What about the oxalic acid in beets?

Oxalic Acid in Beets

Image Credit: timsackton / Flickr

What about the oxalic acid in beets? Is it good for you to take in large amounts?

veggie4every1 / Originally posted in Priming the proton pump


As noted in my video about the oxalates in turmeric versus cinnamon (Oxalates in Cinnamon), it’s not just the amount that matters but also how well particular oxalates are absorbed, and the bioavailability of oxalates in beets is relatively poor (6 times less so than spinach, for example). Cooking the beets could cut levels about 25% but for the rare person with a condition like idiopathic calcium nephrolithiasis (a type of kidney stones) that needs a low-oxalate diet, a better high-nitrate vegetable choice would be arugula.

Image Credit: timsackton / Flickr

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