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  • A Treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    A Treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    An industry-funded randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled crossover trial study suggests chocolate may improve symptoms for those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, a debilitating...
  • Healthiest Chocolate Fix
    Healthiest Chocolate Fix
    Which has the highest levels of beneficial phytonutrients: baking chocolate, chocolate syrup, cocoa powder, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or semi-sweet chocolate?
  • Healthy Chocolate Milkshakes
    Healthy Chocolate Milkshakes
    Recipes for ways to incorporate cocoa into your diet without the saturated fat or sugar of chocolate.
  • Cocoa Good; Chocolate Bad
    Cocoa Good; Chocolate Bad
    The emerging role of cocoa solids in disease prevention.
  • The Healthiest Beverage
    The Healthiest Beverage
    Drinking five cups of green tea every day may extend one's lifespan.
  • Is Carob Good For You?
    Is Carob Good For You?
    Preliminary research on this chocolate substitute.
  • Update on Chocolate
    Update on Chocolate
    Results of a major international scientific conference summarized
  • Kuna Indian Secret
    Kuna Indian Secret
    What do the Kuna Indians drink that may help account for their apparent low chronic disease rates?
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