Doctor's Note

The relationship between meat and weight gain was covered in Tuesday's video-of-the-day Meat and Weight Gain in the PANACEA Study (along with a response from the meat industry: Cattlemen’s Association Has Beef With Study). I have about a dozen other videos on body fat, and hundreds of videos on a thousand other topics.

For some context, please check out my associated blog posts: Diet vs. Exercise: What’s More Important? and Diet and Cellulite.

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  • Michael Greger M.D.

    The relationship between meat circumference and weight gain was covered in Tuesday’s video-of-the-day Meat and Weight Gain in the PANACEA Study (along with a response from the meat industry: Cattlemen’s Association Has Beef With EPIC Study). I have about a dozen other videos on body fat, and hundreds of videos on a thousand other topics.

    If you haven’t yet, you can subscribe to my videos for free by clicking here.

    • HemoDynamic, M.D.

      How ’bout them Apples!


    • HemoDynamic, M.D.

      Out with the weight and in with the Shape!

      New frool (Fruit/Tool) in my arsenal!
      Thanks as always!

      • Veganrunner

        Dr hemo where did Dr SJ go? I so enjoyed his input…..

        • HemoDynamic, M.D.

          Got a bit fed up with some of the comments.  He’s doing well though.
          I agree I enjoyed his input as well.

          • Veganrunner

            Dr. SJ just ignore the negative comments. Are you still coming to Southern California? 

  • Terry

    So, how do add 26″ to my height? :-)

    • Paulc

       You’ll have to do a lot of stretching, Terry. Maybe you can find a used torturer’s  rack on Ebay. The other option is of course to discipline yourself with a healthy plant-strong diet- which will no doubt be less torture that a heart attack. 

    • Coach Terp

      I took the precise 13″ off the waist you seek by doing what the good doc prescribes; drop the processed, added sugars, meat, dairy, et al, and it melts away like…butter. :)

  • Paulc

    The waist-to-height ratio will tell us if we’re overweight- But how can we use it to tell if we’re underweight? 

    • Ken Lyle

       Good question.  Maybe if your pants fall down, or if you don’t have enough muscle to do 10 pullups, or bench press your weight.

      • Strix

         Oh, oh, ten? I don’t know if I can do that many any longer! I need to re-install my pullups bar. Thanks for the reminder :^)

    • Strix

       I’ve wondered how dangerous being underweight is. But first to determine what is *truly* underweight! It’s surely different from the conventional standards. If we go by averages of the population, we’re in BiG trouble :^)

  • CZ

    My BMI is 16.4 and my waist circumference to height ratio is 0.42. I am often told that I am too skinny. I am not putting on any weight on a vegan diet that includes little to no refined sugars. Should I still be on a vegan diet and/or how can I put on weight on this diet?

    • Toxins

      Everyone loses some weight on a vegan diet but this weight stabilizes. You do not continue to lose it unless you in a caloric deficit which I doubt is the case unless your starving. You will look skinnier then the average person but this is completely normal and healthy. I have been told I look skinnier as well when I went vegan because my facial bones were slightly more pronounced but my weight hasn’t changed in nearly 2 years

    • one4All

      Do you like Peanut Butter Sandwiches?
      You can buy Bread that is nothing but Whole Grain and Yeast
      and Peanut butter that is Nothing but Peanuts
      If you are Obsessed with ‘Purity’
      Eat an Extra FOUR every Day and you will be OK

  • Rachel

    Hight 67 inches (5ft 6In) divided by 2 = 33.5. My waist measures at 28 inches. So I am 5.5 inches under the maximum waist circumference :) I currently weigh 134 lbs, though this is not “over weight” its all about how you feel. I am currently lifting and doing cardio 20-60minutes everyday, i rarely eat meat (maybe 2x a week I’ll have chicken). Sugar however is my shameful weakness. Where i work we have free snacks available, from ice cream to cheetos. Its extremely difficult to say no to them, especially when I’m constantly asked why aren’t i eating. I don’t have sweets at home…but i do have honey and cereal and fruit. I feel like my sweet obsession is whats in my way to achieving a flat tummy.

  • one4All

    The person in the Photo is a Pumped-Up Steroid Injecting FREAK and really should NOT be considered anything but a ‘CAUTIONARY TALE’ and CERTAINLY not a role model for healthy Living.

  • Lauren

    I’m currently working to lose some weight and would like to use waistline instead of BMI as the measure of my success. My waist-to-height number would be 32. However, I didn’t have that waistline even at twelve years old! So, is my body even capable of experiencing this trim waistline? Or should I shoot for my high school/college waistline of 37 instead?

    • Lauren

      So, I have lost 40 pounds in the last 5 months, which is great, but my waistline only decreased by 4 inches – 45 to 41. I am planning on losing 30 more pounds to get to an acceptable BMI level, but at the rate I am going I still won’t get anywhere close to the 32 inch waistline. Any chance that a mom of four kids can get a little more leniency in these numbers? I can even imagine 32 inches being physically possible unless I starved myself!

      • Kelly

        I’m wondering the same thing about post children bearing bodies. I’ve had three children. My BMI is on the high end of the ideal range but I still have 5 inches to lose on my waist. Being only five feet tall it gives me a 30″ waist to work for. Is it possible?

  • Susan

    I have been eating the “Dr. Gregor” way for 5 months.
    My waistline is expanding. I can no longer button my pants.
    I feel frustrated and betrayed.

    • NFModeratorKatie

      Hi Susan! Would you be willing to tell me a little more? I’m a registered dietitian and nutrition moderator for – I’d be happy to help!