Saffron Dosage

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What’s the right dose of saffron?

30 mg transposes into about how many stigmas per day?

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The typical dose used in the studies of saffron versus Alzheimer’s, versus PMS, and versus depression was indeed 30mg. Each flower yields 7mg dried saffron, and I think there are 3 stigmas per flower, so 30mg should be about 13 threads (which is typicallty how it’s sold in the store).  But even less may have a physiological effect (see Wake Up and Smell the Saffron).

There’s also research on saffron and infertility, cancerobesity, and erectile dysfunction. I’ll be rolling out more videos evaluating the latest science on spices and so make sure you’re subscribed to my videos and stay tuned!

Image Credit: Guillaume Paumier / Flickr


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