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Water Consumption and Cavities

Not drinking enough water can result in a whole slew of health issues including dental cavities, urinary tract infections, constipation, and heart disease. The recommendation is 4-7 cups per day for women and 6-11 cups per day for men. 

Green Tea and Cavities

Green tea contains natural fluoride from the tea plant. This suggests that it may help prevent cavities. However, children should not drink green tea as their primary beverage. Drinking a few cups a day is fine, but too much can result in fluorosis (discoloration of the teeth).

Raisins and Cavities

Since raisins contain a lot of natural sugar, it has been thought that they cause cavities. However, when studied more closely, raisins were found to potentially reduce the risk of cavities. The formation of cavities depends on three factors: acid, adherence, and bacteria that makes up dental plaque. Raisins are not acidic and do not stick to the teeth as much as foods like chips, cookies, and crackers. Fresh fruit is best, as apples and bananas disappear almost immediately.

Phytates and Cavities

Phytates are found in beans, grains, nuts and seeds. People who eat a healthy plant-based diet consume twice the amount of phytates as omnivores. Phytates may protect against diabetes, dental cavities, coronary heart disease and a variety of cancers

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