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Wheatgrass Juice Put to the Test

In an editorial that accompanied a landmark study showing an extract of the spice turmeric could be used to fight ulcerative colitis, the authors congratulated the researchers on performing the largest study ever on complementary or alternative medicine approaches to treat inflammatory bowel disease. But that’s not saying much.

Two of the only other high quality trials tested aloe vera gel and wheat grass juice. No significant improvements in clinical remission rates or endoscopy findings on aloe vera were observed,. (And I would recommend against internal aloe use–see my aloe vera videos here). However the wheat grass findings were impressive, as I discuss in my video Wheatgrass Juice for Ulcerative Colitis. “The use of wheat grass…juice for treatment of various gastrointestinal and other conditions had been suggested by its proponents for more than 30 years, but was never clinically assessed in a controlled trial”…until now.

Wrote the researchers: “The use of wheat grass juice in the treatment of [ulcerative colitis] UC was brought to our attention by several patients with UC who attributed improvement to regular use of the extract.” So, in a pilot study, the researchers gave 100 cc of wheatgrass juice, which is between a third and a half cup, daily to ten patients for two weeks. “Eight patients described clinical improvement, one had no change, and one got worse.” Why had I never heard of this study? Because it was never published. They thought they were really onto something, so they wanted to do it right. Therefore, the “randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial was designed to examine the effects of wheat grass juice in patients with active distal U[lcerative]C[olitis].”

The study found that treatment with wheatgrass juice was associated with reductions in overall disease activity and the severity of rectal bleeding. Ninety percent of the wheatgrass patients improved, and none got worse. The researchers concluded that wheatgrass juice appeared effective and safe as a single or added treatment of active lower ulcerative colitis.

No answer is available at present as to the site of wheatgrass juice action. Does the active substance get absorbed into the body and have some kind of general anti-inflammatory effect, or does it act locally right in the colon? How would you figure that out? Well, you could juice in the opposite direction (i.e. wheatgrass enemas).

A study like this raises so many questions. How would wheatgrass juice perform head-to-head against other treatments? Does it have any role in preventing attacks, or does it only work when you already have one? Should we be giving it to people with Crohn’s disease, too? What’s the best dose? It’s been over ten years since the publication of this study, yet nothing has been published since. How sad. Yes, no one’s going to make a million dollars selling wheat berries, but what about the wheatgrass juicer companies? I wish they’d pony up some research dollars.

Until then,  the researchers “believe that wheat grass juice offers a genuine therapeutic advantage in the disabling disease of UC.” That is, if you can stand the taste.

The turmeric video I mentioned is Striking with the Root: Turmeric Curcumin and Ulcerative Colitis.

I think the only other video  I’ve mentioned wheatgrass is How Much Broccoli Is Too Much? and that was really just for comic relief. This is one of the topics I get lots of questions about, but there just wasn’t any good science…until now! Please never hesitate to contact me with topics you’d like us to cover.

For more on ulcerative colitis and inflammatory bowel disease, see:

In health,
Michael Greger, M.D.

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Michael Greger M.D., FACLM

Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM, is a physician, New York Times bestselling author, and internationally recognized professional speaker on a number of important public health issues. Dr. Greger has lectured at the Conference on World Affairs, the National Institutes of Health, and the International Bird Flu Summit, testified before Congress, appeared on The Dr. Oz Show and The Colbert Report, and was invited as an expert witness in defense of Oprah Winfrey at the infamous "meat defamation" trial.

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  1. Seems like a wheat grass/turmeric coctail would be a good stratagy… I must admit the taste of wheat grass takes some getting use to . I’m only good for one shot followed by a glass of apple juice or something sweet.. YMMV…

    1. You can have it as long as they cut it before it turns into wheat . I also would like to point out
      That if you your not a true celiac you don’t need to avoid gluten. Gluten free is a hugh business today
      Everyone goes to gluten free diet when they may not have to. If you have problems eating gluten then you need to work on your gut. Gluten actually is very healthy . There’s a lot of hype out there. Just sayin

      1. Gluten is most certainly NOT healthy.

        The lining of the intestine (only one cell thick) is arranged into billions of tiny pockets which house billions more bacteria. Those bacteria are responsible for digesting food for us. Gluten (from the Latin word for glue) irritates those pockets of bacteria, causing inflammation. Gluten also interferes with transference of nutrients from the intestine into the bloodstream.

        The body requires neither gluten nor grain in order to function optimally.

          1. My references include:

            Grain Brain by Dr. David Perlmutter
            Brain Maker by Dr. David Perlmutter
            The China Study by Drs. Campbell and Campbell
            Missing Microbes by Dr. Martin Blaser
            How Not To Die by You Know Who
            Good Germs Bad Germs by Jesica Snyder Sachs
            The Good Gut by Drs. Justin and Erica Sonnenburg
            The Microbiome Solution by Dr. Robynne Chutkan

        1. Hi Navy Corpsman
          Could you please post links to the studies that support the statements of gluten causing inflammation (in healthy individuals, I’m assuming), and of gluten interfering in nutrient transference.

          1. Generally, wheat grass is considered gluten free. I react to wheat, but not other gluten (it’s a huge migraine trigger for me), and learned the hard way that I *cannot* have wheat grass.

            1. How have you been taking it? Fresh immediately after it’s made? (the only way it’s effective) Were you instructed to chew each mouthful at least a couple of minutes keeping the juice in the back of your mouth so it would get sweet after being mixed with the ptyalin (saliva) in your mouth? Were you counseled to not worry if you threw up? When cats and dogs chew it, they throw up along with the worms the juice kills. When I implanted it years ago, it killed a whole bunch of 9-10” worms that I’d been carrying for over 10 years when I ate raw sushi in Japan in 1979. There was a line of green through every one. They had a fit in my transverse stomach when the juice got to them and they fought to stay alive, but…

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              1. Hi Dr. Van Orden,
                Would you be so kind in giving me your favorite sources on wheatgrass? I find your “worm elimination” experience fascinating and would very much like to learn this valuable information for myself and my patients alike. Thank you in advance for your help!
                Yours in Health,
                Dr. Jared Gailes, D.C.

                1. There are two books on wheatgrass available. Dr. Ann Wigmore wrote one. The other one is available at Robek’s Juice Bars and I’m sorry I can’t remember the author of the second one. Doctors in Boston also researched wheatgrass juice, and I’m sure that the Hippocrates West Palm Beach has lots of information on their use and results. I’ve been, the last 20 years, focusing on writing grants and teaching for a Farmers’ Organization, the YMCA, Miami-Dade College, and Centro Campesino, and have not worked in a clinic since being down in Puerto Rico at the Instituto de Ann Wigmore, in Boston at the Hippocrates Institute and the Ann Wigmore Institute, but I still continue to teach her program privately. I personally saw the letter from the Nobel Committee in which they awarded her Recognition for her work in cell regeneration through enzyme therapy and autolyzation (spelling?) of starches. I’m not a medical doctor, but a naturopath, and have certified in Plant Based Nutrition with Dr. Campbell, and Nutrition in Clinical Practice with Dr. Barnard’s PCRM. I have learned the methods of Dr. Gabriel Cousens in Patagonia, Arizona in helping Type 2 diabetics get off insulin, and attended the 1st WFPB Conference on the West Coast of Florida. I also was a paid on-call physician for Ruth Otte, working with members of her staff or their family at Thyme Square, a vegan restaurant she and her husband own(ed?) near NIH in Bethesda, Maryland. I quote from a part of my book in progress about the use of wheatgrass juice.

                  “For example, name withheld to protect the family, the VA psychiatrist (brother of a Mayo Clinic doctor who had told him to go home and get his affairs in order) I worked with in Pasadena, California at the home of her college friend, Ruth Otte, the Discovery Channel’s CEO’s who was making a million dollars a month, and who allowed me, trusted me, to pick up her mail, deposit her checks, and research everything in her Discovery Channel library. The doctor came, falling out of his taxi, victim of cancer of the liver that had metastasized. He could barely see (eyes had crossed a little), could barely hear, and I asked him if he was ready to work. He got on the large outside trampoline, I got him under the arms and we bounced, helping his lymphatic system to start cleaning out his blood. Weeks later he was outside by himself, soaring off the rebounder, eyes straight, hearing fine, walking strong, shouting with joy. He was so excited about life. He was so focused on making his Energy Soup, drinking his wheat grass juice, and doing his wheatgrass implants. Ruth was spending $90 a day to have wheat grass, buckwheat, and sunflower greens, dulse leaves and raw organic almonds delivered to our door for the Energy Soup, wheatgrass juice and implants. And, when she and her closest girlfriend from college, husband of the VA doc, who was my ‘student’ and doing so well, arrived about 5 weeks later, it went downhill from there because he was not listened to. For example, when we drove along 101, in Ruth’s red convertible Lexis, he saw people camping on the beach and he excitedly said, “I want to do that!” His wife never even responded, she went on talking to Ruth about her class. “See, she never listens to me.” He made me promise to stay in Ca until he returned from a short trip back home. His wife started feeding him cooked food, continued to ignore him, and he died”. My email is

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                2. I replied yesterday, but it apparently got lost in the cloud! By source, I assume you mean book(s). Dr. Ann Wigmore wrote Wheatgrass. Robeks Juice bars carries another on Wheatgrass but I don’t know the author. If, however, you meant where do I buy the seeds to grow my own, or the trays of 7” grass al ready to juice, I go to Glaser Organic Farm in Miami on 137th SW, around 193 S. They would have their wholesale sources. You will never be disappointed in your pursuit of the miracles the freshly made juice can perform. I could write a book about what I’ve seen in the 22 plus years I worked with her. AIDS, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc. No frozen, no powder, just fresh within 7 minutes of being made.

                  I don’t know if he’s still alive, but when we were in Boston, Dr. Paul Dudley White was over to 196 Commonwealth Avenue (The Ann Wigmore Institute) or earlier, literally around the corner at the Hippocrates Institute at 25 Exeter Street to eat often, lecture, and test some of the staff and students. My blood tested perfect. Mail for Windows 10

                  1. Thank you so much Dr. Van Orden!
                    You have given me many great leads to start researching right now! I am sure to find good suppliers of wheat grass seeds and with any luck they also carry broccoli seeds for sprouting. I appreciate your help, have an awesome day!
                    Dr. J.D. Gailes

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          2. I’m very wary of claims like these that say gluten (and grain) is unhealthy for everybody. People who make these claims never seem to provide any credible supporting evidence.

            For example NC references idiotic books like those by serial fad diet author Perlmutter or other books which don’t actually support those claims in any way like Campbell’s China Study and Greger’s How Not to Die. I’d note in passing that NC was basically the only person on this site that seemed to support he-who-shall-not-be-named’s bizarre beliefs that all the scientific evidence that high saturated fat and high cholesterol consumption was unhealthy was ‘fake’ and ‘bogus’, and that grains and beans are toxic. I’ve consequently always considered that any statements he makes need to be fact checked to within an inch of their lives.

            Greger’s own take on gluten is summarised here

            NC doesn’t cite any scientific studies at all which I think is telling. A gluten-free diet doesn’t seem beneficial for most people although a well-planned gluten-free diet is unlikely to be harmful. As far as I can tell, it is yet another fad dietary belief eagerly adopted by the ‘alternative health’ believers (and encouraged by the food industry since it offers another opportunity to sell high mark-up products). It is an interesting dilemma for faddists really since high protein diets are also fashionable and gluten is a type of protein

            This paper offers a summary of the evidence

              1. Citing the evidence around topics taised in videos, blogs and comment threads doesn’t constitue a god complex.

                If it did, as an atheist, I would have to say that I don’t exist.

      2. I worked for Dr. Wigmore for over 22 years. The wheat grass needs to be cut on the 7th day or when it’s 7” tall, when the positive ions switch to negative ones, like you breathe in when you are at the ocean, or inhaling after the rain.

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    2. Yes, you can still have wheat grass juice orally and used as an implant after colon cleansing/colonics. Wheat grass juice implants have been used for thousands of years. When a taxi ran over my foot outside of Grand Central station, years ago, it got infected and the doctor told me I had gangrene and blood poisoning and he suggested that I amputate it. I went home and soaked it in wheatgrass juice and when I did an implant, after a water enema, a mass of worms as long as spaghetti came out, dead with a line of wheatgrass juice through each one. My mom and eldest son saw them and all 3 of us were amazed, as well as grossed out. I still have my foot. Used ice water 3 sec., hot water 7 sec. and soaked it in fresh juice for 15 minutes. Also used boiled comfrey soaks. Doc was amazed too!

      1. OMG! You became riddled with worms not only from eating raw sushi, but also on another occasion from getting your foot run over outside Grand Central! Nine-ten years of carrying around monstrous green worms in your body regarding the sushi incident.

        Wow…the things we learn at NF.

  2. Have heard about the extreme healing properties of wheat grass juice for years but have never seen much in the way of science to back it up, besides individual case studies. I would like to know more about it and if it is the miracle food (juice) that is claimed. The Hippocrates Institute recommends no more than 1/4 cup to start as it is very strong and the detox reaction is said to be overwhelming in some.

    1. I think you should start with no more than an ounce, sipped slowly, perhaps adding a bit more per day before getting up to 1/4 cup. I once drank too much at one time and I’ve never been able to even stand the idea of drinking it since. I’ve heard others say the same thing.

    2. Hello Miss Placek, (sorry for the long message, but I just wanted to share). In my personal opinion I believe you don’t (and won’t) see a lot of “science” to back it up because it pulls money away from mainstream medicine. Wheatgrass juice imbues the body with much needed vitamins and minerals—minerals that Americans are woefully deficient in due to the soil depletion of minerals in mainstream agriculture. There are countless studies which show that consuming a whole-food, plant-based eating lifestyle will improve and heal many health issues. I believe eating this way—PLUS adding wheatgrass juice (2 ounces in the morning and 2 ounces at night) will greatly improve overall health. Americans are so weighted down with fast-food, packaged-frozen food, and commercially grown, round-up doused vegetables that the human body is flooded with toxic levels and chemicals it has trouble fighting—and many people eat this way at least three times a day. That’s not even counting the damage that chronic stress can do to the human body or the mass marketing the dairy industry has pushed on society for decades. Cow’s milk is very unhealthy for humans (it’s the casein that’s so destructive to the human gut).

      I would very respectfully suggest that you not put 100% of your beliefs in western medicine because it is the American Medical Association which nixes many alternative remedies because they can’t profit from it. You might Google Johns Hopkins Hospital and Broccoli sprouts. It’s been several years since a judge slapped Johns Hopkins on the hands saying they could NOT patent broccoli sprouts. The hospital group wanted to patent the sprouts because the sprouts have TREMENDOUS beneficial effects on the body’s fight against cancer and they are much more powerful health-wise than traditional, full grown broccoli. Thank God the judge said, “sorry, you can’t patent nature.” I grow broccoli sprouts often (you can probably find them at Whole Foods as “microgreens” broccoli sprouts (but sprouting them yourself is infinitely healthier). I wish you much success in your quest to stay and be healthy. By the way, I’m not totally discounting western medicine, it CERTAINLY has its place. My now deceased husband had Epilepsy all his life but controlled his seizures very well with Topamax, Dilantin, & Phenobarbitol. However, we was a card-carrying meat-eater and rarely ate vegetables. When he died, the medical examiner stated that all four chambers leading to his heart were nearly completely blocked.

  3. I have peripheral nueropathy in both feet and have had many tests that refuse to show a clear reason. I have been tested for CMT disease without a clear positive, but it seems that doens’t mean I don’t have it, When I search the internet, the only informaiton I can get is from people seeling something. I keep hoping to have a video or blog on but have not seen one yet. Is there any diet that seems to have positive effects on peripheral nueropathy? If there are any good answers, maybe you can do a presentation on it.

    1. One obvious cause which I assume you have eliminated although not necessarily if you are WFPB, is B12 deficiency.

      And don’t rely on supplements. This is the time to tuck into oily fish and other high B12 animal products, and you need at least three months regular consumption to rebuild levels, if not longer. (and remember, high sugar consumption depletes all Bvits just like alcoholism does. I assume you have eliminated that latter as a cause).

      The other leading cause of peripheral neuropathy is type 2 diabetes, also a risk for those who go WFPB and major on carbs without the ameliorating effects of class one protein.

      Sorry, WFPB proponents, but this is the orthodoxy, and he deserves to hear it.

      1. Gillian,

        First, I agree with you about low B-12 as being a cause of Neuropathy, but you don’t need to eat animal products to get B-12. Not supplementing is a bad idea. Supplementing with just Methyl B-12 is also a bad idea. I ended up with neuropathy until I switched off of Methyl B-12, but Cyano or a combination of Adenosyl and Hydroxo or Methyl, plus any of those works fine. You have to actually take it and if you are using Methyl, you need to know that it isn’t shelf stable and that it isn’t complete without the Adenosyl. Methyl is sensitive to light and heat and a few of us became insufficient using it. Cyano is more shelf stable. I got neuropathy while on Methyl, but it went away when I switched.

        Second, it doesn’t sound like you are familiar with Dr. Barnard. WFPB successfully uses no oil, low saturated fat to get rid of Diabetes and the neuropathy related to that and there are things like beans and nuts lowering blood sugar spikes whereas eating animal increases the spikes.

        Dr. McDougall, even having people eat white potatoes said that he has to lower people’s insulin almost right away when they go on the McDougall Starch Solution diet.

        They do have to get off refined carbs, but that is what people do with all of the WFPB doctor’s programs and they limit sugar. I think Dr. McDougall allows 1 spoonful of sugar for flavor. Dr. Kempner had people eating white rice and fruit and 1 spoonful of sugar and they lost so much weight and even had their retinopathy healed, though, in Asia, having white rice more than 4 times per week was associated with higher incidence of Diabetes, but the fact Dr. Kempner could heal people having them eat it 7 days per week, it seems like it has to be that the Asians may not be low enough oil or something. I eat black rice and shirataki noodles or lentil noodles for pasta and Ezekiel bread, instead of bread made of flour, but I got rid of all of my symptoms of Diabetes and reversed serious eye problems just going off saturated fats and oils.

          1. If it is Diabetes, what I also remember is that there was a WFPB neuropathy study where the improvement in most people began happening in a matter of days. I think it was 3 days. Look up neuropathy under Dr. Greger’s videos.

            I have had neuropathy two times in my life and one was most likely Diabetes, but it corrected so quickly with diet – but going off of dairy and oil was the one I chose. I already didn’t eat meat and I had already gone off of every type of grain and potatoes and bread and sugar, but it was going off the saturated fat and oil which really did help. Thank you, Dr. Greger and Dr. Barnard.

            When I got it back, I was perplexed but figured out that it was most likely B-12 related and that corrected within days of switching B-12 supplements.

            Both times, it wasn’t just neuropathy which went away and the first time, the symptoms all lined up toward Diabetes, but the second time all of the symptoms pointed toward B-12.

            I feel so grateful that I took the long way to get to WFPB and tried everything else first. I am so happy with WFPB and don’t even understand that anyone wants to look for other things, but I know it is because I stopped at everybody else first.

      2. Gillian

        Do you have any evidence for your claims about orthodoxy?. They are quite incorrect as far as I know.

        For example, you state ‘And don’t rely on supplements. This is the time to tuck into oily fish and other high B12 animal products, ‘. This might even be the direct opposite of the truth. The current scientific orthodoxy is set out by the US National Institutes of Health

        ‘Atrophic gastritis, a condition affecting 10%–30% of older adults, decreases secretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, resulting in decreased absorption of vitamin B12 [5,11,35-39]. Decreased hydrochloric acid levels might also increase the growth of normal intestinal bacteria that use vitamin B12, further reducing the amount of vitamin B12 available to the body [40].
        Individuals with atrophic gastritis are unable to absorb the vitamin B12 that is naturally present in food. Most, however, can absorb the synthetic vitamin B12 added to fortified foods and dietary supplements. As a result, the IOM recommends that adults older than 50 years obtain most of their vitamin B12 from vitamin supplements or fortified foods [5]. However, some elderly patients with atrophic gastritis require doses much higher than the RDA to avoid subclinical deficiency [41].’

        The claim about type 2 diabetes being the result of high carb diets lacking “class 1 protein’ is also total nonsense as far as I know. Higher intake of class 1 protein is in fact associated with GREATER risk of type 2 diabetes:

        ‘In conclusion, higher intake of animal protein was associated with an increased risk of T2D, while higher intake of vegetable protein was associated with a modestly reduced risk.’

        High intake of refined carbs is ceratinly not healthful however all health authorities recommend greater intake of complex carbohydrates (ie whole plant foods).

    2. You may want to look at tarcel tunnel syndrome, basically carpal tunnel in your ankles.

      It can give you discomfort that feels just like neuropathy and is a physical condition treatable with physical therapy or surgically.

      I think a podiatrist visit might be in order to rule this out as a cause.

      I got it from a standing desk…. too much standing, weak muscles in my feet from inactivity combined to make it a problem.

      I hope you can get to the bottom of the problem and find a solution but I wanted to offer this if you hadn’t been down that road yet.

    3. If you get rid of the oils in your diet and gluten, dairy and other mucus forming foods, find a ripened pineapple, juice it and do what I’ve suggested to a lot of people that works: immediately take the pulp out of the juicer after you chugalug the juice, go to the tub or outside on a place where you can place a plastic tub, put the pulp in it, wiggle your toes in the pulp and massage it into your toes about 10 minutes. I also put it someplace where I need a little fat dissolved, which is what the bromelain enzymes in pineapple juice do: dissolve fat, cholesterol, grease, oil. Rinse well. Do this on an oil free diet, and you will be amazed how quickly the feeling and circulation come back in your toes.

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      1. “I also put it someplace where I need a little fat dissolved,”
        – – – –

        What do you mean by “fat,” in this instance?

    4. Dave, this is anecdotal information, but it might help. My hands and feet used to be cold all the time. Then I became a vegetarian and watched how deer ate because they seemed to be fine in the cold. When I, like them, began to eat good amounts of greens – voila! – my hands and feet were no longer cold. When I don’t eat my greens on a daily basis, the hands and feet follow… COLD again!

      Therefore, I suspect that circulation in the extremities has something to do with eating greens. Those charts that show bodily organs and the foods that benefit them, are interesting. When put into their proper place, I believe they will find that dark green leafy veggies support the veins and capillaries. Examine the delicate skeletal structure of a leaf and you will see what I mean. Our circulatory system might be the human parallel to the plant world’s leaves.

  4. I have hideradenitis suppurations which is related to Crohn’s disease, 3 people in my family had or have Chrohn’s. I was wondering if wheat grass juice would be helpful?

  5. how do you locate a good cancer doctor and hospital care center. what are critical steps to incorporate in the selection process. breast issues

    1. I’d be very careful about following Rebecca’s advice:

      ‘In a large study, patients with nonmetastatic breast, lung, or colorectal cancer who chose alternative therapies had substantially worse survival than patients who received conventional cancer treatments.

      After a median of 5 years, patients with breast or colorectal cancer were nearly five times as likely to die if they had used an alternative therapy as their initial treatment than if they had received conventional treatment.’

      A low fat diet appears to increase breast cancer survival rates

      as does exercise

      ‘Four observational studies have now reported decreased total mortality among physically active women with breast cancer; the two largest have also reported decreased breast cancer specific mortality.’

      1. Thanks Tom!

        I always appreciate you showing up with the studies!

        I have read so many studies over the past 2 years that it is hard to keep up with all of it.

        1. m Campbell,

          Tom is giving the most recent studies and I am not going to disagree with him.

          I will say that there is usually a month or two between first mammogram detection and surgery and that is enough time to try things. I think water fasting is the only thing fast enough where you can get the whole results in a very short time period. I say that from the perspective of a person who got a lump and went straight to Gerson, rather than to biopsy. I like Gerson and have had people at church who did get healed using it, but it takes 18 months to find out how it worked for you and you have to stay on it and it is time exhaustive. When I watched Dr. Ornish talking about reversing prostate cancer with his diet and when I saw Eating You Alive and saw Dr. Fuhrman healing people with his diet, I genuinely think I would rather do that or flaxseed muffins, rather than coffee enemas any day of the week.

          A person mentioned the place in Arizona and I looked at there stuff and know that they have had some level of success and if you have money going either to True North or to the place in Arizona is fine.

          Money quickly becomes an issue. If I remember right, Arizona does Vitamin C shots, which Dr. Greger covered and there are a few spectacular results with Vitamin C shots, but most of the studies didn’t have good results at all and there have been enough unsuccessful studies that it is only a “maybe” on my list compared to how expensive it is.

          Even supplements start costing thousands of dollars pretty quickly if you don’t do something fast like water fasting. Honestly, I spent over $10,000 trying to keep my dog alive and then, called the vet saying, “It looks like we are near the end” and called back and said, “I found someone who healed their dog with water fasting, but this is the final thing that I am going to try.” and it was free and he rebounded in 2 weeks. I watched tumors shrink before my eyes and watch my dog suddenly be able to get up off the floor again and he went from not wanting to eat and not sleeping in his bed to wanting food all the time again and he goes straight for his bed now. Night and day in 2 weeks.

          I like that there are things like ProLon now so that even if you do chemo, it can be less toxic to your body and where you can get a strong immune system in the middle of this process.

          Building your immune system and getting rid of toxins and animal products would be the biggest thing I recommend.

          If you really want to go alternative, try quick things, based on studies and monitor it with thermography because things like the flaxseed oil and cottage cheese and CBD oil have caused breast cancer to grow faster and someone on here had it grow faster with intermittent fasting. You need to monitor it and you need to know that thermograms aren’t 100% accurate so if it looks gone, you still need to make sure it is gone.

          You especially have to be careful because things like CBD oil have shrunk tumors and suddenly they grow back like wildfire, so don’t just get excited that it shrunk.

          I don’t like the idea of CBD oil yet because of a “temporary shrink” I feel like you won’t be able to tell whether you are having a temporary shrink or not. The fact that it might grow is even worse, but with my dog, he loved CBD for a few weeks and then he totally rejected it and Dr. Greger posted his video after I saw that in my dog and seeing that it shrunk and then grew so fast made CBD an expense that I wouldn’t do.

          1. It’s understandable that alterantive health modalities are able to claim a significant ‘cure’ rate with breast cancer lumps. This is because a proportion of all such lumps detected via mammography etc disappear spontaneously without any treatment.

            ‘Therefore, for every 100 nonpalpable cancers found through mammography alone, 54 would presumably have gone away 174 / 324 × 100 = 54%).’

            ‘In the Swedish study, about one half of the mammography-detected cancers progressed in the 6-year follow-up period, and about one half regressed.’

            I’m therefore cautious anout accepting such alternative health claims as coffee enemas or eating cottage cheese or whatever curing breast cancer, that are not based on well-designed RCTs. Standing on one leg and whistling Dixie fo five minutes a day might well have delivered similar results. So might have doing nothing at all. Who knows? Thay might even have delivered better results for all anybody knows.

    2. Praying for you.

      When you say breast issues, first, look at Dr. Greger’s mammogram series to make sure they aren’t flagging Stage 0 lumps.

      He has a lot of videos on the topic and has a food versus cancer series.

      Look into things like water fasting. We had someone who posts here get rid of her lump with 7 days of water fasting and I found someone else who got rid of her breast tumor in 8 days. I used water fasting on my dog who had end stage hemangiosarcoma and he is still alive and doing so well. I suggest that because it is something you can do even if you do the medical model. There is usually time between 1st appointments and procedures and biopsies, etc. As far as using the medical model, going to a dedicated cancer clinic versus a local hospital has better results. There are things you can add to your diet like Turkey Tail mushrooms, which have a sweet TED Talk where a man who works with Medicinal mushrooms found out his mother had hidden that she was having breast cancer symptoms and didn’t go to the doctor for a long time. She survived past the statistics and they believe it was related to the Turkey Tail Mushrooms.

      Go vegan if you can. If you can’t, try to keep your animal products to less than 5% of your calories. That is when cancer shut off in studies. When you look up cancer, it gets confusing because you have to decide things like whether to go Whole Food Plant Based or Keto or Gerson or whether to take things like Apricot Kernels or use Blood Root, etc. Dr, Greger has videos on most of the things people will tell you to do and I highly recommend watching his videos, rather than just listening to people like Chris. Chris is neither a doctor, nor a nutritionist and he doesn’t use studies, he uses inspiring anecdotes, but most of the people do 10 zillion things and some of those things are wise and some are dangerous and he doesn’t differentiate.

      Keto, by itself, won’t be enough to help you is something I will say to save you time. There have been some results with it, but those results combined Keto with water fasting and calorie restriction and something to inhibite glutamate and hyperbaric oxygen and the form of Keto used was 5% animal products, which people like Dr. Fuhrman has done just that and succeeded at walking people through. A doctor who posted on here said that they gave Dr. Greger’s How Not To Die Cookbook and said to cook from that. I would add that you can also do The China Study cookbook and Forks Over Knives cookbook and Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat to Live cookbook and Dr. McDougall has recipes online. Gerson has a cookbook.

      Don’t do Budney. There is a video on YouTube and the flaxseed and cottage cheese made a woman’s breast tumor grow faster. CBD oil is another thing which sometimes makes tumors shrink and sometimes makes them grow faster. It made my dog’s tumors grow faster and he stopped taking it. In studies, it made tumors shrink for 2 weeks and then they grew like wildfire, so using it could actually just confuse you.

      Modified Citrus Pectin can help prevent metastases. It does in something like 30% of cases. They studied it with 4 types of cancer. You only want one, which is small enough and I can’t remember the brand name, but there was one which was used for the studies and it is good to stick with that.

      Don’t do B-17. They lie that it won’t harm normal cells, but people have died from cyanide poisoning. Children and small people and elderly are particularly vulnerable. It is confusing because they send you on a conspiracy theory goose chase and that adds to the stress of the process. There is one woman who says she got healed on YouTube, but the people who get healed often are doing things like Whole Food Plant Based while they take it and there are sweet and bitter forms and one won’t affect you at all, but even there trusting that you got the real things already adds stress.

      Gerson or Whole Food Plant Based or Vegan Keto are what I suggest – learn Dr. Greger’s super foods versus cancer.

      You are going to want to eat blueberries to double your natural killer cells, for instance.

      Women with breast cancer were given flaxseed muffins and had their tumors shrink between biopsy and surgery.

      You are going to want to learn about soy and that is so confusing on the internet. It increased survival in breast cancer patients, but you want it in organic form, edamame, tempeh and tofu and miso and soymilk without oil. I get sprouted when it says sprouted because of some other Dr. who could be wrong about it but I just do it because it is there at Whole Foods and it helps me choose.

      You will want to look at Turmeric, Ginger, Garlic, Broccoli, Broccoli Sprouts (which you can grow your own) Flax, Amla, Cardamom, Blueberries, Cabbage, Kale, Onions, Beans.

      Beans slow tumor growth by 57% according to Dr. Fuhrman.

      1. I would throw in some basic Hulda Clark stuff like get all chemicals out of the house like chlorine bleach, laundry soaps, kitchen soap, etc and replace with natural alternatives. Get rid of problematic dentistry. Look into getting EDTH drips, Myer’s Cocktails, maybe peroxide drips.

        There’s an alternative treatment spa in Phoenix called Oasis of Healing that offers wide range protocols. Arizona in general is an alternative health mecca, as MDs are allowed to use alternative therapy in their practices without malpractice. The Southwest College of Naturopathic Medine has excellent faculty and offers outpatient treatment at reasonable rates.

        If it were me, I’d start Gerson program immediately, which has a huge track record, and continue to research.

        I hope this helps.

    3. I would specifically only use Chris Beat Cancer for inspiration and I would go to the Whole Food Plant Based doctors for information.

      A lot of things on the Internet are scams and Chris isn’t promoting the same diet he used when he got Cancer.

      He promotes things like raw milk and chicken, for instance and if you look at Dr Greger’s videos on chicken, people who handle chicken are 9 times more likely to get Cancer and if you look at The China Study, the caseine in milk made Cancer grow.

      Chris switched to Weston Price instead of T. Colin Campbell, but he is talking to a Cancer community and recommending things which promote Cancer and I know he believes that raw and organic make it okay, but there are no studies saying that.

      As far as soy, it is good for people with Cancer, but not in high doses and not isolated soy processed foods. Those do promote Cancer. That is why the topic gets confusing.

      Try to eat organic.

      Try not to drink alcohol or soda.

      You don’t want an acidic diet.

      Stay away from sugar, oil and refined flours/ white pasta / white bread. Ezekiel bread is what to go with if you eat bread.

      1. And when I say stay away from oil, if you go Keto, the logic switches, but The problem with Keto is that Cancer can feed off of glucose and glutamate and it can turn animal proteins or your own muscles into its source of glucose. It is not enough on its own.

        I just remembered that Dr Greger has videos on IGF-1 and Methionine and Antiangiogenesis.

        There is a Dr Li who has a TED Talk who believes you can heal Cancer with Antiangiogenesis foods.

        Dr Seyfried disagreed, but Dr Li did succeed and has images on the talk.

        Dr Seyfried is the doctor who used water fasting, calorie restriction, Keto, a glutamate inhibitor and hyperbaric oxygen. He talks about fasting and I will say not to do intermittent fasting. Skipping breakfast is correlated to Cancer.

        For fasting, dr Goldhamer from True North is who to look up on YouTube.

        Dr Longo is also someone to look up. He has invented Mimicking Fasting which he sells expensive soup called ProLon.

        The reason to know about it is that water fasting and mimicking fasting can give you a new immune system within a week. That will help you down the road. It can also make chemotherapy less toxic to your body and water fasting has healed people of Cancer, but long fasts should be medically supervised if you can afford it.

        If not, have someone monitor your vital signs and blood pressure and blood sugar. Long fasting can be dangerous for people with heart problems and Diabetics. If you are Diabetic on top of the Cancer watch Dr Greger’s Diabetes videos and Dr Barnard’s videos.

        1. If you can get into an immunotherapy study, do it.

          Exercise and stress reduction – lowering cortisol are things to look into.

          Get enough sleep at night.

          Don’t underestimate those things. There are studies on them. It is related to cortisol and your body making melatonin.

          Don’t take multivittamins and be careful with supplements. Check each supplement before using them.

          For instance, Beta carotine from food is good, from supplements, it kills people faster.

          The supplements I come away with after 2 years of Cancer searches would be:

          Beta Glucan – though there is a economically-motivated debate about whether the beta Glucans from mushrooms or yeast are better. Watch Dr Greger’s Nutritional Yeast video and watch The TED Talk where the man gives his mother medicinal mushrooms. Medicinal mushrooms which have been tested are Turkey Tail, Shitake, Maitake Pro4X and others, but that is where it starts getting expensive. Been there, analyzed that, bought a lot of them, past that list.

          There is also Transfer Point Beta Glucans which is what most of the Cancer Community uses. Also expensive and not curative. Beta Glucans do extend life and that is worth it, but they didn’t heal my dog. Water fasting blew the thousands of dollars of supplements away and some supplements are dangerous and will kill you faster.

          Enzymes are something I used, which also were expensive and didn’t heal my dog, but I used them because exposing the Cancer to the immune system takes removing about 15 layers of fibrin from its outer shell and trypsin and chymtrypsin are what tested in studies to do that and they sell Wobenzymes.

          The water fasting and going vegan lower an enzyme called Heme Oxygenase-1 which is the other part of tricking your immune system into protecting the Cancer.

          Pre-chemo, trying to get your immune system to see the Cancer if you can do water fasting or mimicking fasting.

          I could keep going on and on and I am here if you want to share.

          Tom will give studies pro-medical model and I won’t argue with him but we really did have someone shrink a Breast tumor with 7 days of water fasting.

    4. If I were you, I would watch as many of Dr Greger’s videos right away and try to find a doctor who is open to the use of nutrition as part of care.

      If you are Stage 0 watch the mammogram videos, but if you are any other stage, those videos are about how they treat things which are not likely to grow into anything and they pad their success numbers by including those in it.

      If you aren’t Stage 0, the Cancer doctors do tend to be pushy and don’t let them push you around.

      THAT is where Chris’ stories are important.

      Water fasting is the only alternative thing which might be fast enough to not delay treatment.

      My brother was diagnosed with Stage 3 Kidney Cancer and between first doctor’s visit and scheduled surgery, he needed Cat Scans and meetings about Cat scans and then they sent him to his Primary Care doctor, who set up a visit to a Cancer doctor and then a second opinion with another hospital, followed by stress tests and physicals to see if he could do surgery.

      It was a 2 months process.

      Dr McDougall has a good video explaining how diet affects doubling time of Cancer. Going vegan, no oil, no sugar, no salt, not too much soy already slows the doubling time of your Cancer and that buys you time.

      Dr Ornish is another doctor I forget to mention. He reversed Prostate Cancer, but spoke of it as being similar to Breast Cancer.

      Dr Fuhrman has a good YouTube video on beans and greens and onions.

      Plant Based Science London has a video on a study where woman who waited 13 hours between dinner and breakfast without eating were less likely to have Breast Cancer return.

      Don’t do longer than that intermittent fasting. It doesn’t give the same benefit as water fasting and seems to increase insulin sensitivity and I think Tom posted a link that it hurt the liver, too. 12 to 13 hours was good, skipping breakfast was not and we had someone here who has her tumor grow and shrink depending on what she eats and. Intermittent fasting causes it to grow.

      Chris Beat Cancer has an interview with a Dr Kelley who used T. Colin Csmpbell’s diet with his patients. It was a good interview.

      1. Also, about Keto, Dr Seyfried did succeed, but the vast majority of people couldn’t do the strict form of Keto and the vast majority dropped out of the Keto study for Cancer that I looked at.

        For the animals, Keto Pet Sanctuary succeeded, but they used surgery and a type of Keto, which is 90 to 95% of the calories from Coconut oil. They also used exercise and hyperbaric oxygen and turkey tail mushrooms and on their site, they also use chemo and I still only see one dog, which they succeeded with. Plus, not everybody can get into Ketosis at all.

        I personally know more than one person who succeeded with Gerson and in the documentaries I have seen more than a few who succeeded with the various Whole Food Plant Based doc diets.

        1. If after all that I have said, you choose Keto, know that hyperbaric Oxygen makes it 30% more successful and waster fasting also improves its success, but keeping animal products at 5% or less of the calories and eating 10 servings of low glycemic index vegetables is closer to the type of Keto to do. Not Atkins. Oil fuels Cancer, but somehow, you could do 95% of your calories from oil and that can help Cancer, but it just isn’t enough by itself and most people get too nauseous to succeed.

          1. As far as choosing a doctor look for one who is open to things like nutrition. Most of them aren’t. Don’t let them bully you into things. Get second opinions. With my brother, he said that there was night and day difference between the two hospitals he looked at. One explained everything in great detail and one did not explain anything at all.if you are uncomfortable with a doctor look for a different one. The woman who got rid of her tumor and seven days with water fasting said that her doctor still wanted to do a double Mastectomy. I told her that that was a good time to switch doctors and I meant it. You can use thermography to monitor if the tumor is shrinking or growing or staying the same during this time period. I think that water fasting is the only thing fast enough to try to not delay medical treatment, but flaxseed being able to shrink it at all in 5 weeks can help with margins even if you choose surgery.

        2. Deb, you should open a Cancer Consultancy business.

          You’ve obviously spent a large number of hours researching Cancer… you should somehow get re-imbursed for that time, unless benefitting personally has sufficiently done that.

          1. Laughing.

            If I can help people avoid the confusion I went through, that would be so satisfying.

            I am not so money-oriented yet in my life. When I can never retire because I wasn’t money-oriented, I will be scrambling to put up a website or something.

            No matter how many things I tell her, more pop into mind.

            I didn’t mention Vitamin D3, which didn’t prevent cancer, but people who supplemented didn’t die as often and there was a pain study. Not high doses, but Dr Greger and Dr Fuhrman are the ones I end up liking for D3 info where other people say that it probably was just accidentally statistically significant. Living in a place with less sunlight is associated with a much higher rate of Breast cancer.

  6. I have been consuming wheatgrass juice for about 5 years now ever since first reading about the works of the late Ann Wigmore (who’s considered the mother of wheatgrass juice). Her foundational research has repeatedly shown improvements in a wide variety of illnesses and medical conditions. Unfortunately, many people discount wheatgrass juice SIMPLY because “it tastes awful” or “yuck, I can’t stand the taste” or “it’s too strong” (etc). Think about it— if one is sick or dealing with a condition (such as Ulcerative Colitis) as discussed in the article above—-my gosh, why would anyone discount consuming wheatgrass juice if it’s going to make them well. I like to think of Wheatgrass juice as man’s version of “grass grazing” like animals do. Whenever a dog or cat doesn’t feel well you can often find them chewing on grass outside. Grass has a lot of vitamins and minerals and when it’s sprouted fresh from high quality, non-gmo wheatberries, the health benefits are impressive.

    I think the reason news about wheatgrass is hard to find is because mainstream media and western-trained doctors think its quackery (which is sad). I believe many people also simply don’t give it credit because everyone else in the world is not consuming it. People tend to “follow the crowd,” but it’s important for people to educate themselves, especially if someone is dealing with a medical condition. I personally believe wheatgrass juice can heal many, many autoimmune diseases. I could go on.. but I think I’ve made my point. Wheatgrass juice isn’t going anywhere.. as long as people continue to reap its healing benefits..

    1. Carolyn McEvoy,

      Do you grow your own wheatgrass? I tried it for awhile, and had several shelves of trays of wheatgrass in various stages of sprouting and growing. Then suddenly little flies with white triangular wings appeared. They were driving us crazy. About that time I drank too much of the juice at one time and it made me feel sick, so I gave up my wheatgrass “farm”.

      It does make sense that if big animals like cows get all the protein, vitamins, minerals, etc. they need from eating almost nothing but grass, it has to be rich in nutrients, especially when you eliminate the fiber.

    2. …reading about the works of the late Ann Wigmore (who’s considered the mother of wheatgrass juice).
      Just curious, how old was she when she died and what did she die of?

        1. Wigmore died in Boston on February 16, 1994, of smoke inhalation from a fire at the Ann Wigmore Foundation building at 196 Commonwealth Avenue.[22] She had written about twenty five books and had lectured on her ideas in the US, Canada, and Europe.[23]
          I wasn’t interested enough to google it but since you took my comment seriously I read the Wiki on her. Though it’s not a hard and fast rule of mine, when someone is a proponent of a “cure” I try to link their own use to the cure do to longevity. Since she died of unnatural causes, her remedy gets a pass.

          An example is Linus Pauling, a proponent of Intravenous vitamin C therapy… lived into his ’90s.

          1. I try to link their own use to the cure do to longevity.
            Should have read:
            I try to link their own use to the cure (due) to longevity.
            I wish the site had a 5 or 10 minute window to review and make corrections before setting our comments in stone. ‘-(

            1. Lonie, I agree with the 5-10 minute thing. Probably never happen though.

              I’m always interested in the whole person….what makes them tick, their backgrounds, etc. I figured you’d read the bit about smoke inhalation (supposedly a fairly quick, painless way to die), which says a lot for the lady’s health.

              (She was born under the same sun sign as moi, so how bad could she be? You need not answer that.)

              1. Actually, though, Google has been getting lots of bad press lately. So it’s not really our “friend.” I take that back. :-(

                DuckDuckGo is a lot friendlier?

                  1. I like the Google doodles. Bite-sized history. Some have been brilliant.

                    I genuinely do not like the part where they feed you based on what you click on.

                    They aren’t the only ones. AOL upset me because there were things which I hadn’t Googled, I had responded in an email and suddenly I started getting ads. Happened so frequently that I genuinely felt like it was an invasion of privacy. Google searches, I could care less about, but my private emails should be private.

                    My coworker said that he would talk on the cell phone with his wife and the next day they would suddenly get spam from the exact things he brought up.

                    Coincidence or is that why they ask for your cell phone number?

                    That one might be coincidence, but I am not sure.

                    I know that cell phones aren’t private.

                    I Google search things for other people and I start getting junk mail about it and junk phone calls. That is creepy enough.

                    1. Watching the DNA genealogies, plus the invasive Internet, Facebook, AOL and Google, it feels like technology is just going to trample us all.

                      I feel so sad for the young people.

                      One misstep and it willbe preserved. People can find everything about you in 5 seconds.

                      I Googled a friend of mine who was arrested as a young man for protecting his mother from his father and his handcuff came up without me asking. It just was offered to me first.

                      There is no room for the angst of youth. Employers and mates and banks and apartments all see everythjng in 5 seconds flat.

                      I don’t even know how the next generation will rise above things.

                      The positive side was the golden state killer being found by name just by DNA even though he had successfully hidden for decades.

                      I will like every time a serial killer gets caught, but I will hate the people becoming unemployable over things they did in their youth.

                    2. People will have to hang onto their DNA. The ability to frame people has just gotten so sophisticated.

                      I watched a documentary years ago and the technology would always grow in response to the good guys getting the technology to best the technology of the bad guys, then, the bad guys would master the technology. Then, in response to the injustices, the good guys would invent new technologies.

                    3. We already have technology where people can use nearly invisible computers and facial recognition where you can have a strangers name and every information on the Internet projected onto their shirt while you talk to them.

                      6th sense computer or something like that. I watched a video on it 5 or 6 years ago.

                      Just motion like you want to take their picture and it takes their picture.

                      I feel like technology is so far ahead of medicine. Medicine needs the MIT technology geeks.

                    4. Once those come out, people won’t need cell phones at all.

                      They can just make a motion as if they want to dial a phone and say a name. Computers will just be little finger sleeves and a necklace with a Bluetooth earphone.

                      I wonder if that will get around the cancer from technology equation or if the little necklace will give Breast cancer?

                      I obviously can’t sleep and just have been up praying for everything under the sun.

                      I found out that my grandmother’s doctor was cleared of all of the charges from 12 women who he was accused of abusing. The women said the police twisted what they said and a medical review process happened and he was arrested for doing things like breast exams because the women felt uncomfortable. He had 6000 patients. He was one of the doctors I actually liked.

              2. the same sun sign as moi
                I’m currently under a cloudy sign… in the 30’s but above freezing. Not so bad except for the 20 MPH wind from the NE. ‘-)

                Can’t wait to be under the sun sign like you are.
                She was a rather interesting person. The thing that most impressed me was the way she kept encountering road blocks from govt. and the law and was somewhat successful in spite of those, while managing to work with in the framework of the laws of the time (operating as a non-profit and even as a religion.) No glass ceilings in her buildings.

                1. “Can’t wait to be under the sun sign like you are.”
                  – – – – –

                  Are you sure, Lonie? The life of a Piscean is not always an easy one.

                  Maybe you will in your next (linear) lifetime, if you really want to. :-)

                  1. The life of a Piscean is not always an easy one.
                    Hah! So that’s why you are a pescatarian… you were born to the food! ‘-)

                    1. Aquarian? Should I let him know it’s thought there are more geniuses born under the sign of Aquarius than any other sign? It might go to his head and make him, you know, all pompous and arrogant.
                      From the link:
                      when they find themselves in situations where they are unable to tell the truth they often prefer to simply say nothing at all.
                      __ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___.

    3. One has to keep the juice in your mouth for about 2 minutes, chewing vigorously and keeping it in the front of your mouth so it won’t slide down the back of your throat. It’s amazing how sweet it gets after the saliva in your mouth gets a chance to mix with it. Dr. Wigmore taught us to teach people many uses for it, from poultices to suppositories. One of my patients had half of her breast looking like raw hamburger, and wheatgrass poultices stopped the cancer and healed her. Of course, she was on living foods too..

      Sent from Mail for Windows 10

  7. Too small a study to conclude anything although I don’t suppose it can do any harm. Having said that, for anyone growing their own, be careful of fungi and molds.

  8. I would love to hear studies about improving digestion. Even after adopting a WFPB diet, my food takes a long time to digest and I can’t eat enough to maintain an adequate weight. HCl levels are low.

    1. Laura,

      When you are saying that things take a long time to digest, are you meanjng that you don’t have daily bowel movements?

      I was watching Dr Greger and Dr Fuhrman videos about beans and the second meal effect and I think they talked about beans and resistant starch slowing digestion of carbs down as a positive thing because it keeps blood spikes lower, but I do know that Dr Greger did say that we should have bowel movements even after every meal. You should be able to find that video already on his site.

      Are you eating enough fiber? Drinking enough water?

      What are you eating, which isn’t gettibg digested?

      I have heard problems with digesting meat in the Cancer community because of not having enough enzymes, but I have not heard about it in the Whole Food Plant Based community at all, except for the positive end of resistant starches and beans.

      1. While you are waiting for Dr Greger’s answer, there are some articles about it online.

        OneGreenPlanet has one.

        It says things like soak your grains, lower your fats, don’t buy processed foods, cook some of your vegetables, work your way up slowly with beans and cook them enough, and embrace root vegetables and take digestive enzymes if you need them and eat a wide variety of fruits and veggies to heal your gut microbiome.

  9. I don’t know much about wheatgrass juice. But when you juice something, you have refined the food similar to refining sugar and flour. It is no longer whole food, you have removed the fiber. Back in the early ’80s, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. I had been having abdomal pain for a long time. When the situation become worst, I saw a doctor about the problem. After testing, It was diagnosed as Ulcerative Colitis. My doctor told me that there are two basic things that cause this: 1. stress. 2. a lack of fiber in my diet. He said that he could not help me with the stress, but, to eat at least 20 grams of fiber a day. Today, the recommends is 40 grams per day. It took about 2 weeks for the pain and the passing of blood to stop. That was almost 40 years ago. I no longer have an issue with Ulcerative Colitis.

    1. Fox, it is a terrible idea for a human to consume the wheatgrass fiber …No Doubt consuming grass would be the quickest way to end up in the emergency room. You must have a masticating juicer to obtain the juice, and it takes a large quantity of grass to obtain a tiny amount of juice.

      Enemas are not as useful as colonics, particularly when using an expensive liquid like wheatgrass juice. A colonic gently pushes the liquid farther into the colon.

      I’ve had wheatgrass colonics, done with wheatgrass I grew and freshly juiced myself. Believe me, the colon absorbs way more efficiently than drinking. The technician gave me a coffee colonic to prove it …which was a heady experience for a macrobiotic twig tea drinker.

    1. I see a commenter has suggested looking into some of the appropriate NFO videos (see below) which I would strongly encourage. For general information about hypothyroidism a good sources is
      As to what might be suggested to eat or avoid eating-I question why you are avoiding kale, cabbage and broccoli, since they are such nutritious foods? ()Are you iodine deficient?) The following well-referenced articles may give you some background on this topic:
      The Best Diet For An Underactive Thyroid: Splitting Fact From Fiction

  10. I would like to know how to suggest a topic. I would like to know about collagen peptides. How do I ask about this. You do not have any videos on this that I can find at present. Thanks.

    1. Betsy.

      Posting comments is how you suggest topics. Eventually, he might do Q & A’s again, but either way, he has people who moderate the comments and he has 19 researchers, so your topic is officially suggested.

      Unless he already has a video made, it may take a while for him to post a video, so keep your eye out, but know that it is most likely to be in the next batch, not soon, unless he has one.

  11. I live on Victor Kulvinskis’ former retreat property, have spent time with him and others who have evolved out of Ann Wigmore’s teachings. She is the Wheatgrass guru. Thousands upon thousands have followed wheatgrass protocols at Hippocrates Institute and Optimum for many chronic conditions including cancer. She recommended building up slowly to the point when you can tolerate 8 oz of fresh WG juice daily without discomfort (nausea,etc.) I find this difficult. I’ve been able to add lesser daily amounts for short periods during the year. I have found using wheatgrass juice, freshly prepared and grown by me to be EXTREMELY BENEFICIAL for respiratory condition, and general health and vitality. (My intuition-I can’t prove, is that Wheatgrass works on the liver)

    1. Vic, this being a Whole Foods Plant Based site, the standard response is that you should get your nutrition from non-meat sources.

      However, if we see animals as nutrition assemblers… that is, an organism that eats plants and concentrates their nutrition into a more powerful per oz. form, then yes, there is much nutritional value in Rotisserie chickens sold in grocery stores and Costco.

      On the other hand, if you want to be selective in how you consume nutrition (that is, without any danger of consuming harmful things the animal you are eating may have consumed or been fed) you can become that animal form that concentrates the nutrition from plants into a concentrated form who is the last link in the food chain, save for your waste which may or may not feed a worm bed, making the cycle a circle rather than a dangling last link of the food chain.

      All the above being said, if you have pets, like cats for instance, my personal preference when I too often ate the grocery store chickens, was to just eat the breast and wings and feed the oily parts like drumsticks and thighs to my cats. I just loved hearing their sharp little teeth tear into bone.

      I no longer eat much chicken other than the small amounts in Healthy Request Chicken Noodle.

      Still, when comparing to red meat-ed animals I think chicken wins out as it doesn’t have he same potential low grade inflammation producing protein that the reds have.

      Just let someone else do the preparation. ‘-)

      1. for clarity:
        …my personal preference when I too often ate the grocery store chickens…
        should have been:
        my personal preference when I too(,) often ate the grocery store chickens
        Another correction:
        …doesn’t have he same potential low grade…
        should have been:
        doesn’t have (t)he same potential low grade

    2. Vic,

      Dr Greger has a series on chicken. There are a lot of warnings, particularly for Cancer and AGES would be a factor in rotisserie chicken. Saturated fat would be linked to things like Diabetes. Those are samples of the warnings. Not saying it with judgment, my friends are big into those rotisserie chickens for love of convenience.

      As far as nutrition, animal products tend to have less nutrition than plant products, but they do have some.

      1. As far as what Lonie said, this site is geared toward Whole Food Plant Based and Dr Greger tends to be Vegan-oriented based on his understanding of the best diet for health. The Whole Food Plant Based doctors plural tend to be Vegan up to 5% of the calories from animal products. So are the Keto doctors, which I have been looking at. So are some of the Paleo doctors and a few call themselves Pegan.

        It seems like Vegan to 5% animal products is the consensus.

        1. That is

          Dr Greger
          Dr Barnard
          Dr McDougall
          Dr Esselstyn
          Dr Fuhrman
          Dr Ornish
          T. Colin Campbell
          Pegan 5% calories from animal products is Dr Hyman and Dr Oz
          Keto 5% calories from animal products is Dr Berg and Dr Axe (who is not an MD) and Dr Seyfried

          1. The list of doctors can go on and on.

            Dr. Lim
            Dr. Kim Williams
            Dr. William Li
            Dr. Bredesen

            I believe that Dr. Amen is in the 5% category, but I didn’t hear him say it.

            There is so much consensus that using meat more like a condiment or not at all is what can reverse diseases.

            There is also a consensus that you want to eat closer to 10 servings of vegetables and that berries are valuable.

            Past that is where the debates begin.

  12. Nearly 20 years ago I had a stressful job and I often ate fast food for lunch. I started to suffer from severe diverticulitis and had to be hospitalized for it twice. I went to a well respected M.D. who told me that the only cure for my “severe” case was surgery to remove a section of my intestines.

    I used to manage a health food store and I had seen some remarkable “natural” cures. So, I decided to use natural approaches to heal my diverticulitis. I went on a fast and only drank pure water and wheat grass juice. I also decided to do warm water enemas to which I added one or two ounces of wheat grass & sometimes.. I also added some propolis (powder from capsules).to the water.

    After about 10 days of this, I started eating small amounts of one or two foods to my diet to see if any of them caused a bad reaction. I avoided sugar completely. I eventually found out that I also had bad reactions to milk, soy and wheat and tomatoes. I began to heal slowly. I ate lots of salads and veggie type soups and beans and brown rice with veggies (stir fry). I only used EV olive oil for salads and cooking. I kept doing the enemas nearly every day, although I read that too many enemas are not a good idea. I reasoned that an enema was better than going to the hospital.

    I am happy to report that I completely healed my diverticulitis this way. I have no more diverticulitis. No more pain in my intestines.. and no more enemas. I am 71 and do not take any drugs whatsoever.

    I do now eat a mostly organic diet with some organic chicken meat and some quality fish. I can eat some wheat if it is organic and comes from Italy. I don’t know why… but the wheat from Italy is not the same as the wheat here in the U.S. I can also eat some sugar.. very small amount. I use coconut sugar or date sugar rarely for cooking and then only in small amounts. I eat fruits to satisfy my sweet tooth.

    Since this health challenge, I have come to believe that nature knows her business and I always try a natural approach to my health issues first. And, so far they always work! I recently had numbness in my legs and feet. I found out that this is a symptom of beri-beri and it is often found in people who drink alcohol a lot or who had parents who were alcoholics. I seldom drink alcohol. However, my father was an alcoholic as was my grandfather (Irish LOL!) So, started taking brewer’s yeast tablets (Solgar brand) and an added Vit B1 supplement, which is the specific cure for beri-beri. Within 2 days all numbness was gone and hasn’t returned now for over 2 months. I also feel more energetic and my eyes are stronger too!

    1. Good for you, Ginny! There are answers to nearly everything. We just need the patience and determination to keep looking for them.

      It sounds like you’re on the right track. :-)

    2. Good for you, Ginny!

      You probably were low in fiber to get diverticulitis.

      The wheatgrass and fruit add quite a bit of fiber and the fasting would have healed your gut microbiome. Both highly positive steps for that condition.

  13. I really want to hear about wether the rumor that sleeping somewhere between 9pm and 5am is super effective really works.

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