Cannabis: What Does the Science Say? Live Webinar

In Dr. Greger’s nutrition work, he’s used to sifting through mountains of data in the context of massive conflicts of corrupting commercial interests and so he thought he’d apply those skills to other important health issues. The use of cannabis, both edible and smokable, is one that we’ve gotten lots of questions about. Like in the field of nutrition, there’s gobs of internet misinformation floating around on all sides of the various debates, and so here’s your chance to cut through the haze and see what the science actually says.

2017 Research Webinars

Research Webinars

Download these webinars from 2017 where Dr. Greger shares all the tips he’s learned over the years on how to gain access to and search medical databases, (legally) circumvent article paywalls, and stay on top of the research. He also runs through sample search strategies for different nutrition topics.

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