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The Mediterranean Diet is not actually a “diet” for the purpose of weight loss. Rather, it is a plant-dominant style of eating that includes vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, whole grains including pasta and breads, olive oil, wine, and very small amounts of fish, eggs, dairy, and meats.

Advantages of the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet has been studied extensively for over a half-century. It is associated with lower rates of mortality, cardiovascular disease progression, and heart disease. The benefits seem to be conferred primarily by high plant content and nuts. While the Mediterranean diet has been shown to cut heart attack risk compared to a Western diet, a purely plant-based diet may still be superior in regards to preventing and/or reversing heart disease.

Possible Disadvantages of the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet includes saturated fats (olive oil and animal products) and some refined grains (pasta and breads), which may be associated with increased inflammation and its many consequences.

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