Doctor's Note

This is the second of my three-part video series on the latest on the risks of mercury in fish. For part one, see Hair Testing for Mercury Before Considering Pregnancy, and for part three, see Which Brand of Tuna Has the Most Mercury? I have a bunch of other videos on mercury, including fish contamination and its consequences. For example, see The Effect of Canned Tuna on Future Wages. And check out my other videos on undue industry influence on our food supply. One can also be exposed to lead though meat (Cannibalistic Feed Biomagnification), and dietary supplements (Some Ayurvedic Medicine Worse Than Lead Paint Exposure), and even protein powders too (Heavy Metals in Protein Powder Supplements). 

For more context, check out my associated blog posts: Mercury Testing Recommended Before PregnancyLead Poisoning Risk From VenisonProtecting Our Babies From Pollutants; and Schoolchildren Should Drink More Water.

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