestingly I think he was vegetarian in the TV show.

        Interesting quip I just found from the show: Archie was always insulting his own family his wife Edith, his daughter Gloria and his son-in-law Michael (Meathead) Stivic. Mike wanted to be a vegetarian, Archie’s response to him was “Man was put on this earth to eat meat…The Bible says so dumbbell…I mean look it up will ya? All them old bible peoples, they was always eating meet; soon as they found out eating apples was wrong…It’s true, on special occasions: goats and lambs. Who the hell ever hear of sacrificing a head of lettuce? You?”

        •  There is actually an episode where it’s Archie who stands up for animals…I think it may be regarding, fur, I’m not sure which episode.
          Mike also defends meat eating in the episode about horsemeat. I think you are talking about the show where he’s talking about his vegetarian friends? Mike was such a foodie I don’t think he wanted to go veg.

           That show was so “liberal” in its time you would think Gloria and Mike would have been at least vegetarian. Would the show be done today, I bet they’d be “tree-hugging vegans.”

          Good grief, I know way too much about All in the Family :O

        • Joan Kyler

          Archie didn’t read his Bible very closely.  And, apparently, most Christians don’t.  (I’m a lapsed Christian.)  He should have started in the beginning, with Genesis 1:29.  Pretty clear to me what God wanted us to do.

    • j oraknabo

      I would love to see a section on kickstarter for funding nutrition studies. Maybe someone like Dr. Greger could some day assemble a roster of impartial scientists and poll for specific studies people want, then  put up a kickstarter and see if the most requested ones can make the estimated funding goals.

    • Check out the Nutrition Research Foundation ( They have studies in the works and could definitely use donations. According to their site: “Studies are expensive and a fully funded diabetes or heart disease study will cost upwards of 1 million dollars.”

  • GGiovino

    Great piece, as always Dr. Greger.  Cigarette smoking increases the risk for sudden cardiac death as well.  Perhaps we should try to convince people to stop consuming one green leafy vegetable (i.e., tobacco leaves that have been cured and put into cigarettes, along with lots of additives) with some healthier varieties, like kale and romaine lettuce!

    •  Are you suggesting smoking kale??!!!


  • Guest

    This video makes me really really angry at the way this world is. I think we should be.  It also makes me wonder what other diseases and conditions can be prevented with a nutritious vegan diet.

  • Nothing new there. :) Breakfast is usually around 10 almonds (or equivalent weight in other nut) and fruit (though there are traditional breakfasts like lentil crepes from India). And each meal is barley (as a base grain, considered important by all ancient cultures, sometimes mixed w/others), beans, and vegetables (root, green leafy and colored).

  • Easter Cat

    I think Kellog’s could’ve cashed in with some studies, since their all bran was in the top 20 of the usda’s magnesium database. Companies like that pounce on studies showing their product could have some health bennies–especially in chd. The commercial almost writes itself.

    BTW, I wanted to thank you for all your work. I’ve kept my junk food habits since going vegan in 2005, but I’ve been integrating your healthy eating info into my diet. The Oreos are still there, but now the tea (which used to just be 2L of water) and amla powder are too.

  • Robert Merrill

    Well said Dr. Greger, I can’t wait to see tomorrows video. I do have a question about magnesium overdose. Although the symptoms are not really severe it is said that a high diet in magnesium for individuals with special needs that have behaviors, attention deficeit issues have benefited greatly. I have a special needs son that has these issues and thought about trying to increase his magnesium levels by food and by OTC supplements, but am concerned with overdosing him. Levels are very slim, 1.4 to 1.7 in children. Are the chances of overdose easily possible or if close monitering will be fine. Just wanted your or others opinion. Thank you.

    Nursing Student Robert

  • Ashley

    it’s the best way to die, from sudden death, i want to die like that. Much worse to lose mind and still be alive, or lay in bed for 10 years with arthritis or cancer. Please more articles on how to keep mind, vision and hearing. We going die anyway, sooner or later, i just want to be healthy, doesn’t matter how long my life will be.

    • Kim Churchman

      It’s not like passing out. There’s hideous pain, and it isn’t instant.

  • Michele

    Couldn’t it be the sodium in the soft water? It does the same thing in our diets.