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What should breast cancer patients do? See some of my videos on extending survival in survivors, including Raw Broccoli and Bladder Cancer SurvivalBreast Cancer Survival, Butterfat, and ChickenBreast Cancer Survival and Trans FatBreast Cancer Survival and Lignan Intake; and Flax and Fecal Flora

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  • Michael Greger M.D.

    What should breast cancer patients do? See some of
    my videos on extending survival in survivors including Raw
    Broccoli and Bladder Cancer Survival
    , Breast
    Cancer Survival, Butterfat, and Chicken
    , Breast
    Cancer Survival and Trans Fat
    , Breast
    Cancer Survival and Lignan Intake
    and Flax
    and Fecal Flora
    . Please feel free to check out any of the other
    thousand topics I
    and thanks for watching!

    • HemoDynamic, M.D.

      You didn’t get to the part about where or how they were trained.  It’s clear by the video, however, they have no idea about any scientific research or training on what they are prescribing to their clients.  
      It’s funny, someone always seem very eager to help you in the departments of stores that carry the most expensive things.  Hmmmm?!?  Food (or not food) for thought.

      • Michael Greger M.D.

         Stay tuned–video on their training coming up!

        • HemoDynamic, M.D.

          BTW: I got your new DVD (Thank you!) but I almost don’t want to watch it and foil the spoils I reap from my daily dose of

      • DrDons

         The issue parallels what is going on in our profession. Physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners and physician assistants giving out misinformation and thinking they are providing correct guidance…. see  Unfortunately the “leaders” in many medical organizations seem to be more interested in maintaining the status quo than in leading effective change in the primary and secondary prevention of chronic diseases. Worse the bill introduced by John McDougall to the California legislature to require 12 (subsequently modified to 7) hours of nutritional education for all physicians in California over a 4 year period was opposed by the California Medical Association and the California branches of the American Academy of Family Medicine and Orthopedics… I encourage physicians to start including and applying current science into their recommendations for their patients. I also encourage physicians knowledgeable in this area to develop and give educational talks to other physicians in their communities. The educational talks that I give to health care professionals are well received. Physicians have an interest in this area for both professional and personal reasons. 

        • HemoDynamic, M.D.

          Dr. Dons,
          I’m glad you are finding it well received by the physicians in your community south of mine.  I am still ridiculed in my own office (under their breath) by my colleagues, even though they have all seen their patients that have come to me (and gotten an ear full of Califlower and plant based lifestyle instruction) come off their BP meds, lower their cholesterol, had remission of several autoimmune disorders, and improvement in their overall feelings of well-being.  And the list goes on.  I will just keep swinging away and when I get hurt and blood starts spewing from one of my arteries I will say, “Oh, merely a flesh wound.”
          Keep up the great work you are doing!


    My wife had a malignant lump removed. Based on our research weighing overall mortality vs. mortality from breast cancer, which is what most doctors base their recommendations on, we opted for a strict vegan diet.
    Tamoxifen has been misrepresented as a drug which will significantly increase survival in hormone receptor positive patients. One breast  cancer activist claims it will reduce recurrence by 50%. This figure does not reflect the actual survival statistics. Tamoxifen’s manufacturer states  the difference between node-negative Tamoxifen takers and non-takers is  small. If you do the math, you will see the survival advantage for node negative patients taking Tamoxifen is 3.5%.   That means there is a 96.5% chance that taking Tamoxifen will not increase  lifespan but will still expose the patient to risk of endometrial cancer,  depression, blood clots, vaginal atrophy, hot flashes and other side  effects. 

  • Rick Stevens

    I almost always agree with Dr Greger’s post, but this time I’d have to say to be cautious of his apparent approval of the drug Tamoxifen. Tamoxifen is no wonder drug by any means. Check out its very dark side by going on Google, and typing in ‘ gary null tamoxifen ‘. once there read the second post from the top by Sherrill Sellman .

  • jb

    I think that this report is a little bit unfair- 
    Dr. John McDougall only “sometimes recommends” tamoxifen- ie. in certain cases rather than across the board. The fact that many health food store employees pointed out that it is harmful is grounded in fact- are their recommendations really as dangerous as you imply with this video? 
    I agree that only a doctor or someone trained to do so should be making such recommendations. BUT their doctor may not be making the best recommendations- I would guess many more women are prescribed tamoxifen than Dr. McDougall or other well informed doctors would recommend.  
    Is it wrong of these workers to point out that there are other treatment alternatives to the common, conventional, and often harmful ones, as is particularly the case with breast health? 
    (The shark oil recommendation on the other hand IS alarming.)

  • Inquiring

    Is there a way to find out which health food store’s were examined?

  • Sebastian Tristan

    This is absolutely true.

  • liz

    What type of calcium supplement is best?