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Fish, such as salmon, contains long chain omega-3s, but unfortunately now is often contaminated with mercury and other toxic pollutants, so long chain omega-3s may be more safely obtained from plant-based supplements (see also here). Pitifully, iceberg lettuce has been found to have more antioxidants than salmon. US retail salmon was recently studied, and organically farmed salmon with skin was found to be the most contaminated with PBDEs. Fish may also contain toxins that are not neutralized by cooking. And only grilled chicken beats out grilled salmon for certain carcinogenic contamination. Fish, including salmon, has often been found to be contaminated in fecal bacteria above what the national guidelines permit. The consumption of salmon, as well as other dark fish, also appears to be linked to atrial fibrillation. And feed additives given to farmed salmon to dye their flesh may be linked to a condition in consumers called gold dust retinopathy.

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