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  • Michael Greger M.D.

    Please feel free to post any ask-the-doctor type questions here in the comments section and I’d be happy to try to answer them. Be sure to check back for the other videos on Ayurvedic medicine and don’t miss Friday’s video Some Ayurveduc medicine worse than lead paint exposure. And there are 1,449 subjects covered in the rest of my videos–please feel free to explore them!

  • CapeBreton

    Good info.

    In the West, mercury was used along with blood letting for a long time. Right into the 1900s mercury was used for syphillis treatment, among other things.

  • joe703631

    Do you continue to use amla in your smoothies?

    • Michael Greger M.D.

      Every day! Please see my response to yummy below.

  • yummy

    Dr. G….please let us know if amla is safe to use..or not…as it’s become very popular at the Indian spices sites…many of them have sold out the last time I checked. You have many followers who depend on your advice for substances providing extra nutritional benefits. We don’t want to be misguided.

    • Michael Greger M.D.

      Sorry to keep everyone in suspense! For those that don’t have volume 7 and just get the videos day-by-day I’m sorry for the frustration (I try to keep the videos down to a user-friendly few minutes). The *spoiler alert* happy ending is that there has not been any heavy metal contamination found in straight indian gooseberry powder (amla).

      • yummy

        Thanks, Dr. G, for the quick response…you’ve out-done yourself with Vol 7…I just follow the day-by-day videos and always look forward to the next. Thanks for posting the “spoiler alert” happy ending and for keeping us all informed on the latest and greatest.

        • Guest

          raw, green
          1/2 cup
          VP Newsletter,
          Addendum Fall 2012

  • Sue

    I was researching possible Clickbank products to act as an affiliate for on a website I will be launching in the next few months, related to health (the site will be about growing your own organic food and recovering from illness). I looked at the H Miracle product as that seemed to be successful and was advertised as being a safe natural cure, not wanting to waste money buying the product until I knew what was involved, I scoured the internet for clues as to what the treatment entailed. I found snapshots of the product that referred to Chinese medicine as being one of the components. More investigation, turned up the key part of the treatment as being the Chinese herb Fargelin (disclaimer here – I haven’t downloaded the H Miracle myself – this is based on what others have said, who have read the product). Researching Fargelin, I found that it has been known to contain extremely high levels of Arsenic. I am shocked that such dangerous substances can be sold freely and passed off as being safe and natural, without regulation just because they are derived from plants. Heroin and Cocaine are derived from plants – it doesn’t make them safe.

  • New Subscriber

    The Chinese herb He Shou Wu (aka: Ho Shou Wu or Foti) is supposed to stop hair loss and graying of hair. Is this herb known to contain toxins. I am looking at two supplement products: Nature’s Element’s He Shou Wu; and Hairomega DHT which are supposed to stop hair loss. Do you think either one or both are dangerous to take? Any evidence they work?

  • Guest

    You are a treasure troph sir!!! My hat’s off toya dn that’s saying a BUNCH!! Just found your 2001 speak in front of what sounded and looked like a class room. I can’t believ this site and your vids. UNbelievable. Yur a shooting start of savvy info and personality. I’m thrilled to have found ya. You only corroborate and enrish all I’ve learned in 48yrs scrambling/. Hats off and a bow. Aloha. Ruby

  • Kim Cole

    Thank you for sharing this video. What are your thoughts on lead n a brand new 2014 school? Julia Lead The Way will be posting more information later , but for now suffice it to say that the fact that a 3M lead test kit (EPA Recognized) tested positive for “dangerous levels of lead paint” in the NEW Marshfield High School is very troublesome and disconcerting to say the least. ONE HUNDRED AND ONE MILLION DOLLARS of our tax money should never had allowed for this. I will try to find the TV coverage of last nights town meeting and post soon . I got up to the mic to state I supported the Article 92 (780 CMR 120.AA , Stretch Energy Code) and upon stating that “the life cycle cost of all town facilities should include appropriately posted data reflecting RRP Compliance with the Lead Laws”, the mic was shut off. As I suspected , Mr Moderator said (yet again, like last town meeting) that my query was “out of scope”. What is out of scope is LEAD PAINT IN A BRAND NEW HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING . Thank you to Chief Phillip Tavares, and 2 other officers from MPD for accepting a 3M lead test kit and observing my testing of the NEW HS bathroom. CDC says :’ No safe blood lead level in children has been identified’. I am an “ordinary citizen” and find this ongoing lead paint in schools to be very UN civil and unhealthy indeed. The CDC is right on the money and I agree with their assessment. ZERO is the only safe level of lead. My thanks to Lead Safe America Foundation for the kits provided after a donation from Julia Lead the Way . Please support lead poisoning awareness. PEACE~

  • Michelle12071

    I just purchased Himalaya Stress Care. I have been reading a lot about Lead toxicity in Ayurvedic Medicine. Should I be concerned while taking this?

    • creed

      Hi Michelle, I use Himalaya livercare and would be interested to see if you’ve found out any further details on the lead toxicity?

  • Barbara Hawkins

    How do you get high levels of lead out of your body. My lead levels just tested at 30. The range is less than 2. Thank you.

  • Barbara Hawkins

    How do you get lead and aluminum out of your body? I just had a chelation urine analysis for heavy metals. My lead levels registered at 30 with reference range being less than 2 and my aluminum levels registered at 270 with reference range being less than 35.

  • Leej725

    I purchased Pure Betonite Clay and took it faithfully for almost 2 years….then was notified by the FDA and Amazon that it was found to contain lead and that I should get tested immediately- which I did. The lead is high in my bones…a test called ZPP, not too high in blood. Infact, I’m not a candidate for chelation because hemotologist says NOTHING will get lead out of bones. Please note, I had Bone Density Scan 2 years before supplement and had mild osteopenia; I was tested again as it was time and lead issue, and have been diagnosed with high risk osteopenia- which of course, all are trying to force me take Prolia shots and weekly Fosomax. I refuse due to research and my awful TMJ.
    Is there any way to help get the lead out of my bones safely….even if not FDA approved which means NOTHING to me. Please answer, I am a faithful reader, listener and share your info on regular basis. I am currently looking into a heavy metal detox mad by RESULTSrna.
    Thanks in advance for responses.

    • tinarock

      To remove heavy metals from my body, I use a dropper of ground ivy tincture daily, and a dropper of burdock root tincture daily.
      I have not been tested to see what levels of heavy metals I may have.
      I use these tinctures (which I make from plants I grow) as a pro-active radiation countermeasure, since I assume I have been exposed to radioactive fallout since 3/11/2011 (Fukushima and its ongoing exposures).

      • lulu

        I am really interested in how/why these two tinctures can act as radiation couter measures (since I live in Japan – although I believe the fall out was worse for the USA – we installed hepa filters in a sealed environment and were taking plutonium and uranium out of the filters for two years afterwards – 400km from Fukushima) – thanks in advance if you can reply!