Doctor's Note

The overcompensation mechanism was explored in How Diet Soda Could Make Us Gain Weight. Note that both can be overcome if one is eating consciously. The same goes for the final potential mechanism in Unsweetening the Diet.

For further context, check out my associated blog post: How to Gain Weight on Diet Soda.

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  • HemoDynamic, M.D.

    The sweet facts on your hunger drive.

  • Jane

    Hi Dr Greger, does this research apply to sweetners such as stevia and xylitol?

  • R Ian Flett

    This is an important subject. Addiction to sweetness is a much underrated modern condition that has been severely exploited by the food industry. It does not really matter in this respect what the type of sweetener it is; the exaggerated digestive signal is sufficiently problematic.

    There are genetic differences involved. My genes show that I’m a super taster of sweet with a childhood aversion to bitterness. It’s interesting that the genetic aversion to bitterness wears off over time and actually becomes a preference in mid life. However, my sweetness preference under the influence of exploitative food technology became a teenage addiction that took decades to get under control and particularly at the expense of my dental health.

    The fact that sugar is antibacterial and used as a preservative for product shelf life is an additional factor. Excess sugar as empty calories and artificial sweeteners with zero calories, both do enormous damage, not to mention the ubiquitous high fructose corn syrup. They badly distort our evolutionary instincts, yet we continue to reward our children with ‘sweeties’. It’s a cultural disaster.

  • Lauren

    Is this an argument to stop chewing gum? I chew a lot of gum because it prevents me from snacking, but maybe I’m actually doing my body a disservice and consuming more calories overall because of the artificial sweetness of the gum.

    • Dr.Driver

      Just sharing from a friends experience: He did the same thing to help curb his food cravings, it seemed to build on itself. The more sugar free gum he had the hungrier he felt so the more gum he chewed. When he finally stopped with the gum and began focusing on eating healthy instead of simply reducing calories he started loosing weight, which was his goal and has been maintaining his progress for about 9 months now.

  • Bonnie Gilbert

    I am addicted to sugar., and between that, menopause, osteoporosis and dental disease I’m doomed. My son is a type 1 diabetic, where can he find ERYTHITOL?

  • Wade Patton

    Every time I see more than one 2-litre diet soda in the shopping cart-I see an obese person/family pushing the cart. Every single time. They eat a lot of chicken too. #cartsnob