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Some of the earliest populations have called upon the medicinal benefits of herbs to treat a variety of ailments. Herbs have some of the highest antioxidants levels. Just a dash of herbs has the power to reduce inflammation and may even protect against DNA damage (see also here). Combining herbs can increase their benefits by boosting the bioavailability of some of the compounds they contain.

Hydroponic basil may be richer in antioxidants than soil-grown basil due to the higher amount of stress the plant is placed under. Pregnant women should be wary of feverfew and black cohosh, which was surprisingly recommended at health food stores. When it comes to herbs, however, it is best to stay away from retail supplement suppliers as their claims as recommendations, and ingredients are often unreliable and may be dangerous. In the case of Ayurvedic medicine, it may even be contaminated with lead and other heavy metals.

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