Doctor's Note

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Want to know whether raw or cooked broccoli is better? Click here to find out!

For more context, check out my associated blog post, Breast Cancer Stem Cells vs. Broccoli.

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  • I intend to source some broccoli sprouts and try them :)

    • Michael Greger M.D.

      Karen: That’s great! If you like them they’re easy to sprout yourself!

      Please feel free to leave any other comments or pose questions below. Want to know whether raw or cooked broccoli is better? Click here to find out!

      • Arun Mukherjee

        I have tried to sprout broccoli seeds, inspired by your video, Dr. Greger, but with scant success. I did everything right, but no luck.

        • Thea

          Arun: Sorry to hear you had so no luck sprouting the broccoli seeds. I was able to get it to work both with the bag method and the jar method. I wonder if you used special sprouting seeds? Or just regular broccoli seeds? Just a thought. I’m no expert in sprouting. I just want people to be successful since sprouting is so cool. Good luck.

          • Arun Mukherjee

            I did use special sprouting seeds which I bought from my neighbourhood health store. I have sprouted other types of seeds without any problem. Have ordered a new batch of seeds from another source and will try my luck with them. Thanks for your comment.

  • LynnCS

    I will trust certain suppliers that test for pathogens and continue to sprout. Best thing ever invented. I especially love the mixed salad seeds I’ve been using lately. Good variety. The label says,”Bottled by EasyGreen Factory Co.”

  • Michael Greger M.D.
  • Michael Greger M.D.

    Please feel free to check out my associated blog post, Breast Cancer Stem Cells vs. Broccoli!

  • Michael your great man Im in SA 21 years old and i follow you almost every day your videos are somewhat of a relaxation time to me and watch it when i take breaks etc its not only entertaining but its also very helpful and informative! If i could see into the future it could have probably saved my life so much appreciated and please keep up the good work god bless

  • P.s. i would of probably only realized a lack in vitamin b12 etc too late in my vegan lifestyle and could have been very damaging so thank you for all ur information I’m really just overly grateful that there are doctors helping people and not just trying to get paid

  • kurley

    Since I turned 74, I’ve been quite interested in foods and their health. In my early days, I lived on a farm in PA.born 1/1/39. All foods were grown or bought fresh. When I went to college, I learned about fruit and vegetables in stores, and the chemicals that were used. Life continued and I ate anything I could buy cheaply (I didn’t really know about the difference. Currently I have a routine I and am sticking to my diet – fresh fruit for lunch, and fresh vegetables as an appetizer before evening. All is well and delicious, ….”healthy as a horse” they say.! This web page is a very valuable place t go. THANK YOU!

  • I love broccoli sprouts and grow them at home! It is cheaper to grow your own and they are always harvested at the perfect time. If you want to grow your own fresh sprouts, check out

  • Melinda Richards

    HI everyone check out for great USDA certified organic broccoli sprout powder from Australia. 100% pure and natural just scoop and add to your favourite savoury recipes! Just as good as fresh!

  • D.A.

    Are broccoli sprouts high in oxalates? In other words, are the goitrogenic? Having a history of goiter, I generally only eat cooked crucifers… But enjoy broccoli sprouts raw, of course. Is this safe at a 1/4 cup serving 1 – 3 days per week?

  • esther4

    Dr. Greger, would pasture raised eggs not be included in the salmonella statistic?

  • David

    The Hippocrates Health Institute puts out…..some…..excellent information and insights. Based on your evaluation, I am very suspect of their effusiveness regarding Blue Green Algae/and Green Algae…which they seem to think is “da bomb”. I am also curious as I don’t see you getting all hoppity about Broccolli Sprouts/which/along with a variety of other sprouts/seems to be a HUGE portion of what they and the meals they offer are all about. Protein and nutrients are 30/50/70 times greater in the spouts of seeds????? I imagine sprouts are good/very good…..but green leafies……..which are too a very big thing…..and better than the chlorella they talked about….are better (?) The whole supplements……Bio-Active versus chemical……/I just don’t see many supplements as being necessary/they site a Doctor Lee/early 20th century….. Anyone with too many supplements in their store/make me suspect. Your independence makes me come here first/and above most all other sources. Even Fuhrman’s store makes me question some of his advice/while knowing he has made a HUGE difference in my /and many other lives.

  • superfats

    I question the one egg is harmful. Do these one egg a day eaters have the same diet as the vegetarians Dr Greger is quoting? Seems egg eaters might also do a lot of other things not good for health.

  • linda hamilton

    where can I order these sprouts that Dr Gregor gets?