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For more on diet and life expectancy, see my videos Research Into Reversing Aging, and Harvard’s Meat and Mortality Studies, plus my other videos on lifespan. Disabling diseases such as heart disease, arthritis, and diabetes can be prevented, treated, and even reversed with a healthy plant-based diet. Check out my videos on chronic disease. Next, I’ll illustrate how one might be able to mimic the life-extending Benefits of Caloric Restriction Without the Actual Restricting.

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  • Michael Greger M.D.

    For more on diet and life expectancy see Research Into Reversing Aging and Harvard’s Meat and Mortality Studies plus 30 other videos. Disabling diseases such as heart disease, arthritis, and diabetes can be prevented, treated, and even reversed with a healthy plant-based diet. Check out my videos on chronic disease and a thousand other topics. Tomorrow I’ll illustrate how one might be able to mimic the life-extending Benefits of Caloric Restriction Without the Actual Restricting.

    • SJ M.D.

      Health-span – I like that word……

  • Cyndy

    Can I just say, THANK YOU!!!!!?
    In my corner of the world, being a low fat vegan can be a lonely place…especially as I began just 2 years ago (now am 65 yo).  Today’s info speaks to the exact reason I started this way of eating; with the hope of avoiding my mother’s horrendous last 8 years of life experience. 

    Your daily information undergirds my resolve and enthusiasm!
    So…THANK YOU!!!!

    • Ellen

       Cyndy, my husband and I feel the same way about this daily dose of information! I am 68 and husband is 71. We have been “attempting” to be vegan all the way for many years and have occasional lapses but this daily booster always brings us back on track. Wish we had Dr. Greger years ago. Been Macdougall devotees for many years too plus all his cohorts!

    • Lucy

      I’m new to being low fat raw vegan.  I’m sure you already know about durianriders videos on youtube. That’s very cool you started at 63.  I’m 44 and have just started.  I’m trying to reverse 30 years of drugs, alcohol and bad food.  Let’s hope I can undo the damage! 

    • EJCNY


  • Demonva1972

    This is music to the big drug companies ears.  Now they will be able to prescribe their toxic drugs longer.  Trying to convince more people that nutrition is the way to go!

  • HemoDynamic, M.D.

    I might be disabled?  According to this study I might be.  I have a hard time sitting for 2 hours! 
    So even though I rode over 50 miles this weekend Mountain Biking and went to the Gym twice, and swam with the kids multiple times, I guess it’s off to the Social Security Department today to file for disability ;-}

    Can I get one of those cool Handicap License plates too.  It sure is nice to park close.

    • Bouldercreeker

      It’s fine if you want to toot your horn about all of the fitness enhancing activities you enjoyed over the weekend. But please don’t do it at the expense of people with disabilities. I am post-polio, need the DP plates, and am grateful when I can park close. My placard isn’t ‘cool,’ it’s just a necessity. BTW, not all people who get SSDI have disabilities as a result of poor diets and lack of exercise. And all people with disabilities do not get SSDI. I have worked 2 professional jobs for the past 20 years. 

      • HemoDynamic, M.D.

        Sorry if I offended you.  That was not my intention.  I just thought it was interesting that they consider a person disabled for this study if they cannot sit for 2 hours!  I really cannot sit for two hours because I have two hips that sublux and it causes muscle spasms in my back, so I have to get up and walk around every hour or so.  It so happens that my hip subluxed after lifting a 350 pound patient up in bed with proper lifting technique with another nurse.

        Even though this happend I don’t consider myself disabled.

        • SJ M.D.

          Dr D,
          Didn`t you tell the fat patient to go vegan !?
          It`s America – didn`t you sue the patient for dollars !?

          • HemoDynamic, M.D.

            Dr. SJ,
            That was back when I did Echocardiography.  I should have sued the hospital for exploiting me like that.
            Instead of suing though, I decided to try and become the doctor I never found.  One who listens and teaches patients how to get better.

          • SJ M.D.

            OK – Wise decision. Patients contain a lot of wisdom, therefore always listen to the patient, and freqent – in their story – they present the solution.

        • dar

          Osteopathy will fix what ails Thee, Dr HD
          Rolfing works great,as well, in re-aligning trauma/sports/vocation abused bodies

  • Cyndy

    Lucy…good for you!!  I KNOW you will benefit in a big way from eating this way.  I don’t do all raw, but really do like it, so that’s what much of it is for me.  Although I will admit to being seriously hooked on short grain brown rice! :)   I wish you monumental success!

  • Jaron

    Your second source (Freeman KS) is a dead link. Looks like they moved the location.

  • Klaus-Rüdiger Hase

    Question: After having consumed the “Western Diet” for 62 years – without any serious problems – what improvement can I expect by switching to a vegan diet?
    After searching for healthier life-style options by the end of last year, I hit this web site and decided to switch to “hard core vegan” nutrition by Jan 1 this year. Total cholesterol has dropped by 20 units, blood pressure as well, weight went just 8 kilos down, but now got stuck – the new stuff just tastes far too good …! – But what would that mean in terms of numbers? Has there been any research on such converts?

    Greetings from Bavaria


    PS: Keep up that great work.

    • Thea

      Klaus-Rudiger: Congratulations on making that change! You are a member of a small group of people who have changed their diet for the better based on good hard science and the will to do it. That’s impressive. Good for you.

      I am not personally aware of any research that has been specifically done on people over 60 who converted to healthy eating after not eating so well the previous decades. What I can say is that there are a bazillion favorable anecdotes of people reversing various health problems regardless of the age in which they start to eat a whole plant food based diet. And at the same time, it is important to remember that diet is not a magic pill. So, there are no guarantees that you can completely escape all the consequences of eating poorly for 60 years. On the plus side, there is plenty of reason to believe that you have lowered your risk for many problems. I hope you live a long healthy life!

      If your goal is to drop a few more kilos, I have some ideas for you:
      1) check out a free lecture available on line by Dr. Lisle. It will really help you get a handle on what types of plant foods will help you meet your goal:
      “How To Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind”

      2) I don’t know if you would be able to get ahold of this talk, because it is only available for purchase on a DVD. But if you can get it, it is a wonderful compliment to the above talk:

      3) Consider going through the free 21 Day Kickstart program by PCRM. They will hold your hand for 21 days, including meal plans, recipes, videos, inspirational messages, and a forum where you can ask questions.
      (Click the green “Register Now” button.)

      4) Consider checking out the book: The Starch Solution by Dr. McDougall.

      I hope that helps. It is so fun to hear form Bavaria! Best of luck to you.

  • Great video!