Doctor's Note

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  • Michael Greger M.D.

    Please feel free to post any ask-the-doctor type questions here in the comments section and I’d be happy to try to answer them. Be sure to check out the other videos on breast cancer. Also, there are 1,449 subjects covered in my other videos–please feel free to explore them!

  • Very surprising result, thanks for sharing! Please don’t tell me you have a study coming up that shows iceberg lettuce is better than kale in any application (although I suspect it would be a superior source of water!).

  • I too am surprised that shitake mushrooms didn’t come up higher. I’ve read elsewhere that there is some evidence that they are cancer-fighting (although I appreciate you are looking at aromatase inhibitor activity specifically in this segment)

    Sample reference:

  • justava

    This is surprising. How many mushrooms do you therefore recommend eating daily? The actual research article mentions mushroom extract.

  • jtube

    Are most mushrooms grown in manure?
    Should I be concerned about contracting a pathogen from particles of manure that may be on the mushroom?
    What is the best way to clean mushrooms?

    Thanks very much for your videos.

    • beccadoggie10

      Mushrooms grow well in compost. And the beauty of compost, if properly aged, is that pathogens can be killed but the nutrition and high nitrogen sources are left intact.

      I have yet to grow mushrooms, but these articles empowered me to buy some and then learn to grow them. I found some interesting information from Pennsylvania University about Growing Mushrooms. And thought I’d give it a try this year as I become stronger.

  • Are the mushrooms better cooked or raw?

    • Michael Greger M.D.

      Great question Teresa–please see my video Toxins in Raw Mushrooms ( In other words, cooked :)

      • Karen

        Hi, would it be safe to say mushrooms will reduce ovarian cancer? I am stage 1B level 3. thank you, Karen

        • Joanne B, RD

          Hi Karen –
          Interesting question. I did a quick search on Dr. G’s website as well as the AICR and didn’t find any specific research on mushrooms and ovarian cancer. What I did find was a summary of foods that have been associated with reduced risk of ovarian cancer, all plant foods, reinforcing the message that plant based diets are good for our overall health.

          Since there aren’t any downsides to including a few mushrooms a day in anyone’s diet, why not include them as part of a healthy plant based diet if you like them?

  • becochic

    Were these mushrooms tested cooked or raw? Since we now know we should cook them first to avoid toxins…

  • essiecab

    Woohoo! I love mushrooms and eat them all the time :-)

  • Michael Greger M.D.

    For some context, please check out my associated blog post The Best Foods: Test Your Nutrition Knowledge!

  •  Thank you Doctor! I was wondering which mushroom is best not 30 minutes before I ran across your article!  
    I am very interested in phytochemical density, bio-availability, and the  “Aggregate Nutrient Density Index.”
    I wonder if organic mushrooms are available…or all they all organic?  I shop at a Vons (Safeway) which offers some organic fruits and veggies.
    I also wonder which veggies should be cooked to “unlock” their bio availability.
    Thanks you so much!!

  • Can you please clarify whether the study was conducted using raw or cooked mushrooms. I know that white button mushrooms have some toxins when raw but that cooking kills enzymes. Thank you!!

  • nooch190

    I don’t like mushrooms so I take AHCC. There is a great deal of research out of Japan concerning the anti-cancer effects of this mushroom extract. See book by Dr. Fred Pescatore on AHCC.

  • beccadoggie10

    This is true cancer prevention. Mammograms don’t prevent breat cancer, and low level ionizing radiation can ever cause breast cancer. But if this is for real, it is a cancer prevention,

    The full study is at:
    I began eating mushrooms regularly to boost my immune system and prevented the flu from attacking my body thus far, anyway. I felt like I was coming down with something, Purchased some Chinese type mushrooms, which I washed lightly, removed the stem, and sauteed in an extra virgin certified organic olive oil for just a minute or so, and gobbled up. Yum!
    The amazing thing was that whatever virus was thinking about attacking my body, vanished. Works better than big pharma and does not hurt!

  • Ladies find the healing Mushrooms I mention in a post I made today, see
    the advise here has you eating the less effective domestics,
    Today the FDA approved a new drug to shrink tumors of women suffering from breast cancer, it will cost $94,000 for 7 months treatment, so once again out of reach to many women, and the next no surprise to me” it will not quite totally rid the patient of cancer”. Hey they can’t make lots of cash actually curing these poor womenReally, the big Pharma kicks every women in the face again, The truth is this new drug known as Kadsayla, which you will be hearing lots on the news in coming days, how great they all think they are, doing high 5’s and stroking each other,is Bull Shit

    The truth, the Chinese used herbal mushrooms to treat cancer just as well in fact better, this new drug they brag about, was stolen from nature, drug was made in a lab, to mimic the mushrooms ( Coriolus Versicolor ) properties, when will they stop the shit , go ahead copy nature, but offer the whole cure !

    Many cancer drugs are isolated from Coriolus versicolor,Reshie Mushroom, Chaga Conks, and are widely used in Asia, and been known powerful healing plants for 5000 years, you just need the right ones, at the right time, and right combination to cure, Spend your money on this.

    Search Coriolus versicolor, again it is a mushroom of the Basidiomycetes, and the other healing mushrooms., common name Turkey Tails

    I hope the day comes when pain out ways profit, but I doubt it, it’s up to the general public to demand change

  • Shari

    is it different raw vs cooked


    I have tried mushrooms and just don’t enjoy eating them. Do they come in some kind of supplement or powder form that I can add to foods. I want to include them in my diet somehow. Thank you, in advance, for any help from yourself and your highly educated readers.

    • Emilie Ansaldo

      Yes, pls try Agarikon by Myco San of Croatia. The best canser cure.

  • Teresa Thomas

    Were these mushrooms to be eaten raw, cooked, or does it matter?

    • Teresa Thomas

      Oh, nevermind — I see you responded to another ‘Teresa’ who had the same question below. (Great minds think alike, LOL.)

  • Sal Salyers

    Is it safe to take iodine tablets for thyroid problems?

  • Ignatius Turchi

    What about reishi

  • Jerry Amos

    The breast cancer regions are exactly the dairy regions. Read the scientists detail on how and why in “The No-Dairy Breast Cancer Prevention Program” by prof. Jane Plant, CBE, who has too many citations to list here. She herself had recurring breast cancer after surgery, radiation, chemo wasn’t working any more – that was 17 years ago she’s doing fine now. Biggest problem is there is no “big pharma breakthrough” or “fee for service” so you don’t hear about the real cause, cure, and prevention. In short, cow’s milk is intended to grow calves into cows as fast as possible, by helping fast growing cells to grow fast – in a human adult, fast growing cells are cancer cells.

  • evelyn

    Hi Doctor, I have some calcification on my left breast. Is that something to worry about? Will it turn in to cancer?

    • Loosly

      My Mom had that and was okay, but twenty years later she had beast cancer. I think it cMe from excessive drinking alcohol though.

  • Nancy W

    A popular breast cancer hospital recommended I take a supplement made from Coriolus mushrooms. They mentioned a couple of studies that showed they were found to be the best cancer fighting mushrooms. Is it true?



  • Susan Nevins

    Hi Dr, I would love to eat mushrooms on a regular basis but I think the mold bothers me and contributes to my migraines..also pretty sure I have some candida… Do you think I would be bothered by eating a little amount OR is there an isolaed extract from the mushroo that would suit someone like me?????? Thanks…looking forward to your response

  • prismejon