Doctor's Note

Make sure you see the “prequel” to this video, Benefits of Fenugreek Seeds. What happens to the armpit odor of those embracing entire diets full of plants? See Body Odor & Diet. Then, check out Asparagus Pee for another funky odor video. Fenugreek is certainly something I’ve been trying to incorporate more into my family’s diet, based on all this amazing new data. It’s strong stuff, though! I’d be interested to hear any tips on how folks have been able to sneak it into their diets. I make these mean, chia seed-encrusted, dried mangoes that I sprinkle with fenugreek powder using the mix-a-yummy-with-a-yucky technique of adding less-than-delicious things to one’s diet (like putting amla in smoothies). I find home-dried mangos so yummy, I figure I could rub them with almost anything!

For further context, check out my associated blog post: Increasing Muscle Strength with Fenugreek.

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  • How much fenugreek, and in what form, is most efficient for increasing strength, then?

    • Geoffrey Levens

      Study sited in yesterdays video use 500 mg/day of a standardized extract (to 70% of some frenugreek component or other)

    • Orly

      I have been using it for years to heal my Colitis. I buy the seeds from an Indian store, I found that the organic kind was not as potent.
      Put a tbls in 2 cups of water to soak over night, in the morning add warm water and drink it. It is very strong so you may want to add, raisins or honey. The seeds expand and you can eat them with soup, yogurt or on their own.

    • mickey103x

      Find The.Luciferian.Doctrine.pdf

  • jball

    Hey, I like the smell of maple syrup!

  • bellybuttonblue

    Does fenugreek increase breast size? Or is that a myth?

    • Orly

      No it does not. It does help to produce breast milk for breast feeding moms.

      • Ascalonian

        Yes, it does help with the production of milk, but fenugreek is bad for infants and kids. There are many cases where babies have gone unconscious from it, as well as bad stools and other side effects.

      • charlene

        It does somewhat, I feel little on heavier side, breast feel fuller but not a cup size increase. After breastfeeding few years ago it breasts felt really light, I see the difference also combining with fennel seed supplement, 3 times a day with meals. Has some other affects luke better mood change.

  • In a cup of coffee, with cocoa powder.

  • HemoDynamic, M.D.

    Sweet stuff!

  • LKSkinner

    Aha! Fenugreek is the base for the condiment “hilbe”, a Yemenite Jewish garnish that is spread on pita or added to soups. I can buy hilbe at the shuk at my favorite pickle-n-olive shop. The Yemenite Jewish community has known for ages that hilbe can lower blood sugar, its ability to improve muscle strength and having the potential to fight cancer are two more good reasons to add it to your diet.

  • AG

    Have there been any studies with fenugreek & its effect on women’s strength-building?

    • Toxins

      There are none sadly, and this is one of the only studies of its kind. Although I wouldn’t doubt that a similar affect would be seen with woman as with men.

  • J Potter

    I’ve been adding powdered or freshly ground fenugreek seeds to sweet potatoes or winter squash, often with other curry spices such as turmeric, coriander, cinnamon, ginger, or cayenne. The maple-ish flavor of the fenugreek goes well with the sweetness of those vegetables, and their sweetness counters the fenugreek (or turmeric) bitterness.

    • LynnCS

      I want you to cook for me…Mmmm! Do you bake and mash with the spices? Would love to try it.

    • WholeFoodChomper

      Great culinary tip for us fenugreek newbies! Thx!

  • HereHere

    Fenugreek is something I discovered by becoming a vegan, and I am so glad. I love to toast it, add some oil, garlic, paprika and soy sauce, then add in steamed potatoes. It is de-lish! And now I learn it is anti-cancer. Woo hoo!

    • WholeFoodChomper

      Ooo! Another great tip that I cannot wait to try!

  • Thea

    This is so, so, so interesting!

    Thank you to those people who commented on this video about how you use fenugreek. I needed some ideas. THANKS!

  • WholeFoodChomper

    That is a great side effect! A natural deodorant of sorts. How about a recipe for the chia mango treats? :)

    • Sushila

      I ate neatly two tablespoon of fenukgreek seeds during first trimester of pregnancy.. Do i need to take any thing to reduce its impacts.. Please response my query ASAP

  • Fresh fenugreek greens (not seeds) can be used along with parsley and cilantro with beans (pinto or red beans) onion and garlic to make a good tasty stew. Fresh fenugreek can be found in Persian stores (it is called shambaleleh). You can easily grow your own by planting some of the seeds! We also grind the seeds and add to bread when we bake bread where it adds a nice rich flavor.

    • WholeFoodChomper

      Sounds yummy! And, judging by the recent video about sprouts, I bet you those sprouted fenugreek greens have even more antioxidants. Now, I need to find me a Persian store in town. I gotta try that stew! Do you have a more exact recipe or a name for the stew so that I can search it on the net?

  • Shane

    Hi Dr Greger. How do you eat your fenugreek powder? I have tried a few recipes so far and none have been good. It’s strong stuff. Thanks

    • WholeFoodChomper

      Hope you don’t mind me chiming in. ;-) You could probably use powdered fenugreek in the recipes shared by HereHere and J Potter above. I got a bit experimental myself. Since viewing this video I rushed out to get some powdered fenugreek at an awesome co-op in town. I’ve been adding it to my coffee, homemade chai tea, and most recently to a modified sweet carrot salad inspired by a _Forks Over Knives_ recipe (p. 109).

      For my homemade chai, I usually use whatever spices I have. These days its whole cloves, powdered cinnamon, powdered allspice, crushed cardamom pods, fennel seeds, ginger (raw or powdered), and now powdered fenugreek. I don’t measure these ingredients out so, if you need exact measurements I recommend hitting up your preferred search engine for a more concise recipe. But what I do is add water to a pot, throw in some tea bags (green, oolong, jasmine, peppermint, you can use whatever you like or have), then I add the spices I have, I let that boil and steep for a few minutes. Then, I pour the tea mixture through a fine mesh sieve to separate out all the floaties. I add a bit of soy milk to the mix and a touch of sweetner. Viola, chai tea with a bit o’ fenugreek.

      For the modified sweet carrot salad inspired by a _Forks Over Knives_ recipe you will need: 5-7 shredded carrots, 2 peeled and diced apples (or leave the peel on if the apple if it is organic), 1 tbs of hibiscus tea (recipe called for apple juice, but the tea is all I had), juice of 1 lemon, 1/2 tsp of powdered cinnamon, 1/2 teaspoon of powdered fenugreek, 1/4 teaspoon of powdered ginger, and 1/2 cup of Trader Joe’s Golden Berry Blend (golden raisins, cherries, cranberries, and blueberries). Mix and chill for about 1 hour. I thought it was pretty good and was exactly what I needed to satisfy my sweets craving tonight.

      I imagine you could also add a bit of the powdered fenugreek to your smoothie or oatmeal mixture as well.

      I gotta tell you, though, this video tells no lie. Just the few days of sprinkling powdered fenugreek in my food and I can already smell the difference. Will have to see if the muscle mass follows suit. :)

      • Shane

        Thanks! :)

  • How much fenugreek should you consume a day? I am a body builder and would like to improve my muscle mass and strength. I have been taking about a tablespoon or so a day (ground) since watching the video. Today I realized that despite a spin ride, sweating a lot and forgetting to put on deodorant- There was NO body odor that I could detect.

  • Michelle Sears

    I don’t think it smells like maple syrup at all! It smelled like urine to me when my husband started taking it! I asked him to stop because the stench was so pungent and made me sick. Before we figured out it was the fenugreek, I thought he’d stopped washing his hands after using the bathroom!

    • WholeFoodChomper

      Yikes! Your post made me think, what if what I smell as maple syrup smells like urine to someone else? That is entirely possible.

  • Shane

    My wife is now forbidding me to eat fenugreek. She doesn’t like that i have a new smell :)

  • I bought some fenugreek capsules to start taking, and I noticed on the side it warns against taking while pregnant. What’s with that?

    • And is it so dangerous that I should stop taking it even while trying to conceive?

      • matt

        I believe there was some concern it may induce labor.

    • TheHulk

      You should be careful with any spices if you are pregnant or trying to conceive

  • iVegan, CPT

    I’ve been milling fenugreek seeds for about three days now and adding about a tablespoon to my pre-work out shakes. Not only have I started to notice the strength increase but my arm pits totally smell like maple syrup! Win!

  • Elsie

    I think I would rather have armpits that smell like maple syrup, then cancer anytime……..get real. I take Fenugreek for $500 Alex!!!!

  • drp

    I was told Fenugreek is pretty much a cure all. I have a dr appt on the 8th for anal fissures that wont heal, would you recommend using this. I have read it helps with inflammation and digestion health. Part of the reason it wont heal is hard stools from my specific diet I have to be on. This pain is horrible and I need something to help get me through!!!

  • Ernestine

    If fenugreek seeds expand when placed in water, does it expand when digested? Just curious, I have cardiomyopathy and I’m overprotective about everything internalized.

    • Nicole Douglas

      yes they absorb water and expand!

      • Joy

        Does fenugreek and maca root increase butts?

  • OOzy

    How about you just take a 3/4 tea-spoon full of fenugreek in morning then drink on cup of water after that. This might suppress the bad odor.

  • SFC. McMahon

    I’ve been taking a total of 1200 milligrams of fenugreek seed extract a day and my ankles and knees swelled up after 3 days of taken. does anybody know of this as being a side effect??

  • Denice Sherman

    I like soaked fenugreek seeds but stopped eating them when I read that Hormone sensitive breast cancer patients should not eat them. Is this true? Much tastier way to decrease blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Less drug side effects.

  • paldrid

    my wife cants stand the smell…said it emanates from my pores. I was wondering if anybody had tried mixing with baking soda or something to deodorize the fenugreek/methi seed powder? I love cinnamon as well and add it to smoothies and such so was thinking possibly blending this together with the methi. Any suggestions/discoveries?

  • Booyaa

    how about fresh fenugreek?

  • ayesha

    can u please suggest me..can i consume fenugreek seeds as im effected with bells palsy

    • Liz

      RE: Bells Palsy.
      Some procedure may help. Self: dealing with bouts of Trigeminal Neuralgia. Found in my “high” state of pain (and much research) a chiropractic method: subtle manipulation. Google: NUCCA, put in your postal/zip code to find the closest to you. It is expensive but helped in my case.Good Luck.

  • sam

    So eating the seeds wont make my pits stink like maple syrup? And I will make gainz in the gym?

  • Sarah

    I made an very yummy fenugreek tea today. Added Apple Juice for a third of the tea (with the water), cinnamon, cloves, and a couple teaspoons of sugar. Tastes like apple pie!

  • Veronica

    There’s a great Persian stew called gormeh sabzi that uses fenugreek leaves. I’ve loved it ever since I first tried it. The recipe also uses dried lime balls and kidney beans. I’ve never had it without lamb or beef but I bet it would be great without. They serve it with crunchy rice called tadiq…

  • Joshua Pritikin

    My favorite preparation is Also, my daughter loves even though she doesn’t have much interest in eating vegetables otherwise. You could probably make these recipes without oil or limited oil.

  • Althea Michael

    Fenugreek leaves cooked with finely chopped onions +tomato+garlic tastes yummy with bread/roti….you can grate cheese into the sandwich too.

  • Katy D

    Can fenugreek make a woman’s breasts bigger?

  • Mrs July Thakkar

    Hi All, I have been boiling 2 teaspoon of fenugreek seeds and 1 teaspoon of chopped Ginger in water for about 20 minutes and using the water bit by bit daily now as suggested by a friend that it boosts immunity especially helps in respiratory issues. Could you suggest if it causes any side effects and how much of the water should i consume in a day

  • Mayouri

    I love to put fenugreek seeds in pumpkin curry/ stir fried(no oil) pumpkin.They add to the flavor and it ain’t the same without those awesome lil’ seeds:-)