Thyroid Health


Both excessive and insufficient iodine intake can lead to poor thyroid health. Even gargling with iodine solutions increases the risk of thyroid dysfunction. Vegan women of child-bearing age should supplement with 150 mcg of iodine daily. With the exception of kelp and hiziki, sea vegetables are considered good iodine sources important for healthy thyroid function.

Alkylphenols, flame-retardant chemicals, and perfluorochemicals, industrial pollutants found mostly in fish and meat, may be associated with thyroid disruption in young children and adults. Alpha-gal antibodies in meat may result in autoimmune conditions, including thyroid disorders. The artificial food coloring Red No. 3, too much seaweed of any type, and processed meat consumption may be linked to an increase risk of thyroid cancer. 

Poultry workers often have thyroid disorders. possibly due to their exposure to viruses present in chickens and turkeys

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