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This completes my 13-video series on the latest research on cruciferous vegetables. The “sulforaphane story” I refer to in the video is explained in Smoking Versus Kale Juice, and DNA Protection From Broccoli. And growing your own broccoli sprouts is covered in Biggest Nutrition Bang For Your Buck. This video talks about survival; I cover a bit of prevention side of the story in The Healthiest Vegetables. Wasn’t there some story downplaying the role of fruits and vegetables in cancer prevention? Watch my take on it in EPIC Study.

Note that three of the sources for this video are open access, so you can download them by clicking on the links in the Sources Cited section, above.

For more context, check out my associated blog posts: Health Food Store Advice: Often Worthless or WorstBreast Cancer Stem Cells vs. BroccoliGerson Therapy for Cancer?; and Foods That May Block Cancer Formation.

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  • Michael Greger M.D.

    This completes my 13-video series on the latest research on cruciferous vegetables. The “sulforophane story” I refer to in the video is explained in Smoking Versus Kale Juice and DNA Protection From Broccoli. And in terms of growing your own broccoli sprouts, that was in my video-of-the-day a few days ago, Biggest Nutrition Bang For Your Buck. This video talked about survival; I cover a bit of prevention side of the story in The Healthiest Vegetables. Wasn’t there some story downplaying the role of fruits and vegetables in cancer prevention? Watch my take on it in EPIC Study. And, of course, there are always the hundreds of other videos on more than a thousand subjects. Note that three of the sources for this video are open access, so you can download them by clicking on the links above in the Sources Cited section.

  • paul3917

    Recently a friend showed me a video about the Gerson Institute which claims spectacular success in curing cancer with fruit and vegetable juices and coffee enemas. I’d appreciate your comments on their techniques and on how well founded in the science they are.

  • hcdr

    Off topic, just a little fun: With all this great broccoli info, I thought you may all enjoy this video, about “Dr Brock” –

    • Thea

      hcdr: That’s just hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

    • really cool! I loved it…

  • Michael Greger M.D.

    For some context, please also check out my associated blog post Breast Cancer Stem Cells vs. Broccoli!

  • I can spend hours just watching and reading your work and videos. I share them with all my friends, family and patients. Thank you so much, Dr. G

  • Cruciferous vegetables are a potent source of Salvestrols – naturally occurring compounds that cause apoptosis of cancer cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed. See the following video:

  • S Ryan

    Hi Dr Greger; As an animal-lover extraordinaire I often wonder how much of the whole-foods-plant-based diet could apply to my companion canines. It would seem that if animal foods increase the proliferation of cancer in humans, then in could also do that in dogs. There are a lot of pets these days which have their lives cut short by cancer. Do you ever come across research for canines which might help us vegans make healthier choices for our animals. Already I only feed my dogs half the kibble recommended and the rest of their calories is in whole plants.

    • Charma1ne

      Hello. Did you ever get a reply or find any more information for your very interesting comment?

  • esther4

    amazing, just once a month yields such fantastic payback from gagging down (kinda kidding!) raw broccoli. Wont be a hard sell, it’s so beneficial.
    Thank you, Dr. Greger -another amazingly informative video in under 2 minutes

  • Robert Wolfe

    Dr. Greger I watched your excellent talk on BIRDFLU at the U in Minneapolis in 2006. I was the one in the audience that suggested filming your talks and posting them on your site for the world to share. Nice work here! My Chloe cat has bladder cancer. I don’t smoke, but my 1922 house is loaded with asbestos. She had not been correctly diagnosed for a year and four months. 3 vets and 8 office exams and not until 3 weeks ago did anyone check her BLADDER. I have been mashing up broccoli sprouts for the juice (about 3ml) and mixing it with unsalted chicken broth and giving to with a feeding syringe. Because of the tumor I have to express her bladder. It seems to me to be less inflammation. Any idea how much juice I can give her to be effective?

    • Thea

      Robert: I’m so sorry to hear about your cat. I can’t answer your question, but I do understand how important our non-human animal family members are. I hope you are able to get some results.

      I also wanted to say thanks for your idea about doing videos on the web. Who knows, maybe your comment sparked the entire idea for this website. If so, we all owe you a big thanks.

      Good luck with your cat.

      • Guest

        Raw Broccoli with Black Bean no oil hummus (loaded with garlic) every day thanks to Dr. Greger!

  • Mark

    Raw Broccoli with Black Bean (no oil) hummus (loaded with garlic) every day thanks to Dr. Greger! Keeps Cancer and my Boss away all day!

    • dogulas

      LOL! Four months later I’m reading your comment. Thanks for the laugh. We could all keep our bosses away a little more ;)

  • My husband of 40 years just died of bladder cancer in early May. We have been vegetarians for 40 years and vegan for 20! We ate all the right veggies, fruits, exercised daily with tennis, had great book discussions with friends and all of a sudden this cancer erupts in late Dec. so after cat scans, pet scans, we went with radiation/chemo. Unfortunately where the tumor was located in the lower bladder wall, a hole developed causing a fistula meaning all the urine was passing through the rectum. He was in terrible pain and completely exhausted from all the treatments and finally said enough since the doctors said that he would have to undergo major bowel surgery. So he decided on hospice which helped he a great deal. My husband, friend, guru died at the age of 82. He is the inventor of Betsy’s Tempeh and the world has lost a great person and mind.

    • Thea

      Tempster: Thank you for sharing your story. Your husband sounds like he was a great man who contributed much to this world. Please take care of yourself.

      • Thanks so much Thea. It would be wonderful to know that a good plant based diet + exercise would keep away the cancers, but alas, that is not the case. I still believe in a healthy plant based diet and exercise; however, I will remind people that cancer has its own mind set and a “will” of its own. I remember Gunter saying, it would be great if one could take a piece of the cancer cell and figure out what could be injected into it to decrease its potential for growth. Some cells divide so rapidly. I think that if we spent much more money on research vs money for weapons, we would be so much further ahead with this deadly disease.

        betsy shipley

        • apprin

          One day, we will do exactly that. We will figure out the mechanism for cancer proliferation. We will understand why this modern disease has become such an aggressive and dominant force. We will hopefully find a way to remove the profit from prolonging treatment and replace it with a stimulus to heal. In order to accomplish these things, we must maintain a free Democratic Republic of and for the people. Only prudent funding of weaponry can maintain our momentum and full potential. Without it, we will become a third world nation with no hope of cultural, social or medical advances. Even Sun Tzu agrees that the ultimate martial art is to remain well armed but to understand how to avoid the use of arms.

        • Barry Cohen

          Nothing is 100%. What works for some, doesnt always equate to the masses. Perhaps he lived longer BECAUSE he ate Broccoli? or fruties, etc?

    • 13Directors

      My boyfriend, who is 60, was just diagnosed with stage iv bladder cancer. He is beating himself up for ignoring the warning signs and for not eating right.Bladder cancer is the 4th leading cause of death for men, yet we never hear anything about it. I’m sorry for your loss and thank you for sharing your story.

      • How did you find out he has bladder cancer? Gunter had a cat scan showing his cancer and then a colonoscopy, etc. After he went through the horror of radiation/chemo and loosing over 50 lbs. we discovered a fistula in the lower bladder which meant that the urine was being excreted through the colon and into the rectal area causing terrible pain. At that point Gunter said enough since one dr. said that connecting the ureters and exiting them through a pouch in the abdomen would mean major surgery which Gunter did not think he could withstand.

        • 13Directors

          Admittedly, he ignored the obvious symptoms associated with bladder cancer. I urged him to go to the doctor when I noticed a change in the color of his urine, but he he still says none of the symptoms were all that intolerable. Last October, he started getting dizzy and a bad headache when he stood up. That drove him to the clinic where the doctor essentially shrugged and told him that he had high blood pressure. I guess he took that medication for about 2-3 weeks. Eventually he ended up in the emergency room, complaining of acute dizziness and severe headaches. They discovered a 2 cm brain tumor and 5 cm bladder tumor. He had brain surgery the day before Thanksgiving. They removed it all, but the bladder tumor is too dangerous and large to remove, so he begins chemo on the 25th. He’s had cat scans and MRIs thus far, and he’s getting a pet scand Tuesday. The doctors said it was incurable and that the chemo may shrink the tumor in the bladder enough to where they can remove his bladder. It is very unusual for bladder cancer to spread to the brain. The last scans didn’t show any tumors anywhere else, but clearly, the doctors said, cancer cells are waiting in the wings.

          • Oh my! I wish you the very best and understand what you are going through. Just be prepared for the side effects of the chemo. Gunter had terrible chills the first few days and I was in panic mode, called the doctor who said emergency room but I got out the heating pad with a huge quite which warmed Gunter up so no emergancy room that day.I won’t bore you with all that I went through but looking back on it now I wonder how I did it alone for the first serveral weeks. Feel free to write me and I always write back. This is the first time in my 82 years that I am truly alone. betsy

      • I hope you got the message that I posted on Discus. I forgot that I could message you privately. betsy shipley

  • Stef

    Hi Doc, my dad just went for a ct scan because his tumor is back (bladder) and I was wondering if you could share some other thoughts and studies, if it is reversible with a vegan diet and what foods to avoid. I’ve seen so much bias stuff I thought if you could point me in the right direction, my family and I would really appreciate it. (I am vegan and I’m trying to gather more and more information to share with him). I’d really appreciate it, thanks! (huge fan)

  • Barry Cohen

    Can you put raw broccoli in a smoothie at least? does that count as intake?

  • Protein Deficient

    This was published in the BBC news

    They wrote about study that found that red meat consumption,
    and other animal flesh, Such as , fish, chicken, poultry, etc .
    They all been found to raise the risk for developing bladder cancer.
    They noted that correlation was the highest with cooked meat.
    and those who ate raw meat have had reduced risk
    But they didn’t compared between people who eat cooked plants,
    And since this video also pointed to a study that found that raw broccoli
    is much more effective than cooked broccoli.
    So maybe it’s not much about the broccoli,
    Nor does reducing animal food is so effective.
    Maybe it’s just the raw food that help, Or to put it in other words,
    Maybe it’s the cooked food in general that raises the risk,
    Plant or not?

    • docbeccy

      Here is a great video Dr. Greger did on Broccoli that addresses the benefits of raw. If you search for additional videos you can see the different carcinogens that are induced by cooking, especially at high heat. One chemical produced is called heterocyclic amines. Another is a group called advanced glycation end products, which also occurs at high heat, both avoided when methods of high heat cooking are avoided.

      • Protein Deficient

        Dr Michael Greger is not believe in the benefit of raw food in general,
        He think that cooked plants and raw plants are equally healthy,
        i.e, Some cooked plants , are more nutritionally dense than Raw plants
        and in other cases Raw plants are more nutritionally dense than
        cooked plants according to Dr Greger opinion .

        I never heard him states that Cooked Plants also may contain carcinogens
        or toxins due to heating, except in one video , when he spoke about French Fries.

        But i believe he is wrong,
        Even if some cooked plants are more nutritionally dense,
        It’s doesn’t necessarily mean they are healthy,
        Because the most common reasons to death and disability
        are always never due to lack of nutrition, They are mostly due to many toxins in the food.
        And the number one food which cure all or at least most diseases is
        Not Even Dark Leafy Greens, It’s is actually Fasting!

        Here is very short clip of woman who was cured from deadly cancer only with fasting,
        And she is not an exception.

  • robingilby

    Hi folks,
    My mum has just been diagnosed with an apparently aggressive form of bladder cancer. She lives in London, UK. Is anyone aware of doctors, practioners, oncologists in the UK who are open to ALL possibilities regarding treatment and cure? Indeed, any hospitals or clinics where this is the case? She is 78, and determined – in a very deep way – to beat this, whatever it takes. She has already agreed to cut out all animal products, after a lifetime of consumption!